EDGEs | 3-4 OLBs

The were eleven EDGEs selected in the 2021 draft, as follows:

Round 1 - 3

Round 2 - 1

Round 3 - 1

Round 4 - 3

Round 6 - 1

Round 7 - 2


I define EDGEs as guys that play off the LOS, can be called upon to drop into space and take on a LB duty. Schematically, they are typically along the outside of  3-4 front. 

With the above clarified, the 2021 EDGE draft class wasn't deep in terms of the number of guys selected, but it offered up very good talent. 

The 2022 EDGE draft has some gifted prospects as well, but will most likely fall short compared to the 2021 offering of talent.

1) David Ojabo | 6'5 | 250 | EDGE | Michigan

10/30 - Michigan State - Ojabo flashed plus athleticism and ability in this contest. He looked adept as a DE or 3-4 edge, showing a fantastic blend of power and quickness. He had 4 tackles, 2 sacks. Whether it be running the arc against the pass, or keeping edge contain on wide runs, he really looked the part. I could certainly see him coming of the board in Day 2 due to his athletic prowess alone. 

11/13 - Penn State - Ojabo had a great night. He came off the edge with both speed and power, worked his way off of blocks throughout the game. He notched 4 tackles, 2 sacks.


2) Myjai Sanders | 6'4 | 235 | EDGE | Cincinnati

10/2 - Notre Dame - Sanders had a good game. While undersized, he was sturdy at the LOS a number of times, while flashing as a very good pass rusher in many other instances. He drew attention, freed up others to flourish against a nimble O-line.

11/20 - SMU - Sanders really jumped off the screen today. He was only in on 2 tackles, but I could care less. He showed an insane get off from the snap, was very quick to get around the edge to rush passes. He wasn't great vs. the run, but he looked the part of a pass-rush specialist. 

12/31 - Alabama - Sanders was in on 7 tackles, 2 being solo stops. He played with speed and quickness, but lacked the power at times to work off of blocks quick enough. 


3) Nik Bonitto | 6'2 | 235 | EDGE | Oklahoma

9/4 - Tulane - The stat line isn't much, as Bonitto had just 2 tackles, .5 TFLs. However, he showed that he can be a force off the edge, and play with strength despite giving up a ton of size. He did a decent job holding the edge vs. the run, while displaying a wicked inside counter move when rushing the QB.

11/13 - Baylor - Bonitto showed plus bend and quickness around the edge a few times, but was bottled up when defending the run. He looked like a pass-rush only specialist in this contest. 

4) Darrian Beavers | 6'4 | 250 | EDGE | Cincinnati

10/2 - Notre Dame - Beavers had a very solid game, showed a good blend of stout play vs. the run and pass-rush ability. 

12/31 - Alabama - His teammate Sanders is the more coveted prospect in most circles, but Beavers outplayed him in this one. He posted 10 tackles, 2 TFLs, 1 sack. He played with leveled strength and speed off the edge, made perimeter scrambling tough for opposing QB Bryce Young. 

5) Jeffrey Gunter | 6'4 | 260 | EDGE | Coastal Carolina 

9/10 - Kansas  - Gunter had an impressive game. While he was only credited with 2 tackles and .5 TFLs, he was a menace in this one. He consistently grinded through blocks with a blend of speed and power. Kansas had to put a second hat on him multiple times.

6) Amare Barno | 6'6 | 235 | EDGE | Virginia Tech 

9/3 North Carolina - Barno had a solid game overall, with a few splash plays. While his thin lower half was an obvious lack of functional strength/girth when trying to play the run, his quickness and athleticism shown through when he was in space. He was in on 6 tackles, 3.5 TFLs.

7) Jesse Luketa | 6'3 | 247 | EDGE | Penn State

9/4 Wisconsin - Luketa is one player who wasn't really on my radar prior to this game, but he is now. He amassed 4 solo stops on the day, looked very balanced holding ground against the run as well as rushing the passer. He went up against much bigger OTs, but often won the strength battle.

