There were thirteen QBs drafted in the 2020 draft. While four were selected in Round 1, the talent tapered off pretty quickly there after. Six QBs came off the board in Round 5 or lower.


The 2021 draft should see another four or five QBs go early, with a hand full of guys in Rounds 3-7. There is star quality/potential at the top, but there isn't much depth beyond Round 2.


1) Trevor Lawrence | 6'6 | 220 | QB | Clemson -

Lawrence has a live arm to go along with excellent size for the position. He typically handles pressure quite well, makes good decisions with the football. He uses his legs very well to either buy time or move the ball beyond the LOS. He typically has good ball placement and adjusts his throws well given his target. He does a very good job of reading SAF coverage over the top and uses his eyes well to draw coverage away from his WR. He didn't throw an INT in any of his last eight games in 2019, a stat which speaks volumes given his competition.


9/12 - Wake Forest - Lawrence had a very complete, excellent game. He went  22/28 for 351 yards and 1 TD. He made good decisions with the ball and besides taking a sack early vs. throwing the ball away, there wasn't much to dispute with his play.

10/3 - Virginia - Lawrence continued to look like the nation's best QB. He got rattled a few times and made some errant throws, but overall he was very good, showed a great zip on the ball with nice placement.

11/28 - Pittsburgh - Lawrence didn't miss a beat, went 26/37 with 403 yards, 2 TDs. I was impressed with how well he handled pressure, given Pitt's D and his time away. 

2) Zach Wilson | 6'2 | 210 | QB | BYU

Wilson isn't real big, a guy that you may not look twice at off the hoof. However, he's a very good athlete with a high FBI and intangibles. He didn't show much as a bona fide NFL prospect in 2019, throwing 11 TDs vs. 9 INTs. He's since turned things around in 2020 and looks far more polished. Albeit against lesser competition, he's read defenses far better and has learned to distribute the ball more evenly based on what and who is available vs. forcing it to one set target. While it isn't his fault that he hasn't faced any great teams thus far, the question remains just how good he is or can be against pressure. He has a very solid O-line in front of him that generally keeps him clean. That said, he managed well against Coastal Carolina. This is one guy who'll beat you with with his arm, legs, and/or both. 


10/17 - Houston - Wilson had a good game.  While he was a bit carless at times and didn't always make the best decisions, there was a lot to like. The ball jumped off his hand as he made a number of great throws. He used his legs well when he needed to, competed with moxie. He ended up going 25/35 for 400 yards, 4 TDs. He showed a lot to work with, a player who could work himself into Day 1 contention.

10/31 - Western Kentucky - Wilson did his thing again. He went 18/32 with 224 yards, 3 TDs, 1 INT. While he had some accuracy issues at times, he nailed some pretty throws. His ability to use his legs was apparent.

11/6 - Boise State - Wilson was a bit spotty early on and then caught fire. He went 21/27 for 359 yards, 2 TDs. He zipped the ball with great anticipation, showed plus accuracy and arm strength. 

12/5 - Coastal Carolina - Wilson showed why he'll be a top NFL pick. Yes, his team got upset, but it wasn't on Wilson. He went 19/30 with 240 yards with 1 TD, 1 INT. He also had 10 carries for 55 yards. He threw the ball well, and if not for some drops by his WRs, BYU may have won this game. 

3) Justin Fields | 6'2 | 223 | QB | Ohio State -

Fields is a great athlete with the size and tools to be good if not great. While he was rattled at times in his final game of 2019 against Clemson, he otherwise made great decisions with his throws. His 2019 TD to INT ratio of 41:3 is insanely good, as 2 of those INTs were in fact against Clemson. While he shows toughness in the pocket and holds his ground well, he takes unwarranted sacks, not using his legs well enough at times. While he did have some very good WRs at his disposal, he did a good job of taking what the defense gave him. He continued to look great in 2020, but his contest against Indiana must be taken to note. Indiana isn't a team that has much NFL talent on defense, yet they shook Fields most of this game. As much could be said about his game against Northwestern. He then went nuts against Clemson, simply out-played Trevor Lawrence. 


10/24 - Nebraska - If the season were to end tomorrow, Fields would be a top-5 pick based on this game alone. He went 20/21 for 276 yards, 2 passing TDs. On the ground, he went 15/54 with 1 TD, leading his team in rushing. He was deadly accurate as a passer and used his legs quite well.

10/31 - Penn State - Fields looked fantastic again. Barring any huge issues from this point forward, he looks like he'll be a top-3 selection. He dismantled a very good defense, going 28/34 for 318 yards, 4 TDs. He made great decisions with the ball, was deadly accurate on several throws. Aside from holding onto the ball two long a couple times, he was on point. 

