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Offensive Tackles

The were 19 OTs selected in the 2023 draft, as follows:


Round 1 - Paris Johnson, Darnell Wright, Peter Skoronski, Broderick Jones, Anton Harrison

Round 2 - Matthew Bergeron

Round 3 - Wanta Morris

Round 4 - Nick Saldiveri, Blake Freeman, Dewand Jones, Braeden Daniels, Carter Warren

Round 5 - Colby Sarsdal, Asim Richards, Warren McClendon

Round 6 - Jaelyn Duncan

Round 7 - Jake Witt, Ryan Hayes

1) Joe Alt | 6'7 | 317 | LT | Notre Dame

9/9 - North Carolina State - Alt had himself a very good game. In the run game, he looked equally strong going head up with defenders or pulling out into space to lead block. His power stood out. He was a wall in pass pro, very difficult to get rocked off his pass set. 

9/23 - Ohio State - Had a nice game overall. While he was really challenged by power a few times, he generally held his own in pass pro, and was able to get a lean in the run game. He held the DEs in check throughout.

10/14 - USC - Had a very solid game. He was a wall in pass pro and was able to provide a good lean if not push in the run game. While not always dominant, he held his assignments very well. 

2) Taliese Fuaga | 6'6 | 326 | RT | Oregon State

10/14 - UCLA - Wow. Whether he drew Laiatu Latu or Gabriel Murphy, Fuaga had his way with them almost every encounter. In pass pro, he showed off a clean kick slide coupled with the ability to take on bull rushes and counter moves. He routinely rode his man wide of the pocket, allowing a good step up path for his QB. He was a mauler in the run game, quick out of his stance and into his defender with plus strength.

11/18 - Washington - Was good to dominant on almost every snap, asserted himself quite well in all aspects of his play. 

3) Olumuyiwa Fashanu | 6'6 | 310 | LT | Penn State

9/2 - West Virginia - From a pass blocking perspective, this was a good game from him. He was quick out of his stance in his kick slide, mirrored well with his hands and feet. I wasn't nearly as impressed with his run blocking. While he was quick into his man, he was often too erect and lacked physicality. He leaned into his man and stayed engaged,, but there was a marginal push provided. 

10/21 - Ohio State - Performed well for most of the night, but faltered in the 4th quarter. He showed a smooth kick slide and was technically sound, but he lacked some much needed anchor strength vs. the bull rush on a few snaps.

4) JC Latham | 6'6 | 326 | OT/OG | Alabama

9/9 - Texas - Latham had an erratic game.  While he hemmed up his man at times, he didn't always play with leverage or clean technique.  He waist-bended more than once, didn't look fluid blocking the wide arc. He looked heavy, may need to drop weight. 

10/7 - Texas A&M - Had a very good game, showed off mauling strength all around, was a wall in pass pro. He still looked like he could lose a few pounds to move quicker, but it wasn't an issue.

5) Amarius Mims | 6'7 | 330 | RT | Georgia

9/16 - South Carolina - Mims got rolled up on and had to leave the game early. He looked very good up until that point. He was fluid in his kick slide, consumed defenders with his strength, created run lanes.

11/11 - Ole Miss - Limited snaps at RT. He played with strength, but was often too erect at times, didn't show great footwork. He looked rusty. 

11/18 - Tennessee - He's back. He played with fluid feet in pass pro, also showed he could get out into space in the run game. His power and overall athleticism stood out. 

6) Tyler Guyton | 6'7 | 327 | RT | Oklahoma

10/7 - Texas - Didn't look real athletic moving laterally, but he was adequate in the run game, and was an absolute wall in pass pro. He was reliable and dependable the entire game. 

7) Graham Barton | 6'5 | 311 | LT/OG | Duke

9/4 - Clemson - Barton looked great tonight, especially based off of the defensive talent he faced. He was smooth in his kick slide, while displaying good functional strength in pass pro, and in the run game. He played with some nasty to his game, not afraid to go toe to toe with anyone out there.  

10/14 - NC State - Barton had a good outing.  He was strong and fluid in pass pro, and showed well on his down blocks in the run game.  He's aa stout kid who played cleanly.

11/11 - North Carolina - Barton had a good game, was technically very sound nd effective. Even when initially beaten by a bull rush, he regrouped well and showed good recovery skills. He was fluid in his movements, landed some very good down blocks, displaying functional strength.

8) Jordan Morgan | 6'5 | 328 | LT/OG | Arizona

9/9 - Mississippi State - Morgan didn't look 100% recovered from his injury last season, but he was close. He showed a good kick slide and was able to stay square head up and around the arc. His run blocking was adequate, but not great. 

