There were twenty-seven CBs taken in the 2020 draft. Six came off the board in Round 1 alone, aiding in the total of  eleven drafted within the top 100 selections. There was talent to be had throughout each round, pronounced by a drought after Round 5, picking back up in Round 7. This draft class may fall a bit shy of the 2020 offering, but not by much. 


1) Patrick Surtain II | 6'1 | 203 | CB | Alabama -

9/26 - Missouri - Surtain had a solid outing. While he gave up a couple of receptions, he showed his ability to be quite sticky in coverage and read the eyes of WRs as the ball was in its approach. 

10/3 - Texas A&M - Surtain had another good game, delivered tight coverage and offered up next to nothing.

10/17 - Georgia - Surtain had an excellent game. He locked his man up the entire game.

10/24 - Tennessee - Surtain had a formidable match up in Josh Palmer, a very gifted WR. While Palmer did get a TD against Surtian on a beautiful fade route and throw, Surtain had him locked up the majority of the night.

11/21 - Kentucky - Allowed just one reception on a shallow crosser, but was great otherwise. 

Surtain comes from great bloodlines and it shows in his play. While he took some lumps as a Freshman early on, he always looked very promising more times than not. He has good size coupled with enough speed to hang on the hip of most any WR out there. He displays polished technique,  does a good job of keeping himself between the WR and the ball.

2) Caleb Farley | 6'1 | 207 | CB | Virginia Tech - (Opting Out) 

Farley has good size and does a fine job sticking with his man, shows good speed in doing so. When in zone, he diagnoses plays well and breaks on the ball well. He's physical in going after the ball, doesn't give up much.

3) Shaun Wade | 6'0 | 194 | CB | Ohio State - 

10/24 - Nebraska - Wade had a very good game. He was tested a couple times early, but was up tp the task. He showed good speed and played the ball nicely. That said, he looked more adept covering the slot than the outside "X" receiver. 

10/31 - Penn State - Wade was very reliable through 3 quarters, allowed just 1 reception on a crosser up to that point. 

11/21 - Indiana - Wade did come away with an INT on a beautiful read and break on the ball. He also defended some other balls with tight coverage. Fryfogle, who is very underrated, gave him fits at times. In as much, Wade looks like he's stilla djusting somewhat to being an outside CB vs. operating over the slot like he did last year. 


Wade flashes real good speed and plays with a confident chip on his shoulder. He doesn't back down from competition and loves to lay a lick on whomever crosses his path. He's physical in coverage, rarely gets bullied when contesting catches. He can lack discipline at times, but as a whole there's very little to not like about this prospect. He's better covering the inside slot vs. the "X" on the outside.

4) Jaycee Horn | 6'0 | 200 | CB | South Carolina

9/26 - Tennessee - Horn had a terrific game, as he completely shut his man down and took him clean out of contention.

10/3 - Florida - Horn gave up a few receptions, but he was very sticky in man coverage, played the ball very nicely. He was physical, didn't easily give way to bigger targets like Pitts.

10/17 - Auburn - Horn had a great game. He was targeted 8 times only allowed 2 receptions. He forced 5 incompletions and gobbled up 2 INTs. He looked like a future 1st-rounder today. While he did have a couple penalties, they could have gone either way. He had some great battles with Williams.

10/24 - LSU - Horn continues to look the part. While he technically allowed a TD on a crosser "pick play", he was tight in coverage when going head up on WRs. He played and continues to look like a fringe Round-1 guy.

11/7 - Texas A&M - While Mond teed off on the Gamecock secondary, Horn was one guy he justifiably stayed away from. Horn was tight ijn coverage all game. 

5) Eric Stokes | 6'0 | 185 | CB | Georgia

9/26 - Arkansas - Stokes had a very solid game, and with the exception of one reception, he routinely locked his man up. He also chipped in with an INT, showing good ball skills.

10/3 - Auburn - Like his teammates, Stokes was reliable when in and offered up very good coverage. There were several snaps where the QB didn't even bother to try Stokes out as he had his man on lock.