11/21 - Indiana - What a revealing game. Fields went 18/20 for 300 yards, had 2 TDs and 3 INTs. The 3 INTs and multiple sacks taken showed chinks in his armor. He didn't handle pressure well at all, made several bad decisions throughout this game. When the going was easy, he looked very good, threw an accurate ball. Otherwise, he looked like a player who has a lot of preparation work needed before he can be a franchise signal caller. 

12/5 - Michigan State - Fields was good overall, really showed that he can use his legs as warranted. He passing was solid overall, but he did struggle at times when plays broke down, especially screen plays.  

4) Mac Jones | 6'2 | 217 | QB | Alabama

Jones simply won't wow you athletically, as he doesn't have great size, great speed or a cannon for an arm. What he does have however is a high FBI, a guy who simply doesn't make that many mistakes. He is a game manager, in a good way. He carries a very good TD to INT ratio, doesn't force the ball. He has benefited from being on a team that has a ground ground game and a WR corps to match. He isn't a guy who can be depended on to take the game over, put on his shoulders. However, he'll run your offense cleanly. 

9/26 - Missouri - Jones had a solid game, going 18/24 with 249 yards, 2 TDs. While not flashy, he made some real good throws and managed the game well. 

10/3 - Texas A&M - Jones really had a nice game. He went 20/27 with a career-high 435 yards, amassing 4 TDs vs. 1 INT. He had some very nice deep balls, leading his WRs nicely. Aside from the INT, no issues.

10/17 - Georgia - Jones continued to impress. He went 24/32 for 417 yards, 4 TDs vs. 1 INT. While he underthrew a couple balls and made a couple bad decisions, he played great against a vaunted defense.

10/24 - Tennessee - Jones looked like an NFL starter in this one. Aside form one iffy series at the end of the 2nd half, he managed this game very soundly. He went 25/31 for 387 yards, was very accurate early on. He took what the defense gave him.

11/21 - Kentucky - Aside from underthrowing a ball deep to Smith that ended up getting picked, he was very accurate and made great throws. He went 16/24 for 230 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT.

11/28 - Auburn - Jones went 18/26 for 302 yards, 5 TDs. While some of the yardage is manufactured via Smith, he had some nice placement throws. Aside form 3 balls that were head-scratchers, he was clean. 

5) Trey Lance | 6'3 | 221 | QB | North Dakota State -

Let's get the obvious knock out of the way. The 2019 TD to INT ratio of 28:0 was fantastic, but who did Lance play? The Bison cooled on their passing game as the season went on, as Lance threw just 41 total passes in his final four games. By contrast, he had 63 carries across that same span and was mighty effective doing so. What we have here is a dual-threat QB who takes what the defense gives him, as he's routinely the best player on the field no matter who he faces. 

6) Kyle Trask | 6'4 | 239 | QB | Florida -

Trask has great size and a good arm at his disposal. While he does throw the ball with good zip at intermediate levels, he will float it at times and under throw targets. In general, he throws with good anticipation and leads his targets well. He doesn't have good lateral mobility, but he shows decent to good footwork in the pocket, able to climb the ladder. Along those lines, he can tuck it and advance the ball in straight line fashion when needed. All said, he does take more sacks than he should. This is a mix of limited athleticism and him lacking pocket presence at times. While his 2019 TD to INT ratio was strong at 24:6, he's taken care of the ball and made even better decisions in 2020. One shouldn't overlook the competition he's faced over the past two seasons and how well he's fared as a whole. 


9/26 - Ole Miss - Trask had an excellent outing. He went 30/42 with 416 yards, throwing 6 TDs vs. 0 INTs. He did a fantastic job of spreading the ball around, hitting 11 different targets. He read the defense well and simply picked it apart, took what was available to him. He certainly looked like he has the makings of an NFL QB in this one. 

10/3 - South Carolina - Trask took another step toward bolstering his draft stock with this game. He went 21/29 with 268 yards, 4 TDs vs. 1 INT. He threw the ball with nice velocity and took what the defense gave him. He smartly started targeting Toney as a favorably match up once Pitts drew stacked coverage, more attention. Aside from his 1 INT, this kid was sharp. 

10/31 - Missouri - Trask had an inconsistent game. Rebounding a bit in the 2nd half is noted, but he was iffy at best overall. Unless the ball was going to Pitts or Toney, he seemed off in terms of what he should do with the ball, namely throw vs. run. His accuracy was off when throwing, missed some easy targets, a couple near INTs. As said, he cleaned things up somewhat, finished 21/26 with 345 yards, 4 TDs, 1 INT. 

