The were twenty SAFs selected in the 2021 draft, as follows:

Round 2 - 3

Round 3 - 2

Round 4 - 1

Round 5 - 9

Round 6 - 4

Round 7 - 1

The 2021 SAF draft was solid overall, with a rush of solid talent taken midway through Day 3. There were a few guys that fell beyond where they should've, making them good bargains.

The 2022 SAF draft should be very comparable if not better in terms of overall talent and players drafted at the position. 

1) Kyle Hamilton | 6'4 | 219 | SAF | Notre Dame

9/4 Florida State - Hamilton notched 2 INTs, showing off ridiculous range and instincts on one of them, coming all the way from the middle of the field to the sideline to snatch the ball. The play screamed All-American. However, when it came to asserting himself as a tackler, he was too soft and disengaged. While credited with 6 tackles, only 2 were solo stops. FSU had several plus yardage runs, and Hamilton did very little to put his head down and limit the 264 rushing yards from the opposition.

2) Jordan Battle | 6'1 | 210 | SAF | Alabama

9/4 Miami - Battle had an excellent game. He locked down the middle of the field in excellent fashion, also diagnosed plays very well and wasted no time getting to the ball in support. Even when in man responsibility over the slot, he shined. He chipped in with 5 tackles. 

9/18 - Florida - Battle drew mixed reviews from me. While he did show the ability to keep things locked down over the top, he was out of position against the run more than once, allowed some chunk yards. 

3) Daxton Hill | 6'0 | 192 | SAF | Michigan

9/4 Western Michigan - Hill had a very solid game. He paced his team with 6 tackles, but would stood out was his football IQ. He was always around the ball, looked complete in being able to play the run and pass. 

9/11 - Washington - Hill was a bit off in the game. While he flashed plus athleticism and speed, he was out of position more than once, seemed to have issues sticking with his TE coverage assignments. He was active as a tackler, chipped in with 6 stops. He just needed to be more disciplined.

10/30 - Michigan State - Hill showed why he's one of the best safety prospects in the nation. He had 6 tackles, 2 PBUs. He was around the ball often, and even when he did give up a reception, he offered up-CB-like coverage abilities. 

11/13 - Penn State - Hill got twisted up a few times when covering Dotson, but he was very solid as a whole. 

4) Jaquan Brisker | 6'0 | 203 | S | Penn State

9/2 Wisconsin - Brisker had a very good game. He was constantly around the ball, made key tackles, and notched an INT late in the game to put his team in a great position to win. He covered the back half of the field  very well, never letting a ball get behind him. 

10/30 - Ohio State - Brisker had a good game. He did get his signals crossed on a play and allow a TD, but this was a scheme, mental error that can be made up for. Overall, he flashed great range and speed, as shown on a defended TD on a long run by Henderson. 

11/13 - Michigan - Outside of missing on one tackle, Brisker really flashed. He was very quick to come up in run support. 

5) Jalen Catalon | 5'10 | 200 | SAF | Arkansas

9/11 - Texas - Catalon showed some good range in the back half, but he almost gave up a huge play on a deep post where he was late to pick up his assignment. He was active, as he chipped in on 8 tackles. He certainly looked the part of an NFL starting SAF. 

9/25 - Texas A&M - Catalon had a great game, kept everything in front of him, including Wydermyer who had just 1 catch.

6) Lewis Cine | 6'1 | 200 | SAF | Georgia

9/4 Clemson - Cine had a very impressive game. While he did pace his squad with 9 tackles, his range and constant presence around the ball really popped off. He also looked the part in pass coverage, notched 2 PDs in that regard. 

10/30 - Florida - Cine had a very nice game. The guy flew around, really showed off his run game support skills. 

7) Brandon Joseph | 6'1 | 192 | SAF | Northwestern

9/2 Michigan State - Joseph had an all around very solid game. He chipped in on 8 tackles, 7 of which were solo. He was also reliable in pass coverage for the most part. This said, he was out of position a couple times, and didn't flash great functional speed in pursuit.

8) Leon O'Neal | 6'1 | 210 | SAF | Texas A&M

9/4 Kent State - O'Neal had a big game, notching 2 INTs. While the one in the end zone was a gimme, the second came via a good read at the second level. While he generally came up well in tackling support, he did take a bad angle a couple of times. 

