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The were 14 QBs selected in the 2023 draft, as follows:


Round 1 - Bryce Young, C.J. Stroud, Anthony Richardson

Round 2 - Will Levis

Round 3 - Hendon Hooker

Round 4 - Jake Haener, Stetson Bennett, Aidan O'Connell

Round 5 - Clayton Tune, Dorian Thompson-Robinson, Sean Clifford, Jaren Hall

Round 6 - Tanner McKee

Round 7 - Max Duggan

Last year's crop of QBs drafted was solid, but 2024 should boast just as much talent at the top, with a smaller drop off after the first four selections. This class isn't as deep overall, however.  

1) Caleb Williams | 6'1 | 215 | QB | USC

Over the past two years, he's thrown for a total of nearly 8,200 yards, against a TD to INT ratio of 72:10. He's a very good athlete with plus mobility, capable of placing the ball anywhere on the field. His passing yards dipped this year, but shouldn't be viewed as an indictment on his play. Notre Dame was a bad game for him, arguably his only true tumble during a tough season. He'll take sacks he shouldn't when attempting to extend plays, but otherwise shows good pocket awareness. 

10/14 - Notre Dame - Ouch. This was easily the worst game I remember watching of Williams. While credit should be given to the Irish, Williams looked rattled throughout this game and made quite a few poor decisions with the ball. He threw 3 INTs, each of which looked bad for varying reasons. He couldn't drive the ball deep, with his long reception hitting the 21-yard mark. 

2) Jayden Daniels | 6'4 | 210 | QB | LSU

While Daniels is coming off of a prolific, Heisman-winning season, he was excellent last year as well. Over his past two years, he's thrown for 6,700+ yards, with 57 TDs vs. 7 INTs. He has a live arm and throws the ball with good anticipation and decision-making. He's dynamic with his legs, capable of decimating a team through the air, and/or on the ground. He didn't have a game this season with multiple INTs, and two of the three were against top 10 teams (Alabama and FSU). He consistently put his team in a position to win, and was rarely the reason the didn't execute. 

9/3 - Florida State - Daniels competed well and made some good throws early on, really flashed using his legs as a runner. Aside from his 1 INT, he typically made good choices with the ball. That said, he did face some accuracy issues.

10/7 - Missouri - Went 15 for 21 with 259 yards, 3 TDs. He managed the game very well, chose his shots well, was dynamic with his legs. 

10/14 - 10/14 - Auburn - Daniels was great today, despite throwing an INT. He went 20 for 27 for 327 yards, 3 TDs. He also had 11 carries for 93 yards. He showed off a live, accurate arm, made good choices as to when to leave the pocket. 

3) J.J. McCarthy | 6'3 | 219 | QB | Michigan

While McCarthy doesn't carry the big stat line of the QBs above him, he's proven to be almost as dangerous. He's blessed with an arm and speed to match, along with the uncanny ability to take what the defense gives him. He rarely looks rattled, and despite his anomalous performance in his 3-INT game against Bowling Green early this season, he's been fantastic. Calling him a game-manager would be accurate, with no negative connotation implied. While not skinny, he could certainly be aided by some weight to his capable frame. 

10/7 - Minnesota - He didn't put up gaudy passing numbers, going 14/20 for 219 yards and 1 TD. However, he was a smooth operator who made good choices overall. He used his legs quite well, had four carries for 2 TDs. His confidence and demeanor were strong. He managed things quite well, controlled throughout.

4) Drake Maye | 6'4 | 225 | QB | North Carolina

Maye boasts excellent size for the position coupled with arm talent. He generally places the ball well at all levels. His stat line is a tad inferior to that of the aforementioned Williams, but still gaudy. In two years,  he's amassed 7,900+ yards passing, with 62 TDs vs. 16 INTs. He uses his legs well as needed, but is a pass-first QB. While smart, he will make some head-scratching decisions with the ball at times. He threw 5 INTs over the span of his last six contests.

9/2 - South Carolina - Maye had a solid game as a whole. Up until late in the 3rd quarter, he made good decisions with his throws, showing good accuracy. He threw 2 INTs, one of which he threw off of his back leg whilst taking pressure. The other, bounced off of his WR's hands, not his fault. 

