Wide Receivers

1) Jerry Jeudy | 6'0 | 192 | WR | Alabama  

9/14 - South Carolina - Jeudy had a solid game, catching 6 balls for 68. He drew a lot of attention, freeing up others to have huge games. He continues to show great speed and the ability to get open at all levels.

9/28 - Ole Miss - Jeudy flashed today. Yes, DeVonta Smith was the star on the day, but credit to Jeudy for drawing attention and aiding in as much. Jeudy ran smooth routes with speed, got separation from the CB. He had 8 catches for 84 yards, looked good on underneath patterns despite  coverage.

11/9 - LSU - Jeudy did have 5 catches for 71 yards a 1 TD. But, he had two drops, one of which was a costly one in the end zone. While his route-runnig was on display, he didn't look like the nation's best WR tonight.

11/10 - Mississippi State - Cameron Dantzler 

11/30 - Auburn - Javarius Davis 

2) CeeDee Lamb | 6'1 | 189 | WR | Oklahoma 

9/14 - UCLA - Lamb had a solid yet quiet game, catching 1 TD pass for 39 yards. 

9/28 - Texas Tech - Lamb was great, catching 7 balls for 185 yards, 3 TDs. His speed and smooth route running was way too much for Tech. He looked like a top 15 player today.

10/12 - Texas - It's not hyperbole to suggest that Lamb will challenge Jeudy to be WR1. Lamb showed off a great blend of speed and strength today, couple with toughness, good route running and ball skills.

11/23 - TCU - Jeff Gladney

11/30 - Oklahoma State - A.J. Green

3) Henry Ruggs III | 6'0 | 180 | WR | Alabama 

9/14 - South Carolina - Ruggs had an impressive day, logging 6 catches for 122 yards, highlighted by an 81-yard TD where he showed off world class speed after the catch, pulling away from the field. 

9/28 - Ole Miss - Ruggs missed a chunk of the game after his 11-yard reception early on. While he made it back out there, Tua overthrew him twice. By this point, there was no need to risk anything further with Ruggs. 

11/9 - LSU - Ruggs, like his teammate Jeudy had a drop. He secured 3 balls for 68 yards. While his speed was evident, he lacked polish receiving overall.

4) Laviska Shenault Jr. | 6'2 | 225 | WR | Colorado 

10/25 - USC - He finally arrived, catching 9 balls for 172 yards. While he still didn't show consistent separation skills, he was a monster after the catch, showing physicality.

11/9 - Stanford - Paulson Adebo

11/30 - Utah  - Jaylon Johnson, SAF Julian Blackmon

5) Tee Higgins | 6'3 | 205 | WR | Clemson 

8/29 - Georgia Tech - Higgins had a very good night, displaying great hands, body control and the speed to get atop of coverage. He was 4/98 with 1 TD, a stat line that could've easily been doubled if Dabo was giving other WRs reps. All said, Hif=ggins looked like he could end up being a WR1 in the NFL.

9/28 - North Carolina - Higgins had a very good game and was the most reliable player Clemson had on offense. He had 6 catches for 129 yards, 1 TD. He displayed great body control and positioning to box out defenders.

11/16 - Wake Forest - Essang Bassey

6) Tylan Wallace | 6'0 | 185 | WR | Oklahoma State 

8/30 - Oregon State - Wallace looked great today, going 5/92 with 2 TDs. While his long speed was only display as usual, he showed off some very good route running, shining on one of his TDs with a slant and go route. He looked like a WR1 today.

9/21 - Texas - Wallace had a very good game, posting 5 receptions for 83 yards. His stat line is solid, but some of his other his contributions can't be measured. When out there, he drew a lot of attention, allowed others to become targets. He was great as a blocker, willing and effective.

11/2 - TCU - Jeff Gladney

11/30 - Oklahoma - Tre Brown and Parnell Motley

7) Jalen Reagor | 5'11 | 185 | WR | TCU  

9/14 - Purdue - Went just 3 for 29, wasn't a factor in this match up.

