Defensive Tackles

1) Derrick Brown | 6'4 | 318 | DT | Auburn 

8/31 - Oregon - Looking at this game in a vacuum, Brown solidified himself as the #1 DT in the nation. He fired off the ball every snap and displayed insane power. RG Dallas Warmack is a thick 315lbs., and Brown manhandled him pretty much the entire night. Many of Oregon's runs were wrecked because of Brown's play. The dude was relentless, but controlled in his powerful play.

9/21 - Texas A&M- Brown had a great game, posting 3 TFLs, 2 sacks and 2 PBUs. He flashed in spurts throughout, showing his power and overall ability to make an impact on the game. He drew a lot of attention and simply disallowed plays from developing. 

9/28 - Mississippi State - Great game, destroyed the Bulldogs' interior. His bull rush came with elite power and leg drive, couldn't be hemmed up for long. 

10/26 - LSU - Brown is a man-child, showing off insane strength and leg drive. He had to be doubled. When going 1:1, made every O-Lineman he faced look silly more times than not. 

11/30 - Alabama - Brown was a beast today, drawing a ton of attention and still making his presence felt. He played with strength, a high motor and was great even in backside pursuit. I can't see him falling out of the top 10.

2) Javon Kinlaw | 6'5 | 302 | DT | South Carolina 

8/31 - North Carolina - Kinlaw had a down game and underwhelmed based off what I thought he'd do in this one. He was hemmed up way to often, even in 1:1's when not doubled. While he flashed at times, he just wasn't the difference maker I saw so many times in 2018. Based on this game, he looked like a Day 3 prospect.

9/14 - Alabama - Kinlaw had a very good game, really asserted himself well inside. He showed quickness off the snap coupled with a great bull rush, was active with his hands. He limited the 'Bama run game significantly and drew double teams on many snaps. He looked like an early Day 2 player today. 

10/12 - Georgia - Kinlaw had a very good game, challenged Georgia's great O-Line all game long. He fired off the snap and showed off a good pass rush, was stout vs. the run.

3) Neville Gallimore | 6'2 | 320 | DT | Oklahoma 

9/1 - Houston - Gallimore had a great game, showing great explosion and quickness off the snap. He routinely fired into gaps and challenged O-Linemen, keeping them honest throughout the game. While he logged just 1 tackle which was a TFL, his presence and play benefited those around him. I could see him getting late Day 2 looks with this play.

9/14 - UCLA - Gallimore only got credited with one tackle, but man did he have a good game. He fired off the ball and disrupted plays by shooting gaps all game. He was violent with his hand usage and was a load to handle all game.

9/28 - Texas Tech - Gallimore really flashed today. He showed a great blend of power and quickness, firing off the ball and giving O-10/12 - Texas - Gallimore had a great game, showed elite quickness and strength throughout this game. He was too much for Texas' interior many times. Shackelford is a good if not respectable center and he got worked today.

11/23 - TCU - Gallimore had a quiet game, was neutralized for the most part with just 1 tackle.

4) James Lynch | 6'4 | 290 | DT/DE | Baylor

9/28 - Iowa State - Lynch showed some anchor strength as a base 3-4 end, but didn't consistently stand out otherwise. He did flash in the 4th quarter however, was a difference maker in that regard. He does play with a good motor.

10/12 - Texas Tech - Lynch had a good game, displayed great strength and had to be doubled on many snaps. He had 3 TFLs, 2.5 sacks, showing enough quickness coupled with said strength to beat blockers. I can't help but think he'd be even more productive kicking inside vs. hanging out on the edge. 

11/23 - Texas - Lynch had a great game, highlighted by his 2 sacks. He stacked the edge well and showed off some real nice power, playing a base DE vs. DT.

12/7 - Oklahoma - Lynch was an absolute beast, showing very good edge strength and just enough speed to get around the edge and amass sacks. He's a chess piece, a kid that could stay at base 3-4 end and/or kick inside for even fronts. I love his upside. 

5) Rashard Lawrence | 6'2 | 317 | DT | LSU 

9/7 - Texas- Lawrence had a good game. He often went against LG Parker Braun, was able to show his functional strength and asserted himself against the run. Lawrence gave O-Linemen fits all night, looked the part of a solid Day 2 prospect.

10/12 - Florida- Lawrence had a good game. He was tasked with playing base DE in an odd front, showed strength in setting the edge coupled with some pass rush ability.

