Running Backs


1) J.K. Dobbins | 5'9 | 217 | RB | Ohio State 

9/14 - Indiana - Dobbins had a fantastic game. He had 22 carries for 193 yards, 1 TD. He displayed great vision at the LOS, was quick to recognize a crease, put his foot in the ground, cut and go. His long run of 56 yards showed off his long speed. While he did drop any easy pass in the end zone, he made up for it on another which was a much more difficult grab. A Day 2 selection isn't out of the question for him, a Runner that broke 7 tackles in this contest.

9/28 - Nebraska - Dobbins was amazing, easily looking like he could be an NFL franchise back. He ran with great vision, tackle-breaking power and cutting ability. He had 24 carries for 177 yards, was just too good to contain up the middle and on perimeter runs.

10/5 - Michigan State - If not for the talent above, Dobbins could/would be in RB1 talks. This kid runs with great balance, speed and power. Against a very stingy defenses that limited ball carriers to 55 rushing yards on average, Dobbins  had 24 carries for 172 yards, 1 TD. His long run of 67 yards was damn impressive, out pacing the entire field on his way to the end zone. Even when holes weren't there at the onset of the game, he remained patient, trusted the process and tore this game open.

11/30 - Michigan - Dobbins was very good in this game, showed so much in the way of vision and his ability to press the LOS before breaking the plane for added yardage. His quickness coupled with speed make for a franchise RB. 

12/7 - Wisconsin - Aside from Dobbins showing chinks in his armor as a pass blocker, he was damn good. His speed, balance after contact and foot quickness in next level. 

2) D'Andre Swift | 5'9 | 215 | RB | Georgia 

9/21 - Notre Dame - Swift had a great game, carrying the ball 18 times for 98 yards. He showed good vision, cutting ability and overall speed. His ability to evade tackles was noteworthy, a smooth yet electric performance.

3) Jonathan Taylor | 5'11 | 221 | RB | Wisconsin 

8/30 - South Florida - Taylor had a terrific game. The gaudy stat line was 16 carries for 135 yards, 2 TDs. He also caught 2 balls for 48 yards, amassing another 2 TDs there. He ran strong through traffic, then demonstrated break away speed to pull away from defenders. He caught the ball cleanly and maneuvered very well in space. He looked like a franchise RB in this one.

9/21 - Notre Dame - Despite struggling with cramps, Taylor was still a beast. He had 23 carries for 203 yards, 2 TDs. His long run of 72 yards showed his track speed, pulling away from the defense. He displayed nuanced running, a 1st round performance.

11/9 - Iowa - The stat line truly does say it all. Taylor had 31 carries for a whopping 251 yards. His vision and patience at the LOS was very good, as was his ability to hit the hole with authority and out pace defenders with great long speed.

11/30 - Minnesota - Taylor continues to impress. Minnesota loaded the box, so he became a receiver out of the backfield. He had a drop, but did far more good than not. In the end, he found some holes and indeed looked like a 1st-round caliber RB.

12/7 - Ohio State - Taylor was near perfect. His ability to get skinny through the LOS while still running with power, speed and balance is amazing. He's a top-20 RB in my book. 

4) Travis Etienne | 5'10 | 215 | RB | Clemson 

8/29 - Georgia Tech - This was a very good game for the star RB, as he showed off long speed (90 yard TD) coupled with the vision and maneuverability to work through traffic. He went 12/205 with 3 TDs. 

9/28 - North Carolina - Etienne often didn't have great blocking, but he ran with speed and elusiveness. He had 14 carries for 67 yards.

5) Cam Akers | 5'10 | 210 | RB | Florida State 

8/31 - Boise State - Akers looked like a feature NFL back in this one. He displayed very quick feet at the LOS, picking his way through cracks to find a run lane, then exploding through them. He pull away speed was impressive to match. he went 15/116 with 1 TD. 

9/21 - Louisville - Akers had a real good game. He had 29 carries for 112 yards, 3 TDs. He displayed good speed and very quick feet, showed his ability to be a bell cow despite his smaller stature. He was fluid as a receiver, 3 receptions for 21 yards.

6) KeShawn Vaughn | 5'9 | 215 | RB | Vanderbilt 

9/21 - LSU- Vaughn got little help in the blocking department, but he was still able to amass 130 yards on 20 carries. He flashed very good speed and strength, no nonsense 1-cut running. 

7) Clyde Edwards-Helaire | 5'8 | 212 | RB | LSU 

10/26 - Auburn - Edwards-Helaire had a terrific game, showing that he has what it takes to be a starting RB in the NFL. While not overly fast or shifty, he excelled with one cut running and did have enough juke moves to make defenders miss. He ran hard, was very tough to take down. He had 26 carries for 136 yards, 1 TD. He also showed well catching the  ball, going 7 for 51 in that regard.

11/9 - Alabama - Edwards-Helaire had a great game, deserving of Day 2 praise. He had 20 carries for 103 yards, 3 TDs. He ran with great visions, cutting ability and power. Additionally, he was a menace catching the ball out of the backfield. He had 9 receptions for 77 yards, 1 TD. He looked like a franchise RB today.

