Offensive Tackles


The were twenty-four OTs selected in the 2021 draft, as follows:


Round 1 - 4

Round 2 - 5

Round 3 - 4

Round 4 - 4

Round 5 - 3

Round 6 - 3

Round 7 - 1


Of all the position groups in the 2021 draft, the OT group was certainly one of the best. It's not hyperbole to say that every OT taken within the first 4 rounds has a very legitimate shot at starting early on, even if having to kick inside. 

The 2022 draft will have some very good if not great prospects, but overall it won't be able to match the output from the year prior. 

1) Evan Neal | 6'7 | 350 | OT | Alabama 

9/4 Miami - Neal showcased why he very well might be the best LT in the nation. Aside from him needing to clean up his footwork on a couple snaps, he was excellent in pass pro. He displayed a smooth kick slide and a commanding punch. He handled power well and was able to steer his man wherever he wanted the man to go. His showed power as a run blocker, often knocking the defender off his base. 

9/18 - Florida - Neal had a very good game. He went up against some very good talent, and regularly won his battles. He showed plus latch on strength, coupled with the ability to move defenders clean off the LOS. Carter is a very good D-lineman, and Neal handled him on many if his snaps.

2) Charles Cross | 6'5 | 305 | OT | Mississippi ​State 

9/4 - Louisiana Tech - I was pretty disappointed with how Cross looked in this game. He was flagged for holding and allowed two sacks. The holding penalty was an iffy call, and one of the sacks was due to a delay in picking up the switch defender on a stunt. So, those can be taken with a degree of allowance. His other sack, however, resulted in a fumble and turnover. As a whole, he was raw and had technique flaws in spurts throughout the game. Given the level of competition, he should've shined. Based on this game, he looks like a prospect who has the tools but needs more development.

9/11 - NC State - Cross had a much improved game. He played with tighter hands and looked cleaner in his footwork as a whole. He was able to mirror in pass pro and show some grit as a run blocker. 

10/2 - Texas A&M - Cross had a very good game. he was quick out of his stance in pass sets, was able to get into his man and either post him up or ride him free of the pocket. As a run blocker, he was able to create a push and allow runs to his side to be established. 

10/16 - Alabama - Cross had a great game, especially given the level of competition he faced. He was equally adept at handling speed and power, never looked out of place regardless of who he faced. Simply put, he looked like a starting NFL LT talent in this one. 

10/30 - Kentucky - DE Joshua Paschal gave him some fits at times, but Cross held his own and really looked good on the majority of his snaps. Aside from being rendered suspect on a few inside rip moves, he looked the part in all aspects. 

11/13 - Auburn - Cross had a very solid night. He mirrored well in his kick slide and displayed a decent punch at times. They didn't run the ball much, so run blocking wasn't in the cards. As a blindside pass protector, he did his job.

11/25 - Ole Miss - As a whole, Cross had a good game. While he did lose a few battles to Sam Williams, got overwhelmed by inside power counter moves, he was otherwise very sturdy and reliable. He mirrored well, and aside from oversetting a few times he was very clean. He also showed his ability to hem up his man in the run game. 

3) Trevor Penning | 6'7 | 320 | OT | Northern Iowa

4) Sean Rhyan | 6'5 | 318 | OT | UCLA

8/28 - Hawaii - LT Rhyan flashed some very solid abilities in this game. He sported a meaty frame, used it well to maul his man in the pass and run game. He played with leveled aggression, only had a couple times where his footwork and/or technique was off. He wasn't challenged much, but based on this game I see a future NFL starter. 

9/4 - LSU - LT Rhyan had a very respectable game overall. He displayed a good kick slide and generally mirrored very well in pass pro. In pass pro as well as in the run game, he blocked  with power. That said, he exposed some chinks in his armor. When UCLA overloaded the right side of its line, Rhyan kicked over as the end blocker. On two occasions, his job was to seal the LB and he whiffed. When at LT, there were two snaps when in pass pro he overset, left the inside counter open and as much was exploited. One play ended in an INT, the other in a penalty. 

10/2 - Arizona State - LT Rhyan didn't look nearly as good compared to his play prior this season. He got flagged once and missed on a couple blocking assignments. While he was adequate a number of times, he failed to get a push at the LOS as he usually does. This may have indeed been an off game, but he was merely average, didn't look like a 1st-rounder.

