Wide Receivers

The 2020 WR draft class was straight silly with talent. Thirty-seven WRs were drafted in total, seventeen of which went in the first 3 rounds alone. Despite as much, the 2021 class is loaded at the top as well and could produce quite a few 1st-Rounders too. There is no shortage of talent here...


1) Ja'Marr Chase | 6'0 | 200 | WR | LSU - (Opting Out)

Scouts and talent evaluators alike are cautioned to not fall in love with stat lines. It's hard not to fall prey to as much when looking at Chase. In 2019, he hauled in 84 balls for an astonishing 1,780 yards, good for 20 TDs. He went for over 220 yards in three separate contests, his most impressive being his 221-yard beating he handed Clemson in the National Championship. He's an excellent outside X who knows how to get separation from even the best of CBs. With one false step of the defender, he has the speed to stack him up and track the ball. He also does a fine job of drifting into the defender as the ball's in the air, only to drift away right before the ball comes to create space for the catch.

2) DeVonta Smith | 6'0 | 180 | WR | Alabama -

9/26 - Missouri - Smith had 8 reception for 89 yards, and aside from one drop he looked good. He ran smooth routes and displayed his speed. While he wasn't the dangerous deep threat we've seen prior, he was a reliable target who got open throughout the night.

10/3 - Texas A&M - Smith had 6 catches for 63 yards and 1 TD. While he certainly didn't look bad, he wasn't dynamic.

10/10 - Ole Miss - Smith was excellent, catching 13 balls for 164 yards. His combination of quickness, speed and route running was too much.

10/17 - Georgia - Smith had an excellent game. His speed, route running and the way he worked back to the ball was flawless. He ended with 11 grabs, 167 yards, 2 scores. He looked like a top-10 player.

10/24 - Tennessee - Smith had a quiet game by his standards, catching 7 balls for 73 yards. Above all, he showed great awareness of his QB needing him to work back to the ball, did so very well.

10/31 - Miss. State - Smith demolished the secondary today, catching 11 balls for 203 yards, 4 TDs. Everyone knew where the ball was going, yet no one could stop Smith.

11/21 - Kentucky - Aside for one drop, Smith looked very good. He showed off long speed in his routes, but also the ability to find nuiches within the defense and exploit them as well. He ended up with 9 grabs for 144 yards, 2 TDs.

Smith is another WR who doesn't have great size or overall girth, but plays with so much speed that he's hard to contain. While he plays fast, he runs smooth routes and can change direction without losing much speed at all. The stat lines against Ole Miss and LSU were gaudy, but in each contest he was completely in the zone. as neither team had an answer toward defending him. 

3) Jaylen Waddle | 5'10 | 185 | WR | Alabama -

9/26 - Missouri - Waddle led the Tide with 8 receptions for 134 yards, 2 TDs. He displayed excellent hands coupled with terrific deep speed. He ran very good routes and was elusive after the catch.

10/3 - Texas A&M - Waddle had 5 catches for a monstrous 142 yards. He ran great routes and flashed his insane speed, beating double coverage for a long TD reception of 87 yards.

10/10 - Ole Miss - Waddle had 6 catches for 120 yards, showed not only his deep speed but good route running. He looked like a certified WR1 today.

10/17 - Georgia - Waddle's deep speed is simply too much for CBs to contend with play after play. He had 6 catches for 161 yards, 1 TD.


Waddle has been surrounded by insane talent over the past two years, yet he's never looked out of place and has proven to be a threat in his own right. He lacks size, but this kid is insanely fast. With Ruggs and Jeudy having moved on, he'll get far more opportunities to showcase his talents. He's may be at his best on crossing routes, using his ability to pull away from defenders and get YAC. 

4) Rashod Bateman | 6'1 | 210 | WR | Minnesota - 

10/24 - Michigan - Bateman operated out of the slot vs. being utilized as an "X" as we saw last year. Because of as much, he was targeted mostly on quick slants. He had 9 catches for 101 yards, did show his ability to get YAC. He also drew P.I. proving tough to defend. 