8) Zack Moss | 5'9 | 215 | RB | Utah 

8/29 - BYU - Moss had a very good outing, running with a nice blend of power and balance, showing that he doesn't go down easily, capable of getting yards after initial contact. While blocking wasn't always the best, he grinded out some tough yards. He went 29/187 with 1 TD, more than showing his ability to be a bell cow runner.

9/20 - USC - Moss had limited carries as he was knocked out of the game with a left shoulder injury.

11/16 - UCLA - Moss had a great game. He had 17 carries for 127 yards, 2 TDs. He also caught the ball very well, had 4 catches for 73 yards. He displayed excellent visions at the LOS, coupled with nice feet and overall speed to pull away from defenders. 

11/23 - Arizona - Moss had a great game, showing great visions coupled with the speed/power mix to overwhelm defenders. He looked like a franchise RB today.

11/30 - Colorado - Moss had a solid game, showing his patience in pressing the LOS before kicking it into gear and compromising the defense. He ran tough and looks like he'd be a great early Day 3 candidate.

9) Kylin Hill | 5'10 | 215 | RB | Mississippi State 

9/14 - Kansas State - Hill had a very good game, carrying the ball 24 times for 111 yards. While he did run with some wiggle and speed, he also showed great toughness in fighting through tackles, getting extra yards. He also caught the ball well, 2/20 in that regard.

9/21 - Kentucky - Hill had a very good game. He had 26 carries for 120 yards, good for 3 TDs. Despite not always getting great blocking, he grinded through a fray of tacklers and got yards. He showed off vision, quickness, power and speed. He looked like a reliable, productive Day 2 RB prospect, a kid that can totte the rock 20+ times a game.

9/28 - Auburn - Zero blocking, 17 carries, 45 yards. This kid is a beast, ran hard no matter what. 

10) Eno Benjamin | 5'9 | 201 | RB | Arizona State 

9/27 - California - Benjamin impressed. He got very little blocking from his O-Line, but still produced. He had 29 carries for 100 yards, 3 TDs. Despite not being big, he showed strength and toughness grinding through the LOS. He showed quickness and speed as well when given some room to work. 

11/23 - Benjamin had a very good game, showed bell cow traits. He had a whopping 31 carries for 114 yards, showing nice speed and power. 

11) Lamical Perine | 5'11 | 227 | RB | Florida 

8/24 - Miami - Perine showed solid versatility, carrying the ball 10 times for 42 yards, while catching 6 balls for 25 yards. While he didn't flash in any one regard, he was reliable and strong.

12) Anthony McFarland | 5'8 | 208 | RB | Maryland

9/7 - Syracuse - McFarland had 20 carries for 75 yards, good for 2 TDs. He showed a lot in this game, starting with sweet feet at the LOS coupled with the ability to quickly get north/south. He demonstrated very good lower body strength, churning his legs though tackles. Lastly, he showed off plus speed in getting to the edge and turning the corner. He looked like a complete back in this one, also catching the ball twice fo 45 total yards.

9/28 - Penn State - McFarland had just 9 carries for an underwhelming 24 yards. Most of those came on his long run of 13 yards. He simply had nowhere to run, as the defense demolished his O-Linemen. All said, it was evident that he's a gifted RB if given any room to operate.

13) AJ Dillon | 6'0 | 250 | RB | Boston College 

9/13 - Kansas - Dillon had a good night, going  27/151 with 1 TD. Despite being a hulky back, he showed decent wiggle working his way through the LOS. While he didn't show off great speed, he moved at a fast enough clip to get some little chunk yardage runs at times. 

14) Salvon Ahmed | 5'11 | 196 | RB | Washington 

9/7 - California - Ahmed looked the part in this contest, flashing good speed and vision. He had 21 carries for 119 yards, really helped pace the offense.

9/28 - USC - Ahmed had a great game, showed off some nice cutting ability and long speed to match. He had 17 carries for 153 yards, 1 TD. His long run went 90 yards.

15) Patrick Taylor Jr. | 6'2 | 223 | RB | Memphis 

8/31 - Ole Miss - Taylor had a productive game, going 27/128 with 1 TD. He also did have one fumble. There wasn't much wiggle to his game, ran with power in a linear fashion. He was a workhorse that grinded out yards, not real dynamic as a whole. I short, he fits the NFL body type and could be a sought out grinder.

16) Javon Leake | 6'0 | 206 | RB | Maryland

17) Darius Anderson | 5'11 | 212 | RB | TCU

18) Jamycal | 5'9 | 205 | RB | Baylor

19) James Robinson | 5'10 | 220 | RB | Illinois State

20) Reggie Corbin | 5'10 | 200 | RB | Illinois 

21) Joshua Kelley | 5'10 | 204 | RB | UCLA 

9/14 - Oklahoma - Kelley had 18 carries for 51 yards. He showed good vision at the LOS coupled with some power, churned his legs through the fray to get tough yards.

