Running Backs


The were nineteen RBs selected in the 2021 draft, as follows:


Round 1 - 2

Round 2 - 1

Round 3 - 1

Round 4 - 4

Round 5 - 1

Round 6 - 6

Round 7 - 4


The fact that there were only four RBs taken within the first 2 days of the draft has more to do with the shift in the league vs. the talent offered. This was further evidenced by some of the late Day 3 selections, as many of these guy have solid to good rotational value in a 2-back system. As a whole, this wasn't a wowie draft at the position, but wasn't horrible. A few of these guys could end up being steals when we do a look back three years from now. 

The 2022 draft could be a let down in relative and absolute terms. I wouldn't bet any money on a RB going in Round 1, and I think each of the top three RB selections in 2021 are better than any RB this year. Yes, there are value picks to be had, some of which could be huge bargains. But, I don't see a crop of gamechangers. All said, this is a very solid group to displace current roster holders carrying larger salaries.

1) Kenneth Walker III | 5'10 | 210 | RB | Michigan State

10/30 - Michigan - Walker had a banner game, rushing for 197 yards on 23 carries, good for 5 TDs. He also showed some ability to catch out of the backfield. He ran with excellent vision and never stopped churning his legs through tackles. Once into the open, he flashed pull away speed and go the distance. He certainly looks like a franchise back at this juncture, a sought after Day 2 grab. 

11/6 - Purdue - Walker had a very good game, and was not to blame for the Spartan loss. He had 22 carries for 136 yards, 1 TD. He was a workhorse with speed, grinded out some hard runs while showing off good speed. 

2) Isaiah Spiller | 6'1 | 225 | RB | Texas A&M -

9/4 - Kent State - Spiller had a very good game, operated well behind the good to great blocking he got. He had 17 carries for 113 yards, also caught 2 balls out of the backfield. He displayed good footwork, coupled with a nice combination of speed and power. 

9/11 - Colorado - Spiller had just 20 yards on eight carries. He got very little help from his O-line. He was very versatile though, caught 6 balls for 56 yards, looked very good doing so.  

11/13 - Ole Miss - Spiller had a very down game. He had 15 carries for 41 yards, looked uninspired and hesitant on many of his tries. His teammate Achane looked far better, and was today. 

3) Breece Hall | 6'1 | 215 | RB | Iowa State -

9/11 -  Iowa - Hall had 16 carries for 69 yards, 16 of which came on one run. While he didn't get great blocking help, he ran hard and grinded out some tough yards. He did have a fumble which did hurt his squad. 

4) Kyren Williams | 5'9 | 195 | RB | Notre Dame -

9/4 Florida State - Williams didn't get a lot of help from his O-line, but was still able to show what he can do. In the run game, he had 18 carries for just 42 yards. He displayed good vision and nifty footwork, but the holes just weren't there. He was versatile as a receiver, had 6 receptions for 83 yards, 1 TD. He was elusive in space, flashed good functional speed.

10/2 - Cincinnati - This was another game where Williams had to create space on his own, and did so in strong fashion at times. He had 13 carries for 45 yards, also caught 3 balls for 19 yards. When given some room, he flashed as a fluid, sturdy runner. 

10/30 - North Carolina - Williams showed why he should be a Day 2 pick. He had 22 carries for 199 yards, showing off great moves, quickness and long speed. He was lightning in a bottle.

5) Brian Robinson | 6'1 | 228 | RB | Alabama -

9/4 - Miami - Robinson had an impressive game. His stat line of 12 carries for 60 yards is respectable, but the runs themselves showcased a lot. Robinson ran behind his pads with resolute speed and power, was a load to take down. He moved well given his weight, kept his balanced well working through tacklers. He looks like he can be a 20+ carry back with consistent production.

9/18 - Florida - Robinson played his style of football yet again. He had 15 carries for 78 yards, 1 TD. He ran behind his pads, showing resilience, balance and power. He never went down easy, fought through a bum ankle. 

11/20 - Arkansas - Robinson looked the part today. While never flashy, he ran with very good power and balance. He touted the rock 27 times for 122 tough yards. He was also versatile with 3 receptions for 18 yards. 

12/5 - Georgia - Robinson faced an amazing defense, so I wasn't expecting too much. He performed on par to what I thought he would. He had 16 carries for 55 yards. He didn't show much wiggle, but he ran tough behind his pads. 

12/31 - Cincinnati - Robinson had an amazing night, looked like a franchise RB in this one. He carried the ball 26 times for a whopping 204 yards. He ran with a great blend of speed and power, also showed his ability to bounce off of defenders and get YAC.

