There were eleven ILBs taken in the 2020 draft, four of which were selected within the top 100 selections. There was a strong drop-off thereafter, as another six were selected in rounds 6 through 7. This year's draft class could be stronger by comparison. 

There were eighteen OLBs taken in the 2020 draft.  There was a very even spread of selections round by round throughout the draft. As of right now, it appears that the 2020 class will end up being more balanced with more depth.

1) Micah Parsons | 6'3 | 245 | OLB | Penn State - (Opting Out)

Parsons offers up excellent size and speed to match. Pound for pound, he's one of the best athletes in the country. He plays with outstanding range, truly able to track the ball and make plays on it form sideline to sideline. He's a very gifted blitzer, does an excellent job of knifing through lanes to get into the backfield. Against the run, he reads keys, rarely takes false steps and wastes no time getting to the ball carrier. 

2) Zaven Collins | 6'3 | 260 | OLB/EDGE | Tulsa

9/12 - OK State - Collins had an excellent game. While his stat count of 3 sacks is mighty impressive, how he accumulated them is what stands out. He flew around the field, showed off a great blend of size and speed.

10/24 - South Florida - Collins was active with 6 tackles. He showed off good play recognition coupled with the range to close in on  the ball well. He showed that he can shine as an on of off-ball LB.

11/14 - SMU - Collins had a very impressive game. As an off-ball LB, he reads plays very well and showed off some very good closing speed when tracking the ball. While his INT late in the game was the splash play that helped seal the victory, he was consistently good throughout the contest. As good as he was in this capacity, he was dominant as an edge rusher. he showed very good speed and bend running the arc, was far too athletic and savvy to get a clean block on. He finished the game with 6 tackles, 2 TFLs, 1 sack, 1 INT. At worst, he looked like a solid, early Day 2 prospect.

3) Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah | 6'2 | 224 | ILB | Notre Dame -

9/12 - Duke - Owusu-Koramoah paced the defense, certainly looking like he could be a top 50 selection. He showed range and good play recognition against the run, was very adept in pass coverage and shined when asked to blitz.

10/10 - Florida State - Owusu-Koramoah was all over the field tonight, made play after play. While the stat line reads just 5 tackles, 2 TFLs, he was around the ball often and kept FSU on their toes all night. At worst. he looked like a Day-2 prospect.

10/17 - Louisville - Range. This kid has a ton of it and it showed in this contest. While not real big, he played with strength and tracked the ball nicely. He posted 5 tackles, 2 TFLs.

10/24 - Pittsburgh - Owusu-Koramoah flashed again when given the chance. He had just 1 tackle, 1 INT, but executed his assignments well. 

11/7 - Clemson - This game highlighted why Owusu-Koramoah could be a top-40 selection. He had 9 tackles, 2.5 TFLs. He displayed terrific read and react skills, great range and stout play despite being undersized. His ability to cover guys like Etienne was impressive.

4) Dylan Moses | 6'2 | 235 | ILB | Alabama -

9/26 - Missouri - Moses is back, seemingly have no ill effects from the in jury that sidelined him last year. He diagnosed plays well and was quick to close in on the ball. He had 4 tackles, 2 TFLs. Aside from getting hemmed up at the second level a few times by releasing O-lineman, he was solid. 

10/3 - Texas A&M - Moses was solid in his reads and was seldom out of position. While he was steady with 6 tackles, he was beat by a releasing  RB for a TD. He wasn't bad in coverage, but not great either. 

10/17 - Georgia - I really like Moses, but his play was a bit up and down. 10 tackles and 1 TFL looks great, but he did get hemmed up at times due to a few slow reads, didn't play on fire like Monty Rice of Georgia.

10/24 - Tennessee - Moses read and diagnosed plays well, but he really got dismantled when attempting to take on blocks. He posted 6 solo stops which is certainly respectable, but he seemed to lack sand in his pants tonight.

11/21 - Kentucky - Moses generally had good reads and held down his assignments well. However, he wasn't assertive in attacking the ball, seemed tentative. He ended up not logging a single tackle. While his D-line did very well up front, that's not a good sign.


