Offensive Tackles


The 2020 OT class had a total of eighteen players drafted. Bear in mind that there is always some debate as to whether a guy is an interior or OT, mind you. What won't be debated is the total of six OTs coming off the board in Round 1. That's an unprecedented number that the 2021 class won't touch. There is real good talent to be had here though.


1) Penei Sewell | 6'5 | 325 | OT | Oregon - (Opting Out)

Sewell boasts excellent size and functional strength to match. While his kick slide doesn't always appear to be on an elite level,  you seldom see him get beat on arch rushes, even against quick DE/Edges. He plays with strong grip strength, evidenced by how well he controls defenders once latched on. He's a mauling blocker, one who exhibits good leg drive as he drives/steers his man off the ball. He plays threw the whistle with a nasty disposition, finishes his blocks. While his quickness could be improved, he has plenty of tape showing his ability to transition off of chips and work up to the second level. 

2) Alex Leatherwood | 6'5 | 310 | OT | Alabama -

9/26 - Missouri - Leatherwood had a solid game overall, showing solid mirroring ability in pass pro coupled with the ability to be a body-move in the run game. That said, he let a few blocks slip, didn't always finish. While he did stick with his man on arc rushes, he didn't always look real fluid in his kick slide. He also didn't show a consistently timed punch in pass sets. He was good, but has some things to clean up.

10/3 - Texas A&M- Leatherwood was very reliable overall, impressed in flashes. He showed good power in the run game, controlled the edge. In pass pro, he kept edge pressure at bay. He wasn't dominant, but simply gave up little.

10/17 - Georgia - Aside for a couple hiccups early on, Leatherwood was fantastic, looked like a franchise LT. He mirrored his man quite well in pass pro, sealed well in the run game.

10/24 - Tennessee - Leatherwood didn't have a bad game, but he didn't look nearly as sharp as he has in games prior. He was a bit suspect against wide arc rushes a couple of times, also stalemated on more than a couple runs to his side.

11/21 - Kentucky - Leatherwood looked the part today. He was fluid in his kick slide and had no issues mirroring defenders. He played with controlled power, carries out his blocking assignments well.


Leatherwood is a versatile O-Lineman who's lined up at OG and OT, looking really good at both. He's a natural mover, one who gets into his defender quickly and neutralizes him . He's typically a wall in pass pro, while providing a good push as a run blocker. At times, he will let blocks slip off or simply not completely finish the play. While this isn't an issue overall, you do want to see more spunk from him at times. He has all the tools to be a very good blind side for years to come. 

3) Jalen Mayfield | 6'5 | 319 | OT | Michigan - 

10/24 - Minnesota - Mayfield had a very solid game. He was a wall in pass pro, mirrored quite well and used good arm extension. In the run game, he often washed his man off the edge, or at a minimum hemmed him up. While he wasn't as strong on inside runs, he was adequate.

10/31 - Michigan State - Mayfield had a great game. While he missed hitting his LB targets a couple times on his releases, he was outstanding on his 1:1 blocks. His kick slide was fluid, he being able to mirror very well in pass pro. In the un game, he exhibited controlled power, able to seal his man off the ball to create a nice bead to the open field.


Mayfield has excellent size and plays with good fluidity. While he may be able to kick over and play LT, he looks natural at RT. He has a decent kick slide coupled with good mirroring abilities. He handles power and distributes his weight accordingly to manage power players. If not driving his man in the outside run game, he'll at least set the edge and give his back enough time to clear the LOS. There are technical flaws to his game, however. In his pass sets, he'll sometimes catch the defender vs. landing a well-timed punch. This could make him suspect to elite bull rushers at the next level. Additionally, his stance and set up is vastly different when it's a pass vs. run. This is a dead give away to defenders who could capitalize accordingly at times if well-coached. He impressed vs. Alabama in the Citrus Bowl.

4) Samuel Cosmi | 6'5 | 295 | OT | Texas -

9/12 - UTEP - Cosmi manned his LT spot well, showed some leveled toughness as a run blocker. He was a wall in pass pro.

9/26 - Texas Tech - Cosmi  had a steady game, but his play was never good or bad. He was adequate in both the run and pass game, but he never looked dominant in either regard. His lack of power was exposed at times, and he was too tight in his kick slide in other instances as well. Again, he hemmed up his man and did his job.

10/3- TCU - Cosmi looked ho-hum to me in the contest. His pass blocking was adequate to good, but his run blocking was hit or miss. There were too many run plays where he did little to move his guy, not helping his RB.