10/5 - Iowa State - Reagor had a very good game, was finally able to get some decent QB support to show what he can do. He had 4 receptions for 69 yards, 2 TDs. While he did turn the ball over on a fumble, he was otherwise good, showing off good speed, balls skills and leaping ability on one of his TDs.

11/23 - Oklahoma - Tre Brown and Parnell Motley 

8) Gabriel Davis | 6'2 | 212 | WR | Central Florida 

9/14 - Stanford - Davis had a great game, beating CB Paulson Adebo three times in the 1st quarter alone. Davis flashed speed, good route running and body control. On one of his routes, he executed a double move perfectly, causing the CB to bit hard and leave Davis wide open.

9/21 - Pittsburgh - Davis had a great game, catching 10 balls for 151 yards, scoring 2 TDs. He ran smooth, fast routes and was very natural catching the ball and getting yards thereafter. After having some struggles with press coverage early on, he was simply too good for Pitt to contain the whole game.

10/4 - Cincinnati - Davis had another gaudy stat line, 13 receptions for 170 yards. He was targeted throughout the game, was open nearly 20 times by my count. When he was able to beat press off of the LOS, he was great in space, ran great routes that were tough to defend. 

10/19 - East Carolina - Just another day at the office, as Davis hauled in 9 passes for 164 yards, good for 2 TDs. His ability to get separation at all levels is impressive. The guy simply gets open, is a reliable catcher.

9) Devonta Smith | 6'1 | 175 | WR | Alabama 

9/14 - South Carolina - Smith had a great game, leading all WRs with 8 catches for 136 yards, good for 2 TDs. He showed off very good hands coupled with amazing speed, outpacing defenders. His ability to create natural separation and exploited seams in the open field really stood out.

9/28 - Ole Miss - Damn. Smith had 11 receptions for 274 yards, the yardage total setting a 'Bama record. And, he had 5 TDs doing so. While Smith flashed breakaway speed, his route running was on point as well. This is a dangerous kid, certainly worked himself into Round 2 draft talks. 

10/12 - Texas A&M - Smith continued to impress, showing that he's nearly impossible to defend on the quick slant. He had 7 receptions for 99 yards, 1 TD. 

11/9 - LSU - Smith was 'Bama's best WR tonight. Despite being undersized, he played with great toughness and was complete overall. He had 7 catches for 213 yards, 2 TDs. His route-running and play speed was something to be admired.

10) Tyler Johnson | 6'1 | 200 | WR | Minnesota 

9/1 - Fresno State - Johnson had a solid game, grabbing 4 balls for 71 yards. While he primarily lined up as an outside "X", he moved around in the formation, also used as a flanker. His play didn't stand out in any one regard, operated underneath and at intermediate levels, not asked to stretch the field. 

11/9 - Penn State - Johnson had a very good game, catching 7 balls for 104 yards. He ran very good routes and drew heavy coverage which freed up his teammate Bateman. Johnosn looked like a complete WR, showing a good blend of speed, route-running and ball skills.

11) Sage Surratt | 6'3 | 210 | WR | Wake Forest

8/30 - Utah State - Surratt had a great game, really impressed me. He notched 7 receptions for 158 yards with 1 TD. His long reception of 70 yards showcased his speed. He ran very good routes and simply shredded the secondary.

9/14- North Carolina - Surratt had a great game, catching 6 balls for 169 yards with 1 TD. He was a natural hand-plucker when catching the ball, also showed very good route running and the speed to built defenders at multiple levels. He was Wake's go-to WR that simply produced. 

10/12 - Louisville - Surratt had a great game. He caught 12 balls for 196 yards, 3 TDs. His ability to slow-play his routes and then use a  burst to get atop of the CB and stack him up was noticeable. He showed great ball skills despite 1-2 drops, was able to win on contested catches and back shoulder passes. He proved to be sneaky fast, seemingly jogging on routes at times to only pull away deep. 

12) Justin Jefferson | 6'1 | 185 | WR | LSU 

9/7 - Texas - Jefferson had a great game. He had 9 catches for 163 yards, 3 TDs. He ran very clean, smooth routes and was a beast to stick with in coverage. 

