Defensive Tackles  

There were twenty DTs taken in the 2020 draft. There was a solid offering of talent in each round throughout the draft, with nine players drafted within the first 3 rounds.

1) Jordan Davis | 6'6 | 330 | DT | Georgia

10/3 - Auburn - Davis had a great game, made a tremendous impact up front. His 4 tackles belies his production. He was a roadblock, simply couldn't be moved much off the ball. He jammed the works up, allowed other to make plays. He moved well for a big man when in pursuit.

10/10 - Tennessee - Davis had a great game, did enough to where I could easily see him being the first true NT off the board. He was credited with just 2 tackles, but was a clog in the middle of the line, couldn't be moved often. Trey Smith, a very good prospect in hid own right, was able to handle Davis on occasion. But, Davis won more often than Smith. He showed great hustle in pursuit, something you seldom see from a guy of his size.

10/17 - Alabama - When Davis operated as a zero technique, he absolutely shined. 'Bama had to double team him to get a push. As a 1-gapper, he got sealed at times, crashed hard on a lane vs. keeping gap integrity at times.

2) Jay Tufele | 6'3 | 313 | DT | USC - (Opting Out)

Tufele has good size and plays with measured intensity. While he fires off the ball, he's controlled and does a good job keeping his eyes in then backfield, reading the play. His hand usage is some of the best you'll see within this class, as he makes it very challenging for blockers to latch onto him. He stacks well against the run and does a good job shedding blocks to get into the backfield vs. the run and pass. He had 4.5 sacks in 2019.

3) Jaylen Twyman | 6'2 | 290 | DT | Pittsburgh - (Opting Out)

Twyman had good size, strength and quickness as a whole. He's a guy who can beat his opponents in a number of different ways. He's far too athletic for most blockers, is able to work past them just by being the better athlete. However, he's nuanced at the LOS. He uses his hands well to push/pull the blocker to get him off-base, as well as hand-slapping them so they can't latch onto him. He will get too erect at times and expose his chest. When he stays low, reads his keys and uses his technique he's real good.

4) Christian Barmore | 6'5 | 310 | DT | Alabama

10/17 - Georgia - Barmore showed a good first step and power at times, but he played too high and was taken to the task a number of times. He needs time, work.

10/24 - Tennessee - Barmore flashed at times, was average on others. He showed the ability to create challenges up front, but wasn't a consistent force. That said, he drew two NFL-caliber OG's.

11/21 - Kentucky - Here we go. Barmore had an impressive game. He played with plus power, doing and excellent job of stacking at the LOS and throwing guys aside to make plays on the ball. While credited with just 2 tackles, his frenetic play was on display.

5) Darius Stills | 6'1 | 290 | DT | West Virginia -

9/12 - Eastern Kentucky - His stat line was empty, but Stills had a nice game. He was quick off the snap and into blockers, gunning up plays in the middle. He used his hands well to free himself of blockers, showed good hustle. 

10/3 - Baylor - Stills had a monster game. He posted 3.5 TFLs and was in Baylor's backfield countless times. He exploded off the ball and was violent with his hand usage to get free of blocks. His motor ran hot all game.

10/24 - Texas Tech - Stills had a good game. He routinely fired away at the LOS, caused disruption several times. Even when he wasn't in on the tackle, he was close by, played with an active motor. He posted 5 tackles, 1 sack.

Stills lacks prototypical size, but that actually plays to his advantage more times than not. He plays with a low center of gravity, and when coupled with his lightning quick get-off he's really tough to get a hat on. He's frenetic in attacking the ball, plays with a constant motor that runs hot. He can squat well vs. the run, and is a menace when going after the QB. While he has the versatility and experience to line up as a zero technique or off-shade, I like him better at the latter. His 10-tackle, 3-sack performance against the then ranked #12 Baylor Bears in 2019 was damn impressive.

6) Tyler Shelvin | 6'2 | 346 | DT | LSU - (Opting Out)

One-dimensional players seldom end up real high on my board unless they excel at the one dimension. Shelvin is one of those guys. He's not a pass-rusher and does little directly in that regard. However. he's a monstrous-sized dude who eats things up at the LOS vs. the run. He brings too much size and logjam ability to not draw attention. If you need a big NT to dam up the river, he's a viable option.