10/23 - Oregon - LT Rhyan had an excellent game. While Thibodeaux had a banner game, none of his highlight reel plays were against Rhyan. Rhyan played with excellent strength and balance, showing that he was able to keep the great DE at bay. Rhyan wasn't always perfect with his balance or bend, but he more than got the job done.

10/30 - UTAH - Rhyan was dominant tonight, hemmed his man up all game in pass pro and in the run game. 

11/20 - USC - Rhyan had a very solid night. While he wasn't real clean with his technique and did let a few blocks slip off, none of as much impacted his ability to secure blocks long enough for DTR to pass or for his RBs to get plus yards. 

5) Nicholas Petit-Frere | 6'5 | 315 | OT | Ohio State 

9/2 Minnesota -Petit-Frere had a very solid game at LT, only looking bad on one play that I took note of. On said play, he didn't anchor well on a bull rush and was walked back into the pocket. Otherwise, he mirrored well and handled strength. In the run game, he was solid overall, adding a couple of good seal blocks to his credit.

9/11 - Oregon - LT Petit-Frere had a very solid game. He held up very well in pass pro, showed good mirroring abilities. He also landed some nice blocks in the run game. 

10/30 - Penn State - LT Petit-Frere had a solid game overall, mostly showing his prowess as a pass blocker. He was given fits a few times (Ebikete), but was generally very balanced and reliable. On the flip side, he underwhelmed as a run clocker. Penn State DT Derrick Tangelo didn't enter this game as a draft-worthy prospect, yet he was able to work off of attempted don blocks by NPF and made run lanes to his side tough to come by a number of times. 

11/13 - Purdue - Petit-Frere had a good if not great game. He often had to handle Karlaftis, a task he handled very well. He was able to match power, either anchoring head up or turning him off the ball. 

6) Bernhard Graimann | 6'5 | 310 | OT | Central Michigan

9/4 - Missouri - Graimann jumped off the screen in this one. I saw him manhandle defenders multiple times throughout the night. He displayed plus power and grit in the run game, and was generally very clean in his pas sets. 

11/3 - Western Michigan - Graimann had an impressive outing. He looked very adept when pass blocking, showed off a good kick slide and was able to post his man up well. In the run game, he got into his man and showed good functional strength there as well. He looked the part of a developing NFL LT. 

11/17 - Ball State - Graimann had a solid night. While he wasn't really challenged, he was very fluid and rode his man wide of the pocket on almost every pass snap. He also showed good movement skills when getting out into space to block on screen passes. 

7) Rasheed Walker | 6'5 | 324 | OT | Penn ​State 

9/4 - Wisconsin - Walker manned the LT spot, and as a whole he had a solid performance with respect to carrying out his assignments. In pass pro, he showed off good enough feet and was generally able to mirror his opponent off the edge. In the run game, he stayed discipline in trying to drive his man off the ball, out of the play hole. However, his technique and form is still bothersome. He overset badly on one pass play in the 2nd quarter when his team was deep in their own territory. On other snaps, he was too quick to try to engage the blocker vs. getting into his kick slide and riding the man out. The tools looked to be there, but he was far from polished.

9/18 - Auburn - Walker had a decent game, but I still see the same chinks in his armor from prior contests. He wasn't always controlled in his movement, would let blocks slip off, and simply wasn't consistent in hemming his man up. I see a player with gobs of potential but needing more time. 

10/30 - Ohio State - Walker had a very up and down game. On one play, he looked like a potential Day 1 OT, showing off a good mirroring capability coupled with the strength to hold strong vs. power. Then, he would get beat by an arc or bull rush, leaving you to scratch your head.

11/13 - Michigan - Walker had a solid game. Yes, he got beat by  both Hutchinson and Ojabo, but he also landed several good blocks throughout the night. He did better against Hutchinson than any other LT I've studied so far this year. 

8) Nick Broeker | 6'4 | 305 | OT | Ole Miss 

9/5 Louisville - Broeker had a nice game. He was able to mirror well in pass pro, kept his man walled off almost every passing play. In the run game, he was able to post his man up and often provide a good push. What stood out to me the most was his tenacity and penchant for playing through the whistle, finishing. He's a tough dude, played with a mean streak, was always putting out for his team.

