1) Tyler Biadasz | 6'2 | 319 | C | Wisconsin 

8/30 - South Florida - While I love this pivot man, this was not his best game by a long shot. In this first quarter alone, I counted 3 blocks that he slipped off of and ended up on his knees. While he did move bodies when going head up in the run game at times, he wasn't consistent in doing as much. He did look excellent in his pulls, quickly getting north of the LOS, finding his target and landing the block. He was strong in pass pro, providing a good wall up front. As a whole, he didn't look like a 1st-rounder in this contest.

9/21 - Notre Dame - Biadasz had a real good game. He displayed great technique, showcasing his ability to get into his man and turn him away from the play hole. He used finesse as needed, but also flashed brute strength at times. On a few snaps, Kemp was quick off the snap and rocked him back, but Biadasz had the strength and technique to reset and carry out his assignment.

9/28 - Northwestern - Biadasz had a fantastic game. This may have been the best I've seen him look in a while, if not ever. His run blocking was damn near perfect on many snaps, executing his combo blocks with timing, technique and power. He demonstrated very good strength overall, was also a wall in pass pro. He looked like a top-20 prospect today.

11/30 - Minnesota - Biadasz had a great game. He was excellent on his pulls, quickly getting out into space and hitting his target cleanly, with a pop. He was a powerful technician in the run game, steering guys off the ball, and was a wall in pass protection. A top-25 pick shouldn't surprise anyone.

12/7 - Ohio State - Biadasz did not have a bad game, but he certainly had his hands full at times and was driven back by Davon Hamilton. Hamilton is a wildly underrated interior that plays with great strength and leg drive. That showed in this one, as Biadasz couldn't control him at times and gave his QB no pocket to step up into. When pulling, Biadasz was smooth and landed some good pops on contact. His technique was strong. 

2) Jake Hanson | 6'4 | 297 | C | Oregon 

8/31- Auburn - Hanson had a real good game. While DT Derrick Brown looked like the nation's best DT in this one, Hanson more than held his own when the two of them locked horns. Hanson showed strength in holding up against power, showing off good technique and leverage with his hand placement and body positioning. He should be credited for many of the yards Oregon got when running the ball right up the gut. He looked like a solid Day 2 pick in this one, capable of running an NFL pivot as a rookie.

10/5 - California - Hanson had a very good game. He was a wall in pass pro and did a fine job turning his man off the ball in the run game. He played with controlled intensity, showing a tenacious side at times. He again looked like an NFL-caliber starting center.

10/26 - Washington State - Hanson had a terrific night, drove his man out of the play-hole countless times, opening up huge run lanes for his RBs.

12/6 - Utah - Hanson had a very good game. He was quick on his combo blocks, secured protection on the DT before passing him off to the OG to go hunt for the LB. He was good on his head up blocks, able to control his man. He was a wall in pass protection. In a game where Leki Fotu was though to do well if not dominate, he showed little. 

3) Cesar Ruiz | 6'3 | 319 | C | Michigan 

9/7 - Army - Ruiz had a solid game, held strong in pass pro and provided serviceable blocking in the run game. He held down his assignment well, whilst not being dominant.

9/21 - Wisconsin - Ruiz didn't have a good game. He missed a couple blocking assignments and couldn't establish a push at the LOS. He was beat a few times in head up blocking assignments as well. Michigan had 40 net yards rushing. 

10/25 - Notre Dame - Ruiz had a very good game. He opened up run lanes the entire contest, showing good strength, effort and reliability overall. He certainly looked like a starter-caliber player in this one.

11/23 - Indiana - Ruiz had a real good game. He was a beast in the run game, showing his able to snap and pull as well as drive his man out of the play hole. He was a wall in pass pro, strong overall.

4) Nick Harris | 6'1 | 302 | C/OG | Washington 

9/7 - California - Harris had a very good game overall. While he did get jacked back a couple of times due to a strong bull rush, he gathered well and was able to reset. He looked great on his combo blocks, hitting his first target, then came off to hit the LB at the second level and stayed on that block through the whistle. He played with a feisty demeanor, good technique. What he lacked in size he made up for in tenacity. He's a big reason why the Huskies rushed for almost 200 yards.

9/21 - BYU - Harris had a solid game, pluses and minuses were evident. On the plus side, Harris did display next level quickness off the snap, quick to get into the defender's pads whilst using excellent technique. When overpowered, he could often reset with a quick hop step back and hold ground. He kept his hands tight inside, didn't get wide and grapple. On the down side, he did get called for a hold, a play where he simply didn't have the power to keep his man turned off the ball. He did get overpowered at times, which again draws question as to his ability to be an ideal pivot man, one that'll have to deal a=with zero techniques at times. Overall he was reliable and did his job, but he looked scheme fit dependent. 