7) Marlon Tuipulotu | 6'3 | 305 | DT | USC

11/7 - Arizona State - Tuipulotu had a monster game, posting 8 tackles (6 solo). While he did a great job stacking at the LOS, it was his ability to disengage and close in on the ball which really stood out. he was a headache for blockers throughout the game.

11/14 - Arizona - Tuipulotu had another great outing. He paced his team in tackles with 8. He again played with power and disrupted things up front. He also showed good quickness and tracking speed for a big man. In just two games he's already looked like one of the nation's best DTs. 

11/21 - Utah - Tuipulotu had a solid, but not great game. While he was a stout run defender at times, he didn't always locate the ball, let some run plays go by him. As a pass rusher, he spent too much time dancing at the LOS vs. charting a course and creating pressure.

8) Marvin Wilson | 6'4 | 311 | DT | Florida State - 

9/12 - Georgia Tech - Wilson looked the part a few times, but was neutralized on several snaps. While he showed good fight, he was hemmed up t the LOS too often, couldn't free himself of blocks consistently. While he didn't look bad by any means, it didn't look like a bona fide 1st-rounder.

10/10 - Notre Dame - No player is falling down my board right now faster than Wilson is. He was neutralized throughout this game, held in check by every interior player ND suited up, including a backup LG. He simply didn't show the ability to work off blocks and make plays on the ball. He had just 1 tackle.

10/24 - Louisville - Wilson had a solid game. He fired off the ball and played with resolute strength. He hustled well and also showed some ability to create pressure in passing situations.

Wilson is a thick, powerful prospect who offers up abilities in all facets. While he has the size and strength to play the zero technique as a run clog, he offers up much more than just that. He has a commanding bull rush and uses his hands well to swat would-be blockers off of him. When operating with a full head of steam, he's very challenging to hem up. He deservedly draws plenty of double teams. He had 5 sacks last season, 4 of which came against two teams.

9) Levi Onwuzurike | 6'2 | 293 | DT | Washington

10) Tedarrell Slaton | 6'5 | 355 | DT | Florida

9/12 - Ole Miss - Slaton was very one-dimensional, operated as a big clog in the middle of the LOS. He wasn't flashy, but he made it nearly impossible for Ole Miss to get much yardage on inside runs when he was in the game.

10/3 - South Carolina - Slaton was neutralized by Hutcherson, but he flashed on several of his play when not going up against the great OG. Slaton played with power, held his ground well.

10/31 - Missouri - Slaton had a very good game, was quite effective gumming up the works at the LOS. When Rountree only rushes for 36 yards, you know something is good well. 

11/7 - Georgia - Slaton impressed several times in this game. He actually led his squad in tackles with 5, evidencing his impact on the run game. Trey Hill is a promising center prospect, but Slaton owned him at times and simply created problems up front. His power was too much to contend with several times.

11/21 - Vanderbilt - Slaton wasn't sexy or flashy by any means, but he drew constant attention, freeing up others. He was stout at the LOS, wasn't easily moved off his spot. Aside from not always locating the ball, he was solid. 

11) Devonte Wyatt | 6'6 | 330 | DT | Georgia

10/3 - Auburn - Wyatt had a strong game. He fired off the ball and played with leveled violence at the LOS. He showed stout play vs. the run, also the ability to create interior pressure.

10/10 - Tennessee - Wyatt flashed again. He gave the Volunteer O-line fits all game. He was strong vs. the run and showed well creating pressure.

10/17 - Alabama - Wyatt was hemmed up at times, but created problems up front a number of times. He was explosive into the blocker, shut plays down from getting to the 2nd level where his LBs roamed freely.

11/7 - Florida - Wyatt had a solid game. While those playing behind him looked like a shell of themselves at times, Wyatt occupied blockers and diverted run plays. His 4 tackles belies his contribution.

12) Dion Novil | 6'4 | 330 | DT | North Texas

13) Dante Stills | 6'3 | 275 | DT/DE | West Virginia

9/12 - Eastern Kentucky - Stills operated as a DE and DT, looked real good in both capacities. As a DE, he was stout along the edge and used violent hands to get loose of blocks. While sturdy, he showed good athleticism and the ability to create backfield pressure. As a DT, he displayed the same traits and was able to disrupt things up front. He had 3 tackles, 1.5 TFLs. 

10/3 - Baylor - Like his brother, Stills had a very good game in his own right. While 3 tackles, 1 TFL doesn't own the stat sheet, he was stout along the edge, held contain well. He used his hands well and kept fighting blocks, each and every snap.

