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Tight Ends

The were 16 TEs selected in the 2023 draft, as follows:


Round 1 - Dalton Kincaid

Round 2 - Sam LaPorta, Michael Mayer, Luke Musgrave, Luke Schoonmaker, Brenton Strange

Round 3 - Tucker Kraft, Darnell Washington, Cameron Latu

Round 4 - 0

Round 5 - Josh Whyle, Will Mallory, Payne Durham, Davis Allen

Round 6 - Elijah Higgins

Round 7 - Zack Kuntz, Brayden Willis

The TE class was strong last draft, certainly looks stronger at the top than what we'll see this year. There were six TE's taken within the first two rounds last year. Most think only two will go within the same span this year. The mid-Round depth is very solid, however, with many guys who'll be able to immediately step into TE2 roles and contribute. I anticipate we'll see a ton of guys fly off the board on Day 3.

1) Brock Bowers | 6'4 | 240 | TE | Georgia

Bowers is the most complete TE prospect to come out in several years. While he's most recognized and lauded for his superior receiving talents, he shows chops in the blocking game as well. Even though he isn't a WR, he can and does function as one when needed, often is too much for even CBs to lock down. Over the past three years, he's amassed aa whopping 175 receptions, with over 2,500 yards and 26 TDs.   

9/16 - South Carolina - Bowers really looked the part today, proving his worth as aa blocker whilst showing his chops as a receiving threat.

10/14 - Vanderbilt - He sadly had to leave the game early with an ankle injury, but was targeted heavily prior to the occurrence. He had 4 catches for 22 yards, displayed great receiving and even blocking skills. 

2) Ja'Tavion Sanders | 6'4 | 252 | TE | Texas

Sanders isn't a prolific blocker, but he functions very well as a receiving threat. He uses his size, speed and overall athleticism well to cross defenders and beat them to the  catch point. If given room, he's shown the speed to take the ball for mass yards. For a team looking for a bigger body with plus receiving skills, he'd seemingly be a great fit. Over the past two seasons, he's amassed over 90 receptions, good for over 1,300 yards and 7 TDs. 

9/9 - Alabama - Sanders paced all receivers with 5 grabs for 114 yards. He ran good routes which were hard to cover, then showed breakaway speed once he had the ball in his hands. He was a dangerous weapon. 

10/7 - Oklahoma - Underwhelmed as a blocker, lacked physicality on the perimeter. He had just 1 catch for 13 yards, didn't display great hands. 

3) Cade Stover | 6'4 | 247 | TE | Ohio State

Stover is a classic, throwback TE with good overall skills. He's a tough guy who plays with leveled tenacity. He's a plus blocker, but also receives the ball well. He isn't real nuanced in his routes, but has the athletic ability to beat coverage. When seeing his play style, it's no surprise that he's a defensive convert. In two seasons, he's totaled over 75 catches, nearly 1,000 yards and 10 TDs.

9/2 - Indiana - Had a great game, showcasing his blocking and receiving skills. He paced his team with 5 catches for 98 yards. He looked like a complete TE today. 

9/23 - Notre Dame - Had a great game, stood out well as a receiving threat. He caught 7 balls for 52 yards, gave safeties and LBs issues.

10/21 - Penn State - Had a solid game, showed a little bit of everything in this one. He had 4 catches for 70 yards, notched one great catch in particular. He looked like a starting NFL TE1.

4) Theo Johnson | 6'6 | 260 | TE | Penn State

Johnson sports an athletic frame and is blessed with very good play speed. Over the past two seasons, he's caught 52 balls for 60 yards with 10 TDs. He uses his long frame well to box out defenders, and is a great red zone target. If not for splitting targets with his teammate TE Tyler Warren, his stats would arguably be more impressive. He could rocket up draft boards with a great combine showing, but does need to get a bit better blocking.

5) Ben Sinnott | 6'4 | 250 | TE | Kansas State

Sinnott sports a solid build, but he often isn't mistaken for being a stout blocker. Instead, he  makes his mark by exploited defense in the receiving game. He does a very good job of finding soft spots to make himself a good target. Once he has the ball, he shows good speed, is able to gain extra yardage. In two seasons, he's totaled 80 catches, 1,150 yards and 10 TDs.