The main knock on Moses is his medical. When healthy, you see an instinctive kid who can really move. While not a huge bruiser, he can lay a lick and is a sound tackler overall. He diagnoses plays well and can move, covering a lot of ground. He's adept at dropping into space vs. the pass as well. 

5) Nick Bolton | 6'0 | 235 | OLB/ILB | Missouri -

9/26 - Alabama - Bolton had a very good game. He read plays well, showed excellent range and played with his hair on fire. He had 8 tackles, 1 TFL and was seldom seen away from the ball. Aside from a couple miss reads and getting caught in the fray, he really looked the part.

10/3 - Tennessee - Bolton had a very good game. Granted, he missed a tackle, got caught in the fray and had a couple bad reads. That said, he posted 17 tackles in this contest and was everywhere. Even when he had his flaws, he was never far off. 

10/10 - LSU - Bolton had a very good outing, showed a lot of versatility and overall talent. He paced his team in both tackles and passes defended with 11 and 3 respectively. He showed off good range and cover skills. LSU opted to go pass-heavy, only handing the ball off 16 times. While Bolton defended the run well, he stood out dropping in space and covering ground. If the season ended today, he cemented himself as a top-45 selection from what I saw.

10/24 - Kentucky - Bolton paced his team with 7 tackles, showed off good range and athleticism. However, he did have a couple bad reads, left his gap uncovered and they were exploited. 

10/31 - Florida - Bolton paced his team with 7 tackles. Aside from false stepping on a couple bad reads, he flashed several times, played with range and athleticism.

Bolton isn't real big, but he hits like a Mack truck. He's adept at playing in both 2 and 3 LB looks, capable of manning an inside or outside position. He plays with very good instincts, flashing read and react ability. He has plus range, does an excellent job off closing in on the ball and making a ton of stops. He's very good dropping into space and covering the pass. He has the speed to hang with receivers and reads QBs well. 

6) Chazz Surratt | 6'2 | 230 | OLB | North Carolina -

9/12 - Syracuse - Surratt had a very good game, looked like one of the nation's best at his position. He played with very good speed with plus range. He paced his team with 9 tackles, TFLs as well with 2.5. He looked like a complete player, one who can and does do it all.

10/3 - Boston College - Outside of giving up a couple of receptions to the very good TE Long, Surratt had an great game. He was a heat-seeking missile, did an excellent job of closing in on the ball. He sniffed out plays well and was seldom out of position, if at all. He notched 8 solo tackles, 1 sack.

10/10 - Virginia Tech - Surrat was solid with 4 tackles, but not overly impressive. He read plays well and showed good range and speed overall. However, there weren't many splash moments as we've seen prior.

Surratt is an all-around LB, play maker. While he converted from QB to LB just prior to the 2019 season, he took to the position extraordinarily well, posting 115 stops. As if that wasn't enough, he chipped in with 6.5 sacks as well. Whether he's defending the pass or run, he plays with a QB mindset. He's very good at reading plays, sniffing out where the ball is going. Against the pass, he displays the requisite speed and quickness to cover receivers. He looks the part when blitzing, whether it be up the middle or off the edge when lined up at the LOS.  Against the run, he plays with range, takes proper angles and is a sure tackler. 

7) Monty Rice | 6'2 | 235 | OLB/ILB | Georgia -

9/26 - Arkansas - Rice's play was noticeable early on, but trailed off as the game went on. This is not and indictment against his play, as Arkansas was neutralized by Georgia's front.

10/3 - Auburn - Rice had a very good game, leading his team with 7 tackles, 6 of which were solo stops. While he got a ton of help from great D-line play in front of him, he read as much well and was quick to close on the ball carrier.

10/10 - Tennessee - Rice paced his team with 8 tackles, also had 2 TFLs. He was excellent in mop-up duty, was quick to read plays and crash down on RBs. He showed solid range, able to cover a good portion of the field.

10/17 - Alabama - Rice had a great game. Yes, Waddle beat him for a reception, but Rice was just a step behind that insane speedster. He showed excellent range and was all over the field. He had 6 tackles, which seemed like 10+.

11/7 - Florida - One could pick on Rice for allowing a few receptions, but it would be wrong to do so given the talent he faced and how well he handled it. Rice was all over the field and despite the aforementioned was rarely out of position. He flashed good range and speed, posted 8 stops on the day. 