10/10 - Tennessee - Stokes had a great game, performed the best of any CB on the filed today. He had tight coverage, had a take away.

10/17 - Alabama - Stokes allowed a couple balls, but he really looked the part on a number of pass attempts., showed his worth.

11/7 - Florida - While Trask bombed away, Stokes generally carried out hi assignments well and provided tight coverage a number of times. 

6) Asante Samuel Jr. | 5'10 | 180 | CB | Florida State

9/12 - Georgia Tech - Samuel was excellent, notching 2 INTs and was seemingly always in the right place at the tight time. Opportunities aside, he was tight in coverage, really looked like a good cover man. 

10/10 - Notre Dame - Samuel did allow a few receptions, but in doing so he showed that he can provide tight coverage and show good ball awareness. 

10/24 - Louisville - Samuel had an excellent night. His coverage was so good that Cunningham opted to completely steer clear of him, instead picked on others.

11/7 - Pittsburgh - Aside from one questionable P.I. call, Samuel was near perfect. Pickett stayed away from him all night, as Samuel locked up whomever was across from him.

7) Tyson Campbell | 6'1 | 185 | CB | Georgia

9/26 - Arkansas - Campbell didn't see much playing time that I could account for, but he was very solid in the reps he took, gave up nothing.

10/3 - Auburn - Campbell was fantastic, rendered Seth Williams pretty much useless for the majority of the game. 

10/10 - Tennessee - Campbell did allow a TD, but he had tight coverage on that play as well as on other balls thrown his way.

10/17 - Alabama -Yes, Campbell got beat and allowed multiple receptions. However, aside from a slip and subsequent fall down, he was tight in coverage all night. Considering the competition, the kid really didn't do bad. 

11/7 - Florida - While Trask bombed away, he generally picked on others. Campbell was really only beat a couple times, was tight in coverage on both instances. But, he did give up 2 TDs.

8) Derrion Kendrick | 6'0 | 195 | CB | Clemson

10/3 - Virginia - Kendrick had a terrific game, showed off his ability to run hip to hip with receivers and defend the ball cleanly. There were several snaps where the opposing QB had to progress his read beyond this CB.

10/31 - Boston College - Very up and down game for Kendrick. he gave up a TD early, then was beat on a deep crosser, trying to eave through an official. He rebounded well and was good until late, where he let Zay Flowers beat him on and out and up. It was an overthrown ball, lucky for Kendrick.

9) Elijah Molden | 5'10 | 190 | CB | Washington

11/14 - Oregon State - Molden operated as the nickel back covering the slot. He was impressive, as he read the QB and WR quite well. He showed good athleticism overall. OSU only had 85 yards receiving, and Molden was a big reason why that total was so low. He looked good as a tackler as well, had 7 stops on the day. 

10) Kary Vincent | 5'10 | 185 | CB | LSU - (Opting Out)

Vincent is blessed with insane speed, and it certainly shows on the field. His ability to click and close on the ball is quite good, as is his ability to stay sticky in coverage. He doesn't always diagnose plays real well and will be out of place at times. But, he has all the tools to be an eraser if he can put everything together. 

11) Josh Jobe | 6'0 | 190 | CB | Alabama 

9/26 - Missouri - Jobe had a  nice outing. He was around the ball often and didn't give up big plays. Whether operating as a SAF or true CB, he provided good coverage and diagnosed plays well.

10/2 - Texas A&M - Jobe provided solid coverage throughout this game, gave up nothing deep through the air.

10/17 - Georgia - Jobe had a very good game. Not only was he tight in coverage, he was excellent along the perimeter as a tackler.

10/24 - Tennessee - Aside form a couple pass plays, Jobe really looked the part, showing his ability to stay tight on his man.

11/21 - Kentucky - Jobe got flagged on one play as he was coming to the aid of a teammate over the top, but if anything it showed his closing speed and ball awareness. He provided sticky coverage all night.

