Offensive Guards

The were 19 OGs selected in the 2021 draft, as follows:


Round 1 - 3

Round 2 - 1

Round 3 - 2

Round 4 - 1

Round 5 - 2

Round 6 - 6

Round 7 - 4


The 2022 OG draft class did have a lot of selections compared to the average draw at the position, but it certainly wasn't deep with talent. It was a weird draft overall, as we saw some reaches early, with other guys somehow falling rounds below their worth. As of right now, I don't see more than half a dozen of these guys doing anything meaningful early on. 

The 2023 OG draft class could be better as a whole, but may not be overly impressive either. There are a few returning starters that should shine once again, but it'll have to be new names and faces that emerge in order for the offering to be good, even respectable.

1) O'Cyrus Torrence | 6'5 | 335 | OG | Florida

9/3 - Utah - Torrence was impressive in this one. He was a wall in  pass pro, and did very well in the run game. He moved bodies off the LOS when going head up, and then did well climbing to the 2nd level to hem up LBs.

9/10 - Kentucky - Torrence had a very good night. He played with good power and balance throughout the game. He was reliable and sturdy in pass pro, also did a fine job creating run lanes for his RBs. 

9/24 - Tennessee - Torrence had a dominating game. He played with power throughout this contest, most prevalently in the run game. He washed his man out with power several times. He was very reliable in pass pro as well, gave up no ground. 

10/8 - Missouri - Torrence had a nice game. The Gators opted for the run game, and did so often behind their best O-lineman. Torrence showed strength, moved bodies off the point. 

10/29 - Georgia - With the exception of Jalen Carter taking him to the task on 3rd downs, Torrence was great, landed a ton of great blocks throughout this contest. 

2) Andrew Vorhees | 6'6 | 320 | OG | USC

9/10 - Stanford - Vorhees had an impressive game. Atop of providing wall-like pass protection, he was a monster in the run game. He opened up quite a few run lanes, often washing his man out of the play. 

9/17 - Fresno - Vorhees looked dominant yet again, showing off very good functional strength. It was seemingly easy for him to lock his man out in pass pro, and to get a good push in the run game. USC ran behind him with success.

10/1 - Arizona State - Vorhees had a good game. He was technically very sound, did a good job of keeping his hands tight and controlling his man. While he didn't have many wow blocks, he was incredibly consistent. 

10/8 - Washington State - Vorhees was solid yet again. He was reliable in pass pro, while establishing some very good run lanes. His ability to match strength and hold strong at the LOS stood out. 

10/15 - Utah - Vorhees looked the part. USC ran behind him all night, found success doing so. He also was stout in pass blocking, let nothing by him. 

3) LaDarius Henderson | 6'5 | 310 | OG | Arizona State

9/10 - Oklahoma State - Henderson had a great game. He was a stout, reliable wall in pass pro.  As good as he was in that regard, he was even better as a run blocker. He showed off elite quickness off the snap and through his pulls. He showed off very good functional strength throughout, opening up run lanes.

10/1 - USC - Henderson had a pretty good game, but this one did expose at least one chink in his armor. He showed off very good strength in the run game and as a pass blocker. When latched on, he was in control, regardless of who he faced. However, he was marginal at best when releasing to the 2nd level and hunting for LBs, missed often. 

4) Cooper Beebe | 6'4 | 322 | LG/LT | Kansas State

9/24 - Oklahoma - Manning his LG spot, Beebe had an excellent game. While very stout and reliable as a pass protector, Beebe popped as a run blocker. KSU ran behind him all night with great success. Beebe showed off quick enough feet to pull, and was then great at hitting targets and locking them up to take them out of plays. 

5) Jordan McFadden | 6'2 | 310 | OG/OT | Clemson

9/5 - Georgia Tech - McFadden manned the LT spot, and it's hard to argue from this performance that he couldn't stay there at the next level. He mirrored well, showed off a well-timed punch, and had the requisite play strength to hold up against power. 

