There were 13 QBs drafted in the 2020 draft. While four were selected in Round 1, the talent tapered off pretty quickly there after. Six QBs came off the board in Round 5 or lower. The 2021 draft could/should see another four QBs go early, with more spread in Rounds 2-4. This is a more consistent crop of signal callers as a whole.


1) Trevor Lawrence | 6'6 | 220 | QB | Clemson -

Lawrence has a live arm to go along with excellent size for the position. He typically handles pressure quite well, makes good decisions with the football. He uses his legs very well to either buy time or move the ball beyond the LOS. He typically has good ball placement and adjusts his throws well given his target. He does a very good job of reading SAF coverage over the top and uses his eyes well to draw coverage away from his WR. He didn't throw an INT in any of his last eight games, which speaks volumes given his competition.

2) Justin Fields | 6'2 | 223 | QB | Ohio State -

Fields is a great athlete with the size and tools to be good if not great. While he was rattled at times in his final game of 2019 against Clemson, he otherwise made great decisions with his throws. His 2019 TD to INT ratio of 41:3 is insanely good, as 2 of those INTs were in fact against Clemson. While he shows toughness in the pocket and holds his ground well, he takes unwarranted sacks, not using his legs well enough at times. While he did have some very good WRs at his disposal, he did a good job of taking what the defense gave him. His 2020 Week 2 contest against Oregon on the road will be a HUGE test for him.

3) Brock Purdy | 6'0 | 202 | QB | Iowa State -

Purdy is a very non-assuming QB, as he simply doesn't have a cannon for an arm or the physical traits to make you look twice. That said, he's a smart QB who does a very good job of running his offense. He takes to coaching quite well and really strives considering the subpar players around him, relative to the competition Iowa State faces. Purdy will try to do too much at times and will make a few errant passes vs. throwing the ball away. He does need to improve his accuracy and corresponding completion rate overall. As a whole, he's a quiet competitor who always keeps his team in the game, keeps defenses honest.

4) Trey Lance | 6'3 | 221 | QB | North Dakota State -

Let's get the obvious knock out of the way. The 2019 TD to INT ratio of 28:0 was fantastic, but who did Lance play? The Bison cooled on their passing game as the season went on, as Lance threw just 41 total passes in his final four games. By contrast, he had 63 carries across that same span and was mighty effective doing so. What we have here is a dual threat QB who takes what the defense gives him, as he's routinely the best player on the field no matter who he faces. Future opponents are on notice, so let's see how Lance responds given as much. A drop off is expected, but if not severe he could thrust himself into top-15 contention.

5) Jamie Newman | 6'3 | 230 | QB | Georgia -

Newman is another QB who passes the eye test off the hoof. He has the arm to make all the throws, and isn't shy to use his legs. His play is a bit erratic, however. While he did finish the season with a 61% completion rate, he operated at a disappointing rate of 47% across his final five games. He'll undoubtedly have much better protection in front of him, coupled with a bevy of targets at his disposal. So, we'll see what he can do given as much.

6) K.J. Costello | 6'4 | 215 | QB | Mississippi State

7) Kyle Trask | 6'4 | 239 | QB | Florida

8) Tanner Morgan | 6'2 | 215 | QB | Minnesota

8) Sam Ehlinger | 6'2 | 235 | QB | Texas

10) Dylan McCaffrey | 6'4 | 220 | QB | Michigan

11) Brady White | 6'2 | 220 | QB | Memphis

12) Desmond Ridder | 6'4 | 215 | QB | Cincinnati

13) Kellen Mond | 6'2 | 217 | QB | Texas A&M

14) Mac Jones | 6'2 | 205 | QB | Alabama

15) Chase Brice | 6'1 | 230 | QB | Duke

16) Shane Buechele | 6'1 | 207 | QB | SMU