10/30 - Maryland - Minnesota opted to run the ball all night, which hurt them as well as Bateman's ability to contribute. This was a head-scratcher. At any event, he had 5 catches for 62 yards, operated well as a big slot, yet again.

11/13 - Iowa - Bateman operated as a big slot once again, was namely called open to run slants, a variety of intermediate level routes. He did so well, showing some niftiness and strength after the catch. He caught 8 balls for 111 yards, 1 TD. 

11/20 - Purdue - Bateman played with good speed, and despite one drop he made a great over the shoulder catch. He caught just 4 balls for 59 yards, his long reception accounting for 39 of said yards. While he's certainly gifted, for more of that was evidenced last season. Through his play today, he simply looked like another receiving option out there, not a primary focus or threat. 


Bateman really looked good in 2018, and he did nothing but capitalize on that in 2019. He caught 60 passes for 1,219 yards, scoring 11 TDs. He has an ideal blend of size and speed, coupled with very good route-running. He contributes in the long game by stretching the defense, also operate well as a possession target. He's a bear to defend, as he simply understand his position quite well and plays to what's needed from him.

5) Rondale Moore | 5'9 | 180 | WR | Purdue -

11/20 - Minnesota - Moore obliterated the stat sheet, as he caught 15 balls for 116 yards. He also had 3 carries for 40 yards. Purely from a production standpoint, he excelled. However, Moore was targeted on very short to intermediate routes/plays for the balance of the game. His speed and nifty footwork were on display, but there wasn't a great deal of route-running to observe. 


Moore's 2019 season was cut short, which really sucks considering just how dynamic he was a Freshman in 2018. He's undersized, but it doesn't matter. He plays with blistering speed and needs very little green to completely decimate a secondary. He's a match up nightmare, especially when he can operate out of the slot against slower defenders, or gets steam behind him when motioning as a "Z". 

6) Tylan Wallace | 6'0 | 190 | WR | OK State -

9/19 - Tulsa - Wallace had a terrific game. While posting 4 receptions for 94 yards is good, his style of play was what impressed. His speed drew penalties, and even when coverage was tight he proved that he can win contested catch battles.

10/24 - Iowa State - Wallace had a good game, showing that he can operate and win at multiple levels. He showed long speed, couple with the ability to land some real nice blocks with a pop. He went 5/76, drew a couple P.I. penalties.

10/31 - Texas - Wallace looked as good as any WR in the nation in  this one. He ran excellent routes at all levels, flashed speed coupled with the ability to get great separation. Maybe most impressive was how well he snatched the ball away from defenders, showing great ball control and fight for the ball. He went 11/187 with 2 TDs, looked like a 1st-Round talent.

11/21 - Oklahoma - Tre Brown is an NFL-caliber CB, and Wallace bested him a few times. Wallace showed that he can operate at multiple levels and run the full route tree. He flashed very good speed and ball skills to match. He had 4 catches for 68 yards.

After posting 86 receptions for 1,891 yards and 12 TDs in 2018, big things were expected of him in 2019. He didn't disappoint. While his stat line was marred by a torn ACL late in October '19, he still amassed 53 catches for 903 yards and 8 TDs. Speed is this kid's game, as he's always a threat to hit the home run ball deep. While fast, he's not one-dimensional, able to thrive at all levels. 

7) Terrace Marshall | 6'3 | 200 | WR | LSU -

9/26 - Miss. State - Aside from one drop, Marshall really looked the part and may have already established himself as LSU's WR1. He had 8 catches for 122 yards, 2 TDs. He made some very good catches, including a one-hander for a TD. He has able to shake coverage off and use speed to get behind defenders.

10/10 - Missouri - With the exception of Freshman TE Arik Gilbert, Marshall outplayed every other LSU teammate by a long shot. His stat line is eye candy, posting 11 catches for 235 yards worth 3 TDs. He displayed a great blend of size, speed, route-running and reliable hands play. No matter who went up against him, Marshall won. He looked like a very solid Day 2 prospect.

10/24 - South Carolina - Marshall continued to impress. He caught 6 balls for 88 yards, scored twice. He showed of good functional speed and toughness, able to beat guys over the top and on crossers through traffic. 