9) Kingsley Suamataia | 6'5 | 320 | LT | BYU

9/16 - Arkansas - Had a good showing, displaying the ability to kick slide well in  pass pro and pull as a lead blocker in the run game. He wasn't always clean with his technique, but gushed talent.

11/18 - Oklahoma - Had a very good game, kept his man t b in pass pro all dy. He also showed resolute strength  in the run  game, sealed the edge nicely as appropriate.

10) Patrick Paul | 6'7 | 315 | LT | Houston

9/16 - TCU - Paul had a very solid game. While he did get a bit erect at times, lacking ideal knee bend, he routinely hemmed his man up, especially in pass pro. As the game progressed, he became stronger as a run blocker, moving his man off the ball, allowing an off-tackle lane to develop. 

11) Kiran Amegadjie | 6'5 | 321 | OT/OG | Yale

12) Delmar Glaze | 6'5 | 305 | LT | Maryland

13) Blake Fisher | 6'5 | 305 | RT | Notre Dame

9/9 - North Carolina State - Fisher was very solid at RT. He was able to hem defenders up in the run game, creating lanes. In pass pro he was very reliable, kept the pocket clean. 

9/23 - Ohio State - Had a nice game, kept the opposing DEs relatively quiet throughout this game. He didn't flash in any one regard, just held things down. 

10/14 - USC - Had a solid game. He generally kept the right side clean in pass pro, whilst showing some run blocking capabilities. 

14) Christian Jones | 6'6 | 321 | RT | Texas

15) Roger Rosengarten | 6'6 | 303 | RT | Washington

10/14 - Oregon - He had a very up and down game. While he looked fluid and capable at times, his lack of anchor strength showed too often, especially when gauging how he did vs. his teammate Fautanu against like rushers. 

16) Anthony Belton | 6'6 | 336 | LT/OG | NC State

9/9 - Notre Dame - Aside from a holding penalty against an arc rush, Belton was very serviceable if not solid. He was hard to get free of, using his size and functional strength to tie up defenders in the run and pass game. While not always fluid, he got the job done. 

10/14 - Duke - Belton jumped off the screen a number of times, playing with mauling strength in both the pass and run game. Once he latched onto his man, it was over. He did get exploited at times when having to block wide lanes,  but was very sound overall. 

17) Javon Foster | 6'5 | 320 | LT | Missouri

9/16 - TCU - Foster had a solid outing, held his edge well in pass pro and in the run game. He did get bettered a few times, not always clean with his technique. However, his athletic ability enabled him to rebound well. 

10/7 - LSU - Foster technically allowed a strip sack late in the game which was very costly, but Cook was very deep in the pocket, not helping matters. Foster otherwise held his own very well in pass pro, created some push in the run game. 

10/14 - Kentucky - Foster had a solid night. He didn't wow, but he routinely locked his man up in pass pro and in the run game. 

18) Matt Goncalves | 6'6 | 336 | OT | Pittsburgh

9/16 - Cincinnati - Had a very clean game at LT, routinely hemmed his man up long enough for plays to develop. While he got beat a couple times by quickness he was solid overall. 

19) Garret Greenfield | 6'7 | 320 | OT | South Dakota State

20) K.T. Leveston | 6'5 | 330 | OT/OG | Kansas State

9/16 - Missouri - Manning his LT spot, Leveston really impressed. He showed plus power in the pass and run game. He provided a wall in the former, was a mauling, body-mover in the latter. He engulfed defenders, was simply too strong for them to get around. 

21) Nathan Thomas | 6'5 | 334 | LT/OG | Louisiana

22) Caedan Wallace | 6'5 | 341 | RT/OG | Louisiana

23) Walter Rouse | 6'6 | 315 | LT | Oklahoma

10/7 - Texas - Held down his blocking assignments quite well, hemmed up his defender throughout the game. 

11/18 - BYU - Showed well in this contest, took care of his man whether it was in the run game or pass pro. 

24Anim Dankwah | 6'8 | 362 | OT | Howard

999) Josh Simmons | 6'5 | 310 | LT | Ohio State

999) Marques Cox | 6'6 | 309 | LT | Kentucky

999) Robert Scott | 6'5 | 312 | LT | Florida State

999) Joshua Gray | 6'4 | 306 | LT/OG | Oregon State

999) Jonah Monheim | 6'5 | 295 | LT | USC

999) Jack Nelson | 6'7 | 305 | LT | Wisconsin

999) Khalil Benson | 6'6 | 310 | RT | Colorado

999) Reuben Fatheree | 6'8 | 330 | RT | Texas A&M

999) Aireontae Ersery | 6'6 | 325 | OT | Minnesota

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