There were eight centers taken in the 2020 draft. Three were taken within the first three rounds, proving to have some decent talent up top. This draft class has the potential to be solid if not good.

1) Creed Humphrey | 6'4 | 315 | C | Oklahoma -

Had Humphrey declared for the 2019 draft, one could argue that he would've been the first OC off the board. He plays with very good strength and balance. At times, it looks as if he's giving very little effort, yet he manages to stalemate his defender. He threw up 25 reps as a Sr. in high school. Coming from a wrestling background, his ability to win the leverage game is apparent.  That said, there are times when he plays solely from the waist up, not showing much leg drive. He'll hem his man up and finish, but won't do more than he needs to. All said, he's a beast who'll be a starting center for 10+ years in the NFL, barring no injuries.

2) Josh Meyers | 6'4 | 310 | C | Ohio State -

Meyers is a stout dude who never looked out of place when studying Ohio State's O-Line play. While he can get too erect at times, he stands well against power in pass pro, and can neutralize defenders in the run game. He threw up 25 reps as a Sr. in high school. He's quick off his snap and wastes no time getting into defenders. He could use a lower center of gravity at times when going head up in the run game, and he'll miss LBs at the second level at times. However, he's a very reliable pivot who rarely misses on his assignments, generally does his job in very sound fashion.

3) Alec Lindstrom | 6'3 | 290 | C | Boston College -

Lindstrom has the bloodlines and requisite coaching to be a very solid center at the next level. He could stand to get bigger, but what he doesn't have in size he makes up for in technique. His understanding of angles and positioning vs. defenders is very apparent. He does well in cut-off blocks, sealing the backside well. He's also adept releasing to the second level in the screen game, as well as picking up a defender when he doesn't have a man head on and is otherwise free. He's a finisher who gives all he's got on every snap. 

4) Trey Hill | 6'3 | 330 | C | Georgia -

Hill is a squat player with a very thick lower half. When this kid fires out into the defender as he would a blocking sled, his leg drive is apparent. In the run game, when he's coming down hill at an angle or executing a combo block, he routinely washes the defender out of the play hole. In pass protection, he's generally sound but nowhere near as good. When moving backward in pass sets, he'll lose the leverage game at times and give the defender too easy of a 2-way go. If Hill can clean this up, he has the makings of a good center.

5) Tyler Linderbaum | 6'2 | 286 | C | Iowa -

Linderbaum may not declare for the 2021 draft as he's just a redshirt Sophomore. However, he could do so and still be sought after. He's another center who hails from a wrestling background, and it shows in his play. He's a technician who's taken well to some excellent coaching. He's quick to snap the ball and get into position, showing that he can land backside cut-off blocks as well as get into space on pulls, screens. He needs to add some size and gain more experience at the position, but he already understands angles and leverage.

6) Jimmy Morrissey | 6'2 | 305 | C | Pittsburgh

7) Landon Dickerson | 6'5 | 308 | C | Alabama

8) Michal Menet | 6'3 | 295 | C | Penn State 

9) Jack Wohlabaugh | 6'5 | 300 | C | Duke

10) Jarrett Patterson | 6'5 | 300 | C | Notre Dame

11) James Empey | 6'3 | 300 | C | BYU

12) Drew Dallman | 6'2 | 280 | C | Stanford

13) Matt Allen | 6'3 | 294 | C | Michigan State