10/5 - Utah State - Jefferson continues to impress and is quickly working himself up draft boards. While Utah State doesn't boast a great secondary, he shredded them. He had 9 receptions for 155 yards, 2 TDs. He ran smooth routes and displayed speed doing so. His ability to get atop of defenders and get separation is noteworthy. 

10/12 - Florida - Jefferson had a great game. He caught 10 balls for 123 yards, had 1 TD. He stacked his man well, showing his ability to get atop of coverage. He ran  very smooth routes, nice speed and ball skills.

11/9 - Alabama - Jefferson didn't pop off, but he had a steady game catching 7 balls for 79 yards. 

13) Bryan Edwards | 6'2 | 215 | WR | South Carolina 

8/31 - North Carolina - Just 1/7, was sideline a lot of the game.

9/14 - South Carolina - Edwards had a very nice game. He caught 9 balls for 79 yards, also showed his value by taking it on end-around plays. On one incomplete pass attempt, he was able to shake off Diggs with a nice outside head fake on a post corner route and get behind the great CB. Edwards showed amazing strength and toughness after his catches, always fought for extra yardage.

11/2 - South Carolina - Edwards had a great game. He caught 14 balls for 149 yards, 1 TD. He consistently got open and showed real value as a physical, reliable WR.

14) Collin Johnson | 6'5 | 220 | WR | Texas 

9/7 - LSU - Johnson had a very average game, got shut down by the elite CB Fulton. Despite Johnson's size advantage, he didn't play big and didn't assert himself physically in the jump ball pr possession game. He did not look like a Round 1 prospect as some are billing him to be. 

15) Devin Duvernay | 5'10 | 210 | WR | Texas

9/1 - LSU - Duvernay had a fantastic game, was easily the best weapon Texas had in this one. He had 12 receptions for 154 yards with 2 TDs. He operated very well out of the slot, showing the get off speed to quickly get behind LBs, not allowing SAFs to get a good bead on him. He operated very well at all levels. 

9/21 - Oklahoma State - Duvernay was nothing short of excellent, in a game where he was heavily keyed on with Colin Johnson being out with an injury. Duvernay displayed next level speed and quickness, showing a fast get off from the snap, demanding a steep cushion. He had great hands and was sturdy after the catch. I could see him going Day 2 with this continued play. He ended up with 12 catches for 108 yards, 1 TD.

10/5 - West Virginia - Duvernay had a real good game, catching 6 balls for 86 yards. He ran good routes and showed off nice speed and quickness.

16) KJ Hamler | 5'9 | 176 | WR | Penn State

11/9 - Minnesota - Hamler had a very solid outing, showing off his speed to beat defenders on crossing routes. He had 7 catches for 119 yards.  

17) Reggie Roberson | 6'0 | 200 | WR | SMU 

10/19 - Temple - Roberson had a great game, caught 8 balls for 250 yards. His deep speed coupled with his ability to shake guys off his routes was impressive.

10/24 - Houston - Roberson left the game early with a foot injury. Despite a drop that would've been for a TD, he was looking good up to the point he got injured.

18) Tyler Vaughns | 6'1 | 185 | WR | Southern California 

8/31 - Fresno State - Vaughns had a very good game. He had 11 receptions for 150 yards. He ran very good, smooth routes and caught the ball cleanly with good hands. He did a good job finding soft spots within the secondary to exploit. He did have a fumble which was his one flaw on the night.

9/7 - Stanford - Vaughns had a great game, going 5 for 106 yards and 1 TD. He went up against CB Paulson Adebo, a guy many have stamped as a Round 1 player. Vaughns was able to beat him a few times, displaying excellent quickness and amazing rout running. 

9/20 - Utah - Vaughns had a nice game, catching 4 balls for 49 yards with 1 TD. He was matched up against Jaylon Johnson and was able to beat the CB multiple times with speed and smooth route running. 

9/28 - Washington - Was  held in check often, caught 4 balls for 44 yards.

10/12 - Notre Dame - Vaughns had 4 catches for 47 yards, 1 TD. Troy Pride kept him honest the majority of this contest.

10/25 - Colorado - Vaughns had 8 catches for 104 yards. While not as impressive as his teammate Pittman in this one, he showed smooth route running skills, good quicknes.