10/30 - Ohio State - Luketa had a solid game, posting 7 tackles and 1 TFL. He was active at the LOS, showed off a good blend of quickness and power. Despite giving up size, he more than held his own against a great O-line. 

11/13 - Michigan - Luketa had a very good game. He played with a constant motor, gave the opposing O-line fits all game. While not flashy, his grinding style was very effective. He posted 7 tackles. 

8) DeAngelo Malone | 6'3 | 235 | EDGE | Western Kentucky

12/3 - UTSA - Malone had a decent night. On one side, he showed that he can fire off the edge and bend well. On the flip side, he was limited vs. the run, just didn't have enough sand in his pants to be a consummate run stopper. He had 9 tackles, 2 TFLs.

9) Christopher Allen | 6'4 | 252 | EDGE | Alabama (Out for Season)

9/4 Miami - Allen unfortunately had to leave the game early after executing a strip-sack fumble, but his game play was very good up to said point. He showed integrity vs. the run and showcased a good arc edge rush. 

10) Jeremiah Moon | 6'5 | 230 | EDGE | Florida 

9/18 - Alabama - Moon had a solid game. He showed off his versatility by playing both on and off-ball LB roles. He displayed very good quickness and some resolve despite not being real thick.

11) Ali Fayad | 6'2 | 250 | EDGE | Western Michigan

12) Zach McCloud | 6'2 | 254 | EDGE | Miami  

9/4 Alabama - McCloud showed up a couple times, but he was held in check throughout the balance of this game. He operated solely out of a 3-point stance, which doesn't look to be his best posturing. Having been converted from his more natural LB position, he may do better as an off-ball EDGE.

13) Tomon Fox | 6'3 | 253 | EDGE | North Carolina 

9/3 -  Virginia Tech - Fox had a much maligned game. His fluidity stood out a few times, was able to get .5 TFLs. However, he didn't created much pressure in the pass game.

12/30 - South Carolina - Fox had a quiet game, did very little to stand out. 

999) Nolan Smith | 6'3 | 235 | EDGE | Georgia

9/4 - Clemson - While his teammate Anderson gets the nod, Smith wasn't far behind. He notched a sack as well, showing his ability to bend around the edge and win with technique, quickness and converting speed to strength. While not real big, he displayed solid functional strength.

12/31 - Michigan - Smith had an outstanding game. He played with great functional strength off the edge, used great inside arm extension for leverage and to keep blockers off his frame. He also was very fluid in space and coming around the edge running the arc. He paced his team with 8 tackles, also tallied 1 sack. 

999) Zion Tupola-Fetui | 6'2 | 280 | EDGE | Washington

9/11 - Michigan - DNP

11/6 - Oregon - ZTF had a solid night, posted 6 tackles, 3 solo stops. While he played pretty well in space, he didn't pop off to me overall in the edge rush game. 

999) Adam Anderson | 6'5 | 235 | EDGE | Georgia (Suspended)

9/4 - Clemson - Anderson had a very nice outing. While I still feel that Clemson's OT situation is suspect, it's still Clemson. Anderson had 5 tackles, 1 sack. He was able to create problems coming off the edge in spurts throughout the night. He used good bend and arm extension to get the best of his blocker. He looks to be one of the better draft-eligible edges this draft has to offer. 

10/30 - Florida - Anderson flashed, posting 7 tackles. He showed good edge bend while being stout enough against the run. 

999) Jordan Strachan | 6'4 | 225 | EDGE | South Carolina 

12/30 - North Carolina - Strachan had a few flashed plays, showing off his ability to bend around the edge. He posted 3 tackles, 1.5 sacks. 

999) Ochaun Mathis | 6'5 | 247 | EDGE | TCU

9/11 - California - Mathis had a solid game. He showed a good combination of burst and bend around the edge. He ran his motor hot and came close to the QB a number of times.