10/24 - Baylor - Cosmi had just one series where he looked a bit off. Otherwise, he handle strength and quickness well in pass pro, and landed some crushing blocks in the run game. He looked like a franchise LT most of this game.

10/31 - OK State - Cosmi had a very complete game, did well in pass pro and as a run blocker. He displayed controlled power in both respects, looked like a good blindside NFL prospect, able to mirror guys and handle quickness and power.


Cosmi is a very sound, technical blocker who carries out his assignments well. In pass protection, he displays a good kick slide and is able to ride defenders wide when facing an arch rush. He isn't real heavy which nor does he play with great anchor strength. He can too often get jacked back against bull rushes, not always able to reset. As a run blocker, he's accustomed to landing back side down blocks well. When going head up, he'll at minimum hem his man up long enough for plays to develop. If he can get bigger and stronger, he should be just fine.  

5) Dillon Radunz | 6'6 | 300 | OT | North Dakota State

6) Rashawn Slater | 6'4 | 305 | OT | Northwestern - (Opting Out)

7) Liam Eichenburg | 6'5 | 305 | OT | Notre Dame

9/12 - Duke - Eichenburg had a few slip ups from his LT spot in both the pass and run game. He got beat by a couple counter-moves as a pass blocker, and didn't get a good push or left himself open as a run blocker. That said, he graded out well overall. His errors weren't huge or costly.

10/10 - Florida State - Eichenburg had a very solid game. He did leave the game in the 2nd quarter to deal with an eye injury, but played all other quarters. When in, he was fluid enough in pass pro to mirror defenders. In the run game, he sealed his man off well and helped create nice run lanes. 

10/17 - Louisville - Eichenburg played well, held down his blocking assignments nicely. Whether it was in the pass or run game, he hemmed his man up and allowed nothing. 

10/24 - Pittsburgh - Eichenburg's  limited athletic ability stood out a few times, but as a whole he executed his assignments very well. Jones and Weaver were each held without a sack, and while Ian Book took on pressure, it was largely because he didn't step up in the pocket or was being blitzed. This kid looked like he could be a starting NFL blindside blocker.

11/7 - Clemson - Eichenburg played very well. While he was a reliable wall in pass pro, he partnered with LG Aaron Banks to create some very good run lanes all night. Eichenburg is building a case to be a 1st-Rounder.

8) Jackson Carman | 6'5 | 345 | OT | Clemson -

10/3 - Virginia - Carmen was adequate today, but his play showed holes in his game. While he was effective in pass pro, his hands got wide at times and he grasped defenders vs. using a punch. In the run game, he fell off some blocks and didn't finish. For a guy of his size and ability, he should've been a lot more dominant in getting a push.

10/31 - Boston College - Carman generally hemmed his man up, but he didn't flash the feet of an NFL LT. Despite his size, he lost the power battle at times in pass pro. 

11/7 - Notre Dame - Carman had a very good night. He played with sheer strength and command on the left side, gobbled up defenders in both the run game and in pass pro. This speak volume considering the edge talent the Irish has.


Carman is a huge kid who plays with commanding power. He has enough size and strength to where he can sit back in his stance and take on bull rushes quite well. His feet aren't real quick, but he's fluid enough in his kick slide to routinely ride defenders wide. He will waist-bend at times and doesn't always keep his hands tight and inside. So he does have some work to do. As a run blocker, he can wash defenders out, having great success when he's locked on. With refinement he could develop into a very adequate if not good blindside protector.

9) Walker Little | 6'6 | 312 | OT | Stanford - (Opting Out)

Walker is a long, fluid blindside protector who looks the part when healthy. He's a natural knee-bender who mirrors well in pass protection. While fluid, he handles strength well and exhibits some of his own in handling bull rushes. In the run game, he routinely keeps his hands tight and inside and controls his man. At times, you will see Walker plays with some real dominance and bullying. This big knock on Walker is his knee health, as he's missed plenty of time dealing with injuries. A lot will hinge on his medical evaluation.

10) Brady Christensen | 6'5 | 300 | OT | BYU -

10/17 - Houston - Christensen really had a good game. He mirrored well in pass pro, was able to handle strength and/or quickness. He was technically proficient as a run blocker, got good angles on defenders and sealed them off nicely.

10/31 - Western Kentucky - Christensen performed quite well. The match up here was him vs. DeAngelo Malone, a craft EDGE player who'll most likely get drafted himself. Christensen shit him down all game, had no issues handling anything the defender brought his way.

11/6 - Boise State - Christensen shined again. He played with commanding strength, never looked outmatched nor showing any credible chinks in his armor. Based on his body of work thus far, he looks like he could work into a starting NFL LT spot.