10/30 - Auburn - Aside from getting flagged on a bogus holding call where Broeker put his guy on his back, he was damn good. He was equally adept and reliable in his pass sets as he was in the run game. He played with levelled power and balance, hemmed his man up all night.

11/6 - Liberty - Broeker continues to be one of my favorite college players who gets little attention. He had a great block on the second play of the game, springing Ealy for a 70-yard TD run. Throughout the game, he played with dependable toughness, was very sound as both a run and pass blocker.

11/13 - Texas A&M - Broeker had a very good game. While he did whiff and lose a few battles to Leal, he won a handful of others. He mirrored well and showed very good anchor strength. He did give up a sack to Leal, but it was obvious he slipped after his cleat didn't catch the turf. He opened up some very good run lanes throughout the game for his RBs. 

11/25 - Mississippi State - Broeker had a very good game. He secured outside run lanes several times for Ealy, flashing good run-blocking strength. While not always real clean technically in pass pro, he held up well and kept Coral safe. 

9) Jamaree Salyer | 6'4 | 325 | OT/OG | Georgia 

9/4 Clemson - Salyer (LT) had a very solid game, was fun to watch. He looks like he might be a better OG convert, but he got the job done as is. In pass pro, he wasn't overly fluid in his kick slide, but he mirrored well enough to ride guys out. When they counter inside, he has the anchor strength to ride them far inside, giving his QB the wide-9 lane. As a run blocker, he exuded bullying strength, often knocked his man off his base. He showed some suspect ability to guys riding the wide arc, but was otherwise very solid, reliable.

10/30 - Florida - Salyer had a very impressive game. While many project him to kick inside to play OG, he more than looked the part of an NFL LT. He was able to mirror in pass pro while riding guys wide of the pocket. He was very good in the run game, getting into defenders and moving them around to make holes. Even when going against a great player in Zach Carter, he found success. 

10) Jaxson Kirkland | 6'7 | 310 | OT | Washington 

9/11 - Michigan - Kirkland took his lumps going against Hutchinson a few times, but he was also credited with some decent blocks in his own right. While it does look like he's benefit from more overall strength and sand in his pants, he performed decently considering the task at hand. His lack of base strength could be an issue going forward.

11/13 - Arizona State - Kirkland had a solid night, showing that he can mirror well and keep his man at bay. 

11) Zion Nelson | 6'5 | 315 | OT | Miami 

9/4 Alabama - Nelson had a very good game. He faced great talent all night and never looked overwhelmed or out of place. DE Will Anderson is one of the best Sophomore's in the nation, and Nelson was the only O-lineman able to keep him at bay long enough for plays to have a chance. Nelson looked fluid with his footwork and displayed body-moving power in the run game. 

12) Warren McClendon | 6'4 | 300 | OT | Georgia

9/4 Clemson - McClendon looked far from being a finished product, as he left himself open both on the inside and outside, and had technical flaws in the run and pass game. That said, the ability is there. He generally stuck with his man and hemmed him up in order for plays to develop. 

10/30 - Florida - McClendon had a nice game. Whether it was in the run game or providing pass protection, he was reliable if not good. 

13) Thayer Munford | 6'5 | 310 | OT | Ohio State 

9/2 Minnesota - Munford manned the LG spot in this one, and he looked the best out of a gifted set of O-linemen. He was a body-mover in the run game, showing good power and leg drive. He was a wall in pass pro, as his experience playing OT shown through. While I have him slated as an OT at this juncture, he certainly looked like he could make an NFL career along the interior if need be.

9/11 - Oregon - Munford had a solid game. Aside form getting flagged once, he was clean in pass pro and in the run game. He opened up some lanes, carried out his assignments.

10/30 - Penn State - Munford underwhelmed from his LG spot. Penn State DT Derrick Tangelo gave him fits all night, found the ability to drive the O-lineman back with a constant bull rush. 

11/13 - Purdue - Munford had a real solid game, as he was reliable in pass pro and opened up some nice lanes in the run game. 