22) DeeJay Dallas | 5'10 | 220 | RB | Miami (FL) 

8/24 - Florida - Dallas had a good game, going 95 yards on 12 carries, busting out a long TD run for 50 yards. Despite having crappy blocking in front of him, he ran with authority, breaking through traffic to get some tough, hard yards. 

9/7 - North Carolina - Dallas had a good game, going 107 yards on 14 carries, a long run for 37 yards. He ran with good balance and power overall, showing that he's not an easy guy to take down. 

23) Tavien Feaster | 5'10 | 220 | RB | South Carolina

8/31 - North Carolina - Feaster had a solid game, going 13/72 with 1 TD. While his blocking up front wasn't great, Feaster made the most of it and certainly looked like a serviceable back, running with decent shiftiness and speed. 

24) Darrynton Evans | 5'10 | 200 | RB | Appalachian State

25) Michael Warren | 5'11 | 218 | RB | Cincinnati 

8/30 - UCLA - Warren had a productive game, going 26/92 with 1 TD. He ran with solid power, capable of testing tackles and breaking through the LOS. There wasn't much wiggle or bounce to his play, just ran with linear power. 

26) Scottie Phillips | 5'8 | 211 | RB | Mississippi 

8/31 - Memphis - Phillips had a solid game, going 19/62 with 1 TD. His O-Line did nothing to help him out, as Memphis was on him all night. He did show toughness and the ability to grind through tough spots.

9/28 - Alabama - Phillips got little blocking, had just 27 yards on 7 carries. 

27) Cameron Scarlett | 6'0 | 216 | RB | Stanford 

8/31 - Northwestern - Nothing sexy here, but Scarlett showed off some tough running and grinded out some decent yardage. He was 22/97 on the night. 

10/5 - Washington - Scarlett had a teal good game. He had 33 carries for 151 yards, 1 TD. He ran with good balance, toughness, patience and vision. While not flashy, he was a consummate workhorse.

28) Adrian Killins Jr. | 5'8 | 164 | RB | Central Florida 

29) Kennedy McKoy | 5'11 | 208 | RB | West Virginia 

30) Jordan Cronkrite | 5'10 | 207 | RB | South Florida 

8/30 - Wisconsin - Had just 3 carries for 23 yards. UW was swarming on defense, not much opportunity for the RB to get going. 

31) James Gilbert | 5'8 | 198 | RB | Kansas State 

999) Chuba Hubbard | 6'0 | 205 | RB | Oklahoma State

8/30 - Oregon State - Hubbard had a great game, going 26/221 with 3 TDs. He was very quick getting to and through the hole, reading his blocks quite well. Despite not being real big, he took hits well and was able to get yards after contact. He displayed good speed, was able to outpace defenders. 

9/21 - Texas - Hubbard really played well in this one, being relied upon to tote the rock 37 times, amassing 121 yards in doing so. 3.3 yards a carry isn't anything to brag about, but this kid ran hard all night, showing quickness, leg churn and the ability to press the edges of the defense.  

999) Najee Harris | 6'1 | 227 | RB | Alabama 

9/14 - South Carolina - Harris had a good game, it being highlighted by one play in particular. While he was 7/36 running the ball, it was a reception that evidenced how good this kid is. He released from the backfield and caught the ball on a shallow crosser, one where he expertly creating a moving pick for his WR running the same route opposite of him at an intermediate level just a few yards deeper. Harris caught the ball, showed speed getting to the edge. He landed a great stiff arm to beat the first defender, hurdled the second, and powered through the third man resulting in a TD. He caught 5 balls for 42 yards, scoring 2 TDs.

9/28 - Ole Miss - Harris had 9 carries for 71 yards. He ran with power and made certain runs look easy, handling tackles with no problem. 

11/9 - Harris had himself a game, one where he displayed great power and tackle-breaking ability. He had 19 carries for 146 yards, more than showing his ability to be a future bell cow. 

999) Trey Sermon | 6'0 | 224 | RB | Oklahoma 

9/1 - Houston - Sermon looked 100% healthy, going 11/91 in great fashion. He displayed suddenness, quickness and the overall speed to pull away from dfenders. He looked like a franchise back in this contest.

9/14 - UCLA - Sermon only had 7 carries, but he went for 51 yards on them and showed good speed when doing so. 

9/28 - Texas Tech - Sermon had 7 carries for 76 yards, 2 TDs. He wowed with his 32-yard run, was solid otherwise.

999) Kennedy Brooks | 6'0 | 195 | RB | Oklahoma 

9/14 - UCLA - Brooks only had 7 carries, but he went for 52 yards. He wasn't dynamic in any one way, just produced. 

9/28 - Texas Tech - Just 8 carries for 29 yards, looked rather average today.

999) Larry Rountree | 5'10 | 210 | RB | Missouri 

8/31 - Wyoming - Very meh night, going 15/41 with 1 TD. While his clocking up front wasn't the best, he looked very average as a whole.