9/11 - Colorado - O'Neal wasn't tested much deep, but he still got into the action by providing run support. He logged 4 solo stops on the day, covered a lot of ground.

11/13 - Ole Miss - O'Neal wasn't flashy, but he chipped in with 10 stops, kept the ball in front of him and was active closing down on teh run. 

9) Tykee Smith | 5'10 | 200 | SAF | Georgia

9/4 Clemson - DNP

10) Quentin Lake | 6'1 | 195 | S | UCLA

8/28 - Hawaii - Lake benefited from UCLA loading the box and using a myriad of blitz schemes, but he showed good play recognition and the ability to cover just the same. He had just 2 tackles, but showcased the ability to strike.

9/4 - LSU - Lake had a good game. He paced his team with 7 tackles, also defended 2 passes. While Lake was a bit suspect having to cover 1:1 at times, he generally held his own. When operating in an over the top capacity, he covered his assignments well. 

11/20 - USC - Lake had a real nice game. He showed plus coverage skills operating over the top in a single high capacity. He had 7 tackles, 2 TFLs. He made his presence felt everywhere. 

11) Xavier Henderson | 6'0 | 210 | SAF | Michigan State

9/2 Northwestern - Henderson had a fantastic game. He paced his squad in both tackles and TFLs, coming in with 9 and 2 respectively. He read plays very well and was quick to close in on the ball. He was a sure tackler, while covering his assignments in coverage very cleanly. Based on this contest, he looked like one of the better SAFs in the nation, a real difference maker in the back half.

10/30 - Michigan - Henderson wasn't being lauded like many of the other defenders in this game, but he should've been. He had 7 tackles on the night and held down his assignments very well. Michigan had one breakout play where Henderson was caught looking elsewhere from his cover-2 post, but I attribute this miss more on the CB. This play aside, he was good.

12) Bubba Bolden | 6'2 | 200 | SAF | Miami

9/4 Alabama - Bolden was unfortunately ejected late in the first quarter for a targeting penalty against Brian Robinson, but he was looking the part up till this point. He chipped in on 5 tackles and provided good pass coverage in the back half, defending a would be TD on one opposing pass attempt.

13) Kolby Harvell-Peel | 6'0 | 210 | SAF | OK State 

9/11 - Tulsa - Harvell-Peel had a solid game, really stood out as a player who'll come downhill fast and support the run. He carried a solid frame, looked like a smaller, jacked up LB. That said, his pass coverage skills didn't stand out as being elite. He kept plays in front of him, but was reliant on his CBs to execute on their assignments, more so than other SAFs I've studied. He notched 7 tackles on the day.

14) Joey Blount | 6'0 | 190 | SAF | Virginia

9/11 - Illinois - Blount had a very solid game. Manning the 'saber' position, he looked the part of a SAF/LB hybrid. He was strong in his over the top pass coverage duties, while coming down hill as a tackler quite well. He was around the ball often. 

15) Jalen Green | 6'0 | 195 | SAF | Mississippi State

9/4 Louisiana Tech - Green had a decent game. He was called upon to cover the slot quite frequently, and he held his own more times than not. He did draw a P.I. on one play, and gave up some notable separation on a crosser, but he was pretty clean otherwise. As a tackler, he left a lot to be desired, didn't look like he'd be an in the box safety type going forward.

9/11 - NC State - Green had a very good game. He kept the play in front of him, was very quick to engage and close on the ball. NC State had little success pushing the ball downfield in the middle of coverage, thanks to Green.

11/25 - Ole Miss - Green had a very solid game. While I didn't see enough in this contest to trust him on an island, he was very good with in-the-box duties. He read plays, both run and pass well, was quick to close in on the ball. He posted 12 tackles, 7 solo stops.

16) Isaiah Palo-Mao | 6'4 | 205 | SAF | USC

9/11 - Stanford - While many of his teammates in the secondary got picked on, Palo-Mao held down his assignments quite well. He had 4 solo tackles and never let the ball get behind him. He showed very good functional speed in pursuit.

17) Sterling Weatherford | 6'3 | 218 | SAF | Miami-Ohio

9/11 - Minnesota - Weatherford had a very solid game. He was in on 6 tackles, .5 TFLs and 2 PDs. He was around the ball often, not afraid to stick his nose in as a tackler. he played the back half well, allowed nothing over the top.