9/16 - Missouri - Sinnott had an impressive game. While he stuck huis head in and was an adequate blocker as needed, his receiving game flourished. He routinely found soft spots within the defense and was able to beat coverage outright. He had 5 catches for 78 yards, 2 TDs. He was by far KSU's number one target.

6) Dallin Holker | 6'3 | 241 | TE | Colorado State

Holker is coming off of a monster season, one where he amassed 64 receptions for 767 yards, scoring 6 TDs. While not much of a blocker, he excels in the receiving game, showing off good speed and route running to match. With most of his production coming against weaker programs, his ability to sustain his performance at the next level will come into question. 

7) Jaheim Bell | 6'2 | 240 | TE | Florida State

Bell is a TE/FB tweener who can operate in a myriad of ways. He's a gifted athlete who presents match up problems for defenses because of his speed. While not a prolific red one threat, he operates underneath and at intermediate levels quite well. In order to see more playing time as a traditional TE, he'll need to improve his blocking. 

9/3 - LSU - Bell looks like he'll be a great chess piece now and at the next level. While he caught just 2 passes, his long jaunt of 44 yards showed off what he can do. 

8) Jared Wiley | 6'6 | 250 | TE | TCU

Wiley offers up a huge frame as a receiving target, coupled with the ability to get open. While he isn't a blazer, his functional play speed keeps defenders honest. He's also a very willing blocker, routinely holds his own in this department. This past season, he tallied 47 receptions for 520 yard with 8 TDs. 

9) Tanner McLachlan | 6'5 | 245 | TE | Arizona

10) A.J. Barner | 6'6 | 251 | TE | Michigan

11/18 - Maryland - Barner had a solid outing, showing his chops as a blocker.  He worked well on the perimeter, helping his RBs nd WRs get extra yards. 

11) McCallan Castles | 6'5 | 233 | TE | Tennessee

12) Brevyn Spann-Ford | 6'7 | 260 | TE | Minnesota

After turning quite a few heads last season, BSF's play declined this year. He caught just 25 balls for 239 yards, scored only 2 TDs. What was more concerning was his effort and effectiveness as a blocker. Given his size and abilities, he should've performed better. With that said, he still has a high ceiling and is more than capable of returning to his prior form. 

8/31 - Nebraska - Looked good coming off the LOS and running vertical routes and comebacks up the seam. He wasn't nearly as fluid breaking his routes off and working laterally, however. Despite his size, his blocking wasn't dominant by any means. 

10/7 - Michigan - Didn't look bad nor real good, due to Michigan's defense. He wasn't a factor in this matchup, but did his part blocking. 

13) Erick All | 6'5 | 250 | TE | Iowa

9/9 - Iowa State - All had a decent outing, caught 3 balls for 32 yards. He was solid overall, without one thing standing out as a major plus. 

10/14 - Wisconsin - Looked very good early with 2 catches, but was knocked out earl with an injury.

14) Thomas Yassmin | 6'5 | 251 | TE | Utah

Yassmin was knocked out early this year due to a season-ending injury. However, the former rugby player should be set to go for the 2024 NFL season. He's an all around player, someone who'll block and keep defenses on alert in the receiving game. Limited game tape and associative production could certainly impact his draft stock, along with a medical flag. That said, he's a very tough guy who could end up being a late round steal if he rebounds well. 

15) Trey Knox | 6'3 | 240 | TE | South Carolina

9/2 - North Carolina - Knox looked the part earl on with 2 receptions, but wasn't targeted much as the game progressed. He was a big, underneath target when given the chance. 

9/16 - Georgia - Knox had a good game, was a consummate receiving threat all game. Outside of his drop, he looked good with his 3 catches for 31 yards.

999) Mitchell Evans | 6'5 | 251 | TE | Notre Dame

999) Jake Briningstool | 6'5 | 230 | TE | Clemson

999) Bryson Nesbit | 6'5 | 232 | TE | North Carolina

999) Luke Lachey | 6'6 | 253 | TE | Iowa (Out for season, leg)

999) Terrence Ferguson | 6'5 | 255 | TE | Oregon

999) Tyler Warren | 6'6 | 257 | TE | Penn State

999) Jalin Conyers | 6'4 | 270 | TE | Texas Tech

999) Gavin Bartholomew | 6'5 | 255 | TE | Pittsburgh

999) Benjamin Yurosek | 6'4 | 242 | TE | Stanford

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