Offensive Guards

There were twenty-one OG's taken in the 2020 draft. While just three were taken within the first three rounds, there were eight taken in rounds 4 and 5. While this class may have more fire power at the top, I don't see it being nearly as deep.


1) Wyatt Davis | 6'5 | 325 | OG | Ohio State -

Davis has excellent size and plays with commanding strength. In the run game, he does an excellent job in both head up and combo block situations, often bettering the defender in either regard. As a pass blocker, he sits back well into his stance and plays with controlled power. He often shows the ability to let the defender into him, only to use that upward drive as leverage and steering ability against the opponent. At times, he won't be quick enough to pick up T-stunts or loops, failing to pick up his man cleanly. This is something he's gotten better at, however. While not overly quick, he's agile enough to operate in space. All told, he's a very reliable RG.

2) Deonte Brown | 6'3 | 342 | OG | Alabama -

Brown is a squat, powerful player with plus lower body strength. He's not real quick, isn't always able to get out of the gate and around the corner real fast on pulls. However, he's an absolute mauler on inside runs, routinely washes guys out and secures run lanes. In pass pro, he's a wall. Unless the defender can beat him off the hip with quickness, not much is going to happen. IMO, no RG performed better against 2019 Auburn DT Derrick Brown than Deonte Brown did.  

3) Trey Smith | 6'5 | 325 | OG | Tennessee -

Smith is a big, powerful dude with a ton of potential. When the mood strikes him right, he exacts dominance against would-be defenders. His sheer size makes it tough for opponents to get around him. With that said, this is a buyer beware situation. Smith lacks ideal quickness, comes with a big medical flag and has motivational issues. He's a frustrating guy to evaluate, because while his potential is obvious, he doesn't play to it nearly enough.

4) Ben Cleveland | 6'5 | 335 | OG | Georgia -

Cleveland has the size and strength to go toe-to-toe with almost any interior defender out there. He plays with a mauling style, one to where opponents will usually have far more success beating him with quickness than grit. Cleveland will lunge at times, plays through his waist vs. his knees which allows defenders to swoop around him outright or with counter moves. While he is a brute guy, he plays with adequate lateral mobility given his size, shows the ability to pull and play in space.

5) Josh Sills | 6'5 | 338 | OG | OK State -

Sills is a grad-transfer from West Virginia. He's a big dude who plays with a bullying style, uses his strength and size well to dominate smaller, weaker defenders. While sound in pass protection, his strong suit is run blocking. He will play top-heavy at times and not show enough knee bend, can also be exploited against quickness. When able to execute down blocks or get an advantageous angle on his opponent, he routinely washes the guy out and it's over.

6) Marquis Hayes | 6'4 | 330 | OG | Oklahoma

7) Tommy Kraemer | 6'5 | 319 | OG | Notre Dame  

8) Zion Johnson | 6'3 | 300 | OG | Boston College

9) Kevin Jarvis | 6'3 | 321 | OG | Michigan State 

10) Myron Cunningham | 6'5 | 293 | OG | Arkansas

11) Jack Anderson | 6'4 | 315 | OG | Texas Tech

12) Luke Campbell | 6'5 | 290 | OG | Michigan State 

13) Sadarius Hutcherson | 6'3 | 310 | OG | South Carolina

14) Alijah Vera-Tucker | 6'4 | 310 | OG | USC

15) Bryce Hargrove | 6'3 | 315 | OG | Pittsburgh

16) Navaughn Donaldson | 6'5 | 345 | OG | Miami

17) Joshua Fedd-Jackson | 6'3 | 333 | OG | NC State