10/24 - Texas Tech - Stills looked good, showed the ability to line up at DT and DE and be effective at both. He posted 7 tackles, 1 sack.

14) Alim McNeil | 6'2 | 300 | DT | NC State

9/19 - Wake Forest - McNeil had a very solid game. He manned his zero technique with stout play, not easily being moved off his spot. While he didn't do much as a pass rusher, he was doubled often. And, that really isn't his job. He squated on run plays and force "meshed" runs outside. He amassed 2 TFLs.

10/3 - Pittsburgh - McNeil had a great game. He was very stout against the run, would not be unseated from his zero technique assignment. Jimmy Morrissey is a fine pivot man, yet he could gain no leverage on McNeil. McNeil did little against the pass, but that wasn't his focus.

10/10 - Virginia - McNeil had another good outing. He operated well at the LOS, made run plays very challenging. While he didn't do much as a pass rusher, he carried out his run defense assignments.

15) Phidarian Mathis | 6'3 | 313 | DT | Alabama

10/3 - Texas A&M - Mathis wasn't sexy, but he offered up stout play. He had 4 tackles, 1 TFL. 

10/24 - Tennessee - Like Barmore, Mathis looked the part one play, fell off the next. He looked like a good rotational player, but not starter material.

11/21 - Kentucky - Mathis had a solid game. While he wasn't flashy by any means, he was a rock at the LOS and simply didn't plays advance through his gap assignments. 

16) Osa Odighizuwa | 6'2 | 280 | DE | UCLA

11/7 - Colorado - Odighizuwa had a tough day. While listed as a DE, UCLA often had him line up along the interior, and he got pushed around quite a bit. While he was productive with 5 solo stops, he gave up a lot as well. The Buffs rushed for 264 yards.

11/14 - California - Odighizuwa had a nice bounce back game. He was active force in the middle, looked a lot more adept as to what he needed to do assignment-wise and how to make an impact. He played with a good first step and power, often drew a double team block. He ended up with 5 tackles, 1.5 sacks.

17) Mustafa Johnson | 6'2 | 285 | DT | Colorado

11/7 - UCLA - Johnson had a good game. He played with plus strength, used it to anchor against the run and bull rush to create pressure in the pass game. He had 1.5 TFLs, played with an active motor. 

18) Thomas Booker | 6'3 | 310 | DT | Stanford 

11/7 - Oregon - Booker was used as a base 3-4 DE and as a DT. He showed some strength at both spots, was able to hold his ground against the run. He wasn't dynamic however, looked like a late Day 3 prospect at best. 

19) Matthew Butler | 6'3 | 291 | DT | Tennessee

10/24 - Alabama - Butler really jumped off the screen in this one, especially considering the blockers in front of him. He fired off the ball and showed great stacking strength. He was active with his hands, always working to free himself of blocks. He kept his motor hot, consistently made an effort to make tackles in pursuit. He ended up with 6 solo tackles, 1 sack.

20) Jordan Williams | 6'3 | 310 | DT | Clemson

21) PJ Mustipher | 6'3 | 300 | DT | Penn State 

10/24 - Indiana - Mustipher had a banner day. While he was often double-teamed, he still operated as a clog in the middle of the LOS. He played with very good power and pad level, made it very difficult for Indiana to get much on interior runs. 

10/31 - Ohio State - Mustipher met his match going up against Davis and Meyers, but he never looked overwhelmed, matched power well. He did get ridden wide of his run lane assignments at times, but he proved his worth overall. 

11/14 - Nebraska - Mustipher had a solid game. He was often doubled and handle that task well, keeping the blockers tied up for his LBs to make a play on the ball. 

22) Naquan Jones | 6'3 | 339 | DT | Michigan State

10/24 - Rutgers - Jones had a very solid outing. He was a handful at the LOS, often stout against the run. While he held his stack too long vs. shedding, he was generally very sound. While not great as a pass rusher, he showed some ability to do so. He had a decent motor for a big man.

10/24 - Michigan - Prior to getting banged up, Jones was stout and disruptive up front, too much to handle at times. 

23) Aubrey Solomon| 6'4 | 315 | DT | Tennessee

10/10 - Georgia - Solomon had a very solid game. He had 3 tackles on the night, but his efforts don't show on the stat line. He was stout at the LOS and made it very difficult for Georgia to have a solid ground game.