9/24 - Wake Forest - McFadden was again at LT, and he performed very well. He was fluid, capable, and reliable in pass protection, while showing latch on power in the run game. 

10/1 - NC State - McFadden, as per usual, was very reliable. He held down his side well in both pass sets and in the run game. 

10/8 - Boston College - McFadden routinely walled his man off in pass pro, and gave a push or sealed the edge in the run game. While I still he playing inside at the next level, his play at LT has been quite good. 

6) Emil Ekiyor | 6'3 | 324 | OG | Alabama

9/10 - Texas - Ekiyor faced some very stiff competition today, but he impressed. While he did give up some ground in pass pro a few times, he was generally very solid. He was better in the run game, getting good leverage and creating run lanes for his RBs.

10/1 - Arkansas - Ekiyor had a great game. While he was very stout in pass pro, his run blocking is what stood out. He did an excellent job of keeping his hands tight within his frame and using plus leg drive to wash defenders off the LOS. 

10/8 - Texas A&M - Ekiyor had a solid game, but was far from perfect. While he did land some nice run blocks at times, he didn't look technically sound at times, also didn't finish a few times. 

7) Layden Robinson | 6'4 | 320 | OG | Texas A&M

9/10 - Appalachian State - Robinson had a good game, especially in the run department. He routinely fired off the ball from his RG position, moving bodies throughout the game. His ability to create run lanes was noticeable, as was his play power. He was also very sturdy in pass pro, holding strong at the LOS. 

9/17 - Miami - Robinson was suspect a few times in his technique, but really stood out as a brut blocker. Whether in pass pro or in the run game, he eliminated his man several times once locked onto him. 

10/8 - Alabama - Robinson was a bit up and down today. While he did have some good blocks against a great front, he failed to get a push on other snaps. he wasn't bad by any means, just wasn't special. 

8) Matthew Bedford | 6'6 | 310 | OG/OT | Indiana (Out for Season, torn ACL)

9/3 - Illinois - Bedford manned the RT spot, and looked decent to solid on every snap. While his hands did get wide a few times, he was otherwise clean. He still looks as if he'd be better of at the next level kicking inside, and the skill set he showed tonight looks transferable to said cause. 

9/24 - Cincinnati - Bedford looked good today, showed off nice play strength and functionality in both the run game and his pass sets. 

9) Javion Cohen | 6'4 | 305 | OG | Alabama

9/10 - Texas - Cohen was solid today. While he never wowed as a run or pass blocker, he had a number of snaps where he hemmed his man up. 

10/1 - Arkansas - Cohen had a good game. He showed off nice functional strength, hemming his man up in both pass pro and in the run game. As a run blocker, he allowed "Bama to run left with success several times. 

10/8 - Texas A&M - Cohen was decent, but not great today. he landed some good blocks, but looked marginal a number of other times. 

10) Zak Zinter | 6'6 | 320 | OG | Michigan

9/1 - Colorado State - Zinter had a very solid game. He was a wall in pass pro, and looked even better in the run game. He was great head up, and showed well when pulling and hitting his landmarks. Michigan ran behind him multiple times with level success.  

9/24 - Maryland - Zinter had a very good game. Whether pulling or blocking head up, he consistently carried out his run assignments with very good success. He was also reliable in pass pro. 

10/1 - Iowa - Zinter was his usual self, landed some very good run blocks up front to create running lanes for his RBs. 

10/8 - Indiana - Zinter had another blue collar game, was very consistent in carrying out his duties. 

11) Nick Broeker | 6'4 | 315 | OG/LT | Ole Miss

10/1 - Kentucky - Broeker had a bit of an up and down game. For starters, he looked more aggressive and nasty to me last season. While he did play with decent functional power at times, he also let some blocks slip off, wasn't wildly consistent. He was solid in pass pro, but not dominant. His move to the inside may evidence some slippage on his performance level overall. 

