Inside Linebackers 

1) Dylan Moses | 6'2 | 235 | ILB | Alabama 

2) Kenneth Murray | 6'1 | 238 | ILB | Oklahoma 

9/1 - Houston - Murray had a very good game, showing off great read and react skills coupled with the speed and overall athleticism to quickly close on the ball. He was a guided missile for most of this game, flying around all over the place, a moving target that wasn't easy for releasing O-Linemen to hit.

9/28 - Texas Tech - Murray flashed often, showing great read and react skills, was fast to close in on the ball. He led the team with 9 tackles.

10/12 - Texas - Based on this game alone, I could see Murray being a Round-2 pick without any question. He showed off plus athleticism, great range, read and react and tenacity. 

11/23 - TCU - Murray led his team in tackles, playing with range and delivering a pop on contact. He had 9 tackles, 2.5 TFLs, looked real good.

3) Jordyn Brooks | 6'1 | 245 | ILB | Texas Tech

4) Joe Bachie | 6'1 | 238 | ILB | Michigan State 

8/31 - Tulsa - Bachie had a solid game, notching 7 tackles and showing good read and react skills against the run. He diagnosed plays quickly, seldom out of position.

9/21 - Northwestern - Bachie had a great game. While his 14-tackle count is gaudy, the number wasn't manufactured. He read blows very well, was quick to shoot holes and/or take on releasing O-Linemen getting to the second level. He was fluid in his drops and looked comfortable blitzing. He looked like a Day 2, three-down LB in this one.

10/5  - Ohio State - Each game Bachie impresses me a little bit more, and this game was no exception. His 11 tackles, 3 TFLs and 2 sacks is a stat line to call out because it tells the story on his play. This guy read plays extremely well, took on pulling OGs in the hole, scraped well across the LOS, dropped in coverage with ease, stood out on well-timed aggressive blitzes and demonstrated good speed and range in space. This kid has all the tools to be a very solid if not real good starting MIKE in the NFL.

5) Nate Landman | 6'3 | 230 | ILB | Colorado

10/19  - Washington State - Landman had  solid game. He scraped well and showed good skill when it came to diagnosing plays. He'played with sound functional strength, showed some blitz capabilities. He had 7 tackles on the night.

10/25 - USC - It's hard to watch Landman and not get excited. He plays with throwback style and intensity. He has 7 tackles, showed real good range and the ability to take great angles on the ball carrier.

11/23 - Washington - Landman had an excellent game, showing the ability to be great in pass coverage as well as bei ng a run stuffer. He played with very good speed, read everything well.

11/30 - Utah - Landman had a very respectable game. Above all, I was impressed with his pass coverage skills. Landman was great dropping into the flat, then picking up his man on shallow crossers. He plays with very good functional speed. He also read the run well and asserted himself into the fray often. 

6) David Woodward | 6'0 | 235 | ILB | Utah State 

8/31 - Wake Forest - Woodward had a great game, being used as a chess piece throughout the contest. When used as an edge, he provided solid perimeter pressure vs. the pass and sniffed out run plays well. Whilst at ILB, he read plays very well and wasted no time crashing down on the ball.  While he didn't appear to have great speed or strength, instincts for days. He amassed 24 tackles on the night, 3.5 TFLs.

10/5  - LSU - All Woodward did was post 16 tackles in this one. He wasted no time reading plays and sticking his nose in the fray as a tackler. While I'm not sure what his test numbers will be, it's more than clear that this kid is a very respectable run defender. 

7) Jacob Phillips | 6'3 | 229 | ILB | LSU 

9/1 - Texas - This was an up and down game for Phillips. On the plus side, he asserted himself nicely with 7 tackles, showing his ability to diagnose plays on close in on the ball. On the down side, he was very limited in coverage, badly evidencing that on one play where he drew a P.I. penalty for tackling Duvernay because he couldn't cover him.

9/21 - Vanderbilt - Phillips had a very good game. He notched 10 tackles, 3 TFLs. He was great in his read and react skills, diagnosed plays quickly and closed in on the ball. 

8) Markus Bailey | 6'1 | 240 | ILB | Purdue 

9/7 - Vanderbilt - Bailey suffered a season-ending knee injury. Prior to that, he notched 4 tackles, 1 TFL and was all over the field. The injury could hurt his draft stock by a couple rounds, sadly.

9) Paddy Fisher | 6'3 | 241 | ILB | Northwestern 

8/31 - Stanford - Fisher had a good game, showing very good read and react skills. He hustled all over the field, showed his ability to play the run and drop into space for coverage.  He posted 6 tackles.

9/21 - Michigan State - Fisher had a solid game, one that was pretty quiet initially. He did end up with 9 tackles, showing good read and react skills, but wasn't overly flashing as a whole. 