12) Thomas Graham Jr. | 5'10 | 191 | CB | Oregon - (Opting Out)

13) Ambry Thomas | 5'11 | 180 | CB | Michigan - (Opting Out)

14) Paulson Adebo | 6'1 | 190 | CB | Stanford

15) DJ Daniel | 6'1 | 185 | CB | Georgia

9/26 - Arkansas - Daniel had a very good game, locked his man up well and provided very little for his WR to be a receiving option.

10/3 - Auburn - Daniel had a good game, locked his man up and often eliminated him as an option.

10/10 - Tennessee - Daniel allowed a TD, but it was on an underthrown ball which he had defended well. He otherwise was very strong.

16) Camryn Bynum | 5'11 | 190 | CB | California

11/14- UCLA - Bynum had a good game. He provided solid pass coverage and was quick to do his part going after ball carriers. While he missed a couple tackles, he otherwise looked solid. He did come away with 6 stops.

17) Jack Jones | 5'11 | 170 | CB | Arizona State

11/7 - USC - Jones had a solid game, giving St. Brown a lot of challenges in this one. He left the game early due to cramping, but he provided tight coverage when in.

18) Olaijah Griffin | 6'0 | 170 | CB | USC

11/7 - Arizona State - Griffin had a very good game. While penalized once, he was very sticky and forced ASU to look elsewhere to throw the ball.

11/14 - Arizona - Griffin had another very solid outing. Arizona did have success throwing the ball, but they had to get their yards off of other players. Griffin was tight in coverage on the majority of passing situations. 

11/21 - Utah - Griffin had a very good game, played with extreme confidence and backed it up with tight coverage. He chipped in with 4 tackles.

19) Chase Lucas | 6'0 | 175 | CB | Arizona State

11/7 - USC - Lucas really held his own nicely no matter who he went up against. His cushion was a bit deep at times, but as a whole he did his assignments.

20) Israel Mukuamu | 6'2 | 205 | CB | South Carolina

9/26 - Tennessee - Mukuamu got beat early on by providing way too much cushion in zone coverage, then wasn't really picked on thereafter. That said, there were many snaps late in the game where he wasn't on the field, due to an apparent injury

10/3 - Florida - Mukuamu wasn't challenged often in this one, but he looked the part when he was. I didn't see elite movement skills out of him, but he looked like a solid over the top player.

10/24 - LSU - Mukuamu gave up a couple tosses, but he often looked the part, played with controlled physicality. He kept most of LSU's pass plays to where they had to pick on others besides he and Horn.

11/7 - Texas A&M - Mukuamu gave up a TD to Wydermeyer on an underneath crosser, but was good in coverage otherwise.

21) Marco Wilson | 6'0 | 190 | CB | Florida

9/26 - Ole Miss - Wilson had a solid game. While Ole Miss had almost 400 passing yards, a lot of that came after the catch and wasn't at the hands of Wilson.

10/3 - South Carolina - Wilson gave up a few balls early on but was pretty reliable throughout this game. The Gamecocks didn't have a pass go over 22 yards, and Wilson was one reason why that was the case.

11/21 - Vanderbilt - Aside from losing the battle on one 50/50 ball, Wilson provided excellent coverage throughout this game. 

22) Deommodore Lenoir | 5'11 | 196 | CB | Oregon 

11/7 - Stanford - Lenoir looked the part in this match up. Stanford had just 13 completions, most were on intermediate routes against other DBs. he showed that he can stay on the hip of his man, run stride for stride. While a bit undisciplined at times, the traits were noticeable.

11/14 - Washington State - Lenoir had a nice night. WSU bombed away, but they generally did so away from Lenoir. He showed off good speed and the ability to lock up his man.

23) Mark Webb | 6'2 | 200 | CB | Georgia

9/26 - Arkansas - Webb had an up and down game. As a whole, he showed solid coverage skills and was able to stay with his man. Speed nor ability wasn't a problem. However, he seemed to miss on a couple of assignments and got his coverage jumbled on crossers. While this seemed to be more of a communication and awareness gap, he was exposed.

10/3 - Auburn - Webb notched an INT and was very reliable as a whole.