Rice is an ultra-productive LB who excels against the run. While he's a good athlete who can run well, a knock on him is that he's a bit one-dimensional at this point. Across his first three years, he's logged 0 INTs and just 1 sack. While how he's used and what he's assigned to do isn't on him, you'd like to see more versatility in his game. 

8) Cameron McGrone | 6'1 | 232 | ILB/OLB | Michigan - 

10/24 - Minnesota - McGrone had a solid game. He read his keys up front and was quick to close in on the run. He played with leveled tenacity and very good range. He had 5 tackles.

10/31 - Michigan State - McGrone flashed quickness and instincts throughout the game. He diagnosed plays well and wasted no time knifing through the fray to get to the ball carrier. While quick, he showed the strength to take on blocks and stand up against the run. He posted 7 tackles. 


McGrone isn't real big, but man this kid can fly. He does an excellent job of seeing the ball and attacking, wasting no time in doing so. He plays with plus range, does well scraping across the LOS and taking a clean angle toward the ball carrier. In pass coverage, he's quick to pick up his assignment and stick with him. He's an excellent blitzer who times his pursuit well and uses his speed to get into the backfield in a hurry. 

9) Pete Werner | 6'2 | 240 | OLB | Ohio State -

10/24 - Nebraska - To me, Werner had the best game out of the Buckeyes' LB corps. He was quick with his first step, wasted little to no time addressing his run lane and taking on the block if/when needed. He tackled well and showed good functional speed and range. He led his squad with 7 tackles. 

10/31 - Penn State - Werner posted 6 tackles, held down his run assignments well. 

11/21 - Indiana - Werner really impressed me in this game. While he did lose in the pass coverage game on a couple balls, he was otherwise very good. In the instances where he lost, he had to cover WR-type speed. He read plays very well and delivered a pop as a tackler. Aside from a few missed steps in pursuit, this young man looked very good. He notched 8 tackles, 1 sack.

It's easy for Werner to get lost in the shuffle due to all the talent the Buckeyes have. That said, he's a very solid prospect in his own right. He's a good athlete who has the size to take on blocks, coupled with the range to make plays in space. Whether he's defending the run or pass, you'll rarely see him miss an assignment or be out of position. He's a reliable tackler and a good field leader.

10) Ventrell Miller | 6'0 | 222 | ILB | Florida

9/26 - Ole Miss - Miller had an outstanding game. He posted 15 tackles, 13 of which were solo. He played like a heat seeking missile, diagnosed plays very well and closed in on the ball quite well. There was little to nothing that got by this guy.

10/3 - South Carolina - Miller had another good game. He posted 6 tackles on the day, was quick to diagnose plays and close in on the ball. As a striker, he delivered a good pop, was reliable. 

10/31 - Missouri - Miller had a solid, but not great game. He posted 4 tackles and did his part, there just wasn't a lot that came his way. Many runs were shut down at the LOS.

11/7 - Georgia - Miller had a relatively quiet game, as most of his tackle opportunities died at the LOS, or were beyond his coverage duties. He posted 3 tackles, carried out his assignments well.

11/21 - Vanderbilt - Miller got knocked out of the game on two separate instances, but he looked the part before finally leaving. He read plays well and was quick to come down hill on the ball carrier. 

11) Baron Browning | 6'2 | 238 | ILB | Ohio State

10/24 - Nebraska - Browning had a revealing game, chipped in with 5 tackles. On the plus side, he appeared to be the fastest, most fluid Buckeye LB. He shined when in a run and chase capacity. On the flip side, he didn't take on blocks real well, dud his best to slip the block and/or avoid contact vs. taking it head on. 

10/31 - Penn State - Browning was good in space, showed the best ability to cover the pass out of his LB corps. He didn't land any tackles, as most everything happened right at the LOS or downfield.

11/21 - Indiana - Browning had a solid game. He paced his team with 7 solo stops, did a good job reading and reacting to plays. 

12) Jabril Cox | 6'2 | 233 | OLB | LSU -

9/26 - Miss. State - Cox impressed. He showed off very good range coupled with the versatility to line up all over the place and be effective in doing so. Whether playing inside or outside off-ball, or being used as a blitzer, he was good. He had 6 tackles, 1 sack.

