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2024 Mock Draft - ROUND 1

Updated 3/2/24
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*Pre-Week 18 stats used to account for key starters sitting...



1) Bears (Via Panthers) - Caleb Williams | 6'1 | 215 | QB | USC 

Williams' 2023 production declined vs. 2022, but let's not overact or pretend that he isn't the nation's best QB. He has the ability to put his team on his back and carry  it to new heights. 


Needs: QB, EDGE, WR, CB, S, DT

OFFENSE - Ranked 28th in Passing, 24th in Sacks Allowed, 2nd in Rushing Yards

DEFENSE - Ranked 18th in Passing, 30th in Sacks, 1st in Rushing Yards

2) Commanders - Drake Maye | 6'4 | 225 | QB | North Carolina

Maye is QB3 on my board, as I just see too much Daniel Jones type of play from him. That said, seeing him come off the board here isn't a stretch by any means. The Commanders hope he can turn things around. 

Needs: QB, O-Line, RB, EDGE, LB, WR

OFFENSE - Ranked 12th in Passing, 28th in Sacks Allowed, 24th in Rushing Yards

DEFENSE - Ranked 30th in Passing, 21st in Sacks, 25th in Rushing Yards

3) Patriots - Jayden Daniels | 6'3 | 210 | QB | LSU

Rumor has it that the Pats are enamored with Daniels. While rumors are many and varied, I think there's far more fact than fiction here. The Pats are desperate for QB help, and this selection makes the most sense. 

Needs: QB, WR, EDGE, CB, TE

OFFENSE - Ranked 25th in Passing, 19th in Sacks Allowed, 25th in Rushing Yards

DEFENSE - Ranked 13th in Passing, 27th in Sacks, 2nd in Rushing Yards

4) Cardinals - Marvin Harrison Jr. | 6'3 | 209 | WR | Ohio State

This draft is stupid deep when it comes to WR talent, so if the Cards think the separation of talent isn't too wide, they could certainly trade down and get more picks. However, they already have a ton of picks, and MHJ is special. 

Needs: DT, EDGE, WR, CB, OG, RB

OFFENSE - Ranked 30th in Passing, 21st in Sacks Allowed, 6th in Rushing Yards

DEFENSE - Ranked 12th in Passing, 29th in Sacks, 32nd in Rushing Yards

5) Chargers - Joe Alt | 6'8 | 315 | LT | Notre Dame

Harbaugh loves the ground and pound agenda, but it was something the Chargers O-line proved unworthy of doing in 2023. Alt is a polished prospect who creates options up front. To note, Slater becomes a FA in 2025

Needs: S, CB, RB, O-Line, WR, DT

OFFENSE - Ranked 11th in Passing, 16th in Sacks Allowed, 26th in Rushing Yards

DEFENSE - Ranked 31st in Passing, 6th in Sacks, 16th in Rushing Yards

6) Giants - Rome Odunze | 6'3 | 212 | WR | Washington

The Giants will kick the tires on QB options, but this team has several needs. While Jones' QB play was much maligned at times, he needs more receiving targets. Odunze is a terrific talent with a great blend of size, speed and quickness. 

Needs: QB, O-Line, D-Line, WR, RB, S, LB

OFFENSE - Ranked 32nd in Passing, 32nd in Sacks Allowed, 16th in Rushing Yards

DEFENSE - Ranked 19th in Passing, 30th in Sacks, 29th in Rushing Yards

7) Titans - Olu Fashanu | 6'6 | 323 | OT | Penn State

Tennessee is another team desperate for O-line help. Fashanu has to develop more, but he's a great piece of clay to work with. Adding him to play LT means they could kick Petit-Frere out to RT, making the left side of their line its strong point. 

Needs: O-Line, RB, WR, EDGE

OFFENSE - Ranked 24th in Passing, 30th in Sacks Allowed, 18th in Rushing Yards

DEFENSE - Ranked 17th in Passing, 12th in Sacks, 14th in Rushing Yards

8) Falcons - Dallas Turner | 6'3 | 247 | EDGE | Alabama

The Falcons need to add more edge depth and firepower. Turner put up explosive numbers at the combine (4.46-40, 40.5 vertical), good enough to cement himself into top-10 consideration.  

Needs: QB, EDGE, CB, DT, WR

OFFENSE - Ranked 22nd in Passing, 15th in Sacks Allowed, 8th in Rushing Yards

DEFENSE - Ranked 6th in Passing, 22nd in Sacks, 19th in Rushing Yards

9) Bears - Malik Nabers | 6'0 | 200 | WR | LSU

No matter who's tossing the rock for the Bears, they need get him more help in order to climb out of the passing-yard basement. Some evaluators actually have  Nabers as their WR1, so he could be considered a steal at this juncture.