10/31 - Auburn - Marshall had a decent game with 4 catches for 28 yards, but was limited to underneath work. Auburn's defense didn't allow anything else, but he contributed well just the same.

8) Chris Olave | 6'0 | 185 | WR | Ohio State -

10/24 - Nebraska - Olave looked the part today, notched 6 receptions for 104 yards. He ran smooth routes and played into the soft cushion given to him. Aside from his drop in the end zone on a contested ball, there wasn't much to pick on. He rounded one route in particular, but it wasn't too  bad.

10/31 - Penn State - Olave looked great, running smooth routes and flashing the deep speed to get atop of coverage. He had 7 catches for 120 yards, 2 TDs. He was simply too good for PSU's secondary to contain.

11/21 - Indiana - Olave was very impressive, yet again. He ran such smooth routes and caught the ball with soft hands, looing very trustworthy doing so. He caught 8 balls for 101 yards, was a very difficult guy to cover.


Olave is a bit non-assuming, as he doesn't have great size and his play speed seems to be on par but not special. In 2019, he had 49 receptions for 849 yards, scored 12 TDs. He wasn't an overlooked target, simply had to share touches amid great surrounding talent. He operated well from the slot then, but may have to do more from the outside. Any way you cut it, he's a consummate target who has knack for getting open.

9) Amon-Ra St. Brown | 6'1 | 195 | WR | USC -

St. Brown has all the stats to impress, but when watching his game tape it's clear that he has as good of an understanding on how to execute his position as any WR in this draft. While the kid has the speed to outpace many a defender, and does so, he's very nuanced in doing so. His ability to set up defenders and play to his strengths and/or their weaknesses is impressive. 

11/7 - Arizona State - St. Brown had a good outing, catching 7 balls for 100 yards. He drew Jack Jones for most of the game, and it was a fun match up to watch. The fact that St. Brown was able to produce against him speaks volumes.

11/14 - Arizona - Kedon Slovis was off and on this game, and his play impacted his WR corps. When on, he did have success getting the ball to St. Brown. St. Brown did a good job of getting open, showing a solid blend of speed and route-running. He had 7 catches for 113 yards.

11/21 - Utah - Aside from a drop early, St. Brown looked solid. He generally caught the ball cleanly and showed a promising ability to create yards after the catch. 


While 2019 was all about Chase and Jefferson, Marshall still flashed a number of times, finishing the season with 46 catches for 671 yards and a remarkable 13 TDs. He uses his length well to cut off and box out smaller defenders, and is a very fluid route runner. He can operate as an outside "X" or from the slot. 

10) Elijah Moore | 5'9 | 184 | WR | Ole Miss

9/26 - Florida - Moore had a sensational game, was easily the most prolific, dangerous WR on the field today. He showed off very good speed, had a consistent knack for getting open and torching the defense with YAC. He looked as good as any slot WR in the nation in this contest, a player who looks to be ascending in Kiffin's offense.

10/3 - Kentucky - Moore was on display again, thrashing the Wildcats for 92 yards on 10 receptions. He was too fast and crafty for the secondary to keep him contained.

10/10 - Alabama - Moore looked just as good as Waddle and Smith on several of his receptions. He went 11/143 himself and proved to be a nightmare matchup for the Tide. He flashed very good speed and quickness, was elusive in his route running and after the catch.

10/17 - Arkansas - Moore was excellent, proving again that his speed, quickness and route running is just too good for any secondary to lock up. He had 11 grabs for 113 yards, 1 TD.

11/14 - South Carolina - Moore was phenomenal today. Used as both a RB and WR, he torched the Gamecock's defense all day long, and arguably was one of the last straws that led to Muschamp getting fired. Moore played with terrific quickness and long speed, seemed to be playing at a different level than everyone else. He had 6 carries for 45 yards, and a whopping 13 catches for 225 yards, 2 TDs. Stats aside, it was clear that this kid is a nightmare to cover.