6) Tyler Allgeier | 5'11 | 220 | RB | BYU 

9/4 - Arizona - Allgeier had a very solid night. He had 17 carries for 94 yards, 1 TD. While he didn't show elite feet pressing the LOS, he did show off good one-cut running, wasting no time to get north/south. Once in the open, he showed off good functional speed for a bigger type back. 

9/11 - Utah - Allgeier looked the part again. He had 27 carries for 102 yards, showing that he can be a reliable bell cow. He ran tough, behind his pads with levelled power and speed. He also caught 2 balls for 10 yards. 

11/27 - USC - Allgeier did put the ball on the ground twice, which shouldn't be overlooked. However, he ran hard all night, showed off his ability to break tackles and get yards in chunks. He had 21 carries for 11 yards, 2 TDs. He was also versatile as a receiver, caught 5 balls for 35 yards. 

7) Jerome Ford | 5'11 | 220 | RB | Cincinnati

12/4 - Houston - Ford had a great game. He had 18 carries for 187 yards, amassed 2 TDs. He showed very quick feet and vision at the LOS, coupled with breakaway long speed, demonstrated on his 79-yard TD run. While fast at his listed weight of 220lbs., he showed off some nice power as well. He looked like a complete back in this one. 

12/31 - Alabama - Ford had a respectable game, carried the ball 15 times for 77 yards. He ran well behind his pads, grinded out tough yards against a stout defense. 

8) Zonovan Knight | 5'11 | 210 | RB | NC State

9/2 - South Florida - Knight looked the part in this one. He had 16 carries for 163 yards, 1 TD. He displayed long speed in his long TD run of 46 yards. He used quick feet to move in and out of traffic. He did look light compared to his listed weight, and I would've liked to have seen more power and toughness in his game. That said, he was balanced overall, also catching 2 balls for 16 yards.

9/11 - Mississippi State - Knight was utilized, but had limited success. He had 8 carries for just 31 yards. He also caught 2 balls for 7 yards. He was solid in both regards, but couldn't overcome a very stout defense. He was solid, but not great. 

11/6 - Florida State - Knight had a solid game. He had 18 carries for 75 yards, showing some good one-cut running and the speed to get yards. 

9) James Cook | 5'11 | 190 | RB | Georgia -

12/5 - Alabama - Cook at 11 carries for just 38 yards. 'Bama's defense was tough up front, but Cook flashed homerun hitting ability a few times. He also caught 4 balls for 28 yards, looked very adept doing so. 

10) Sincere McCormick | 5'11 | 205 | RB | UT-San Antonio

12/3 - Western Kentucky - McCormick had a fantastic game. He had a whopping 36 carries for 204 yards; 3 TDs. He ran with good speed and some nice wiggle, looked adept in all facets as a runner. He also caught 3 balls for 35 yards, looked very clean and comfortable doing so. While he isn't big, he ran with some good power when he needed to do so. 

11) Rachaad White | 6'2 | 210 | RB | Arizona State

11/5 - USC - White had a very solid night. He had 28 carried for 202 yards, 3 TDs. While he didn't show off great wiggle, he read his blocks well, put his foot in the ground, and operated in workman-like fashion. 

11/13 - Washington - White had another very good night. He touted the rock 32 times for 184 yards, amassing 2 TDs. He also paced the team with 5 receptions for 53 yards. He was essentially the teams whole offense. He showed that he can be a workhorse, grinding out tough yards while getting many more in space.  

12) Dameon Pierce | 5'9 | 215 | RB | Florida

13) Hassan Haskins | 6'1 | 220 | RB | Michigan

9/4 - Western Michigan - Haskins amassed 70 yards on just 13 carries. While not challenged much, he exhibited a commanding running style, was tough. 

9/11 -  Washington - Haskins had a very good game, carried the ball 27 times for 155 yards. He ran with a nice blend of speed and power, showed that he can be a workhorse type of RB. 

9/25 - Rutgers - Had 12 carries for 41 yards. He was solid, but didn't flash as he's done in games prior.

10/30 - Michigan State - Had 14 carries for 59 yards. While the box was stacked against him, he grinded out some tough yards, also looked adept catching 2 balls for 18 yards. He looked very capable.

11/13 - Penn State - Haskins had a great game. He toted the rock 31 times, amassed 156 yards. He also looked very clean receiving the ball, had 5 catches for 45 yards. He looked like a complete, franchise type of RB today. 

14) Tyler Badie | 5'8 | 194 | RB | Missouri

9/4 - Central Michigan - Badie had a very impressive outing. He showed off quick feet, and the ability to get around the edge and accumulate yards in chunks. While not real big, he looked to have a sturdy build and could take a hit.

9/11 - Kentucky - Badie had another good game, and is one player I see ascending through the draft process. He had 14 carries for 61 yards, making what he could out of porous blocking. He showed off good vision, footwork and toughness. He was also heavily relied on as a receiver, catching 10 balls for 88 yards, 1TD. He showed the ability to amass yards in chunks when given some room to work.