10/10 - Missouri - Cox had a lopsided game. He did post 8 tackles, 2 TFLs. However, he got caught up at the second level way too often, was slow to read plays and take that first step toward engaging against the run. He was very vanilla in pass coverage, getting beat a couple times by my count. While he flashed at times and showed his abilities, this wasn't his best outing by a longshot.

10/24 - South Carolina - Cox had an up and down game. While he led his squad with 7 tackles and did diagnose plays well at times, he was out of position too often. It wasn't a bad game for him, but he looked very average.

10/31 - Auburn - Cox had an average game. He was generally sound in his assignments but never stood out in his play vs. the run nor pass. He showed range to make some plays, but again wasn't special. He posted 3 stops. 

Cox was a key transfer acquisition, as he was often the heartbeat of the North Dakota State Bison defense over the past few seasons. He's a fluid player who does a really good job tracking the ball in space. He plays with very good functional speed, really stands out in pass coverage. He isn't a big striker, but he's a sound tackler who does well bringing his man down. 

13) Damone Clark | 6'3 | 240 | ILB | LSU

9/26 - Miss. State - Clark had an excellent game. The stat line of 11 tackles, 1.5 TFLs should be taken as a nod that this kid can play. He was all over the place, showing range and diagnosis skills. He was a fierce striker, was seldom away from plays around the LOS. 

10/10 - Missouri - Clark outplayed his teammate Cox,  but he showed chinks in his armor as well. He paced his team with 9 tackles and did have a fumble recovery. However, he didn't diagnose plays as fast as he usually does and was rendered out of position because of it. He flashed at times and looked the part, he just did so unevenly.

10/24 - South Carolina - This was easily Clark's worst game of the year. He was in on 6 tackles, but was late on a few of them. He was out of position multiple times, allowed big outside runs. His reads were often lacking, and he looked a couple steps slow tracking the ball carrier.

10/31 - Auburn - Clark had 5 tackles on the day and looked better than he did last week. He still had a couple late reads and didn't always take the best pursuit angles, but didn't look bad as a whole.

14) Anthony Hines III | 6'2 | 226 | OLB/ILB | Texas A&M -

Hines is undersized and doesn't carry much meat on his frame relative to other LBs, but he plays very fast, flashes excellent range. His read and react skills are very good, as he sniffs out the ball well and wastes little time in pursuit. He's shown good versatility, a LB who shouldn't leave the field. He's good in space as a coverage man, can also blitz.

15) Buddy Johnson | 6'2 | 234 | ILB | Texas A&M -

16) Terrell Bernard | 6'1 | 222 | OLB | Baylor

10/3 - West Virginia - Bernard had a very solid game, pacing his squad with 13 tackles, 10 of which were solo stops.  He played bigger than his listed weight, showing no issues toward throwing his body around. He did have a couple false steps on bad reads, and his lack of girth was an issue a couple times, but as a whole he was very productive...a fireplug.

10/24 - Texas - Bernard had a terrific game. His stat line of 19 total tackles, 9 solo, 2 TFLs is very impressive. However, the play behind those numbers is even more so. He read plays very well and was very quick to beat blocks and get to the ball carrier. He played with great range and tracking speed, tackled very soundly despite his smallish frame. He was seemingly in on every play, a difference maker.

10/31 - TCU - Bernard did post 7 tackles, showed good read and react skills, speed. However, he got hemmed up at times by releasing O-linemen, simply wasn't big or strong enough to free himself. 

17) Nate Landman | 6'2 | 230 | ILB | Colorado -

11/7 - UCLA - Landman had a decent game. He was often used as a blitzer, and while he didn't create any sacks he did force UCLA to rush some plays. He was solid within the hashes, but his limited range and speed was noticeable. He ended the game with 6 tackles, was a ruddy player overall. 

Landman is one of the best pure LBs in the nation. He's a fierce striker who really drops the hammer in the tackling department. He has a nose for the football, is often in the right place at the right time. My one reservation about Landman is his speed. While there are games where he shows enough of it, a lot of his work is done within the tackle box. He may be just a 2-down LB in the eyes of some, not able to fit every scheme out there.