11) Sage Surratt | 6'2 | 215 | WR | Wake Forest - (Opting Out)

Surratt has excellent size and is deceptively fast, possessing the ability to get atop of coverage and haul in the deep ball. Despite missing time at the end of 2019 with a shoulder injury, he still posted 66 receptions for 1,001 yards and 11 TDs. He's incredibly reliable, a guy that operates at all levels and is always good for 5+ receptions in each contest. 

12) Seth Williams | 6'2 | 224 | WR | Auburn -

9/26 - Kentucky - Williams had a great game, showing his ability to create separation and win contested catch battles. He was a big, reliable option who was targeted often. Kentucky had no answer for him. He had 6 catches for 112 yards, 2 TDs.

10/3 - Georgia - Williams had a very meh outing, going just 3/34. Tyson Campbell had him locked up pretty much all game. 

10/17 - South Carolina - Williams had a solid outing, caught 4 balls for 74 yards. While Horn won the war, Williams succeeded on a few battles, one 50/50 ball in particular.

10/31 - LSU - Williams had a good game, his size being the difference make overall. He caught 4 balls for 71 yards, was able to best Derek Stingley a couple times. When Williams is able to use his body to box out defenders, he's a very tough match up, as seen.

Williams is built like a smallish TE yet still has good game speed. He has some long receptions, but he's more of a mid-level, possession guy. That isn't a knock on him, as he's a challenge to defend within the hashes. He's not as much of a consummate production machine as other WRs, but has a higher ceiling than most when in the zone. When he's consistently fed the ball, he goes nuts. His games against Miss. State and Georgia evidences as much.

13) Tutu Atwell | 5'9 | 170 | WR | Louisville -

9/12 - Western Kentucky - Atwell had a great game, was very dangerous on crossing routes, used his insane speed to get separation. He ran solid routes and displayed good hands. He had 7 catches for 78 yards.

9/19 - Miami - Atwell flashed again, going 8/114 with 2 TDs. He was simply too fast and elusive for Miami to keep a handle on. While he can't fit into every scheme or WR duty, when used properly he was very dangerous.

10/17 - Notre Dame - Atwell didn't have a bad game, but could only post 4 catches for 40 yards thanks to great coverage from TaRiq Bracy.

10/24 - Florida State - Atwell had just 3 receptions, but he amassed 129 yards and a TD doing so. When used properly, his speed created issues.

10/31 - VA Tech - Atwell caught 8 balls for 78 yards, was a match up problem on crossing routes.

He's undersized, dare I say small. But, when operating out of the slot as he predominantly does, he has that inherent cushion that allows him to dart past CBs unscathed. In 2019, he led the nation not only in yards from the slot with 4.37, but in YAC with a whopping 752. He can't play on the outside consistently, so he won't be a sought after prospect for every team. That said, he's a dangerous weapon to have at one's disposal.

14) Dyami Brown | 6'1 | 185 | WR | North Carolina

9/12 - Syracuse - Brown had a very nice game. He had 6 catches for 94 yards, showed off very good speed with the ability to get open on a consistent basis. he was a challenging guy to keep under wraps.

10/3 - Boston College - Brown was targeted multiple times down the sideline, but he and Howell couldn't connect. To that extent, the coverage was tight. Brown still flashed the quickness, speed and route running to get open other times however. He caught 4 passes for 60 yards.  

10/10 - VA Tech - Brown once again flashed his deep speed, showing his ability to get atop of coverage. While he had just 3 catches for 86 yards, 2 of them were TDs.

15) Shi Smith | 5'10 | 190 | WR | South Carolina

9/26 - Tennessee - Smith had a great game. He lit up the stat line with 10 receptions for 140 yards,1 TD. Operating out of the slot, he was simply too fast and quick for the secondary to lock up. He did an excellent job of breaking his routes of with quickness, creating separation.

10/3 - Florida - This was another good game for Smith. He was targeted throughout the game, ended up with 12 receptions for 85 yards. His ability to shred defenses was more than apparent.

10/17 - Auburn - Smith had an impressive game. He went 8/76, 1 TD. He flashed very good functional speed and was feisty as a blocker out on the perimeter.  