18) Kendrick Duncan | 6'1 | 213 | SAF | Louisville

9/5 Ole Miss - It's easy to look at Duncan's stat line and assume he had a great game. He didn't. I'll give him credit for amassing 11 solo tackles and 1 sack. However, he was often too flat-footed, gave up far more yards in support than he should have. In pass coverage, Coral carved the secondary up. It appeared that Duncan looked so afraid of getting beat deep that he offered up some sizeable cushions. This young man is clearly gifted, but has work to do. 

19) Nasir Greer | 6'0 | 200 | SAF | Wake Forest

20) B.J. Foster | 6'1 | 210 | SAF | Texas

9/4 - Louisiana - Foster chipped in on 6 tackles, but had a relatively quiet game. Most run plays were stopped at the second level, while receptions were at the fault of others. 

9/11 - Arkansas - Foster had a real good game. He kept the roof tight with good back end coverage, also chipped in with 5 tackles. The Razorbacks got the majority of their production on the ground. His INT came at a great time, read a slant route perfectly. 

21) Demani Richardson | 6'1 | 215 | S | Texas A&M

9/4 - Kent State - Richardson had a good game, showed off very good range in the back end. He showed outstanding speed as he raced down the field o land a blocks for his teammate (O'Neal) after an interception.

9/11 - Colorado - Richardson had a very solid game, pitching in with 4 tackles and one pass defended. He wasn't tested but, but looked the part where and when he could.

11/13 - Ole Miss - Richardson looked good from an in-the-box perspective, but he was suspect in space when having to cover speed. 

22) Yusuf Corker | 6'0 | 197 | SAF | Kentucky

9/11 -  Missouri - Corker had a solid game. Missouri spread the ball around, and Corker was able to hold down his assignments for the most part. He was a bit suspect in coverage a couple times, but did well keeping the ball in front of himself. He was active, posted 6 solo stops.

23) Smoke Monday | 6'1 | 196 | S | Auburn

24) Jalen Pitre | 6'0 | 197 | SAF | Baylor

11/13 - Oklahoma  - Pitre had a very solid game, chipped in with 5 tackles. He played his STAR role well, swarmed the LOS and looked very adept threatening the LOS with his blitzing prowess. 

25) Josh Proctor | 6'1 | 195 | SAF | Ohio State -

9/2 Minnesota - Proctor had a very solid game. He didn't get beat in pass coverage, and was quick to recognize the run and come up in support. Despite not being real big, he was solid as a tackler, not afraid to throw his body around. He was in on 7 tackles.

9/11 - Oregon - Proctor had a solid game, carried out his back half assignments well. It was a quiet game for him, which spoke to him doing what he could do. 

26) Christopher Smith | 5'10 | 185 | SAF | Georgia

9/4 Clemson - Smith had a very solid game. He read plays well and swarmed the ball often. He scored the game's only TD, a pick-six that went for 74 yards.

27) Greg Eisworth | 6'0 | 195 | SAF | Iowa State

9/11 -  Iowa  - Eisworth had just 2 tackles, looked very average in this one. 

28) Qwuantrezz Knight | 6'0 | 200 | S | UCLA

8/28 - Hawaii - Knight often played in the box and was used as a blitzer. He did very well in that capacity, using speed and athleticism to create pressure. He has 4 solo tackles on the day.

9/4 - LSU - Knight was once again a joy to watch. While it was clear that he does need to become more adept in pass coverage, he held his own more times than not when having to run with the slot WR. He was a sure tackler with 5 solo stops, and was a menace blitizing. His frenetic play was on display.

11/20 - USC - Knight was pesky around the LOS, carried out his blitz assignments well. 

29) Trey Dean II | 6'2 | 194 | SAF | Florida

30) Brendan Radley-Hiles | 5'9 | 185 | SAF | Washington

9/11 -  Michigan - BRH asserted himself a couple times in the tackling department, which was all he could do given Michigan's heavy run game. 

31) Marcelino Ball | 5'11 | 223 | S | Indiana

32) Delarrin Turner-Yell | 5'10 | 190 | S | Oklahoma

33) Reed Blankenship | 6'0 | 195 | S | Middle Tennessee State

34) Tre Sterling | 5'11 | 207 | S | Oklahoma State

9/11 - Tulsa - Sterling had a decent game. He kept balls in front of him and didn't give up anything egregious. 

35) R.J. Roderick | 5'11 | 203 | S | South Carolina