18) DaShaun White | 6'0 | 228 | OLB | Oklahoma

9/26 - Kansas State - White posted just 2 tackles on the day, but to his credit many plays ran away from him. He showed off good speed and was an instinctive blitzer when asked to do so.

10/3 - Iowa State - White didn't have his best game today. He did pace his team with 7 tackles, 2 TFLs. However, his production was when he was in the clear, often after several yards were gained. His lack of size shown through, as he was caught in the fray quite a few times and struggled to get off blocks. He also had some bad reads, didn't stay disciplined to gap assignments.

10/24 - TCU - White had an up and down game. On the plus side, he looked great at times as a run and chase LB, showing off good range and the ability to cut running lanes off for the ball carrier. Inside the OT's was a different story. He guessed too often, had bad reads that led to false steps, rendering him out of position to make the tackle. He had 5 stops on the day.

11/21 - Oklahoma State - White's services weren't called upon much, as many plays stopped before they got to him. He had just 3 tackles, didn't stand out in any regard. 

19) Charles Snowden | 6'6 | 225 | OLB/EDGE | Virginia 

10/3 - Clemson - Snowden was very average in this contest, did very little off the edge or at the LOS.

10/10 - Virginia - Snowden flashed a few times, ended up with 5 tackles. While he chipped in, his play didn't stand out overall.

10/24 - Miami - Snowden wasn't stout vs. the run, but when used on twists stunts and allowed to run the arc, he looked much better. He was pesky at the LOS, had 8 tackles, 3.5 TFLs. He looked like he could be a real gem if schemed appropriately.

20) Tuf Borland | 6'1 | 232 | ILB | Ohio State -

10/24 - Nebraska - Borland had a decent game, but was average overall. He looked a bit slow on his reads at times, didn't flash great lateral movement speed. He was functional with his 5 tackles and didn't look bad, just not dynamic in any regard.

10/31 - Penn State - Borland was adequate against the run, but when having to cover a the TE on one play he looked slow, had nowhere near the wheels to hang.

11/21 - Indiana - Borland looked rather vanilla today. He stuck his head in well on inyterior runs, but looked limited in terms of being able to do just that.

Borland has adequate size, strength and speed for the position. He's a heady LB who displays good instincts and reads plays well. While he doesn't have elite speed, it's certainly good enough for him to track the ball and close things down. He's an all-around player who looks good vs. the run and pass, rarely a liability in either. 

21) Jack Sanborn | 6'1 | 232 | ILB | Wisconsin

10/24 - Illinois - Sanborn was relatively quiet, posted just 3 tackles on the night. He did have some good reads and flowed well, just didn't have much opportunity to showcase his abilities.

22) Paddy Fisher | 6'3 | 241 | ILB | Northwestern

10/24 - Maryland - Fisher read plays well and was a sound tackler, but he showed limited range in tracking the ball.

23) Zane Zandier | 6'2 | 230 | ILB | Virginia

10/3 - Clemson - Zandier had a very good game. He diagnosed plays very well and was an active tackler. While credited with 7 stops, it seemed like he had a dozen tackles on the day. He showed range and was adequate in coverage.

10/10 - Virginia - Zandier was fun to watch. He had 7 tackles, 1 TFL. He played at a frenetic pace, did quite well on run plays conducted between the OTs.

10/24 - Miami - Zandier had a productive night. While he didn't flash elite athleticism, he read plays very well and wasted no time closing in on his assignment. He came away with 10 tackles, 2 TFLs.

24) Dimitri Moore | 6'3 | 225 | ILB | Vanderbilt - 

11/14 - Kentucky - Moore diagnosed plays well, but he was hemmed up a few times, caught in the fray without the strength to muscle himself out. He seemed a bit rusty after his time off. 

11/21 - Florida - Moore read plays and flowed pretty well to the ball carrier. While he wasn't flashy, he was adequate.

25) K.J. Britt | 6'0 | 243 | ILB | Auburn

9/26 - Kentucky - There was little to not like in Britt's play. He diagnosed run plays very quickly and wasted no time closing in on the  ball. He took on releasing O-linemen with strength, clogged up his lane responsibility well. He was a strong tackler, led his team with 11 stops. 

10/3 - Georgia - Britt had a very tough game, was constantly in and out due to nagging ailments. When in, he was very active against the run and took on blocks with grit and resolve. He had 12 tackles on the day, did well in between the tackles with average lateral mobility overall.