11/9 - Alabama - Lawrence had a very good game, flashing quickness and strength at the LOS, freeing up others to shut down many plays and make life tough on Tua. 

6) Davon Hamilton | 6'3 | 310 | DT | Ohio State

9/14 - Indiana - Hamilton jumped off the screen at me a number of times. He displayed a quick get off and wasted no time getting into the blockers pads, forcing him backwards. He used violent hands to work off blocks and into gaps, got into the backfield a number of times. He was credited with 2 tackles, 1 TFL. He showed very good late round rotational value.

10/5 - Michigan State - Hamilton had a quiet game, standing his ground at the LOS but not getting hemmed up enough to where plays could develop. He played with strength, showed good hand usage. Tough kid with a motor.

11/30 - Michigan - Hamilton had a very good game, showed off very good anchor strength at the LOS. He fought hard and compromised running lanes, redirecting plays. 

12/7 - Wisconsin - Hamilton had an impressive game. On the very first snap, he drove Biadasz straight backward,, not something I see happen too often to this elite pivot man. Hamilton showed strength  throughout this game, coupled with good hand usage and leg drive. He was very stout against the run, didn't give up much ground and gave his LBs clean reads.  

7) Jordan Elliott | 6'3 | 315 | DT | Missouri 

10/12 - Ole Miss - Elliott had a good game, really flashed a few times. He stacked well at the LOS and did a good job disengaging from blocks. He had 5 tackles, 2 TFLs.

11/9 - Georgia - Elliott had a good game, giving a very good Georgia O-Line all it could handle. Elliott showed off good functional strength and was very stout against the run. 

11/16 - Florida - Elliott had a great game, gave the O-Line fits all day. He played with good run-stuffing power and used his hands well to disengage from blocks.

8) Raekwon Davis | 6'6 | 309 | DT | Alabama 

9/28 - Ole Miss - Davis had a real good game. Yes, 8 tackles is impressive, but the way he stacked at the LOS and rerouted plays was more than evident. He's a huge reason why so many plays bounced outside. I could certainly see him getting a Day 1 call in April.

10/12 - Texas A&M - Davis had a very good game. He used great arm extension to keep blockers off of his frame, deflated the O-Line on several snaps, messing up run lanes. 

11/16 - Mississippi State - Had a very meh game, was  bottled up at the LOS often, little pressure against the pass.

11/30 - Auburn - Davis continues to look like a shell of himself compared to two years ago. He simply didn't make an impact, was quiet throughout stretches of this game.

9) Justin Madubuike | 6'2 | 304 | DT | Texas A&M 

9/7 - Clemson- Madubuike had a good game. He often had to go up against LG John Simpson, a future NFL player. Regardless of who he faced, he was fast off the ball, showed great hand usage to beat blocks. He played with a constant motor, couldn't be ignored. He worked his way into the backfield or consumed run lanes throughout this game. He looked like a starting DT in this contest.

9/21 - Auburn - Madubuike had a down game. He was a shell of himself compared to games I've seen him in prior. He was hemmed up far too often at the LOS, really didn't challenge Auburn's interior much at all.

9/28 - Arkansas - Madubuike had a nice rebound game. While I wasn't wowed by his play when he was tasked with playing DE i an odd front, he was disruptive as a 3-technique. He demonstrated good power against the run, not getting pushed out of his gap responsibility. He also showed some quickness as a pass rusher, and of course on his goal line interception. He had 5 tackles, 2 TFLs, 1 sack and 1 interception.

11/30 - LSU - While A&M got drummed in this game, Madubuike stepped up. He was bothersome at the LOS, kept the entire LSU front honest. His motor ran hot and he used his hands well to get free of blocks. He had 5 tackles, 2 TFLS, 1.5 sacks.

10) Leki Fotu | 6'4 | 330 | DT | Utah

8/29 - BYU - Fotu had some pluses and minuses in this one.  On the plus size, he carried his weight very well and was very stout stacking at the LOS. When assigned to zero technique plug duties against the run, he was strong. On the flip side, he didn't play the piano real well moving laterally across the LOS, looking much more athletic in a straight line capacity. There where a few plays where he failed to locate the ball, focussing too much on locking up with the blocker. Additionally, he showed little in the pass rush game. When his initial momentum was stopped, so did he. Based on this contest against marginal opponents, he looked solely like a one-dimensional, 2-down prospect.