15) Kennedy Brooks | 5'10 | 216 | RB | Oklahoma - 

9/4 - Tulane - Brooks had a solid outing. This game displayed the type of back he is, which is a downhill no frills runner. He didn't show much wiggle or fancy footwork, but displayed enough long speed coupled with balance to break tackles and get yards in chunks. He had 14 carries for 87 yards.

12/29 - Oregon - Brooks had a great game. He had 14 carries for 142 yards, scored 3 TDs. He ran with great patience and vision, and showed some deceptive long speed in the process. 

16) Tyler Goodson | 5'10 | 200 | RB | Iowa

9/11 -  Iowa State - Goodson had a solid game. He had just 55 yards on 21 carries, didn't get great O-line help. That said, he ran with speed and showed good cutting ability. He also caught 2 balls for 9 yards, looked versatile. 

10/30 - Wisconsin - Goodson had a rough game. He had 13 carries for just 27 yards, as his O-line couldn't create a push against a heavy run blitz scheme. 

11/13 - Minnesota- Goodson had a decent, but not great night. He had 18 carries for 59 yards, He showed off some speed when given room, but he didn't manufacture a whole lot on his own. 

17) Jerrion Ealy | 5'8 | 190 | RB | Ole Miss 

9/5 Louisville - Ealy had himself a solid night. His stat line as a runner underwhelmed, as he had just 37 yards on 12 carries. As a receiver, he had 3 grabs for 51 yards. What the stats don't show is just how quick and fast this young man is. He was moving, making it all too apparent that if he's given some space he can get yards in chunks. 

11/6 - Liberty - Ealy had a nice stat line, carrying the  ball 10 times for 115 yards, 2 TDs. Aside from his long, 70-yard TD run  on the second play of the game, there wasn't a whole lot that he did on the ground. What he did do though showed some very good long speed. He was always versatile, catching 4 balls for 24 yards. 

11/13 - Texas A&M - Ealy had a great game, with this being the best I think I've seen him play. He had 24 carries for 152 yards. While he ran with very good speed as per usual, he showed great toughness and strength, grinding out YAC several times. He put the offense on his back and performed very well against a solid defense. 

11/25 - Mississippi State - Ealy was very solid in this game. He had 16 carries for 60 yards, showed his speed on perimeter runs. He also flashed as a receiver out of the backfield, caught 5 balls for 43 yards. 

18) CJ Verdell | 5'9 | 210 | RB | Oregon -

9/11 - Ohio State - Verdell had a terrific game, looked like an NFL franchise back today. He showed good vision at the LOS when pressing the hole, wasted no time getting up to and past the second level. He also looked very clean catching the ball out of the backfield. As a whole, he played with a good combination of speed and power. He had 20 carries for 161 yards, 2 TD. He also caught 3 balls for 34 yards, 1 TD.

19) Zamir White | 5'11 | 215 | RB | Georgia -

9/4 Clemson - White finished with 74 yards on 13 carries. While many of those attempts yielded little, when he hit he hit hard. He displayed plus power, the ability to surge past the LOS and get yards in space. While his super trait isn't speed, but power, he has enough of the former to where you can't respect just the latter. He did put the ball on the turf once, something to watch for as the season progresses.

12/5 - Alabama - White has just 7 carries for 27 yards. He seemingly took a backseat to other RBs. He ran with power, and was used primarily to do so. 

20) Eric Gray | 5'10 | 205 | RB | Oklahoma -

9/4 Tulane - Gray had a decent game. While he didn't always get the best blocking up front, he did the best with what was given. He had just 27 yards on 9 carries, which looks bad. However, he showed a good balance of speed and wiggle. 

21) D'vonte Price | 6'2 | 225 | RB | Florida International

22) Keaontay Ingram | 5'11 | 215 | RB | USC -

9/11 - Stanford - Ingram took a backseat to teammate Malepeai, but still had 10 carries for 44 yards, 1 TD. He ran the ball with authority, showing good speed in the process.

11/5 - Arizona State - Ingram was serviceable, carried the ball 14 times for 54 yards. He was solid, but not dynamic in any regard.

11/20 - UCLA - Ingram - had a very good showing tonight. He read his blocks well and showed smooth yet powerful running with speed to match. He had 17 carries for 96 yards, also caught 3 balls for 36 yards. He looked like he good be a good RB2 option in rotation. 

23) Ty Chandler | 6'0 | 210 | RB | North Carolina 

9/3 Virginia Tech - Chandler had a solid stat line of 10 carries for 66 yards. He showed good wiggle and requisite speed beyond the LOS, but didn't flash great vision or anticipation when pressing up to said line. The blocking n front of him wasn't great however, so his opportunities to shine were limited. Overall, he looked sufficient, not great.