10/24 - LSU - Smith drew heavy attention all night, was able to only haul in 2 balls for 68 yards. He didn't look bad by any means, just didn't have many looks given the defensive schemes.

11/7 - Texas A&M - Smith got little help from his QB, but he still managed to get open enough to catch 7 balls for 64 yards. He excelled on intermediate routes. 

11/14 - Ole Miss - Smith had a fantastic game. If I recall, one of the announcers stated that Smith caught every one of the first 7 passes on the day. He was targeted often, and even when everyone knew the ball was going to him, he couldn't be locked up. His short area quickness and able to produce was impressive. He had 19 catches for 117 yards, 1 TD.

16) Tamorrion Terry | 6'3 | 205 | WR | Florida State -

9/12 - Georgia Tech - Terry did have 6 catches for 52 yards with one drop. While active, he wasn't the alpha male I've seen prior. 

10/10 - Notre Dame - Terry had a great game, posted 9 catches for 146 yards, 1 TD. Considering the play of his QB and the ND defense, much more couldn't have been asked of this kid. While he didn't consistently get separation, he won 50/50 balls and played with very good strength, enough speed to get open around various parts of the field.

11/7 - Pittsburgh - Terry had just 2 catches for 14 yards. His QBs were hounded all game, had no time to get the ball off. He did show that he could squat on routes as well as get atop of defense on go routes along the sideline.

Terry is often a man against boys, as he uses his physical dominance to best defenders. In 2019, he caught 60 balls for 1,188 yards, good for 9 TDs. He has the athletic ability to operate at all levels, proving to be at threat whether he lines up outside the hashes or more in a  slot capacity. He's certainly one of the alpha male WRs of the class in 2020.

17) Tyler Vaughns | 6'1 | 195 | WR | USC 

11/7 - Arizona State - Vaughns quietly produced 7 catches for 53 yards. His routes were fluid, razor sharp on the cuts. He was adept at reading the secondary and knowing just how to exploit the zone coverage he faced.

11/14 - Arizona - Aside for 1 drop, Vaughns was a reliable receiving option in this one. He ran good routes and played with a very good blend of speed and quickness. While not dominant, he was effective.

11/21 - Utah - Vaughns was effective when targeted, caught 4 balls for 62 yards, 1 TD. His long reception showed off his fast functional speed. 


Smooth. That might be the best word to describe Vaughns. If not, consistent would certainly work as well. He's a smooth route runner who's produced each year over the past three seasons. He has very good speed and looks effortless going in and out of his breaks at times. He's a lock for 4+ catches a game, could certainly be a 1,000+ WR if fed more frequently. He's a monster on go-routes from the "X", but is more than adept to handle slot and/or flanker duties.

18) Justyn Ross | 6'3 | 205 | WR | Clemson - Out for Season...spinal injury and surgery. (Injury reflected in ranking)

For two years in a row now, Ross has looked the part of next-level WR. In that time, he's amassed 110 receptions for 1,865 yards with 17 TDs. He's blessed with excellent size and uses it quite well to box out defenders. Whether lining up as an "X" or a "Z", he's shown that he can run good routes and find ways to get open. While he may not have the elite functional speed of other WRs in this group, he's certainly not slow and always seems to have a long reception waiting in his bag. His ability to high-point balls is impressive.

19) Kadarius Toney | 5'11 | 190 | WR | Florida

9/26 - Ole Miss - Toney did secure 5 catches for 59 yards, and while he did show off his speed and elusiveness, he wasn't as dangerous in the open field as we've seen prior. 

10/3 - South Carolina - Toney had a very solid game, final able to show his contributable value as a receiver. He posted 6 receptions for 86 yards, 1 TD. His long reception of 57 yards showcased his speed and just how dangerous he can be once the ball is in his hands.

10/31 - Missouri - Good for Toney. He finally got the opportunity to show what he can do when utilized as a complete threat. He caught 4 balls for 60 yards, 2 TDs. He also flashed carrying the ball 3 times for 23 yards, and in the return game. Every time the ball was in his hands, he looked special, dynamic. 

11/7 - Georgia - Caught 7 balls for 42 yards, showing that he can be a dangerous space player.