11/2 - Oregon - Vaughns had 8 catches for 75 yards. While he could not get much going deep, he ran smooth routes underneath and was very clean as a whole aside from one dropped pass.

19) Aaron Fuller | 5'10 | 185 | WR | Washington

9/21 - BYU - Fuller was impressive in this game. While his stat line of 8 catches for 91 yards and 1 TD is notable, it was the fashion of his play that stood out. He ran quick, smooth routes and had speed after the catch. He was great at getting open, whether it be vs. man coverage on the outside or across the middle. His 88-yard punt return for a TD also showed his versatility, how dangerous he can be. 

9/28 - USC - Fuller had a good game, going 6 for 68 yards. He displayed good quickness and speed, operated well underneath.

10/5 - Stanford - In a game where Washington's offense struggled, Fuller shined. He had 9 receptions for 171 yards. While he was locked up on quick slants, he was dangerous when given some green to operate. His speed and ball skills were impressive.

20) Isaiah Hodgins | 6'4 | 210 | WR | Oregon State

8/30 - Oklahoma State - Hodgins looked real good today, going 9/170 with 2 TDs. While he didn't flash great speed, he ran good routes, was able to beat coverage, found open spaces in the secondary and displayed nice hands. He found success on every CB he faced.

21) Brandon Aiyuk | 6'1 | 205 | WR | Arizona State

9/21 - Colorado - Aiyuk flashed a number of times, offering up a little bit of everything. He ran good routes and has the speed and quickness to beat CBs if given some room to operate. He had 9 catches for 122 yards, 1 TD. His long reception of 53 yards did sho of some nice speed. I could see him becoming a solid #3-#4 WR at the next level. He's tough to contain once out into his patterns.

9/27 - California - CB Camryn Bynum shut Aiyuk down, rendering him just 2 catches for 31 yards.

22) K.J. Hill | 5'11 | 195 | WR | Ohio State 

9/28 - Nebraska - Hill's stat line wasn't gaudy, as Fields spread the ball around. But in his 5 catches for 39 yards worth 1 TD, he ran smooth routes and flashed speed to separate.

23) James Proche | 5'11 | 190 | WR | SMU 

10/19 - Temple - Proche caught 9 balls for 80 yards. While his teammate Roberson stole the show, Proche looked mighty good himself and carried out his assignments well.

10/24 - Houston - Proche had a good game, catching 7 balls for 83 yards, 1 TD. While he did most of his work on short passes, his long reception of 52 yards showed his ability to get atop of double coverage, stack the defenders and secure the reception. His TD catch in  the 3OT was impressive.

11/2 - Memphis - Proche had a great game, catching 13 balls for 149 yards, 1 TD. What was most impressive was that he was being heavily defended all night with his teammate Roberson out, yet he still got open countless times.

24) Michael Pittman Jr. | 6'3 | 225 | WR | Southern California 

8/31 - Fresno State - Pittman had a very average game, catching 6 balls but amassing just 28 yards in the effort. He was a reliable, big-bodied target, but did nothing downfield, looked very one-dimensional.

9/7 - Stanford - Pittman had a real nice game, catching 6 balls for 82 yards. He played the role of possession WR quite well, also showing off very good body control and hands on one catch in  particular.

9/20 - Utah - Pittman had a great game, catching 10 balls for 232 yards with 1 TD. He most notably had a long reception for 77 yards. Pittman used his big frame to get atop of coverage, coupled with decent straight line speed for a big guy. He caught the ball cleanly, was a reliable target throughout the game. 

9/28 - Washington - Was limited early on, then beat a Safety deep as he was looking into the backfield. He finished with 4 catches for 64 yards, 1 TD.

10/12 - Notre Dame - Pittman had 4 catches for 29 yards. Aside from stacking the CB on one reception, he was rather limited, didn't do much.

10/25 - Colorado - Pittman had a great night, amassing 7 catches for 156 yards, 2 TDs. While he didn't create great separation from CBs, he was extremely productive finding spots in soft zone coverage and getting chunk yards after the catch. If operating in a big slot Larry Fitzgerald fashion, he could be effective at the next level.