11/7 - Georgia - Perspective. Mullen hadn't beaten Smart as UF's head coach. Trask finishes 2nd to Tebow with most passing yards in a game, fell short by 1 pass. Trask went 30/42 for 474 yards, 4 TDs, 1 INT. While he made a coupe iffy throws, he was dynamite otherwise. Considering how good Georgia's secondary is, this performance was aces.

11/21 - Vanderbilt - Trask had another very good game. He went 26/35 with 383 yards, 3 TDs. He generally felt pressure well and adapted accordingly. He read the defense well and distributed the ball nicely. 

7) Davis Mills | 6'4 | 225 | QB | Stanford 

8) Jamie Newman | 6'3 | 235 | QB | Georgia - (Opting Out)

Newman is another QB who passes the eye test off the hoof. He has the arm to make all the throws, and isn't shy to use his legs. His play is a bit erratic, however. While he did finish the 2019 season with a 61% completion rate, he operated at a disappointing rate of 47% across his final five games. His decision to opt out baffles me, as he had a real chance to improve his stock with a better team. He simply ended last season with too many question marks to not make good on his opportunity with Georgia. He seldom wowed me when he was at Wake, and I at this juncture I see him as a back-up prospect, initially, with the ability to work up into starter mode.

9) Sam Ehlinger | 6'1 | 225 | QB | Texas

Ehlinger is one of the nation's purest competitors, regardless of position. Unlike some of the other QBs in this draft, he not only will put the game on his shoulders, he wants it there. He's been in some absolute slugfests, a tested QB if there ever was one. He has very good size and is a bear to tackle. The offense has relied on his dual-threat abilities. On the down side, he isn't a pure passer, and despite a good TD to INT ratio, he doesn't always make the best decisions, reads. He'll also take sacks that he wouldn't have to if he saw the filed better. His similarities to Tim Tebow are uncanny, and while that's a compliment, it also foretells what his ceiling might be.  He's a guy I'd take a shot on, but not until Day 3.


9/12 - UTEP - Ehlinger was excellent, going 25/33 for 426 yards with 5 TDs. He commanded his offense very well, smartly spread the ball around as the opposing defense permitted.

9/26 - Texas Tech - Ehlinger had a very good outing, going 27/40 with 262 yards, 5 TDs vs. 1 INT. After being red hot early on, his passing dwindled early in the second half. His INT was forced to the sideline, and he had a few bad balls. However, he was clutch down the stretch, used his arms and legs well to move the ball. As a runner, he went 16/69 with 1 TD. While not the purest and cleanest of passers, his moxie was undeniable.

10/3- TCU - Ehlinger' went 17/36 with 236 yards, 4 TDs vs. 1 INT. He also had 49 yards on the ground. When he was good, he was real good. He stepped up in the pocket very well and threw some dimes. On the down side, he has some accuracy issues and the INT was costly. All said, he continues to be a QB who's easy to love.

10/24 - Baylor - Ehlinger had a very average game. He was 15/23 with 270 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT. His INT late in the game wasn't horrible, but could've been costly. As per usual, he used his legs well and showed a ton of toughness, especially on his goal line rushing TD.

10/31 - OK State - Ehlinger continues to be a try hard guy that you want in the locker if not on the field. He was once again inconsistent and off balance at various points of this game. He went just 18/34 with only 169 yards through the air, yet totaled 3 TDs doing so. He ended up pulling out another huge victory, but he looked iffy as a potential NFL starter.

11/27 - Iowa State - Games like this show why Ehlinger won't go early and may not have much of an NFL career ahead. Yes, he's a great competitor as we saw today. However, he's limitations as a passer hurt him today. He went 17/29 for 298 yards, 1 TD. A couple big strikes to Eagles and Smith helped manufacture yards. He ran the ball 15 times for 65 yards, something that is a strength in one regard, a weakness in another. I love the kid, but his play screams Tebow.

10) Kellen Mond | 6'2 | 205 | QB | Texas A&M

IMO, Mond is the most frustrating QB in this draft. He's a good athlete with gobs of skill, but he underwhelms far too often. He rarely plays with his hair on fire, and despite having great support around him, you never feel like he's got the game on lock based on solely his play. He had too many bad moments against Alabama and LSU to where I could trust him to face good defenses on the regular and strive. He does hold a place in the SEC record book, a dual-threat QB who could end up creating a career for himself in time. 