11/21 - Vanderbilt - Toney appears to be getting better with each game. He caught 6 balls for 107 yards, 1 TD. He showed well after the catch. He also excelled in the return game. Aside from one lost fumble, he looked like a dangerous chess piece.

20) Ihmir Smith-Marsette | 6'2 | 186 | WR | Iowa

10/24 - Purdue - Flashed great speed in the return game, but was held without a catch.

21) Dazz Newsome | 5'10 | 185 | WR | North Carolina

9/12 - Syracuse - Newsome had a very solid game, showing off very good play speed and the ability to get open at multiple levels of the field. His 2 catches for 25 yards belies how well he played. 

10/3 - Boston College - Newsome was neutralized all game, had just 1 reception for 6 yards.

10/10 - VA Tech - Newsome had a very good game, amassing 7 receptions for 69 yards, 1 TD. He ran good routes played with good speed.

22) Marquez Stevenson | 6'0 | 190 | WR | Houston

10/10 - Tulane - Stevenson was impressive. He had 5 receptions for 118 yards, 1 TD. He brought feisty play to the game, along with track speed. He was able to beat defenders at multiple levels.

10/17 - BYU - Stevenson was held in check, had just 1 catch for 19 yards.

23) Josh Palmer | 6'2 | 210 | WR | Tennessee -

9/26 - South Carolina - Palmer had a real nice game, his play standing out quite a few times. He amassed 6 catches for 85 yards, 1 TD. He played with good strength and was often too much for SC's lesser CBs to handle.

10/3 - Missouri - Palmer had 4 catches for 71 yards, used his size and speed to beat defenders. While not flashy or dynamic, a load to handle.

10/10 - Georgia - This was a good game for Palmer. He posted 4 catches for 71 yards, 2 TDs. UGA might have the best secondary in the country, yet Palmer was able to beat two very respectable CBs on his TD grabs. He displayed good functional speed, body control and hands.

10/17 - Kentucky - Palmer underwhelmed, had just 1 catch and couldn't create any separation.

10/24 - Alabama - Palmer had a very good night, gave Surtain some solid challenges, even beating him deep on  a fade pattern for a TD. He went 4 for 57, was targeted often.

24) Nico Collins | 6'3 | 222 | WR | Michigan

25) Amari Rodgers | 5'10 | 210 | WR | Clemson

10/3 - Virginia - Rodgers had a great game. He showed off a very good blend of quickness and over the top long speed. He had 6 receptions for 72 yards, 2 TDs.

10/31 - Boston College - Rodgers really looked good. he ran sharp routes and was able to get open throughout the game. He was a reliable target, caught 7 balls for 66 yards, 1 TD.

11/7 - Notre Dame - Rodgers really showed his value as a compact, tough intermediate target who can get open. He had a couple ball issues, but overall showed how well he can contribute. He had 8 receptions for 134 yards.

26) Ty Fryfogle | 6'2 | 214 | WR | Indiana

11/21 - Ohio State - Fryfogle had a great game. He went up against almost every Ohio State DB and notched at least one win on each of them. To say he was productive would be an understatement, as he caught 7 balls for 218 yards, 3 TDs. On one of them, he beast Shaun Wade who contested the catch, lost the battle. That said, he did have 2 drops and didn't always appeared to have great functional speed. He strikes as one guy who's stock will entirely be tied to his timed 40. 

27) Jonathan Adams Jr. | 6'3 | 220 | WR | Arkansas State 

9/5 - Memphis - Adams was a beast. He had 6 receptions for 65 yards. He wasn't sudden in his routes and rounded edges on his cuts, but he showed speed on long routes and was a great possession guy underneath. What stood out most was his perimeter blocking, getting the better of T.J. Carter multiple times. Adams was targeted often and looks to be a player this offense will revolve around.

9/12 - Kansas State - Adams had a great game. He used his superior size and athletic ability to dwarf KSU defenders. He displayed very good hands on a few balls and was simply a guy in the zone. He finished with 8 catches for 98 yards, 3 TDs. 