25) Antonio Gandy-Golden | 6'3 | 220 | WR | Liberty

11/9 - BYU - AGG was relatively quiet for the 1st half, then he become a focal point as the game went on. He ended up with 10 catches for 162 yards, 1 TD. While he didn't stand out in one regard over another, his ability to use his frame to box out defenders and secure the catch was evident. He was a big, reliable target underneath that plucked the ball cleanly.

26) Marquez Stevenson | 6'1 | 190 | WR | Houston

9/1 - Oklahoma - Stevenson had a very respectable night, logging 7 receptions for 80 yards and 1 TD. He displayed good route running and very good play speed, challenged the OU secondary with it. He was a reliable target and looked like a late Day 2, early Day 3 player tonight.

9/13 - Washington State - Stevenson had a quiet game, grabbing 5 balls for just 34 yards, 1 TD. This stat line is no indictment against Stevenson, as WSU had so much success running the ball it opted for a heavy run game, limiting his touches. When given the chance, he ran his routes with fluidity and speed.

10/24 - SMU - Stevenson had a very solid game overall, as he caught 5 balls for an impressive 211 yards. What was the most impressive thing was just how fast this kid plays. On one play, he took a short pass and outpaced the entire field on his way toward the end zone. Regardless of what he times in the 40, this kid plays at legit ~4.3 speed.

27) Donovan Peoples-Jones | 6'1 | 208 | WR | Michigan 

9/21 - Wisconsin - Credit does need to be given to Wisconsin's tough defense, but but this WR didn't do much to impress. He couldn't get great separation and simply didn't establish himself as a target regardless of who posted up against him. 1 catch for  5 yards...

28) Lawrence Cager | 6'4 | 215 | WR | Georgia 

9/21 - Notre Dame - Cager caught some fire in this game, catching 5 balls for 82 yards, 1 TD. His displayed good hands, body control and the length to make himself tough to defend. He was able to get superior positioning against Troy Pride, a real good CB.

11/2 - Florida - Cager looked like an early Day 3 WR in this one. He did great operating in soft zones, as well as showing strength and authority when going against press coverage. He had 7 catches for 132 yards, 1 TD. 

29) Jauan Johnson | 6'3 | 215 | WR | Tennessee

10/19 - Alabama - Johnson was a bright spot tonight, catching 6 balls for 66 yards. He played with a lot of passion and was physical.

10/27 - South Carolina - Johnson had a great game. He had 7 receptions for 124 yards. 2 TDs. He was an alpha male in this one, playing with great strength and tenacity. He also chipped in running the ball, showing nice versatility.

30) Lynn Bowden Jr. | 6'0 | 199 | WR | Kentucky 

8/31 - Toledo - Bowden wasn't targeted early but he got going and ended up amassing 6 receptions for 77 yards. He was solid in his own right, not dynamic in any one regard.

9/14 - Florida - Bowden had a solid game, going 7/70. While not asked to stretch the field, he operated well underneath and was a reliable target for his QB.

9/21 - Mississippi State - Bowden had a very good game. If anything, I came away thinking this kid is an absolute dawg. He wants the ball, is a willing blocker, is a leader that always competes. He had 7 catches for 129 yards, ran good routes and flashed some deep speed along the way. He was Kentucky's #1 target, yet again. 

31) Joe Reed | 6'1 | 215 | WR | Virginia

9/14 - Florida State - Reed was impressive in this game. He had  8 catches for 83 yards and 1 TD. He ran excellent routes, showing quickness, long speed and good hands.

9/28 - Notre Dame - Reed was outstanding. He had 9 catches for 107 yards and 1 TD. He beat multiple players in the secondary, including Troy Pride Jr. who is a CB that's shut down many a WR. Reed's quickness, body control and natural pass-catching abilities were more than evident.

32) Darrell Stewart Jr. | 6'2 | 212 | WR | Michigan State

9/21 - Northwestern - Stewart had a very solid game, amassing 5 catches for 77 yards. While not overly flashy, he ran good routes and showed he knows how to beat coverage to get open.