12) Jaxson Kirkland | 6'6 | 310 | OG/LT | Washington 

9/30 - UCLA - Kirkland had a very average game. While he carried out his assignments, he didn't show off great play strength or athleticism getting out into space. As evidenced by WU's meager 65 yards rushing, there was little push up front. 

13) Sidy Sow | 6'5 | 334 | OG | Eastern Michigan

14) Matthew Jones | 6'4 | 310 | OG | Ohio State

9/3 - Notre Dame - Jones was a bit up and down in this game. While he carried out his assignments a number of times, he wasn't great on his pulls and looked average on a number of his blocks, not providing as much of a push as we've seen in prior games. 

9/24 - Wisconsin - Jones had a very solid night. While he was a bit slow coming out of his stance on a couple run plays, he looked good otherwise. He played with good strength and leverage as both a run blocker and pass protector, was good picking up delayed blitzers as well. He was a stout dude that gave up very little ground at the LOS.

10/8 - Michigan State - Jones didn't stand out, good or bad. That said, the pocket was clean and there were nice run lanes for backs to work through. 

15) Clark Barrington | 6'6 | 302 | OG | BYU

9/10 - Baylor - Barrington had a decent game. While he held his own against a great front, he never stood out in pass pro or the run game. He carried out his assignments, but didn't show great pop. 

9/17 - Oregon - Barrington was just average in this game. While his pass pro was adequate, there was little push in the run game from him. 

10/8 - Notre Dame - Barrington had a rough game. he too often struggled against power, wasn't able to get a consistent push, was even driven backward at times. 

16) Sataoa Laumea | 6'4 | 312 | OG | Utah

9/3 - Florida - Laumea had himself a good night. He was strong in pass pro, while being able to open up some nice run lanes for his RBs and QB. 

10/8 - UCLA - Laumea had an unbalanced night. While he showed strength and was good when he could latch on, he was suspect to twitchiness and speed in his pass sets quite a few times. 

17) T.J Bass | 6'5 | 318 | OG/OT | Oregon 

9/1 - Georgia - Bass held down the LT spot in this one, and looked solid doing so. Oregon did go for quick-hitting plays, which meant Bass didn't have to hold form for long. But, he wasn't a liability when needed to hold up in pass pro. He did look good on a few run plays in particular, showing some good play strength. 

9/17 - BYU - Bass lined up at LT and was adequate. He never wowed in any regard, but was able to keep his man at bay for plays to develop. 

18) Steve Avila | 6'4 | 343 | OG/C | TCU

9/1 - Colorado - Avila had a decent game, with this contest really showing his strengths and areas of opportunity. On the plus side, he's a big dude who can occupy defenders in  pass pro, and to a lesser degree the run game. Once he latches on and gets a push, he can be a factor. However, he can be slow out of his stance will often catch defenders vs. getting into them first. When he can catch and regroup, he's adequate to good. When beaten to the punch and faced with good speed and strength, he can struggle. 

10/1 - Oklahoma - Avila had a good game. While not real fluid, he showed off bullying power, was able to create run lanes quite well when he got the right angle. 

19) Christian Mahogany | 6'3 | 335 | OG | Boston College (Injured)

20) Willie Lampkin | 6'1 | 285 | OG | Coastal Carolina

21) Malaesala Aumavae-Laulu | 6'5 | 325 | OG/OT | Oregon 

9/1 - Georgia - Malaesala Aumavae-Laulu held down the RT post, played with resolute strength in doing so. He wasn't real quick or fluid, but he wasn't a liability because of as much. He looked solid on down blocks, and was generally able to hold off the edge for plays to have a chance to develop.

9/17 - BYU - Malaesala Aumavae-Laulu was solid at RT, showing off good power in pass pro and in the run game. 

22) Doug Nester | 6'7 | 323 | OG/OT | West Virginia

9/1 - Pittsburgh - Nester held down the RT spot early on, and was decent as a whole. He did nothing to stand out, but wasn't a liability against what was supposed to be a vaunted pass-rush attack.