11) Christian Darrisaw | 6'5 | 315 | OT | Virginia Tech

10/10 - North Carolina - Darrisaw stood out a number of times in this game. While not always technically sound, he showed a ton of ability as both a pass and run blocker. He showed the ability to mirror well in his kick slide, and played with power in the run game. He looks to have all the tools to develop into a fine LT.

10/24 - Wake Forest - Darrisaw had an up and down game. He gushes the ability to wash guys completely off the edge on outside runs, and can mirror the arc rush. However, he's lazy. He left himself open on inside counter when pass blocking, and too often just gave a shove vs. driving his man in the run game.

10/31 - Louisville - Darrisaw had a great game. When VA Tech ran to his side on stretch zone plays, he dominated whomever was across from him, completely washed him out. He mirrored well in pass pro, handle strength and quickness very well. 

11/14 - Miami - Darrisaw's shut down Quincy Roche in impressive fashion. That said, his technique wasn't always the best in doing so. He was often quick to turn his shoulders vs. staying square, and at times would use more of an upper body shove then running his feet through the block. All said, he looked like a great piece of clay to mold. 

12) Teven Jenkins | 6'5 | 310 | OT | OK State

9/19 - Tulsa - Jenkins really impressed in this one. He started the game at LT, the switched over to RT for the second half. Regardless of the side, he displayed a fluid kick slide in pass pro and was able to post his man up with regularity. In the run game, he wasn't quite as strong, but still looked the part. He got a good push at the LOS and eliminated his man often. While he needed to hold blocks a bit longer at times, he was sound.

10/24 - Iowa State - This was a tale of two halves for Jenkins. In the first half, he looked stodgy in his technique, would lunge and get grabby onto defenders. He displayed strength but simply didn't look fluid or smooth, let blocks slip off at times and didn't finish. He then reverses course in the second half, addressing all of the aforementioned. He then played with balanced power and really looked the part of a future NFL RT.

10/31 - Texas - Jenkins had a very good game, highlighted by his mauling block on Ossai that sent him into his own sideline. Jenkins played with controlled power and was able to hem up his man pretty much all game. It was easy to see him as a Day 2 pick based on this game alone.

11/21 - Oklahoma - Saw limited action as he left the game early with a lower body injury.

13) Rasheed Walker | 6'5 | 324 | OT | Penn State -

10/24 - Indiana - Walker had a very up and down, inconsistent game. His play was riddled with technical and mechanical flaws. While he fired out of his stance as a run blocker, he too often lunged, was top-heavy and end up on the turf. In pass pro, he showed quick feet and the ability to mirror, but he was erratic doing so, never looked smooth or controlled. While he did control his man a number of times, he was unpolished, which is a surprise given the talent he faces at practice.

10/31 - Ohio State - The tools and talents are obviously there, but Walker needs more time. While he initially landed several good blocks, he let defenders slip off to often and didn't finish the play. He would bend at times and not stay erect enough in his run blocks, but overall he was adequate. Clifford breaking the pocket often didn't help matters.

11/14 - Nebraska - Walker looked much improved in this game. While he took a bad angle/approach on a few of his blocks, he was generally very sound and did his job.

Walker has very good size, yet shows off some quick feet given as much. Whether setting up to pass or run block, he gets out of his stance quickly and gets his feet moving. As a run blocker, he's adept at walling off defenders and shows strength moving them off the ball. He will miss LBs at the 2nd level at times, but does his level best to hunt said targets out and tie them up. As a pass blocker, he can lunge at times but is generally sound. He mirrors well and plays with a nice balance of nastiness and technique, hems up his man well. 

14) Spencer Brown | 6'8 | 321 | OT | Northern Iowa

15) Josh Ball | 6'8 | 310 | OT | Marshall

9/12 - Eastern Kentucky - Ball looked good off the hoof, showing good size and the feet to block the arc rush. While he asserted himself with decent power as a run blocker, he was a bit top-heavy at times and lost his latch on his opponent. He routinely controlled his man however and was offered little in the way of a challenge. I need to watch him more, but certainly looked like a draft-worthy player based on this game.

9/19 - Appalachian State - Ball had a very good game, played with very good feet and balance. He mirrored well in pass pro, while showing power and good technique in the run game.

10/10 - Western Kentucky - Ball continued to impress. He mirrored very well in pass pro and showed commanding strength as a run blocker. While he did get a tad high a few times, he routinely landed his block and took his man out of contention. DeAngelo Malone is a solid edge prospect, and Ball owned him a number of times.