5) Bo Nix | 6'2 | 217 | QB | Oregon

No QB enters this draft, or most any other with more game experience than Nix. Over his past two seasons, he threw for over 7,700 yards with 69 TDs vs. 10 INTs. He's a feisty, heady competitor who gives 100% of himself to the team, to the cause. The stage is never to big for him, carries poise and confidence in and out of every game. Despite losing to Washington twice this season, he looked the part throughout.  His legs aren't special, but he has a great feel for the pocket and takes take many sacks. He'll rarely force the ball, whilst distributing it well. His ceiling is lower than others at his position, but his floor is quite high. Comparisons to Baker Mayfield's play in his early years are warranted.

9/9 - Texas Tech - Nix really impressed in this matchup. He went 32/44 for 359 yards, 2 TDs. While he did get away with an iffy incomplete pass call which looed like an INT in the end zone, he was otherwise very clean. He spread the ball around quite well, took what the defense gave him, letting his playmakers work. His pocket presence was great, as was his footwork and speed to to evade defenders. 

10/14 - Washington - Nix didn't pull out the W, but man he looked good. He went 33/44 for 337 yards, 2 TDs. He made some great throws, made sound decisions throwing the ball, and using his legs. The game never seemed too bi for him, carried some great moxie. He was inaccurate a few times which limited advancement, but he looked the part overall.  

6) Michael Penix | 6'3 | 214 | QB | Washington

10/14 - Oregon - Penix was very impressive. He went 22/37 with 302 yards, 4 TDs, 1 INT. While not always perfect, and lacking poise a few times, he had some terrific spot throws vs. good coverage. 

7) Spencer Rattler | 6'1 | 210 | QB | South Carolina

9/2 - North Carolina - Rattler actually had a decent outing, despite being sacked 9 times. While he did hang onto the ball too long a couple of times, he used his eyes well to scan the filed and go through his progressions. His O-line failed him, giving him no pocket to step up and work within. He showed good arm control, using either zip or smooth arc to place the ball. 

9/16 - Georgia - Rattler was great in the first half, as he made great decisions with the ball and threw with pinpoint accuracy. Once Georgia started to dial up the blitz, he rushed a few throws and couldn't connect much. To his credit, there were some bad, costly drops from some of his targets. Overall, he played very well given the environment. 

8) Michael Pratt | 6'2 | 210 | QB | Tulane

9) Jordan Travis | 6'1 | 212 | QB | Florida State

9/3 - LSU - Travis had a very good game by all accounts. Aside from one very ill-advised throw on an attempted screen pass that got picked off, he was just about as good as he could be against a vaunted defense. He read said defense well and took what they gave him on outlet passes.  He threw a very good deep ball, connecting on a number of deep passes. He used his legs well to avoid pressure, showed very good pocket presence.

10) Sam Hartman | 6'1 | 208 | QB | Notre Dame

9/9 - North Carolina State - Hartman lead he's team nicely. He overcame adversity early on and was able to land some big strikes. He didn't overwhelm, good or bad, but proved to be a good game manager. 

9/23 - Ohio State - Was solid, not great. He kept his passes short and managed the game well. Given the defense he faced, he couldn't do too much in terms of making impact plays. 

10/14 - USC - Played very well in this tough matchup. Going 13/20 for 126 yards with 2 TDs isn't gaudy, but he was smart with the ball and made throws when he needed to do so. He played with confidence and poise, rose up to challenges well.

11) Joe Milton | 6'5 | 235 | QB | Tennessee

12) Jason Bean | 6'1 | 184 | QB | Kansas

999) Shedeur Sanders | 6'2 | 215 | QB | Colorado

999) Cameron Ward | 6'2 | 223 | QB | Miami

999) Quinn  Ewers | 6'2 | 204 | QB | Texas

999) Brady Cook | 6'2 | 205 | QB | Missouri

999) Carson Beck | 6'4 | 220 | QB | Georgia

999) Jaxson Dart | 6'2 | 220 | QB | Ole Miss

999) D.J. Uiagalelei  | 6'4 | 250 | QB | Oregon State (Transfer)

999) Tyler Van Dyke | 6'3 | 220 | QB | Wisconsin

999) Kyle McCord | 6'3 | 222 | QB | Syracuse

999) KJ Jefferson | 6'3 | 242 | QB | Arkansas (Transfer)

999) Graham Mertz | 6'3 | 217 | QB | Florida

999) Riley Leonard | 6'4 | 210 | QB | Notre Dame

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