9/28 - USC - Harris played his typical game, was quick into his man and was pesky throughout the contest. He held blocks long enough for perimeter run plays to develop.

11/30 - Washington State - Harris had a very good game, showed some tenacious play as a run blocker. His hand placement was great, as was the way he ran his legs through blocks. He was also a wall in pass protection.

5) Matt Hennessy | 6'3 | 295 | C | Temple 

10/3 - East Carolina - Hennessy had a very complete game. He was strong in pass protection and flashed at times in the run game, showing that he knows how to get leverage on down blocks and can pull out into space well as a lead blocker. 

7) Lloyd Cushenberry III | 6'3 | 309 | C | LSU

9/7 - Texas - Cushenberry was a little up and down this game. On the down side, he didn't always play with great anchor strength, was jacked back a few times on power rushes. On the plus side, he rebounded well as the game went on and provided adequate blocking in terms of hemming his man up in pass pro and in the run game. I don't see on NFL starter based on this tape, but he has some tools.

9/21 - Vanderbilt- Had a good game, was able to turn his man off the ball and hold up well in pass pro. He really wasn't challenged, but carried out his assignments.

10/12 - Florida - Cushenberry had struggles at times dealing with power on bull rushes, but he was very good on combo blocks, sealing off LBs at the second level. It was his block that gave Edwards-Helaire his long run of the game.

11/9 - Alabama - Cushenberry had a real solid game, established running lanes throughout the night against a very solid defensive front. 

8) Darryl Williams | 6'2 | 310 | C/OG | Mississippi State 

9/14 - Kansas State - Up and down game for Williams. While he did land some decent blocks, he looked slow too often when having to move off of his base, didn't create much push in the run game and was jacked back in pass protection.

9/28 - Auburn - This wasn't a good game for Williams, has he simply lacked the power to hang with DT Derrick Brown. I'm not sure he can handle pivot man duties, especially when a zero technique is lined up across from him. 

11/30 - Ole Miss - Williams had a solid game. Aside form Benito Jones getting the better of him on a couple snaps, Williams was a reliable blocker. 

9) Frederick Mauigoa | 6'2 | 310 | C | Washington State 

9/13 - Houston - Mauigoa had a good game, showing strength as a solid anchor in pass pro, whilst getting into his man as a run blocker. He played with good technique despite getting an iffy holding penalty, keeping his hands tight and controlled. 

10/19  - Colorado - Mauigoa had a good game. He played with good strength and was able to hem up defenders in pass protection. While not challenged much, his play was notable.

10/26 - Oregon - Mauigoa had a real good game, showed great strength matching up and containing the NT Scott. While he let blocks slip a couple times, thus kid was stout and very reliable.

11/30 - Washington - This pivot man struggled today, getting beat off the hip with quickness, and was overwhelmed by power. He looked like a shell of himself vs. previous outings.

10) Zach Shackelford | 6'3 | 305 | C | Texas 

9/7 - LSU - Shackelford had an average game as a whole. On the plus side, he held up pretty well against some stout interior D-Line play, showing adequate strength in the run and pass game. On the down side, he couldn't create any real push at the LOS and struggled to pick up looping stunts into the A-gap. 

9/21 - Oklahoma State - Shackelford had a decent game. While he again did nothing to really stand out, he executed his assignments and was never a liability that I saw. He did benefit from some god play from his LG Braun at times. 

10/5 - West Virginia - Shackelford had a very solid game overall. While the NT Stills gave him fits at times, he ran then pivot well and landed quite a few good blocks.

10/12 - Oklahoma - Shackelford had a tough outing in this one. While he held his own at times, he couldn't do so on a consistent basis. Gallimore is an excellent DT, and he got the best of this pivot man too often.

11) Cohl Cabral | 6'5 | 291 | C | Arizona State 

9/14 - Michigan State - Cabral had a decent game, and while never looked bad he couldn't get any push at the LOS.

9/27 - California - Cabral had a solid game. While the rest of the O-Line ranged from meh to bad, he executed his blocks and hemmed his man up well in the run game and in pass protection.

11/23 - Cabral had a very good game, was able to lock up the massive Jordon Scott 1:1 several times. 

12) Sean Pollard | 6'5 | 320 | C/OG | Clemson 

8/29 - Georgia Tech - Pollard landed some solid blocks which sprang some big runs for the Clemson RBs. While there was nothing wrong with his play, it was pedestrian, especially when stacked up against RT Anchrum and LG Simpson. He was reliable in all regards, not dominant against a very meh defensive front.