9/26 - Vanderbilt - Mond didn't have a bad game by any measure, but he failed to supply any fire power, as the Aggies easily could've lost this game. He was 17/28 with just 198 yards, 1 TD. He didn't push the ball down the field, relied on the short game to move the ball.

10/3 - Alabama - Mond had an up and down game. He went 25/44 with 318 yards, 3 TDs to 1 INT. He made some very good throws and handled pressure well at times. On other snaps, he was erratic and very off his game. While the skill set was noticeable, he looked like a Day 3 project.

11/7 - South Carolina - Mond had a very clean game, went 16/24 with 224 yards, 4 TDs. He got some great blocking up front and took advantage of it accordingly. 

11/28 - LSU - Mond had a meh game. He went 11/34 for just 105 yards. He carried the ball 7 times for 27 yards. Despite his O-line giving him time, he struggled to locate and hit targets. 

12/5 - Auburn - Mond had a very clean game. He went 19/23 with 196 yards, 2 TDs. While he didn't blow the doors off of the defense, he took what they gave him all game. He used his legs well, carried the ball 10 times for 60 yards.

11) Ian Book | 6'0 | 212 | QB | Notre Dame

Book is another QB who doesn't have imposing size or a great arm, but he's a cerebral guy with tons of experience. He's received and has taken to some great coaching over his time in South Bend. He's faced tough competition and has grown if not improved from all of it. Amid all of the good to great QBs in this draft, he's another one who can be trusted. He may not ever become a starter in the NFL, but it wouldn't shock me if he does. 

9/12 - Duke - Book was meh at best. He went 19/31 for 263 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT. Most of his yards came after the catch, and he missed on some easy passes. He threw his INt on the goal line, a terrible ball.

10/10 - Florida State - Went 16/25, 201 yards with 2 TDs. He also rushed for 1 TD. He was a game manager, nothing otherwise.

10/24 - Pittsburgh - Book ran his offense well and used his legs to avoid a multitude of blitzes throughout the game. He managed things well, went 16/30 with 312 yards, 3 TDs.

11/27 - North Carolina - This may have been the best game I've seen Book play in a while. He went 23/33 with 279 yards passing, 1 TD. He had some real good, accurate throws in some tight windows. Even when pressured, he played with poise and seemed in control throughout the contest. He showed well as a runner too, going 8/48 in that regard. 

12) Shane Buechele | 6'1 | 207 | QB | SMU

9/5 - Texas State - Buechele was up and down. His stat line of 26/36 for 367 yards is eye candy. His 1 TD to 2 INTs is not. He threw the ball with good velocity, and was accurate a number of times. However, he was off the mark on others and was too easy of a read at times for the opposing secondary. His skills and ability were there, needs refinement.

10/24 - Cincinnati - Buechele actually had a decent night, all things considered. He went up against a great secondary with his best WR, Roberson. He went 23/44 with just 216 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT. He was limited in terms of open targets, did his best to pick away at what was available. 

11/14 - Tulsa - This was a very up and down game for this gunslinger. He went 18/36 with 200 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT. There were plays well he felt pressure well, moved well in the pocket and got off a good throw. Other times, he looked rattled and threw some 50/50 balls. Additionally, he missed some wide open targets when under little pressure. 

13) Brady White | 6'2 | 220 | QB | Memphis

9/5 - Arkansas State - White was off and on as a passer. He went 26/36 for 275 yards, 4 TDs to 1 INT. The majority of his work was on short to intermediate routes. Stat line aside, his INT was awful, and he had a few too many passes that were off the mark.

10/24 - Cincinnati - White had a decent game considering the defense he faced. He went 18/35 for 316 yards, 1 TD. He did get rattled at times and struggled with accuracy, but when given some time he was on the mark often. 

999) Brock Purdy | 6'0 | 202 | QB | Iowa State -

999) Tanner Morgan | 6'2 | 215 | QB | Minnesota -

999) K.J. Costello | 6'4 | 215 | QB | Mississippi State

999) Jarret Doege | 6'2 | 207 | QB | West Virginia

999) Kenny Pickett | 6'2 | 220 | QB | Pittsburgh

999) JT Daniels | 6'3 | 210 | QB | Georgia

999) Desmond Ridder | 6'4 | 215 | QB | Cincinnati

999) Malik Cunningham | 6'1 | 200 | QB | Louisville

999) Malik Willis | 6'1 | 215 | QB | Liberty

999) Chase Brice | 6'1 | 230 | QB | Duke

999) Dylan McCaffrey | 6'4 | 220 | QB | Michigan