9/20 - USC - Fotu looked like a Day 2 prospect in this contest. He displayed great functional strength, was able to drive his man into the backfield and/or squat against the blocker as an immovable force against the run. He showed quickness off the snap, was able to exploit wide splits and penetrate gaps. He was the guy who knocked starting QB Slovis out of the game, and was also responsible for a TFL fumble on another. Simply put, no one could hem this guy up for long.

11/30 - Colorado - Fotu was very up and down, looking like a wrecking ball beast one play, meh on the next. While his ceiling could be pretty high, his floor is low. His lack of consistency is bothersome.

12) Ross Blacklock | 6'4 | 325 | DT | TCU 

10/5 - Iowa State - Was a decent space-eater at times and did show off some good functional strength.

11/23 - Oklahoma - Blacklock kept Creed Humphrey honest, but the pivot man got the better of him. All told, this DT was stout at the LOS and came close to making plays on the ball a number of times.

11/29 - West Virginia - Backlock was kept quiet until late in the game. He showed good pass rush skills in a pay that resulted in a costly targeting ejection, allowed West Virginia to stay alive and win. He at best looked like a Day 3 prospect today.

13) Larrell Murchison | 6'3 | 290 | DT | North Carolina State

8/31 - East Carolina - Murchison flashed throughout this game. He played with heavy hands, held strong at the LOPS. He showed versatility in playing inside as well as at base DE. He showed his ability to work himself into the backfield vs. the run and pass.

10/10 - Syracuse - Murchison had a great game, amassing 6 tackles, 2 sacks. He worked his way into the backfield several times, showed off very good play strength and a motor that ran hot. 

14) Robert Landers | 6'3 | 312 | DT | Ohio State 

9/14 - Indiana - Landers had a very good outing. While only credited with 1 tackle and 1 QBH, he gave O-Linemen fits every time he rotated in. He displayed a powerful bull rush coupled with violent hands. His thick lower half never allowed for any kind of push to be made on him, was always surging forward.  

9/28 - Nebraska - Landers was once again used as a rotational player, certainly flashed when in. He fired off the ball and showed good command of a quick swim move to make blockers whiff. He played with power, able to keep his gap duties and push blockers into the backfield. He had 1 TFL on the day. 

10/5 - Michigan State - Landers was only credited with 2 tackles, .5 TFLs, but he made an impact. He fired off the ball and was a bear to block, often deflated the O-Line with his power.

15) Benito Jones | 6'1 | 326 | DT | Mississippi 

8/31 - Memphis - Jones had a solid night, showing good anchor strength at the LOS, squatting on run plays and drawing attention. He did get winded early and often and didn't show much steam as a pass rusher. He looked solid enough, albeit in a limited capacity. 

9/28 - Alabama - Jones had a good game. He demonstrated very good power, comprised Bama's interior a few times. He held gap control well, wasn't easily moved off his base. He showed his value as a 2-down run stuffer.

10/12 - Missouri - Jones had a solid game.  While he was held without being able to contribute to the stat sheet, he wwas a big boy up front that ate blocks.

16) Raequan Williams | 6'3 | 300 | DT | Michigan State 

8/31 - Tulsa - Williams had a solid game, showing that he can be stout against the un and deflate run lanes in spurts. He was solid at challenging gaps, often drawing a double team due to his efforts. 

9/14 - Arizona State - Williams quietly had a good game, showed his ability to penetrate gaps and shoot inside of blockers and disrupt plays. 

10/5 - Ohio State - Williams had a solid game, showing his ability to hold his ground against the run while pressuring gaps to disrupt plays as a whole. He amassed an impressive 8 tackles in this one, showing good worth.

17) Robert Windsor | 6'3 | 289 | DT | Penn State 

9/14 - Pittsburgh - Windsor had a very respectable game. Pitt had very little success running the ball, and he was a big reason why that was the case. He was stout at the LOS, not easily moved. He was often able to rock blockers backwards which in turn disrupted run lanes. He played with a constant, active motor forcing blockers to be engaged.

9/28 - Maryland - Despite his teammates flashing all over the place, Windsor didn't for me. He got hemmed up too often and actually bullied a few times. He looked rotational at best far too much given the opposing talent he faced. 

10/12 - Iowa - Windsor had a very good game overall, but his play in the 4th quarter was legendary. He displayed insane strength coupled with a non-stop motor. He completely blew up Iowa's interior, wreaking havoc on Nate Stanley. He finished the game with 6 tackles, 2.5 TFLs, 1,5 sacks and a handful of pressures.