8/29 - North Carolina - Pollard did not have a good game. He got blown up at the LOS multiple times, didn't anchor well against the zero technique at all.

13) Keith Ismael | 6'3 | 310 | C | San Diego State 

9/21 - Utah State- Ismael had a very solid game. He showed well in the run game, displaying mauling strength and the discipline to keep his hands in tight and control his man. He was a wall in pass protection, hemming his man up well at the LOS, not easily driven backward. 

14) Trystan Colon-Castillo | 6'3 | 315 | C | Missouri 

8/31 - Wyoming - He had a decent game. He showed his ability to pull and get out into space. He also kept his hands inside and had a couple pancakes. He was reliable in pass protection. 

15) Colton Prater | 6'4 | 300 | C | Texas A&M

9/7 - Clemson - Prater had a very impressive game. He fired out after the snap and was quick to get into his defender at good pas level and turn and/or drive him off the ball. While he did let some blocks slip off as the game went on, this pivot man showed plus strength and stability. 

9/21 - Auburn - Prater had a solid game. While DT Brown did have his way with the Aggie O-Line at times, Prater held his own a number of times against Brown and others. He displayed solid strength and stayed true to his blocks through the play, allowing things to develop. His technique got spotty a few times, but he showed that there's something to work with here. 

9/28 - Arkansas - Prater didn't have a good game, struggled at times. While he usually plays with good power, I didn't see nearly as much of it this game. Defenders were able to slip his grasp and exploit gaps. Prater struggled with quickness, as Agim was able to several times. 

10/12 - Alabama - Prater showed some strength on several of his snaps, but he did struggle as a whole against a very good front. He let defenders slip off his blocks too often and while he showed strength at times, he was often overwhelmed on others.

16) Jimmy Morrissey | 6'2 | 300 | C | Pittsburgh 

9/21 - UCF- Morrissey had a solid game. He was technically sound and did a good job of holding down his assignments. While he didn't appear overly athletic, he grinded well in the trenches.

17) T.J. McCoy | 6'1 | 308 | C | Louisville

9/2 - Notre Dame - McCoy had a very good game, showing quickness in snapping the ball and getting into his man. He played with strength and stability throughout this contest.

18) Kaleb Kim | 6'3 | 300 | C | Auburn 

8/31 - Oregon - Kim's play was sturdy, not looking like a straight on liability, but certainly didn't provide dominance. He looked like a camp body to me overall.

19) Adam Holtorf | 6'3 | 302 | C | Kansas State 

20) Kenny Cooper | 6'3 | 307 | C | Georgia Tech 

8/29 - Clemson - Cooper displayed good upper body strength and was able to isolate defenders when he got into their chest with good hand placement. However, he's slow and doesn't use his legs to drove through blocks nearly enough. He also looked out of shape, getting winded early on and faded as the night went on, fell off too many blocks ending up on his knees. While he's a tough, bowling ball blocker, he offered little up side in this one.

21) Nick Buchanan | 6'2 | 291 | C | Florida 

8/24 - Miami - Very average game for Buchanan. While he didn't look good, nothing in his play popped out to suggest that he'd be able to take his talents to the NFL. 

999) Michal Menet | 6'3 | 298 | C | Penn State 

9/28 - Maryland - Menet had a solid game, as he executed his assignments well in both the run and pass game. While he didn't excel in any one regard, he was serviceable.

999) Creed Humphrey | 6'3 | 312 | C | Oklahoma

9/1 - Houston - Humphrey had an excellent night, displaying quick feet, power and the ability to completely own his man on many snaps. He used excellent technique to get into his man's pads and turn him off the ball, often pushing him into another defender and hindering the other defender's ability to work freely. Humphrey looked like a top 15 prospect in this one.

9/14 - UCLA - Humphrey had a very solid game. He almost looked effortless in his blocks, able to take on power with good anchor strength, then turning the defender off the play hole. While there were a few runs where he didn't stay with his man quite long enough, he was very effective.

9/28 - Texas Tech - Humphrey was excellent in pass pro, and solid as a run blocker. He showed power throughout, didn't hold his run blocks long enough at times. 

11/9 - Iowa State - Humphrey had a real good game. NT Ray Lima is a powerful dude, and Humphrey handled him on multiple snaps, completely turning him and other D-Linemen alike off of the ball, out of the play hole.

11/23 - TCU - Humphrey looked like a Round-1 pivot man today, handling TCU's interior well. Blacklock is a real good DT, and Humphrey hemmed him up all game, as well as anyone else he faced.