11/14 - Middle Tennessee State - Ball had a nice game. He did get a bit top-heavy at times and lunge, would also turn his shoulders vs. staying square to the LOS in pass sets. But, he was very effective and feisty. He played through the whistle each snap, showed a lot of ability. 

16) Alaric Jackson | 6'6 | 320 | OT | Iowa

10/24 - Purdue - Jackson had a very up and down game. While he was adequate with down blocks in  the run game at times, he was off on others. In pass pro, he did okay on arc rushes, but was beaten up on bull rushes. When going up against Karlaftis, he usually got beaten.

11/13 - Minnesota - I was a bit up and down on Jackson for this game. On the high side, he was very effective on runs to his side, showed the ability to completely wash his man out wide of the "C" gap. In his pass sets, I was less impressed. He overset at times, left the inside open for counter moves and/or straight lanes to the QB. When latched on, he was effective and showed great ability. He was just inconsistent. 

17) Thayer Munford | 6'5 | 310 | OT | Ohio State

10/24 - Nebraska - Munford arguably played as well if not better than any other O-lineman today. What he lacked in ideal fluidity, he made up for in power. He was strong in pass pro as well as in run blocking. He routinely tied his man up, often washed him out. When run plays stalled, it was not because of Munford, but the play of the interior guys. 

10/31 - Penn State - Munford had an impressive game. While he was suspect to inside counter moves a few times, he held up extremely well against Oweh, one of the nation's best edge players. He showed off good feet and was able to handle power off the bull rush.

11/21 - Indiana - Munford had a solid if not good game. When OSU got yards running the ball, much success come off of Munford's blocks. He rode his man wide of the run lane. he was also a reliable wall in pass pro.

18) Abraham Lucas | 6'6 | 320 | OT | Washington ​State

11/7 - Oregon State - This was supposed to be a good match up between Lucas and edge rusher Hamilcar Rashed Jr. It wasn't. Lucas allowed nothing to the defender. Lucas wasn't real quick or fluid, but his massive wingspan allowed him to gobble up pressure and seal guys off in the run game. On outside runs to his side, he completely washed guys out.

11/14 - Oregon - Lucas had a very good game. He pretty much shut down everything and everyone that came his way, including Kayvon Thibodeaux. He truly looked the part of an NFL starting RT today. 

19) Daniel Faalele | 6'8 | 400 | OT | Minnesota

20) Robert Hainsey | 6'5 | 295 | OT | Notre Dame

9/12 - DukeHainsey had a great game by most accounts. He showed off a very fluid kick slide in pass pro, and played with leveled strength in all regards. He did a very good job of either riding his man wide of the pocket, or sealed him off to create a run lane.

10/10 - Florida State - Hainsey had a very good game, played with a good balance of quickness and power. He routinely took his man out of contention. 

10/17 - Louisville - Hainsey looked the part again in  this game. While not as dominant, he carried out his blocks, showed power in the run game and was reliable in pass pro.

10/24 - Pittsburgh - Hainsey did have a few hiccups, but as a whole he did quite well. Jones and Weaver were each held without a sack, and while Ian Book took on pressure, it was largely because he didn't step up in the pocket or was being blitzed. 

11/7 - Clemson - Hainsey had a great night, as did his whole O-line. Hainsey really stood out in pass pro, consistently rode his man wide of the pocket so Book had a lane to step up into and deliver the ball. He also sealed his man off in the run game.

21) Landon Young | 6'6 | 320 | OT | Kentucky

9/26 - Auburn - Young really looked the part in this one. In pass pro, he showed a good kick slide and mirrored well. He engulfed edge rushers and kept the pocket clean. In the run game, he played with good power and was able to hem guys up and move them off the point.

10/17 - Tennessee - Young had a solid game. While he didn't flash as a run blocker, he routinely tied his man up long enough for run lanes to be had. He was very reliable in pass pro, showed a fluid kick slide and mirrored well.

10/24 - Missouri - Young looked limited athletically, especially on his skip pulls. he did much better on head up run blocking where his assignment was to seal the DE outside. While not real fluid, he held up well in pass pro.

11/21 - Alabama - Young held his ground pretty well, going against NFL-caliber players all day. While he never stood out as dominant, he didn't get abused.

22) Adrian Ealey | 6'5 | 328 | OT | Oklahoma

9/26 - Kansas State - Ealey had a sold game. While he did get beat pretty badly by Hubert on one snap, giving up a sack, he won several other battles against him. His technique and play wasn't always real smooth, but he got the job done.

10/3 - Iowa State - Ealey had a few slip ups, but was otherwise dependable. Speed to the outside gave him some issues, and he didn't always play with good hand technique. But, he showed strength and was able to hem his guy up. 

