There were eight centers taken in the 2020 draft. Three were taken within the first three rounds, proving to have some decent talent up top. This draft class has the potential to be solid if not good.

1) Creed Humphrey | 6'4 | 320 | C | Oklahoma -

Had Humphrey declared for the 2019 draft, one could argue that he would've been the first OC off the board. He plays with very good strength and balance. At times, it looks as if he's giving very little effort, yet he manages to stalemate his defender. He threw up 25 reps as a Sr. in high school, evidencing just how strong he is. Coming from a wrestling background, his ability to win the leverage game is apparent.  That said, there are times when he plays solely from the waist up, not showing much leg drive. He'll hem his man up and finish, but won't do more than he needs. Far too often, a play is going on and he's away from it, settling. I love his upside, but hate how inconsistent he is when it comes to playing through the whistle. If one really studies his game tap agnostic of ratings and reputation, you'll see a player needing more discipline and continued coaching. 


9/26 - Kansas State - Creed had a solid outing. He left the game for a spell due to an apparent injury, but rebounded nicely. He was a wall in pass pro and and sealed off defenders in the run game. He showed plus strength in both regards. His technique was spotty at times, but caused him no issues.

10/3 - Iowa State - Creed had a good game. While he let a few blocks slide off in the run  game, he was otherwise dominant, pushed guys around and created good run lanes. He was a wall in pass pro, really showed off excellent upper body strength.

10/24 - TCU - Humphrey had a great game. He was a wall in pass pro, did great 1:1 and when he peeled off to give support elsewhere. He was an absolute mauler in the run game, landed reach and cut off blocks very well. He played with plus power in both aspects.

11/21 - Oklahoma State - As per usual, Humphrey showed very little leg usage when blocking, but again exceled in his assignments several times throughout the game. 

12/19 - Iowa State - Humphrey played with plus power, showed why he could hear his name called Day 1 of the draft. Whether in pass pro or in the run game, he routinely controlled his man and carried out his assignment quite well. 

2) Landon Dickerson | 6'5 | 325 | C | Alabama

9/26 - Missouri - Dickerson had a solid outing. While he let a few blocks slip, he was generally sound in both pass pro and the run game. While he didn't wow, he was very dependable.

10/3 - Texas A&M - This was another very solid game from Dickerson. He continues to look dependable, a player who could work himself into an early NFL starter. He showed a good understanding of angles, was technically very sound.

10/17 - Georgia - Dickerson couldn't move Davis off the ball in the run game, but he did land some seal blocks and was strong in pass pro. He also held up well against Devonte Wyatt, another NFL talent. Dickerson looked the part of a future NFL starting center, no doubt about it.

10/24 - Tennessee - Dickerson had the best game I've seen of any center prospect so far this year. He displayed plus power coupled with excellent technique and hand placement. He landed reach blocks near perfectly and was able to pull out into space. He also took snaps at LG for Deonte Brown, and when doing so there was a marked difference in performance. 

11/21 - Kentucky - Dickerson was excellent today. He consistently wheeled guys out of the play-hole in the ground game, and was a wall in pass pro. He played with plus power, yet was controlled and fluid. 

11/28 - Auburn - Typical day at the office. Dickerson was great in picking up defenders, was a bully at the LOS and with his second level blocks. His technique and adept angle-blocking knowledge was apparent. 

12/19 - Florida - Prior to getting knocked out with an MCL injury, Dickerson was having a very good game. Slaton is one of the best pure NT prospects in the nation, and Dickerson got the upper hand on him almost every single snap. 

3) Quinn Meinerz | 6'3 | 320 | C/OG | Wisconsin-Whitewater

4) Josh Myers | 6'4 | 310 | C | Ohio State -

Myers is a stout dude who never looked out of place when studying Ohio State's O-Line play. While he can get too erect at times, he stands well against power in pass pro, and can neutralize defenders in the run game. He threw up 25 reps as a Sr. in high school. He's quick off his snap and wastes no time getting into defenders. He could use a lower center of gravity at times when going head up in the run game, and he'll miss LBs at the second level at times. However, he's a very reliable pivot who rarely misses on his assignments, generally does his job in very sound fashion. He looks like a plug and play guy at this juncture. 


10/24 - Nebraska - Myers had a solid game, but he didn't dominate as I've seen him do in prior contests. He routinely got into his man and tied him up, but did let a few blocks slip off. Ohio State stalled on some runs, and he didn't help matters in this regard. He did well in pass pro, was otherwise reliable there. To me, he looked how he might with this being his first game of the year. 