14) Luke Goedeke | 6'5 | 310 | OT | Central Michigan

15) Dawand Jones | 6'8 | 360 | OT | Ohio ​State

9/2 - Minnesota - RT Jones had a very good game. Whether in pass pro or the run game, his sheer size and power stood out as being to much for the defense. He routinely was a wall in pass pro, and moved bodies off the LOS when run blocking

9/11 - Oregon - Jones had a very up and down, unbalanced game. While he provided good pass blocking and used his big body to lean on others in the run game, he got flagged twice for a false start and had some pretty noticeable technical flaws. He crossed his feet in pass pro at times and was too erect in the run game. 

10/30 - Penn State - Jones had a solid game. While he was a bit stodgy at times, he showed plus ability when he was able to cleanly latch onto his man. His size was too much for defenders to overcome at times. 

11/13 - Purdue - Jones had a very good game. When matched up 1:1 against Karlaftis, he either engulfed him or rode him wide of the pocket. His sheer size was too much for any DE he went up against. He also landed some devastating down blocks in the run game.

16) Daniel Faalele | 6'8 | 380 | OT | Minnesota 

9/2 Ohio State - Faalele manned the RT spot and had some eye-opening plays in pass pro. He used his massive size and reach to consume defenders. While his technique was flawed at times, oversetting, not timing his punch, not staying square...he got the job done. In the run game, he generally occupied his man, but too often leaned on the defender and relied on his size vs. getting low and driving. He moved well given his size, and did manhandle Zack Harrison a few times.

10/30 - Northwestern - Faalele had a very meh game. While he did consume his man a number of times, he looked stodgy and slow in both pass pro and with his run fits. 

11/13 - Iowa - Faalele had a solid game. He walled off his man in pass pro, and did hem up defenders in the run game. He showed good straight line speed when releasing to the 2nd level. That said, he didn't shuffle well laterally and heavily relied on his size to lean on defenders as opposed to driving his legs through blocks. He looked very lazy on a number of his run blocking snaps. When pulling, his size consumed players but he didn't deliver any pop.

17) Abraham Lucas | 6'6 | 320 | OT | Washington ​State 

9/18 - USC - Lucas had a very solid game. He did let a few defenders slip off, didn't hold his blocks quite long enough. However, he looked real good defending the arc and usually hemmed his man up. 

10/30 - Arizona State - Lucas had a solid game overall. He was generally very reliable in pass pro, consistently showed his ability to stand guys up or ride them wide of the pocket. As a run blocker, he was adequate but not as dominant. When he cleanly latched on, he made an impact. However, he would lumber at times and not always show a good leg drive, more or less used his size to lean on the guy and let his mass carry the block through. 

11/13 - Oregon - Lucas had a down game overall. While Thibodeaux is indeed a monster, Lucas was on skates too often and needed chip help from his RB on almost every pass play when Thibodeaux lined up on his side.

18) Braxton Jones | 6'7 | 310 | OT | Southern Utah

8/28 San Jose State - LT Jones really jumped off the screen in this game. He often drew DE Cade Hall, the Mountain West defensive player of the year in 2020. More times than not, Jones at his lunch. Jones played with some obvious technical flaws. In pass pro, he got too erect against the bull rush a bit, and his footwork was off on other snaps. In the run game, he missed on a few angles. That said, he did far more good than bad, and flashed as a great piece of clay who has all the tools to be solid if not good.

19) Jalen McKenzie | 6'5 | 320 | OT | USC

9/11 - Stanford - McKenzie rotated in and out at RT. While he did land a few decent blocks, he underwhelmed on a couple as well. He looks like he needs more time to develop.

11/20 - UCLA - McKenzie had a very good game. While I wanted to see a bit more lower leg drive in his run blocking, he was more than adequate in said regard. He was very fluid in pass pro, showed a good kick slide with mirroring and a well-timed punch. Agude is a very solid edge player, and McKenzie was up to the task blocking him.  

20) Max Mitchell | 6'6 | 300 | OT | Louisiana

10/30 - Texas State - RT Mitchell had a very solid game. Competition knocks aside, he was able to hem up defenders throughout the game. While his run blocking was adequate, his pass pro is what stood out. He showed off a decent punch, was able to stalemate guys without giving up much of any ground in doing so. He looks like a prospect that offers up quite a bit of moldable potential.