Needs: QB, EDGE, WR, CB, S, DT

OFFENSE - Ranked 28th in Passing, 24th in Sacks Allowed, 2nd in Rushing Yards

DEFENSE - Ranked 18th in Passing, 30th in Sacks, 1st in Rushing Yards


10) Jets -  Taliese Fuaga | 6'6 | 334 | RT/OG | Oregon State

Teams that have drafted solely for need have gotten themselves into trouble. This isn't the case here. While the need is O-line for help is huge, Fuaga is a body mover if not eliminator. While elite quickness can get him at times, it's a done deal when he latches on to the defender. 

Needs: O-Line, WR, RB, EDGE

OFFENSE - Ranked 26th in Passing, 31st in Sacks Allowed, 28th in Rushing Yards

DEFENSE - Ranked 4th in Passing, 16th in Sacks, 24th in Rushing Yards

11) Vikings - Jared Verse | 6'4 | 253 | DE | Florida State

What to do at QB?! If Cousins walks, I see them grabbing McCarthy here. However, I think they strike a deal with the veteran signal caller and focus on another need. Verse has immense talent, which was evident in his combine testing (4.58-40, 31 reps on the bench)

Needs: QB, EDGE, LB, CB, RB, S

OFFENSE - Ranked 5th in Passing, 23rd in Sacks Allowed, 27th in Rushing Yards

DEFENSE - Ranked 20th in Passing, 14th in Sacks, 9th in Rushing Yards

12) Broncos - J.J. McCarthy | 6'3 | 219 | QB | Michigan

The Broncos need a new start at QB, and McCarthy reportedly wowed many evaluators all season and throughout the combine. He's a heady kid with a live arm and the legs to keep defenses on their heels. 

Needs: QB, DT, CB, OG, EDGE

OFFENSE - Ranked 27th in Passing, 27th in Sacks Allowed, 17th in Rushing Yards

DEFENSE - Ranked 24th in Passing, 23rd in Sacks, 31st in Rushing Yards

13 Raiders - Terrion Arnold | 6'0 | 190 | CB | Alabama

Arnold is a top-10 talent, falls here only because of the pressing needs teams have at QB, WR, O-line. He's a confident, gifted player who has the chops to challenge most WR1s out there. Playing teams like the Chiefs and Chargers twice a year commands attention at the position.  

Needs: QB, O-Line, CB, RB, S

OFFENSE - Ranked 23rd in Passing, 12th in Sacks Allowed, 30th in Rushing Yards

DEFENSE - Ranked 10th in Passing, 19th in Sacks, 22nd in Rushing Yards

14) Saints - Quinyon Mitchell | 6'0 | 195 | CB | Toledo

Mitchell is talented, but questions loomed for most of the year as to how he could handle top-shelf talent. He went to the Sr. Bowl and crushed it. Box checked. He then participated in the ""underwear olympics" in Indy and crushed it. He's now CB2 on most boards. What a get for the Saints.

Needs: O-Line, CB, DT, LB, RB

OFFENSE - Ranked 15th in Passing, 7th in Sacks Allowed, 21st in Rushing Yards

DEFENSE - Ranked 7th in Passing, 28th in Sacks, 21st in Rushing Yards

15) Colts - Chop Robinson | 6'3 | 254 | DE/EDGE | Penn State

The Colts' 2023 leading WR was Michael Pitman Jr., who's now sitting as a FA. If not retained, a receiving target like Bowers or Thomas could certainly be in play. That said, they need edge depth, and Robinson has teams gushing after his combine performance. He makes this front more formidable..

Needs: LB, EDGE, DT, CB, O-Line, RB

OFFENSE - Ranked 20th in Passing, 18th in Sacks Allowed, 13th in Rushing Yards

DEFENSE - Ranked 16th in Passing, 5th in Sacks, 27th in Rushing Yards

16) Seahawks - Brock Bowers | 6'3 | 243 | TE | Georgia

The Seahawks have a big depth issue at TE, but I'd see them pulling the trigger on Bowers regardless. He's way too talented to fall here, and getting him makes this passing attack scry dangerous.