10/30 - Notre Dame - Chandler had a very solid night, carried the ball 15 times for 83 yards. He showed the ability to hit the hole fast and get yards quickly beyond the LOS.

11/11 - Pittsburgh - Chandler made the most out of some inconsistent blocking, amassing 42 yards on 14 carries. He showed some good speed when able to get into the open field, but didn't show great wiggle or cuts. 

24) Brittain Brown | 6'1 | 205 | RB | UCLA

8/28 - Hawaii - Brown had a nice night. He had 13 carries for 78 yards, 1 TD. He ran with a powerful, commanding style, wasn't an easy guy to take down

9/4 - LSU - Brown had a nice night. He had 17 carries for 96 yards, 1 TD. He ran with good power and speed to get through the LOS and gain yards. He read holes well and showed toughness working through them. 

10/30 - UTAH - Brown ran with a solid blend of speed and power, looked like a good rotational back.

25) Cam'Ron Harris | 5'10 | 210 | RB | Miami -

9/4 - Alabama - 'Bama's front beat up Miami at the LOS, so Harris had very little room to operate. In his limited opportunities, he looked to have decent feet and adequate speed. 

26) Kevin Harris | 5'10 | 225 | RB | South Carolina 

12/30 - North Carolina - Harris had one of his best games that I've witnessed. He had 31 carries for 182 yards, 1 TD. He operated in true workman type fashion. He ran with power, and showed some decent footwork pressing the hole. He ran hard throughout the game with no perceived drop off in any regard. 

27) Master Teague III | 5'11 | 220 | RB | Ohio State

9/2 Minnesota - Teague had to split carries with other RBs, and he simply looked inferior. He had just 6 carries for 29 yards. He didn't flash any one great trait, and arguably amassed what he did  given great the O-line he had in front of him. 

9/11 - Oregon - DNP

28) Max Borghi | 5'11 | 195 | RB | Washington State -

29) Ronnie Rivers | 5'9 | 192 | RB | Fresno State 

8/28 - Connecticut - Rivers had a very solid game. His lack of size/stature was apparent, but he had a few carries that belied as much. He pressed the LOS well and showed good footwork and vision. He was able to show some break away ability in the open, also showed well as a release option out of the backfield. 

30) SaRodorick Thompson | 6'0 | 215 | RB | Texas Tech

999) Zach Charbonnet | 6'1 | 220 | RB | UCLA

8/28 - Hawaii - Charbonnet touched the ball just seven times, 6 carries and 1 reception. Albeit with limited opportunities, he impressed. On one run in particular, he displayed tackle-breaking strength, wouldn't be denied of his yards. He ended up with three TDs, looked very promising in his first debut since transferring. 

9/4 - LSU - Charbonnet had another very good outing. He had 11 carries for 117 yards, 1 TD. He also caught one pass for 35 yards. He ran with a terrific blend of power, balance and speed. He was a load to take down, did a great job of breaking tackles. His vision at the LOS was good, wasted no time finding the crease and breaking through it. 

10/2 - Arizona State - Charbonnet continues to impress me. He had 21 carries for 89 yards against a very good defensive front, led by D.J. Davidson. Charbonnet ran with a very good blend of speed, power and balance. While often jammed up, he found ways to get yards. 

10/30 - UTAH - Charbonnet wasn't used enough in my book, but when given the chance he ran with power, speed and balance...once again looked like a franchise back. 

11/20 - USC - Charbonnet yet again looked like a complete, franchise RB. His balance and power through would-be tackles was impressive, was reliable all game. He ran the ball 28 times for 167 yards with 1 TD.

999) Mohamed Ibrahim | 5'9 | 210 | RB | Minnesota (Out for the Year)

9/2 - Ohio State - Ibrahim had a very impressive game. He carried his offense, literally and figuratively. He toted the rock 30 times for 163 yards, but unfortunately suffered a lower leg injury late in the game. While he didn't flash elite break away speed, he pressed the LOS well and showed a real burst off power. He showed no sign of slowing as the game progressed, did a fine job of reading blocks and working through creases.

999) Noah Cain | 5'10 | 226 | RB | Penn State 

9/4 Wisconsin - Cain had a very good outing. He had 8 carries for 48 yards with 1 TD; 5 receptions for 27 yards. Wisconsin loaded the box much of the game, but when he was given the edge to run, he compromised as much. He showed off good feet and speed to get yards. He looked very comfortable operating as both a runner and receiver. He was relied on as the game neared its end, and he was dependable. 

10/30 - Ohio State - Cain had just 13 yards on 5 carries, also turned the ball over with a fumble. He looked very average in this game.