10/31 - Penn State - Myers had a very good game. He went up against two very solid DTs, and he won the majority of his match up in both pass pro and in run blocking situations. He used very good technique coupled with power. His understanding of angles was apparent. 

11/21 - Indiana - Myers looked merely average on a number of his snaps today. While he did hem up his man in the pass and run game a number of times, he struggled with blitz packages. 

12/19 - Northwestern - Myers had a very good, clean game. Sermon carried the ball quite well, but at times had to show little vision due to the massive hole in front of him. Meyers blocked with good angles and leverage, had enough strength to keep defenders off the ball.  

5) Drew Dalman | 6'2 | 300 | C | Stanford

11/7 - Oregon - Dalman had a very solid game, came out looking stronger than we've seen him prior. He was quick to snap the ball and to get into his man, used good hand placement and technique to control the defender. He was also very adept passing guys off to the OG, transitioning well to the 2nd level.

11/27 - California - Dalman had a good game. He was the consummate technician, did a great job transitioning from one man to the next in support. he played with good feet and strength to match, very reliable.

6) Michal Menet | 6'3 | 295 | C | Penn State 

10/24 - Indiana - Menet underwhelmed in this outing, certainly based off of his prior play and level of talent. He was generally adequate in pass pro, did enough to tie his man up. He did struggle picking up LBs at times, missing them altogether or barely slowing their progress. In the run game, he showed a good understanding of angles and leverage, but often got zero to little push on his man. 

10/31 - Ohio State - Menet got little help from his OGs at times, but he held his own well against a good interior D-line. He showed strength in both the pass and run game, was able to hem guys up and allow opportunities for plays to happen.

11/14 - Nebraska - Menet looked very average today. While he landed some good initial blocks at times, he often failed to finish and let the defender slip off. As a whole, he looked uninspired.

11/28 - Michigan - Menet had a decent game. His play didn't stand out as good or bad, as he carried out assignments but didn't do so in definitive fashion. 

7) Trey Hill | 6'3 | 330 | C | Georgia - Out rest of season, dual knee surgeries - 12/3

Hill is a squat player with a very thick lower half. When this kid fires out into the defender as he would a blocking sled, his leg drive is apparent. In the run game, when he's coming down hill at an angle or executing a combo block, he routinely washes the defender out of the play hole. In pass protection, he's generally sound but nowhere near as good. When moving backward in pass sets, he'll lose the leverage game at times and give the defender too easy of a 2-way go. If Hill can clean this up, he has the makings of a good center.


9/26 - Arkansas - Hill was a bit up and down in this one, but he flashed far more good than bad. On the plus side, when Hill was able to get one to two steps going, he routinely mauled his opponent, had quite a few pancake blocks. He generally did well in pass pro and stood his man up at the point of attack. On the down side, when he didn't get forward progression, he caught defenders and was driven backward. The ability is obviously there, just needed more consistency.

10/3 - Auburn - This was a wow game for Hill. He played with mauling strength, completely beat up Auburn's D-line. Regardless of who lined up across from Hill, he created a push. He was also a stalwart in pass pro.

10/17 - Alabama - Hill had some erratic play early on, but he adjusted well and went toe to toe with some good prospects throughout this game. While he lost a few battles, he won others. I could certainly see him developing into an NFL starting pivot man.

11/7 - Florida - Hill had an up and down game. At times, he gave up too much ground when facing the power of Slaton. On other downs, he played with resolve and handles things quite well. Overall, UGA often couldn't move the ball on the ground, and some of that is on Hill.

11/21 - Miss. State - Another uneven performance. Hill showed commanding power and good ability on one snap, looked rather benign on others. UGA's RBs were held to under 40 yards rushing. 

8) Jarrett Patterson | 6'5 | 300 | C | Notre Dame

9/12 - Duke - Frankly, I was disappointed in Patterson's play. The Irish failed to get any run game going early on, and much of that started with Patterson. He couldn't establish a push up front, was stalemated at the LOS too often. He was serviceable if not solid on a number of snaps, but certainly didn't assert himself nor look like a top pivot man .

10/10 - Florida State - Patterson had a very good game. He was quick snapping the ball and getting into his man. While he didn't show off great power, it was certainly enough to hem guys up in pass pro and seal them if not move them off the ball in the run game. He was technically very sound, used good angles and hand placement. 

10/17 - Louisville - Patterson had a good game, continued to grade out well as both a pass and run blocker. While the power isn't there yet, he ran the position quite well, clearly understands his assignments and what it takes to be effective.