Needs: CB, OG, S, LB, TE

OFFENSE - Ranked 13th in Passing, 14th in Sacks Allowed, 29th in Rushing Yards

DEFENSE - Ranked 21st in Passing, 8th in Sacks, 30th in Rushing Yards

17) Jaguars - Brian Thomas Jr. | 6'3 | 209 | WR | LSU

Thomas Jr. is a fantastic WR, arguably possessing top-10 talent. In most any other draft, he's not on the board here. FA Calvin Ridely Jr. led the team in receiving yards and TDs, but may not be back. Jones and Kirk have both been bitten by the injury bug. Talents meets depth need. 

Needs: LB, DT, CB, O-Line, WR, RB

OFFENSE - Ranked 9th in Passing, 21st in Sacks Allowed, 23rd in Rushing Yards

DEFENSE - Ranked 26th in Passing, 25th in Sacks, 8th in Rushing Yards

18) Bengals - JC Latham | 6'6 | 335 | OT/OG | Alabama 

Protecting Joe Burrow has to be the team's top priority. Jonah Williams is set to test the FA market, potentially making matters worse up front. Laathm is a massive talent who can line up outside or inside. If he falls here, he may be too good to pass up.

Needs: CB, O-Line, WR, TE, RB

OFFENSE - Ranked 10th in Passing, 26th in Sacks Allowed, 32nd in Rushing Yards

DEFENSE - Ranked 29th in Passing, 15th in Sacks, 26th in Rushing Yards

19) Rams - Jackson Powers-Johnson | 6'3 | 334 | C/OG | Oregon 

The Rams have big question marks along the interior of their O-line. They should have options at their disposal, so this comes down to which existing player is highest on their board. JPJ is a stout kid with excellent blocking skills. He gets the nod, as he can run the pivot or play OG.

Needs: O-Line, EDGE, CB, RB

OFFENSE - Ranked 8th in Passing, 8th in Sacks Allowed, 10th in Rushing Yards

DEFENSE - Ranked 22nd in Passing, 25th in Sacks, 12th in Rushing Yards

20) Steelers - Nate Wiggins | 6'1 | 173 | CB | Clemson

The Steelers would be wise to add some CB depth through the draft. Wiggins is certainly on the small side, but he plays with excellent speed, fluid hips and ball awareness. He'd step into the line up right away and contribute.


Needs: CB, WR, DT, EDGE, O-Line 

OFFENSE - Ranked 29th in Passing, 9th in Sacks Allowed, 12th in Rushing Yards

DEFENSE - Ranked 23rd in Passing, 13th in Sacks, 18th in Rushing Yards

21) Dolphins - Troy Fautanu | 6'4 | 317 | OG/LT | Washington 

The Dolphins have  holes along their O-line, and another if Wilkins signs elsewhere. They're also light on draft capital, with just two slots inside of the top 150 selections. This spot screams trade down, with draft depth in positions of need. Assuming they stay put, Fautanu is a versatile, safe play.

Needs: O-Line, DT, CB, WR, EDGE, S

OFFENSE - Ranked 1st in Passing, 5th in Sacks Allowed, 5th in Rushing Yards

DEFENSE - Ranked 14th in Passing, 4th in Sacks, 14th in Rushing Yards

22) Eagles - Kool-Aid McKinstry | 6'1 | 195 | CB | Alabama

The Eagles desperately need to address their pass defense in order for them to make another run at making the Super Bowl. McKinstry has seen his stock fall a bit, but he's still a very gifted Round-1 caliber CB.

Needs: S, CB, WR, RB

OFFENSE - Ranked 18th in Passing, 10th in Sacks Allowed, 9th in Rushing Yards

DEFENSE - Ranked 28th in Passing, 18th in Sacks, 11th in Rushing Yards

23) Texans (via Browns) - Laiatu Latu | 6'5 | 259 | EDGE | UCLA

Jerry Hughes and Derek Barnett are both FAs, so getting some talented depth on board is even more of a must for a team lacking talent. Latu didn't test overly well in Indy, but his game tape doesn't lie. He'd be a welcomed addition in Houston.

Needs: WR, O-Line, EDGE, S

OFFENSE - Ranked 4th in Passing, 24th in Sacks Allowed, 22nd in Rushing Yards

DEFENSE - Ranked 25th in Passing, 26th in Sacks, 5th in Rushing Yards

24) Cowboys -   Amarius Mims | 6'7 | 340 | OT | Georgia

If Tyron Smith does end up leaving, then there's a hole of sorts that needs to be filled. Mims is a giant man who's capable of completely eliminating an edge defender.