26) Garret Wallow | 6'1 | 225 | OLB | TCU -

9/26 - Iowa State - Wallow had a real solid game. He led his team with 9 tackles, also had 2 TFLs, and 1 sack. He read plays very well, was quick to fill holes and take on blocks. He played with good speed and range. On the down side, his lack of size impacted him on a few run plays, as he simply couldn't get off blocks to make a play on the ball.

9/26 - Texas - Wallow had a decent game. While he didn't show much in pass coverage, he read plays well and shipped in with 6 tackles against the run.

10/10 - Kansas State - Wallow had a solid game. He paced his team with 10 tackles. He was quick to read and diagnose run plays, kept run plays between the OTs in lock. 

10/24 - Oklahoma - Wallow flashed great instincts, read and react abilities. However, he sometimes didn't have the feet to keep up with his eyes. All in all he was active and productive, led his squad with 11 tackles. 

Wallow is undersized, and because of as much he won't fit into every scheme. That said, his size belies what he's able to do out there. After posting 74 tackles in 2018, he stepped his game up in 2019 and brought that count up to 125. He's a rangy player who's challenging to get outside of on perimeter runs. He can blitz, does a good job reading the blocker adjustment to the stunt and times his attack soundly. He's adequate in coverage, typically does a good job of picking up the TE or his assigned man as appropriate. 

27) Palaie Gaoteote | 6'2 | 250 | ILB | USC -

1/7 - Arizona State - He chipped in with 7 tackles, but only one was solo. He was a bit flat-footed in his reads, allowed releasing O-linemen too much time to get to the 2nd level and seal him off. As a whole, not a great game by any means.

11/14 - Arizona - Got knocked out early, was only in on 2 stops. Up to that point he played the run adequately.

Gaoteote has been serviceable to adequate thus far, but hasn't lived up to his advanced billing just yet. He's looked good and sound within the tackle box as a run defender, but hasn't shown a whole lot in coverage or as a blitzer.

28) Merlin Robertson | 6'2 | 235 | ILB | Arizona State

11/7 - USC - Robertson came into this game as a highly rated defender on many boards, and I just didn't see it today. While he did post 10 tackles, 5 of which were solo, there was nothing that really stood out in his play. His reads were good at times, slow on others. He was stout at times, was meh in other instances. He benefited from some great NT play by D.J. Davidson.

29) Josh Ross | 6'2 | 230 | OLB | Michigan - 

10/24 - Minnesota - Ross' play jumped out to me several times. He showed good lateral quickness coupled with a nose for the ball. He tracked plays nicely and was very productive. Of his 9 tackles, 6 were solo stops. 

10/31 - Michigan State - Ross had a few hiccups, whether it be a slow read or missed tackle, but as a whole he was very solid in his performance. He still very good athletic traits and ball recognition throughout the game. He posted 8 tackles.

30) Chris Rumph | 6'3 | 225 | OLB | Duke

9/12 - Notre Dame - Rumph flashed at times, ended up with 5 tackles. He showed a decent balance of edge quickness and run-stopping ability. That said, he did appear to lack size if not strength to man the DE spot in a 4-3. If graded as an OLB, he did okay. If graded from a DE standpoint, he flopped. 

9/19 - Boston College - Rumph was underwhelming in this contest. Yes, he was in on 7 tackles, only one of them was solo. He was at his best when he went free and was unblocked, but seldom created plays on his own. He gushed athleticism, but too often was hemmed up and just didn't have the ability to excel as a DE.

31) Quay Walker | 6'4 | 240 | ILB | Georgia

9/26 - Arkansas - Walker flashed a few times, but he had limited opportunities to shine thanks to great D-line play in front of him.

10/3 - Auburn - Walker pitched in with 4 tackles and was steady as a whole. He did nothing to stand out, good nor bad.

10/10 - Tennessee - Walker had a solid night, posted 5 tackles, all of which were solo. He read his keys nicely and wasted no time getting after the ball carrier.

10/17 - Alabama - Walker stepped up a number of times to make some real nice tackles, posting 7 on the day. He wasn't flashy, but mighty sound.