10/17 - Kentucky - Solomon quietly had a real good game. While his snap count was limited to mostly see time on run downs, he performed well in that capacity. He was very stout at the LOS, gave up no ground.

10/24 - Alabama - Solomon had a solid game. There were a number of times where he made it very tough on Harris to get any yards beyond the LOS. Solomon played with strength and never gave up on plays, even when initially blocked. His stat line of 2 tackles belies his contribution.

24) Austin Faoliu | 6'3 | 292 | DT | Oregon

11/7 - Stanford - Faoliu had a decent game, showing solid explosion off the snap and some anchor strength against the run. 

11/14 - Washington State - WSU got the ball out fast, so there was little opportunity to shine. 

25) Nyles Pinckney | 6'1 | 295 | DT | Clemson

10/3 - Virginia - Had a very meh game. He was stout at the LOS, but did little to differentiate himself.

10/31 - Boston College - Had a decent game, provided a good push up front a number of times.

11/7 - Notre Dame - Pinckney provided some toughness up front, gave the ND interior a decent challenge at times. However, he was hemmed up almost the entire game, as ND ran at will against the Tigers. It wasn't all on this DT, but he didn't shine.

26) Cory Durden | 6'5 | 312 | DT | Florida State

10/10 - Notre Dame - Durden showed very little in this one, outdone by the ND O-line in every facet.

10/24 - Louisville - Durden didn't make a splash, but there were ripples in his play, showed some strength when he got steam behind him.

27) Glen Logan | 6'3 | 309 | DT | LSU

10/10 - Missouri - Logan was expected to be somewhat rusty after serving a 2-game suspension. He lived up to that billing. He flashed just a couple times, was very average otherwise.

10/24 - South Carolina - Logan was a tough hombre, gave a very good OG in Hutcherson fits a few times. He wasn't a force inside, but did clog a few plays up at the LOS.

10/31 - Auburn - Logan had just 1 tackle, but he was a load up front at times.

28) Kyree Campbell | 6'3 | 304 | DT | Florida

10/31 - Missouri - It was good to see Campbell back in the mix. He showed some "get off" quickness at the LOS, stacked well against he run. 

11/7 - Georgia - Campbell didn't wow, but he worked well with Slaton to gum up the works along the interior.

11/21 - Vanderbilt - Campbell actually paced his team with 9 tackles. While none were solo, he was around the ball often and created problems up front. 

29) Tyrone Truesdell | 6'2 | 310 | DT | Auburn

9/26 - Kentucky - He flashed just a couple of times, was too easily handled by Drake Jackson when they locked up. He did post 3 tackles.

10/3 - Georgia - He was washed out of plays too often, was largely a non-factor.

10/17 - South Carolina - He chipped in with 4 tackles, but was manhandled by Hutcherson a few times.

10/31 - LSU - Truesdell, like the rest of Auburn's D-line, had a few good reps, but didn't distinguish himself out from the bunch.

30) Jordon Scott | 6'1 | 335 | DT | Oregon

11/7 - Stanford - Scott did a decent job of holding his ground, but he wasn't as stout in his play as we've seen prior. Stanford was able to run the ball at him with few issues.

11/14 - Washington State - WSU got the ball out fast, so there was little opportunity for Scott to shine. 

31) Jerome Johnson | 6'2 | 304 | DT | Indiana

32) Khyiris Tonga | 6'3 | 321 | DT | BYU

10/31 - Western Kentucky - Tonga had a solid game. He did a good job of squatting on run plays and challenging inside runs. He came away with 5 tackles.

11/6 - Boise State - Tonga played his part again, operating as a clog in the middle of the LOS. He wasn't flashy, but showed decent strength anchoring.

33) Keyshon Camp | 6'3 | 285 | DT | Pittsburgh

34) Kobie Whiteside | 6'1 | 310 | DT | Missouri

9/26 - Alabama - Whiteside flashed a few times, showing good hand usage at the LOS, fought hard to free himself of blocks. He was decent as a whole, but wasn't a factor too often.

10/10 - LSU - Provided no pass rush, meh.

35) Lorenzo Neal | 6'3 | 315 | DT | Purdue

10/24 - Iowa - Neal was a big body presence inside a few times, but he didn't look special in any way. 

11/20 - Minnesota - Neal stacked the LOS well and was a big body who needed to be dealt with. While he was good in that regard, he was too easily washed out when he didn't stay square to the LOS.