10/10 - Tennessee - Webb provided solid coverage overall.

10/17 - Alabama - Webb had a solid game, wasn't picked on like other CBs.

11/7 - Florida - Aside form getting beat badly on one ball, he was sound a number of times.

24) Tre Brown | 5'10 | 180 | CB | Oklahoma

9/26 - Kansas State - Brown provided solid coverage. While his play didn't stand out per se, he didn't look bad.

10/3 - Iowa State - Up and down game for Brown...On the plus size, he did show good coverage skills. On the down side, he was bullied often and was penalized. Overall he still looked like a serviceable cover man with skills.

10/24 - TCU - Brown had a very good game. TCU struggled passing the ball, but when they connected it wasn't on Brown. He was sticky in coverage, stayed on his man with little separation.

11/21 - Oklahoma State - Brown had a good game. While Wallace did best him a few times, Brown had tight coverage and really displayed some good coverage skills as a whole. 

25) Rodarius Williams | 6'0 | 195 | CB | Oklahoma State

11/21 - Oklahoma - Williams gave up a few balls, but he displayed good ball awareness and tight coverage on several snaps throughout this game. 

26) Aaron Robinson | 6'0 | 193 | CB | Central Florida

9/26 - East Carolina - Robinson had a real nice game. He was sticky in man coverage, consistently showed his ability to stay on his man's hip or very close. In off-man zone, he read plays well and was quick to click and close on the ball. As a whole, he gave up very little.

11/21 - Cincinnati - Robinson had a good game. He was generally tight in coverage and played with a lot of physicality. He showed good play speed, flew around out there.

27) Allie Green | 6'2 | 205 | CB | Tulsa

9/12 - OK State - This was a good game for Green. Prior to getting knocked out with a leg injury, he was posting up with Tylan Wallace and gave him all that he could handle. While Wallace beat him twice, he is one of the very best WRs in the nation. 

10/24 - South Florida - Green had a very good game, locked up his WR so well that USF didn't even look his way the majority of time.

11/14 - SMU - Green showed good physicality in press, but he was flagged twice in that regard. In deep coverage, he was burnt by Gray on an incomplete pass that was overthrown. His play lacked discipline overall.

28) Tariq Bracy | 5'10 | 170 | CB | Notre Dame

9/12 - Duke - Bracy had a very solid game, providing tight coverage throughout the contest. He flashed a few times, with his reliability standing out.

10/10 - Florida State - Bracy had a real good game. While he gave up a couple of receptions, he provided tight coverage and played with good moxie. While he has CB size and is listed there, he plays with the pop of a SAF. He paced his team with 8 tackles.

10/17 - Louisville - Bracy had a very good game. He was mainly responsible for Tutu Atwell, kept him in check with just 4 catches for 40 yards. He also paced his team with 6 solo stops.

11/7 - Clemson - This wasn't a good game for Bracy, gave up a TD and was picked on at times...was inconsistent.

29) Robert Rochell  | 6'1 | 195 | CB | Central Arkansas

30) Matt Hankins | 6'1 | 175 | CB | Iowa

10/24 - Purdue - Hankins had an INT and was generally very good in coverage. David Bell victimized others.

11/13 - Minnesota - Hankins had a real solid game. Aside from drawing a penalty and allowing one reception of note, he was very solid in coverage. 

31) Tariq Castro-Fields | 6'0 | 185 | CB | Penn State

10/24 - Indiana - Castro-Fields had a very solid game. While many of his DB teammates were picked on, he held ground well and was good in coverage. He asserted himself with 5 tackles. 

10/31 - Ohio State - Got picked on at times, but showed some decent coverage ability on other downs.

32) Trey Dean II | 6'2 | 194 | CB/SAF | Florida

9/26 - Ole Miss - Dean had an up and down game. While he looked good at times, he was out of position on a few balls and allowed too many yards as a result of it. While not terrible, he has work to do. The skills are there, but he has to clean up mental errors.

10/3 - South Carolina - Dean had a solid game, as anything that was allowed was of the short to intermediate variety. There were several snaps where Dean eliminated his man.