9/28 - Wisconsin - Up and down game for Fisher. On the upside, he read plays well and showed some versatility vs. the run and pass. It's obvious the guy has a hugh football IQ and that the wheels are turning. On the downside, he didn't flash elite athleticism and get himself hemmed up at times, not quick enough to beat O-Linemen to the mesh point.  I miss the prospect I saw a couple years ago. Hi play has flat-lined whilst others have progressed.

11/23 - Minnesota - Fisher looked very average today, simply not showing any lateral burst in chasing down plays outside of the tackle box. 

10) Evan Weaver | 6'2 | 245 | ILB | California 

9/21 - Ole Miss - Weaver had an outstanding game. It was impossible to watch a play and not see him in on the tackle or very close by. He read run plays very well, beating blockers to the hole and making the hit. He had 22 tackles on the day, played with range and hustle throughout the contest.

9/27 - Arizona State - Weaver did miss a few tackles, but his frenetic sideline to sideline play was impressive. The guy read everything and wasted no time asserting himself as a tackler, getting to the ball. He chipped in with 15 tackles.

10/5 - Oregon - Weaver was solid as a whole, but he was exposed in pass coverage when trying to defend against Jake Breeland. Breeland is good, so this isn't an outright indictment. However, Weaver was certainly limited compared to his normal play. He logged 6 tackles.

11) Logan Wilson | 6'2 | 250 | ILB | Wyoming 

12) Francis Bernard | 6'0 | 240 | ILB | Utah

11/30 - Colorado - Bernard was solid as a whole, made a few nice tackles. He didn't wow as he has in prior games, but was reliable if anything.

13) Tae Crowder | 6'3 | 235 | ILB | Georgia

10/12 - South Carolina - Crowder had a good game, showed off nice range and really struck with controlled power. He flowed well, showed good read and react skills. He posted 12 tackles on the day.

14) Shaquille Quarterman | 6'0 | 235 | ILB | Miami

8/24 - Florida - Shaq had a very up and down game, was inconsistent overall. While the stat line of 4 tackles is what it is, he did make a few good tackles, showing his worth mostly between the tackles as a thumper. While he showed good enough straight line speed, he looked a step slow when having to chase plays from behind. In pass coverage, he did his best to cover the flat, but in one instance he didn't read the play fast enough and was badly out of position. In short, he looked like a 2-down LB in this one, a liability against the pass and in space.

10/5 - Virginia Tech - Another up and down outing. At times, he read plays well and was good working through traffic to make a play on the ball. On the flip side, he had some off reads and was out of position. He ended up with 6 stops on the night.

15) Mohamed Barry | 6'1 | 230 | ILB | Nebraska 

9/28 - Ohio State - Barry had a solid game. He had 8 tackles and was constantly giving it his all. While he got ridden wide coming off the edge and was hemmed up by a great O-Line at times, he read plays well and was quick to engage.

16) T.J. Brunson | 6'1 | 235 | ILB | South Carolina 

17) Shaun Bradley | 6'1 | 235 | ILB | Temple

18) DeJon Harris | 5'11 | 245 | ILB | Arkansas 

9/28 - Texas A&M - Smith had 6 tackles and showed decent read and react skills as well as coverage in space. He didn't wow me overall though, looked like a camp body.

19) Jordan Mack | 6'2 | 230 | ILB | Virginia

9/14 - Florida State - Mack had a very good game. He diagnosed plays very well, was quick to close in on the ball with speed and range. He played aggressively, took on blocks well and was fluid in space. He had 13 tackles on the day.

9/28 - Notre Dame - Mack didn't have a good game. He only tallied 3 tackles and was washed out of plays, not showing the requisite size or strength to work through the fray and make plays on the ball. 

20) David Reese II | 6'0 | 248 | ILB | Florida 

8/24 - Miami - Reese didn't have a good game, simply out. Of his 5 tackles, only 1 was solo, too often showing up late to the party. He looked more than one step slow in pursuit and was off on his reads, to slow to react. Had it not been for good  D-Line play, Miami would have had a lot more rushing yards.

21) Cale Garrett | 6'2 | 230 | ILB | Missouri 

8/31 - Wyoming - Garrett had a real nice game, showing off good read and react skills and some speed in space. He came away with 16 tackles on the game, was constantly around the ball. 

22) Leo Lewis | 6'1 | 235 | ILB | Mississippi State 

9/21 - Kentucky - Lewis had 3 tackles on the day. In a game where teammate Willie Gay was ejected early, hge should have produced way more. 

23) Asmar Bilal | 6'1 | 227 | ILB | Notre Dame 

9/28 - Virginia - Bilai was adequate with his 5 tackles, held down his assignments well. He pretty much stayed with the OT's, didn't get to see much athleticism.