EDGEs / 3-4 OLBs

1) K'Lavon Chaisson | 6'5 | 240 | EDGE | LSU

9/7 - Texas - Chaisson flashed in this contest, did a couple of things in particular that really stood out. As a pass rusher, he was very nuanced in his technique. On one play, he used inside arm extension to create a bull rush, whilst keeping his outside arm free to defend the perimeter and/or bat the blocker off of him. On another play, he dipped well when running the arc and used good body control and leverage to hold outside-in contain whilst creating pressure. He did take some plays off and needed to do more vs. the run. However, his passing rushing skills were on display. I could easily see him being a Day 2 pick.

10/26 - Auburn - Chaisson looked very one-dimensional, getting washed out of plays when assigned to running the arc. Wanogho got the best of him.

11/9 - Alabama - Chaisson looked like a different player today compared to his outing against Auburn. He gave Leatherwood fits all game and made the LT look marginal at times. He logged 10 tackles, 4 TFLs. He may have moved himself into Round 1 talks.

11/30 - Texas A&M - Chaisson had a good game, leading his squad with 6 tackles, 1.5 sacks. He was decent against the rubn, while showing elite quickness in creating pressure. 

2) Terrell Lewis | 6'5 | 252 | EDGE | Alabama

9/14 - South Carolina - Lewis left the game early with an injury, but aside for flashing a couple times his play really didn't stand out.

9/28 - Ole Miss - Lewis flashed with his batted pass and 1 sack, but he didn't do much else today. At times, I thought he looked like a better athlete than pure football player. 

3) Julian Okwara | 6'4 | 240 | EDGE | Notre Dame 

9/2 - Louisville - This wasn't a great game for Okwara by any stretch. Most notable, he got his ass consistently kicked by LT Mekhi Becton, as Becton was too big and strong for Okwara to do much of anything against. His lack of run stopping prowess stood out, looks like he's best suited to play solely as an off-ball LB, not DE.

9/21 - Georgia - Okwara was credited with 2 tackles. The guy was a ghost for much of the game. Often times, I had to check if he was even on the field. He was often washed out of the mix and was simply a non-factor.

9/28 - Virginia - Okwara's stat line looked amazing...3 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, 1 fumble recovery. I'll give credit where it's due, in that Okwara ran the arc wide and with effect. His twitch and quickness was on display. However, it must be said that in each of his 3 sacks, Perkins sat in the pocket at least 5 yards deep, didn't step up at all. Simply put, there are over twenty edge players in this draft that would've been eating cake too. Additionally, Okwara didn't stand out in run defense. All three of his tackles were sacks. He got hemmed up on the edge and lacked the strength to get off blocks. As a scheme fit pure pass rusher, he's a Day 2 lock. But, there's no way he can play a 4-3 DE at this juncture.

10/12 - USC - Okwara displayed that quickness that one can admire if not love, but he was hemmed up often and simply lacked edge strength. He had 3 tackles and 1 QBH that was really due to the effort of his teammate Kareem on the other side. 

4) Jabari Zuniga | 6'3 | 246 | EDGE | Florida 

8/24 - Miami - Zuniga had a very good game, picking on what was subpar OT play by the Hurricanes. He was strong against the run, not giving up the edge. He shined as a pass rusher, showing a very quick first step and the quickness to cross the face of the blocker. His motor ran hot, was relentless in pursuit often. He has 1.5 sacks in this contest.

10/12 - LSU - Zuniga was rather limited in this one, apparently still nursing an injury. 

5) Anfernee Jennings | 6'2 | 259 | EDGE | Alabama

9/14 - South Carolina - Jennings showed up in spurts, amassing 6 tackles and 1 sack. While he did show some effectiveness as an arc rusher, he wasn't dynamic overall and was limited in space.

9/28 - Ole Miss - Jennings rather quietly amassed 9 tackles, most of them assisted. While he was pesky at times as a run defender on the edge, he didn't overly assert himself. He didn't flash as a pass rusher either. 

6) Darrell Taylor | 6'3 | 255 | EDGE | Tennessee 

9/7 - BYU - Taylor did some things to jump off the screen in this one. When allowed to pin his ears back and go, he displayed a good arc rush with the ability to make his blocker overset, would then counter inside exploiting as much. He showed good speed and athleticism when giving chase. He operated out of 2 and 3-point stances, again looking most comfortable coming downhill off the edge.

9/21 - Florida - Taylor pitched in with 6 tackles, but he didn't impress me as an edge threat in this one. He was washed out often. 

7) Bryce Huff | 6'3 | 255 | EDGE | Memphis 

8/31 - Ole Miss - Huff had a very solid game. He amassed 5 tackles, 2 TFLs, 1 sack. He showed a good first step off the snap and ran the arc with good speed an requisite power. He used his hands well, kept his blocker honest all night. On the down side, he got too high at times and gave up his chest, allowing himself to get washed out prematurely.

8) Trevon Hill | 6'3 | 245 | EDGE | Miami

8/24 - Florida - I'm not sure how many snaps Hill logged, but he did nothing to jump off the screen and make one take notice of his play. 

10/5 - Virginia Tech - Hill underwhelmed yet again, flashing just a couple times in the entire game. With him facing his former team that booted him from the program, I expected more.

9) Alex Highsmith | 6'3 | 245 | EDGE | Charlotte 

10) Patrick Johnson | 6'3 | 255 | EDGE | Tulane 

9/7 - Auburn - Johnson had a good game. While he didn't blow up the stat sheet, he showed a very good first step out of his 2-point stance, ran the arc well and strung run plays out along the edge. As a pass rusher, he challenged both OTs, beat Wanagho with a quick inside counter move.

11) Tipa Galeai | 6'4 | 230 | EDGE | Utah State 

8/31 - Boise State - On the plus side, Galeai flashed an active kotor, good hand usage and the ability to run the arc in a frenetic fashion. On the down side, the lack of sand in his pants hurt him at times, as he didn't have the power to fight through blocks vs. the run and pass at times. He looked like a Day 3 situational pass rusher in this one.

12) Carter Coughlin | 6'3 | 245 | EDGE | Minnesota

9/7 - Fresno State - Coughlin did post one effort sack, but that was it. While he showed hustle and did his best to grind through blocks, he showed very little in terms of being a nuanced pass rusher. He didn't look like a draftable talent in this one. 

11/23 - Northwestern - Coughlin gave effort, but he was manhandled by LT Slater, just didn't show anything dynamic. 

11/30 - Wisconsin - Coughlin had one good play that I recall, was washed out the rest of the time. I like his motor, just couldn't produce. 

13) Mike Danna | 6'2 | 253 | EDGE | Michigan 

14) Jessie Lemonier | 6'3 | 240 | EDGE | Liberty 

15) Reggie Walker | 6'2 | 250 | EDGE | Kansas State 

16) Keisean Lucier-South | 6'3 | 240 | EDGE | UCLA 

17) Jeffrey Gunter | 6'4 | 230 | EDGE | Coastal Carolina 

18) Kyle Ball | 6'2 | 248 | EDGE | Kansas State