Needs: O-Line, RB, CB, LB, DT, WR

OFFENSE - Ranked 3rd in Passing, 17th in Sacks Allowed, 14th in Rushing Yards

DEFENSE - Ranked 5th in Passing, 17th in Sacks, 21st in Rushing Yards

25) Packers - Byron Murphy II | 6'1 | 297 | DT | Texas 

The Packers will be looking to add some interior D-line talent that can create pressure through the gaps. If able to secure the services of Murphy, then that's what they'll be getting here.

Needs: DT, S, LB, O-Line, RB, WR

OFFENSE - Ranked 17th in Passing, 3rd in Sacks Allowed, 15th in Rushing Yards

DEFENSE - Ranked 11th in Passing, 20th in Sacks, 28th in Rushing Yards

26) BuccaneersCooper DeJean | 6'1 | 209 | CB/S | Iowa

The Bucs are set to lose some very key plyers via FA, so it'll be very interesting to see how they handle themselves this offseason. As it stands now, their pass defense is the most suspect, so they add a gifted player that can play CB or SAF. 

Needs: QB, WR, LB, CB, RB, O-Line, S

OFFENSE - Ranked 16th in Passing, 11th in Sacks Allowed, 31st in Rushing Yards

DEFENSE - Ranked 32nd in Passing, 11th in Sacks, 6th in Rushing Yards

27)  Cardinals (via Texans) - Darius Robinson | 6'5 | 285 | DE/DT | Missouri

The Cardinals have gobs of needs, but I think their biggest focus will be getting talented guys that fit their scheme while addressing weaknesses. Robinson is an excellent choice here, as he can play base DE and kick inside in sub packages. 

Needs: DT, EDGE, WR, CB, OG, RB

OFFENSE - Ranked 30th in Passing, 21st in Sacks Allowed, 6th in Rushing Yards

DEFENSE - Ranked 12th in Passing, 29th in Sacks, 32nd in Rushing Yards

28) Bills - Jer'Zhan Newton | 6'2 | 295 | DT | Illinois

The Bills are a great team, but they need to keep the cupboards stocked with front seven players that can create pressure. DT is one position that could be hit hard in FA, so they grab the talented Newton to fill a void. 

Needs: CB, S, DT, EDGE, LB, WR, OT

OFFENSE - Ranked 15th in Passing, 1st in Sacks Allowed, 7th in Rushing Yards

DEFENSE - Ranked 8th in Passing, 3rd in Sacks, 15th in Rushing Yards

29) Lions - Kamari Lassiter | 6'0 | 180 | CB | Georgia

The Lions were a great success story this year, but one missing element for them was consistent secondary play. Lassiter has excellent fluidity and has shown capable of locking down many a good WR. 

Needs: S, CB, WR, EDGE, RB

OFFENSE - Ranked 6th in Passing, 4th in Sacks Allowed, 4th in Rushing Yards

DEFENSE - Ranked 25th in Passing, 26th in Sacks, 5th in Rushing Yards

30) Ravens - Adonai Mitchell | 6'4 | 195 | WR | Texas

The Ravens need to improve their passing attack, whilst addressing impending depth concerns. Mitchell has good sie with excellent play speed. He'd quickly be inserted into the line-up and produce early on. 

Needs: WR, CB, RB, O-Line, EDGE, DT

OFFENSE - Ranked 21st in Passing, 13th in Sacks Allowed, 1st in Rushing Yards

DEFENSE - Ranked 9th in Passing, 1st in Sacks, 13th in Rushing Yards

31) 49ers - Graham Barton | 6'5 | 314 | O-line | Duke 

The 49ers don't have many needs, but they could be looking to upgrade a spot along their O-line. Fautnu is an OG//OT tweener who could play at either post. He's a tough kid who'd fit in well here.

Needs: O-Line, S, CB, DT, EDGE, RB

OFFENSE - Ranked 2nd in Passing, 6th in Sacks Allowed, 3rd in Rushing Yards

DEFENSE - Ranked 15th in Passing, 9th in Sacks, 3rd in Rushing Yards

32) Chiefs - Keon Coleman | 6'3 | 215 | WR | Florida State

One would think that the Chiefs will keep the pipe wet with receiving talent. Coleman isn't a blazer, but he's a big body who wins in contested situations. He fills aa FA void at the position.

Needs: WR, OT, CB, DT, EDGE

OFFENSE - Ranked 7th in Passing, 2nd in Sacks Allowed, 19th in Rushing Yards

DEFENSE - Ranked 3rd in Passing, 2nd in Sacks, 17th in Rushing Yards

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