10/17 - Georgia State - Adams was a monster in this one. While he started off somewhat slow, he caught fire and was too much to cover. He amassed 177 yards on 15 catches. While he used his sheer size to gain position on defenders, he flashed good functional speed as well.

28) Marlon Williams | 6'0 | 215 | WR | UCF

11/21 - Cincinnati - Williams had an impressive game, showed a lot. Now on the down side, he did have a few drops, two of them that were somewhat crucial. However, he ran good routes and was an alpha male beast once the ball was in his hands. Built like a RB or small LB, Williams was very difficult to take down. While his hands were iffy on his drops, he made some great catches to match. He had 8 catches for 97 yards, 2 TDs.

29) Johnny Johnson III | 6'0 | 198 | WR | Oregon

11/7 - Stanford - Johnson caught just 4 balls for 60 yards, but he showed off good speed and route-running when doing so. Once his QB gets up to speed, Johnson should see a lot more opportunities.

30) Reggie Roberson Jr. | 5'11 | 202 | WR | SMU - (Out for the Season)

9/5 - Texas StateRoberson had a good game, showing no ill effects from the injury that cost him time last year. He had 6 receptions for 99 yards, 1 TD. His 51-yard TD is what broke the 21-21 tie late in the 3rd. He showed good play speed coupled with solid route running. He looked to be a guy that can and does operate at all levels of the field.

31) Whop Philyor | 5'10 | 180 | WR | Indiana

10/24 - Penn State - Philyor had just 5 catches for 36 yards, 1 TD. After seeing him look dynamic at times last year, I was underwhelmed at his play. While his QB didn't have much time to throw the ball, he didn't create great separation.  

11/21 - Ohio State - Philyor showed off his quick feet and track speed a few times, but wasn't used in a way where he could stretch the field. He was good on crossers, however, caught 6 balls for 56 yards.

32) Anthony Schwartz | 6'0 | 180 | WR | Auburn

9/26 - Kentucky - Caught 3 balls for 40 yards, simply wasn't targeted enough. He showed his value with his speed after the catch.

10/3 - Georgia - Somewhat quietly caught 8 balls for 57 yards. He didn't have the chance to stretch the field, but was dependable on quick-hitters.

10/17 - South Carolina - Had 6 receptions for 59 yards, proved to be a reliable target. 

10/31 - LSU - Schwartz had just 4 catches, but he amassed 123 yards thanks to his long reception of 91 yards. He straight line speed can be a real difference maker when it comes to YAC.

33) Jahan Dotson | 5'11 | 172 | WR | Penn State -

10/24 - Indiana - Flashed a few times, caught 4 balls for 92 yards, 1 TD. He ran good routes and was a slippery kid to defend.  

10/31 - Ohio State - Dotson did have an amazing 1-handed TD. But overall he showed very good WR skills, ran good routes with speed. He had 8 catches for 144 yards, 3 TDs. He's certainly one to watch.

11/14 - Nebraska - Thanks to shoddy QB play, Dotson had just 2 catches for 27 yards. 

34) Rico Busey Jr. | 6'1 | 193 | WR | Hawaii

35) Damonte Coxie | 6'2 | 197 | WR | Memphis

9/5 - Arkansas State - Coxie stood out. He caught 8 balls for 90 yards, 1 TD. He displayed quickness and speed, did an excellent job of running CBs off so he'd get open on come-back routes. He looked like he could use some size, but his lack of it wasn't a factor.

36) D'Wayne Eskridge | 5'9 | 190 | WR | Western Michigan

11/11 - Toledo - Eskridge had an impressive outing. He caught 7 balls for 131 yards, 1 TD. He also returned 4 kicks for 116 yards. The thing that stood out was his speed and cutting ability. It wouldn't surprise me to see him run in the 4.3's, as his ability to significantly outpace coverage was more than apparent. 

11/18 - Central Michigan - Eskridge flashed again. He caught just 4 balls, but three of them went for TDs, as he amassed 212 yards in total. His long reception of 85 yards more than showed just how dangerous he can be with the ball in his hands.