18) Tyler Clark | 6'3 | 305 | DT | Georgia 

9/21 - Notre Dame - Clark had a solid game. He didn't blow up the stat line, but kept ND from having one of their own. He was strong vs. the run, showed good anchor strength and his ability to sit in gaps and eliminate run lanes.

11/23 - Texas A&M - Clark had a good game, jamming up run lanes and using a good rip move to free himself of blocks. 

19) Bravvion Roy | 6'1 | 333 | DT | Baylor

20) McTelvin Agim | 6'2 | 279 | DT | Arkansas 

9/28 - Texas A&M - Agim had an outstanding game. While he did get flagged twice for lining up off sides, he was a blur into the backfield. Whether it was a quick swim or rip move, he was just too quick for either OG and often times Prater who is a very solid pivot man. While Agim did get washed out a few times due to his lack of size, his 1-gap quickness was something to appreciate.

21) Jason Strowbridge | 6'4 | 285 | DT | North Carolina

8/31 - South Carolina - Strowbridge did nothing to impress me in this contest, one where I thought he'd shine and live up to the advanced billing he's received by many. I saw some athleticism, but little else. I need to watch him more.

8/29 - Clemson - Strowbridge didn't flash when at DE, but when he kicked inside he gave Clemson's O-Linemen fits a number of times. He played with good strength and quickness, used his hands quite well. 

22) Jordon Scott | 6'1 | 335 | DT | Oregon

8/31 - Auburn - Scott had a very solid game, truly made a difference across the LOS. While he moved pretty well for a big man, his true value came in the form of clogging up run lanes. He sat on run plays all night, not easily moved off his base. He logged 4 tackles, 1.5 TFLs.

10/5 - California - Scott had a very good game. He showed off very good strength coupled with a commanding bull rush. Even when drawing double teams which was often, he pushed the O-Line backwards and compromised the pocket. He was a beast against the run, messed up running lanes constantly. 

23) Carlos Davis | 6'2 | 300 | DT | Nebraska 

9/28 - Ohio State - Davis got hemmed up his fair share of times, but he also showed anchor strength and gave O-Linemen fits at times. He tallied 4 tackles on the game.

24) Jay Tufele | 6'3 | 305 | DT | Southern California 

8/31 - Fresno State - Had a solid game, did a good job eating up blocks and crushing down on run lanes.

9/7 - Stanford - Registered 6 tackles and 1 sack. There were points in the game where he was unblockable, a real interior force.

9/20 - Utah - Didn't blow up the stat sheet, but he was strong inside, not easily moved off of his gap responsibilities.

9/28 - Washington - Had a very solid game, logged 4 tackles, 1 sack. He held his ground very well inside, force plays outside of his gap duties.

10/12 - Notre Dame - Tufele had an up and down game. Against the run, he didn't always hold down his gap assignment and overshot lanes. On other snaps he looked the part. He was better against the pass, drawing a lot of attention and showed real good hand usage.

25) Jaylen Twyman | 6'2 | 290 | DT | Pittsburgh

10/18 - Syracuse - Twyman had a solid game. While he certainly looked raw and lacked gap discipline at times, he fired off the ball and was a handful to hem up at times. He needs development, but he has something there.

26) Aaron Crawford | 6'2 | 290 | DT | North Carolina

8/31 - South Carolina - Crawford looked the part several times in this one. He amassed 6 tackles and recorded a sack. He was often too quick and powerful to contain. He had just 2 tackles but was a difference maker up front.

9/28 - Clemson - Crawford had a very good game, utilizing strength and quickness to penetrate Clemson's O-Line several times throughout the game. Sean Pollard is a decent center by most standards, and Crawford made him look straight bad several times. Crawford was so dominant at times that he made Clemson have multiple false start penalties.

27) Mike Panasiuk | 6'4 | 300 | DT | Michigan State 

9/14 - Arizona State - Nothing sexy from this guy, but he showed requisite strength at the LOS, a guy that wouldn't easily be moved nor let plays develop in his gap. 

10/5 - Ohio State - Panasiuk had a very good game, logging 7 tackles, 3.5 TFLs. He exhibited very good functional strength and hand usage, was a beast at slipping blocks and freeing himself to make plays on the ball. 