10/24 - Pittsburgh - Patterson was adequate at times, meh on others. He didn't display much strength up front, and the Irish had problems moving the ball several times on the ground because of as much.

11/7 - Clemson - Patterson rose to the challenge in this one. He was reliable in pass pro, handled power well. In the run game, he opened up holes, showing good angle usage to wheel his man off the play-hole.

9) Jimmy Morrissey | 6'2 | 305 | C | Pittsburgh

9/12 - Austin Peay - Morrissey had a very solid if not good game, showing off his ability to run things up front. When going head up and not peeling off to the second level, he controlled his man, steered him off the ball. When doing combo blocks, he was a technician. He routinely timed his movements near perfectly, securing the initial block while allowing enough time to seal off the LB. While he didn't always sustain his final block quite long enough, defenders seldom got a hit on his RB. He was a wall in pass pro, stood up and neutralized his man well.

9/19 - Syracuse - Morrissey had another good outing. He continued to operate like a sound technician, setting up defenders well and wheeling them off the ball. While he did allow DTs to stack and squat on a few runs, he typically controlled them enough to where a free hand couldn't take down his ball carrier. 

10/3 - NC State - Jimmy Morrissey is a fine pivot man, yet he could gain no leverage on McNeil. McNeil did little against the pass, so credit can be given there. But, Morrissey clearly lost this war, as Pitt couldn't move the ball off of his blocks as they usually do.

10/10 - Boston College - Morrissey lined up at RG and showed his versatility in doing so. While he didn't flash power, he landed good angles on defenders and was able to create some run lanes.

10/17 - Miami - While he was technically sound running the pivot, he lost the strength battle too often as both a run and pass blocker.

10/24 - Notre Dame - Morrissey had a nice bounce back game. He was technically sound and hemmed his man up multiple times. His play was masked by the fault of others around him, but did his part rather well.

11/7 - Florida State - Another typical game for Morrissey, as he carried out his assignments well as both a pass protector and run blocker. He didn't dominate, but was reliable.

10) Drake Jackson | 6'1 | 292 | C | Kentucky

9/26 - Auburn - Jackson had a great game. In pass pro, he was a wall, rarely knocked off his base. In the run game, he was a complete technician, using very good hand placement and angle blocks. He was great on combo blocks, sealed off LBs on many plays for good runs. 

10/17 - Tennessee - Jackson had an up and down game. He was adequate to solid in pass pro, rarely gave anything up. In the run game, he often lacked the ability to get any push whatsoever. There were quite a few stalemates on interior runs.

10/24 - Missouri - Held his own in pass pro and run blocking. but his play didn't stand out, good or bad in any regard.

11/21 - Alabama - Jackson was very limited in what he could do against this vaunted front. Based on this game, he simply didn't look like an NFL starting center.

11) James Empey | 6'3 | 300 | C | BYU

9/7 - Navy - Empey showed well running the pivot. He displayed some decent power as a run blocker and executed his cutoff blocks well. He didn't always stay low with chopping feet, and would instead fall off blocks lunging too much. But he carried out his assignments overall.

11/6 - Boise State - Empey had a very solid game. He anchored very well in pass pro, sat in his stance and handled power. He hemmed his man up in the run game, helped to create inside run-game looks.

12) Derek Kerstetter | 6'5 | 300 | C | Texas

9/12 - UTEP - Kerstetter looked very average running the pivot. His play wasn't marked by anything bad, but against what could/should be considered lesser competition, he didn't stand out. 

9/26 - Texas Tech - See above. He looks like a player that is still having to adjust to the position. He did get enough of a push at times to create some run seams for his RBs.

10/24 - Baylor - Kerstetter had a decent game, never looking bad or particularly great. He generally held down his assignment and played his role.

13) Matt Allen | 6'3 | 294 | C | Michigan State 

10/24 - Rutgers - Allen had an up and down game. On the plus side, he was very fluid, showed the ability to snap and pull out into space. When going head up, he was technically sound and reliable. On the down side, he lacked power when transitioning, also missed on a few assignments. 

10/31 - Michigan - Considering the opposing talent in front of him, Allen had a respectable game. He showed toughness throughout, was able to turn his man off the ball at times to create run lanes. He was generally sound in pass pro as well, while over matched at times. 

999) Tyler Linderbaum | 6'2 | 286 | C | Iowa -

999) Ben Brown | 6'4 | 315 | C | Ole Miss

999) Alec Lindstrom | 6'3 | 290 | C | Boston College -