37) Warren Jackson | 6'5 | 220 | WR | Colorado State - (Opting Out)

38) Dez Fitzpatrick | 6'1 | 202 | WR | Louisville

9/12 - Western Kentucky - Fitzpatrick had a very good game, catching 4 balls for 110 yards, 1 TD. He ran smooth routes, displayed shakes and speed after the catch. 

9/19 - Miami - Fitzpatrick was very steady, catching 7 balls for 74 yards. He did a great job of drawing coverage and made some good catches after running very solid routes. 

10/17 - Notre Dame - Caught just 2 balls and couldn't get consistent separation.

10/24 - Florida State - See above. He went 2 for 30, ran smooth routes but couldn't separate.

10/31 - VA Tech - Went 5 for 158 yards, 1 TD. he ran good routes and was able to get open a number of times.

39) Trevon Grimes | 6'4 | 215 | WR | Florida

9/26 - Ole Miss - Grimes had a solid outing. He had 3 catches for 64 yards, proved to be a big target and possession option for Trask.

10/3 - South Carolina - Grimes had just 2 catches for 26 yards. He wasn't a focal point of the offense, nor did he draw heavy focus from the secondary.

10/31 - Missouri - Grimes was rather vanilla, caught 3 balls for 33 yards. 

11/7 - Georgia - Went 2 for 27, looked good doing so, just wasn't targeted often.

40) Tarik Black | 6'2 | 215 | WR | Texas

9/12 - UTEP - Black had 5 catches for 80 yards, 1 TD. He looked like a beast out there, looks like a guy who could certainly ascend throughout this year.

9/26 - Texas Tech - Black left the game early and failed to notch a reception.

10/24 - Baylor - Had just 1 catch for 72 yards on a busted coverage play. Quiet otherwise.

41) Jhamon Ausbon | 6'2 | 218 | WR | Texas A&M (Opting Out)

42) T.J. Vasher | 6'5 | 190 | WR | Texas Tech

9/26 - Texas - Vasher certainly flashed a few times, showing his ability to operate as a big possession target. He posted 4 receptions for 74 yards, scoring 2 TDs. He proved worthy of being labelled as a match up problem, a red zone threat.

10/3 - Kansas State - Vasher went just 2 for 10, a non-factor.

43) Emeka Emezie | 6'2 | 208 | WR | NC State 

9/19 - Wake Forest - Emezie caught just 1 pass and simply wasn't a factor or available target.

10/3 - Pittsburgh - Emezie had a very good game, finally showing what he can do when targeted. He went 7/101 with 2 TDs. He did a great job working himself between the sideline and coverage, used his big frame to his advantage. While good-sized, he showed good functional speed.

10/10 - Virginia - Emezie was solid, but not great. He had just 3 receptions for 54 yards. He was a big target, but wasn't targeted heavily.

44) Frank Darby | 6'1 | 200 | WR | Arizona State

45) Tre Walker | 5'11 | 180 | WR | San Jose State

46) Eli Stove | 6'0 | 190 | WR | Auburn

9/26 - Kentucky - Stove flashed a few times in this one. He had 4 grabs for 55 yards, 1 TD. He showed some impressive speed after the catch, getting yards in nice fashion.

10/17 - South Carolina - Stove ran smooth routes and displayed good playing speed. He had 6 grabs for 70 yards, 1 TD.

10/31 - LSU - Stove showed some valuable versatility, being used as a WR and RB. He caught 5 balls for 64 yards, 1 TD. Also had 3 carries for 21 yards. He was a reliable weapon for this offense. 

47) Jadan Blue | 6'0 | 185 | WR | Temple

48) JD Spielman | 5'9 | 195 | WR | TCU

9/26 - Iowa State - Caught just 2 balls for 16 yards, wasn't a factor nor part of their game plan.

49) Corey Sutton | 6'2 | 200 | WR | App. State

50) Braydon Johnson | 6'1 | 184 | WR | OK State

10/24 - Iowa State - Posted just 1 catch for 14 yards., was a non factor today.

11/21 - Oklahoma - Rarely sought after, had just 2 catches for 19 yards.

51) Samori Toure | 6'3 | 193 | WR | Montana