28) Darius Stills | 6'1 | 293 | DT | West Virginia

10/31 - Baylor - Stills had a great game, posting 10 tackles, 3 sacks. He flashed his value as a on-egap penetrator, using a good blend of quickness and technique to shoot creases and get into the backfield.

29) T.J. Smith | 6'3 | 306 | DT | Arkansas 

9/28 - Texas A&M - Smith was a pleasant surprise, a guy I didn't have on my radar prior to this game. He showed very good strength against the run, deflated run lanes a number of times by driving blockers into the backfield as they tried to hem him up. He showed that same strength as a pass rusher, displaying a good rip move to get leverage. 

30) Khalil Davis | 6'2 | 310 | DT | Nebraska 

9/28 - Ohio State - Davis got eaten up at times, but he kept his motor running and made O-Linemen work. While done in garbage duty, he had 5 tackles, 2 TFLs and 1 sack. 

31) John Penisini | 6'2 | 320 | DT | Utah 

32) Ray Lima | 6'3 | 310 | DT | Iowa State 

9/14 - Iowa - Lima had an up and down game. While he showed his strength as a zero technique, he couldn't locate the ball too often and allowed himself to be ridden out of the play hole, his aggressiveness being used against him.

9/28 - Baylor - Lima didn't stand out to me in this game. While his value isn't that of a pass rusher, he too often was a ghost in this match up. 

33) Brendon Hayes | 6'2 | 293 | DT | Central Florida 

9/14 - Stanford - Hayes was used in a rotational capacity as per usual, showing the versatility to play DE and DT. He displayed good hand usage and kept his motor running through each snap. While not dynamic, he kept O-Linemen honest with his constant grind and pursuit of the ball.

34) Nyles Pinckney | 6'1 | 305 | DT | Clemson 

8/29 - Georgia Tech - This was a very average game for Pinckney, one where he didn't look anywhere close to the talent Clemson's had at DT in prior seasons.  He showed off some strength, good lateral movement with hustle and did come away with a sack. However, he was jammed up at the LOS too often considering the lacking talent of the O-Line he faced. He was a dominant force, rather just a role-player.

9/28 - Georgia Tech - Pinckney looked average at best far too often. He was hemmed up if not washed out several times

35) Aubrey Solomon | 6'4 | 306 | DT | Tennessee 

9/21 - Florida - Solomon was a ghost for the majority of this game. I found myself repeatedly checking to see if he was on the field, as he made little splash in this. I don't see him carrying a draft grade at the is point.

36) Levi Onwuzurike | 6'3 | 293 | DT | Washington

9/21 - BYU - Provided some strength and girth at the LOS in a rotational capacity, but he didn't wow me in terms of offering up anything more than a handful of DTs in this class. He chipped in with 4 tackles and carried out his assignments, however.

37) G.G. Robinson | 6'3 | 302 | DT | Louisville 

9/2 - Notre Dame - Robinson showed some anchoring ability at times vs. the run, but he was often just another body out there among the fold, disappeared too often. 

9/21 - Florida State - Robinson was again just another body out there. He did nothing to stand out against the run or in his pass rush. 

38) Jalen Price | 6'2 | 300 | DT | East Carolina 

8/31 - NC State - This was a rough night for Price. While he was adequate when shooting gaps, he was ridden out of plays far too often, especially struggled when facing RG Joshua Fedd-Jackson.

39) Khyiris Tonga | 6'4 | 320 | DT | BYU

8/29 - Utah - Based on all that I read about Tonga prior, he underwhelmed. He displayed little to no pass rush skills, and while he should adequate stack strength at the LOS, he wasn't the beast folks touted him to be. 

40) Josiah Coatney | 6'3 | 314 | DT | Mississippi 

9/28 - Alabama - Coatney flashed just one time that I recall, was just another body out here the majority of the game. 

999) Marvin Wilson | 6'4 | 310 | DT | Florida State

8/31 - Boise State - Wilson had a very good game. He fired off the ball with a lot of power, often drew double team blocks. He showed off a good rip move, was active with his hands and didn't stay blocked for long with any blocker other than LT Ezra Cleveland. He had 6 tackles, 1 sack...looked like a future NFL starter in this one.

9/21 - Louisville - Wilson was a manchild in this one. He posted 10 tackles, 3.5 TFLs, 2 sacks. He was a constant presence throughout this game, constantly swarmed the LOS and drew attention, caused problems. His bowling ball type of play was overpowering, Mekhi Becton being the only big boy who could wash him out at times.