9/14 - Arizona State - Stewart was very productive in this one, catching 9 balls for 121 yards. While he didn't pop off to me in any one regard, he was just very reliable and couldn't be contained. 

10/5 - Ohio State - Stewart impressed me in this one. Yes, the guy had a couple drops, but those weren't based on a lack of talent. This kid ran good routes as was tough as nails, not backing down an inch against the nation's best secondary. He had 6 catches for 68 yards, 1 TD. While he may not be looked upon to be a a #1 or #2 WR at the next level, there's certainly a place for him somewhere within a WR corps. He's too reliable and produces regardless of who he's facing.

33) Kalija Lipscomb | 6'0 | 200 | WR | Vanderbilt 

9/21 - LSU- Lipscomb was hemmed up pretty tight at times,  but was still able to get open enough to catch 5 balls for 68 yards and score a TD. His TD was impressive, breaking free of a missed tackle by Fulton.

34) Tarik Black | 6'2 | 215 | WR | Michigan 

9/7 - Army - Just 3/24 with one drop. Black did nothing over the top to impress, looked like a marginal WR in this contest. 

9/21 - Wisconsin - Black went 3 for 57 with a long of 32 yards. He flashed a couple times but zero help from poor QB play.

35) Quartney Davis | 6'1 | 200 | WR | Texas A&M 

9/7 - Clemson - Davis had a solid game, securing 5 passes for 59 yards. While he wasn't able to really stretch the field, he showed off some good route running and the reliability of a WR that can get open. 

9/21 - Auburn- Davis flashed in this one. He caught 5 balls for 82 yards, 1 TD. He ran challenging routes to defend, flashing good functional speed in the process. Amongst a very good secondary, he was able to find cracks and get open. While he didn't overwhelm in any one regard, he struck me as a very solid WR.

9/28 - Arkansas- Davis continued to impress me, catching 7 balls for 62 yards, amassing 2 TDs. He ran very smooth routes and again showed his knack for getting open. He was easily the best WR on the field in this one.

10/12 - Alabama - Davis was the Aggies best WR today, securing 7 catches for 81 yards. He was a reliable option on short to intermediate routes. 

36) Omar Bayless | 6'3 | 207 | WR | Arkansas State 

37) Jeff Thomas | 5'10 | 180 | WR | Miami 

8/24 - Florida - By most counts, Thomas underwhelmed as he has just 2 receptions for 28 yards. While it would be irresponsible to suggest he isn't fast, I simply didn't see the same speed I'm accustomed to from him. As Miami was looking for a spark plug on offense, Thomas simply wasn't it.

9/7 - North Carolina - Thomas had a solid game, going 7 for 51 yards. He was limited to short, underneath passes, wasn't able to connect on any long balls. While dynamic, he didn't look like a complete WR.

38) Chase Claypool | 6'3 | 229 | WR | Notre Dame 

9/21 - Georgia - Claypool had a solid game, catching 6 balls for 66 yards, 1 TD. He used his size well against smaller DBs, displayed some good hands and requisite speed. 

9/28 - Virginia - Claypool had a solid game. He caught 6 balls for 30 yards. While he couldn't do much of anything downfield, he was a good possession target underneath. 

11/9 - Duke - Mark Gilbert

11/30 - Stanford - Paulson Adebo

39) Kendrick Rogers | 6'3 | 210 | WR | Texas A&M 

9/7 - Clemson - Rogers caught 6 balls for 60 yards, most of that coming in the latter part of the game. While he was a solid target at times, he really did nothing to look like anything more than a role player.

9/21 - Auburn- Rogers caught 4 balls for 45 yards. While I know Auburn played tough defense, Rogers has yet to impress me so far in early into the season.

9/28 - Arkansas- Rogers failed to catch a single ball in this one, did nothing to separate himself as an NFL-ready WR.

40) Denzel Mims | 6'2 | 208 | WR | Baylor 

9/28 - Iowa State - Mims had a good game, logging 6 receptions for 106 yards, 2 TDs. He was able to flash his long speed, showing that he can get atop of defenses and threaten them deep. 

11/9 - TCU - Mims had 2 TD receptions in OT which sealed the deal for Baylor. He showed off nice hands and the ability to win 50/50 balls.