10/24 - TCU - Ealey looked limited athletically, especially when having to run block on sweeps, perimeter runs. Otherwise, he was reliable. He wasn't fluid in his kick slide and seemed to lumber a bit, but he almost always hemmed his man up and got the job done.

11/21 - Oklahoma State - Ealey carried out his assignments in usual fashion, never standing out in the good or bad. Again, reliable.

23) Calvin Ashley | 6'5 | 330 | OT | Florida A&M

24) Cole Van Lanen | 6'5 | 311 | OT | Wisconsin

10/24 - Illinois - Van Lanen played with strength and was effective when latched onto his man. In pass pro, he generally rode his man wide of the pocket. While he was decent with his down blocks in the run game, his athletic limitations showed when he released to the 2nd level.

25) Drew Himmelman | 6'9 | 315 | OT | Illinois State

26) D'Ante Smith | 6'4 | 292 | OT | East Carolina

9/26 - UCF - On the plus side, Smith looked very athletic, showed v ery quick feet and the ability to move well in all directions. He generally tied hsi man up and was able to stay between he and the ball. On the down side, Smith looked light, almost like a TE. He got grabby at times and his lack of brute strength shown through.

27) Tyler Vrabel | 6'5 | 310 | OT | Boston College

9/19 - Duke - This was a pretty good game for Vrabel. Aside from getting a holding penalty on one snap where he was too handsy, he routinely locked his man up and washed him out of the play. While he isn't great in pass pro when defenders run the arc wide, has limited mobility, he does enough for the QB to step up and have room. He was a plus run blocker, exerts good, balanced power.

10/3 - North Carolina - Vrabel lumbered through his blocks at times and looked a beat slow, again not real fluid in his movements. But, he showed power, a good anchor and was able to control his man if and when latched on well. He appears to need more time, but the traits are there.

10/10 - Pittsburgh - Vrabel held his own against some good edge rushers. While he looked to lack strength at times and was bent backwards, he was fluid in his kick slide and did create a push at times in the run game.

10/31 - Clemson - Vrabel had a respectable game. While not real fluid, he locked up whomever was across from him all game in both pass pro and in the run game.

28) Kayode Awosika | 6'5 | 310 | OT | Buffalo

11/4 - Northern Illinois - Awosika looked somewhat raw and unpolished, but he moved well and finished blocks. He mirrored well in pass pro and kept defenders at arm's length. He asserted himself well in the run game, showed some requisite power. With time and development I could see him making a name for himself. 

29) Brenden Jaimes | 6'5 | 330 | OT | Nebraska

10/24 - Ohio State - Jaimes played with plus power and was able to land controlling blocks a number of times. He clearly lacked great fluidity and mobility, but was certainly adequate when latched on. 

11/14 - Penn  State - Jaimes had a very solid game. he often went against Shaka Toney and was able to neutralize his on several snaps.

30) Stone Forsythe | 6'6 | 330 | OT | Florida

9/26 - Ole Miss - Forsythe carried out his blocking duties in both the pass and run  game, but didn't flash doing so. He wasn't smooth in either regard, looked like a player who got by because of his size and strength. That said, he was effective and never looked bad per se.

10/3 - South Carolina - Forsythe was merely average in this one. He whiffed a few times, was solid on other snaps. His lack of overall athleticism was noticeable.

10/31 - Missouri - Solid game, as he held up in both pass pro and in the run game. He didn't wow, but was reliable in all regards. 

11/7 - Georgia - Forsythe was far from perfect, but he held quite well against a fierce front with good edges. 

11/21 - Vanderbilt - Forsythe had a down game, as he was beat on a few occasions. He lacked anchor strength and mobility. 

31) Austin Deculus | 6'6 | 320 | OT | LSU

9/26 - Miss. State - This was a very meh game for Deculus. While he showed power in flashes, he wasn't smooth in his kick slide and showed limited lateral movement skills. He looked like a project today, camp body.

10/10 - Missouri - See above. Deculus was very limited athletically.

10/24 - South Carolina - Deculus carried out his assignments in solid fashion, never looking  bad doing so. He was tough on the edge and played with power, handled quickness pretty well, but didn't flash in his efforts.

10/31 - Auburn - Deculus gave way to pressure a few times, but he landed some nice blocks in both the run game and in pass pro as well. 

32) Foster Sarrell | 6'7 | 311 | OT | Stanford

11/7 - Oregon - Sarrell didn't impress. He looked stodgy out of his stance and lacked fluidity in his kick slide when blocking the arc rush. Little success come from running behind his blocks in the run game either.