32) Kuony Deng | 6'6 | 250 | ILB | California

11/14- UCLA - Deng made a few tackles, but his play was tentative, seemed slow on his reads and not real physical nor sudden to engage. 

33) Riko Jeffers | 6'2 | 235 | ILB | Texas Tech

9/26 - Texas - Jeffers was a real nice surprise in thus match up. He brought a ton of intensity to the game, actively fought blocks to make a play on the ball. Whether operating as an off-ball LB or blitzing off the edge, he was impactful. He led his squad with 10 tackles, was around the ball often.

10/3 - Kansas State - Jeffers was often used as an extra man coming off the LOS to rush the passer. While he had a couple QBHs and did his assignment to the best of his ability, he didn't showcase much as an off-ball LB.

10/24 - West Virginia - Jeffers once again showed his versatility, playing off ball and at the LOS as an extra rusher. While he hustled his tail off and was always working, his play was deemed as average more times than not.

34) James Skalski | 6'0 | 245 | ILB | Clemson

9/12 - Wake Forest - Skalski missed the first half due to a targeting penalty from last season, but quickly looked the part of an old school MIKE 'backer.

10/3 - Virginia - Posted 9 tackle, showed his worth as an inside thumper.

35) Blake Gallagher | 6'0 | 221 | ILB/OLB | Northwestern

10/24 - Maryland - Gallagher was active, posted 4tackles on the game. He played with intensity, showed solid read and react skills.

36) Rayshard Ashby | 5'10 | 237 | ILB | Virginia Tech

10/24 - Wake Forest - Ashby diagnosed plays well and was active around the LOS. He posted 7 tackles, 2 TFLs.

10/31 - Louisville - Ashby was solid, but not great. He posted 5 tackles and did his part, but looked rather average doing so.

11/14 - Miami - Ashby did his thing, proved to be a productive tackler who scraped well at the LOS. He amassed 11 tackles, showing good read and react skills.

37) Erroll Thompson | 6'1 | 250 | ILB | Mississippi State

9/26 - LSU - Thompson was a solid hammer in the middle, but his lack of range and mobility stood out when watching LSU's LBs move. He posted 10 tackles and executed his role along the inside well, however. LSU couldn't move the ball on the ground with leveled consistency.

10/31 - Alabama - Thompson had 11 tackles and asserted himself on inside runs. He was limited beyond that, however, as he lacked quickness and lateral mobility.

38) Isaiah Kafusi | 6'2 | 220 | OLB | BYU

9/5 - Navy - Kafusi was fun to watch. While undersized for his 3-4 OLB role, he carried out his tasks very well. His 5-tackle, 2-sack stat line is great, but so was his diagnosing of run lanes and his ability to quickly close with impressive range. This kid moved very well, played with his hair on fire. 

10/17 - Houston - Kafusi had a solid game. He posted 8 tackles, 1 sack. He showed good range and played with a frenetic pace. He looked adept against the run and pass.

39) Jamar Watson | 6'2 | 242 | OLB | Kentucky

9/26 - Auburn - Watson flashed a few times, but was otherwise very average. He did nothing to distinguish himself as a draft-worthy prospect.

10/3 - Ole Miss - Watson was a bit forgettable at times, but he flashed on other plays, amassed 5 tackles, 1.5 TFLs.

10/17 - Tennessee - Watson somewhat quietly had a good game. He posted 6 tackles, 1 sack. He swarmed the LOS well, played with good intensity and range.

10/24 - Missouri - Very vanilla game, not good or bad. 

40) Caleb Kelly | 6'2 | 225 | ILB | Oklahoma

41) Amari Burney | 6'2 | 224 | ILB | Florida

9/26 - Ole Miss - Burney had a solid, yet unspectacular game. There wasn't anything in particular that stood out with his play. 

10/3 - South Carolina - This was another game where  Burney was indeed solid, but lost in the mix of activity. He posted 6 tackles and was an active part of what was often a solid if not good run defense.

10/31 - Missouri - Burney had little opportunity to assert himself, as UF's D-line stopped things up front.

42) Lakie Henry | 5'11 | 235 | ILB | Ole Miss

9/26 - Florida - Henry posted 4 tackles on the day, did nothing to stand out.

10/3 - Kentucky - Same...