41) T.J. Vasher | 6'5 | 190 | WR | Texas Tech 

9/14- Arizona - Vasher had a good game, caught 6 balls for 96 yards. He showed his ability to be a long strider that's capable of getting atop of defenders, highpointing the ball. With his length he was tough to defend.

9/28 - Oklahoma - Vasher was shut down in this one, couldn't get open while his QB had little time to throw the ball.

42) K.J. Osborn | 5'11 | 205 | WR | Miami  

8/24 - Florida - Osborn had a solid game, going 4 for 41 yards. He should toughness working across the middle and securing the ball after the catch. He was a reliable short area target.

9/7 - North Carolina - Osborn had a good game, going 7 for 76 yards with 1 TD.  He showed enough speed and quickness to create enough separation to get open, was very strong operating at the underneath and intermediate levels. He looked like a good #4-5 WR in this one.

43) Van Jefferson | 6'2 | 195 | WR | Florida

8/24 - Miami - Jefferson ran solid routes and showed off good speed, but he couldn't do much to get open against Trajan Bandy.

9/14 - Kentucky - Jefferson led all receivers with 7 receptions for 93 yards. He ran smooth routes and was able to get separation within soft zones amongst the secondary.

44) Damon Hazelton | 6'2 | 222 | WR | Virginia Tech 

9/27 - Duke - Caught just 1 ball for a 72-yard TD. 

45) Darnell Mooney | 5'11 | 175 | WR | Tulane 

46) Kadarius Toney | 5'11 | 190 | WR | Florida

8/24 - Miami - Toney caught just 1 ball, but he took it 66 yards for a TD. While he not only flashed amazing speed in this contest, he was tough as nails. He had one key blocks against Shag Quarterman that really displayed his strength despite not being real big. He's Florida's version of Tyreek Hill.

47) Dez Fitzpatrick | 6'1 | 202 | WR | Louisville 

9/21 - Florida State - Fitzpatrick was one of the bright spots for this offense today. He caught 7 balls for 133 yards, had a 74-yard TD. He displayed good route running and the speed to get atop of the defense.

10/3 - Missouri - DeMarkus Acy

11/3 - LSU - Kristian Fulton, Grant Delpit

48) Marquez Callaway | 6'1 | 199 | WR | Tennessee 

49) Cedric Byrd II | 5'9 | 170 | WR | Hawaii

8/24 - Arizona - Byrd had a great game, going 14/224 with 4 TDs. While undersized, he displayed a great blend of speed and quickness. He was able to operate at all levels, shredded defenders.

50) Shi Smith | 5'10 | 186 | WR | South Carolina 

8/31 - North Carolina - Smith had 5 catches for 55 yards. He was a reliable target underneath, played with decent quickness and speed. 

51) Rico Bussey Jr. | 6'1 | 190 | WR | North Texas 

9/21 - Torn ACL, out for the year.

52) Nick Westbrook | 6'2 | 215 | WR | Indiana 

9/14 - Ohio State - Westbrook was held in check, catching just 3 balls for 31 yards. While he drew great CB coverage, he used his big frame well to get superior position on his defender a couple of times. 

53) Tyrie Cleveland | 6'1 | 205 | WR | Florida

8/24 - Miami - Cleveland caught just 1 ball for 13 yards. He was a non-factor, didn't do anything to assert himself. 

54) Lee Morris | 6'1 | 212 | WR | Oklahoma 

55) Stephen Guidry | 6'3 | 195 | WR | Mississippi State 

56) Isaiah Zuber | 5'11 | 186 | WR | Mississippi State 

9/21 - Kentucky - Was just 3 for 16, didn't jump out in any regard.

57) Trevon Grimes | 6'3 | 200 | WR | Florida

8/24 - Miami - Grimes caught 1 ball for 10 yards, showed nothing to speak of. 

58) Damonte Cox | 6'3 | 200 | WR | Memphis

59) JD Spielman | 5'9 | 185 | WR | Nebraska

9/28 - Ohio State - 1 catch for 7 yards, was hemmed up all night. 

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