10/31 - Missouri - Dean was tested very little prior to leaving the game with an injury. 

11/21 - Vanderbilt - Saw little action, was adequate when in.

33) Jermaine Waller | 6'1 | 180 | CB | Virginia Tech

10/10 - North Carolina - This was an up and down game for Waller. While he did allow receptions, he provided good coverage on other pass opportunities. Given the talent he faced tonight, this really wasn't a bad outing for him. 

34) Roger McCreary | 6'0 | 188 | CB | Auburn

9/26 - Kentucky - McCreay had a solid game, highlighted by his 100-yard INT that was called back due to a blindside block. Even without this, he was generally solid in coverage.

10/3 - Georgia - McCreary had a few good snaps but was beaten badly over the top for a TD.

10/17 - South Carolina - McCreary provided solid coverage a number of times, but he allowed too many receptions.

10/31 - LSU - McCreary was solid overall, but really showcased his coverage IQ on one ball where he used the sidelines as a defender to ride the WR out. Some hiccups aside, he showed good ability. He posted 5 tackles. 

35) Shaun Jolly | 5'9 | 175 | CB | Appalachian State

9/12 - Charlotte - This was an average game for Jolly. He solely played in off-man coverage, gave up too much cushion for my liking. That said, he didn't allow too many completions his way. He was active in the open field as a tackler, but was manhandled on perimeter blocks. His lack of size and strength was apparent.

11/21 - Coastal Carolina - Jolly chipped in with 4 tackles, but was clearly being avoided through the majority of this contest.

36) Keith Taylor | 6'2 | 198 | CB | Washington

11/14 - Oregon State - Taylor had a solid outing, generally offered up very good coverage overall. OSU only had 85 yards receiving, a testament to the tight coverage.

37) Rachad Wildgoose | 5'11 | 190 | CB | Wisconsin

10/24 - Illinois - Wildgoose had some great battles against IU's number one target, Josh Imatorbhebhe. While the crafty WR beat hi a couple times, he only caught 3 balls for 26 yards. Wildgoose looked good, locked him up well.

38) Brandin Echols | 5'11 | 178 | CB | Kentucky

9/26 - Auburn - Echols did post 5 tackles on the day, but he wasn't reliable in pass coverage.

10/3 - Ole Miss - Rough day...Ole Miss passed at will against everyone. That said, Echols held ground better than everyone else. 

10/17 - Tennessee - Echols had a banner day. He posted 4 tackles, coming up in support. He was very reliable in coverage and flashed amazing speed in pursuit.

10/24 - Missouri - Was real tight in pass coverage, but did get bodied by blockers on perimeter runs, despite him giving 100% effort.

11/21 - Alabama - Echols, as expected, gave up receptions to this WR corps. While not great in coverage, he wasn't awful. 

39) T.J. Carter | 5'10 | 180 | CB | Memphis

9/5 - Arkansas State - Carter underwhelmed. He made just one tackle and was out of position a few times. Jonathan Adams was too much for him to handle on a consistent basis.

40) Jordyn Peters | 6'0 | 195 | CB | Auburn

9/26 - Kentucky - Peters did nothing to stand out in his limited opportunities

10/3 - Georgia - Peters had a down game, getting beat over the top for a TD and allowing other receptions to boot.

10/17 - South Carolina - Peters had just 1 tackle, wasn't picked on much.

10/31 - LSU - Peters was a bit up and down, not good nor bad. He allowd some balls but nothging was damaging overall.

41) Obi Eboh | 6'1 | 194 | CB | UCLA

11/7 - Colorado - Eboh was a bit up and down in his coverage, but did show some skills on several pass attempts.

42) Raleigh Texada | 5'10 | 180 | CB | Baylor

10/3 - West Virginia - Texada had a pretty good game. He posted 6 tackles, 1 sack. While he did allow some receptions, he was quick to make tackles thereafter, not giving up much.

10/24 - Texas - Texada had a real solid game. When Ehlinger connected on passes, it was on Texada. He generally had his man locked up all game.