21) Andrew Stueber | 6'6 | 340 | OT | Michigan

22) Matt Waletzko | 6'7 | 305 | OT | North Dakota

23) Liam Ryan | 6'5 | 293 | OT | Washington ​State 

9/18 - USC - Ryan actually had a very solid game. Yes, he gave up the end zone sack for a TD against Drake Jackson, but it was just one play against a great edge player. There were several snaps where Ryan outright handled Jackson in both pass pro and the run game. He looks like he has the potential to develop into a quality player at the next level.

10/30 - Arizona State - Ryan had a solid game. While not always flashy or dominant, he routinely got into his man with some spunk and kept him off the ball, whether it be in the pass or run game. 

11/13 - Oregon - Ryan had a decent game. While Thibodeaux certainly got the better of him, he was able to hem up the great DE at times. 

24) Obinna Eze | 6'8 | 315 | OT | TCU 

9/11 - California - Eze (LT) had a solid game overall, with his play showing a lot in terms of what you can get out of him. On the plus side, he's a big dude with good strength. When he latched onto defenders, it was over. He also played with a mean streak, was flagged for a late hit. His footwork was a mess at times, not always clean in his kick slide, would cross feet at times. He also overset on occasion. While I think he could make a living at OT, he might be more effective kicking inside.

25) Jaelyn Duncan | 6'6 | 315 | OT | Maryland 

9/17 - Illinois  - Duncan had a good game. While he wasn't great when he played in space, he showed off a fluid kick slide and routinely hemmed his man up, keeping the pocket clean.

26) Matt Bedford | 6'6 | 310 | OT/OG | Indiana

9/18 - Cincinnati  - Bedford lined up at the RG spot, looked good enough there to where I could see him playing OT. He displayed good feet in space and had some good power to his game.

27) Dylan Wonnum | 6'4 | 305 | OT | South Carolina

28) Cordell Volson | 6'5 | 320 | OT | North Dakota State

29) Donovan Jennings | 6'5 | 327 | OT | South Florida

9/2 NC State - Jennings manned the LT spot, and his play really was a tale of worlds. In the first quarter, he showed plus movement skills, flashing his ability to mirror in pass pro and get out into space to block. He showed the requisite strength to anchor, as well as move bodies in the run game. His play then started to slip as the game went on. He seemed to have lost his gas, and he started to slow with his technique lagging. He showed great potential, just didn't last the balance of the game.

30) Isaac Moore | 6'7 | 305 | OT | Temple

31) Ryan Van Demark | 6'6 | 302 | OT | Connecticut

8/28 - Fresno State - LT Van Demark had a very good game, really impressed me given what I thought I'd see out of him. He mirrored well in  pass pro, only had one snap where his feet were noticeably off on an overset, leaving the inside counter open. In the run game, he posted up on his man well and controlled him well. He played with some aggression, was seen finishing blocks on a number of his snaps. 

11/27 - Houston - LT Van Demark had a good outing. He routinely walled off his man in pass pro, and showed some push as a run blocker. 

32) Tyler Vrabel | 6'5 | 310 | OT | Boston College 

33) Jaylon Thomas | 6'3 | 312 | OT | SMU 

9/18 - LA Tech - Thomas played LT and performed pretty well. He was better in pass pro, did a solid job kick-sliding and then sitting in his stance. He consumed power well, showed good anchor strength. He was spotty as a run blocker, moved bodies at times but not consistently enough.  

34) Austin Deculus | 6'6 | 320 | OT | LSU 

9/4 - LSU - RT Deculus had a very average game. He did have a number of snaps where he hemmed his man up, but there were others where his lack of athleticism really compromised his ability to land a clean block. 

35) Vederian Lowe | 6'4 | 322 | OT | Illinois

8/28 Nebraska - LT Lowe had an up and down game. Athletically, he showed the ability to mirror in pass pro and stay square well enough to shield off his man. He didn't show much of a punch, and did get his feet tangled a bit at times. He had one overset in pass pro that stood out. In the run game, he used sheer size to occupy his man, but didn't flash great leg drive. 

9/17 - Maryland  - Lowe had a decent night. He did give up a sack on a arc rush, and overset a couple times. However, when he latched onto his man he neutralized him well in pass pro. His run blocking was a bit hit or miss.