Offensive Tackles


1) Andrew Thomas | 6'5 | 320 | OT | Georgia 

9/21 - Notre Dame - Was dominant a number of times as a run blocker, a wall in pass protection. He showed off a good kick slide, coupled with the ability to slap edges wide of the pocket when they ran the arc wide. As a run blocker, he ran his legs through defenders, blocked through the whistle.

10/12 - South Carolina - Thomas had a fantastic game, showing fluidity in pass protection and deafening strength as a run blocker. He certainly looked like the nation's best OT today. 

11/2 - Florida - Thomas looked like a top-5 player in this one, shutting down anything and everyone that came his way. He was very reliable as a pass protector and showed strength in the run game.

11/9 - Missouri - Thomas continued to look like the nation's best OT, clean and strong in all regards.

2) Tristan Wirfs | 6'5 | 315 | OT | Iowa 

9/7 - Rutgers - Wirfs had a great game. He filled in very well at LT for the injured Alaric Jackson. Wirfs hemmed his man up all night in pass pro, moved bodies in the run game. He also played RT on some plays, asserted himself with dominance there as well.

9/14 - Iowa State - Wirfs started the game at LT and was solid there, but not great. He simply didn't look real comfortable, couldn't cleanly land a couple of his blocks. He was then moved to the RT spot late in the 1st quarter and did much better there, mirroring well in pass protection and sealing the edge well in the run game. 

10/5 - Michigan - Wirfs was at RT as Alaric Jackson manned the LT spot. Wirfs didn't have a bad game, but he didn't look like a top-10 player either. While he showed plus strength and movement skills as a whole, various players gave him some fits at times, especially on inside counter moves.  Wirfs over set, let some blocks slip and didn't hold blocks long enough a couple of times. 

11/9 - Wisconsin - Wirfs had a very good game, played with plus power and was technical throughout the contest.

11/16 - Minnesota - Wirfs had a very good game, played with good strength and fluidity. Aside from he and the RG not being on the same page a couple times on stunt-switches, he was great.

3) Jedrick Wills Jr. | 6'4 | 316 | OT | Alabama 

9/14 - South Carolina - Outside of lunging a couple times, Wills had a very complete game. He mirrored well in pass pro and showed strength establishing run blocking along the edge. While he does need to clean up a few technique issues, he looked like a future NFL starting RT. 

9/28 - Ole Miss - Wills had a great game. While I love an O-Lineman that plays with nastiness like Wills did, he was very controlled doing so and displayed tremendous power as a pass and run blocker. His play is worthy of Round 1 consideration.

11/9 - LSU - Wills had a great game, shut down his side of the line all night. Pressure came from different places, Wills was a rock.

4) Mekhi Becton | 6'6 | 355 | OT | Louisville 

9/2 - Notre Dame - Becton had a great game, dominated every DE he went up against. He played with heavy hands and power throughout the contest. He was too big to get around, too strong to get through. He showed surprising linear movement skills given his monstrous size, able to get to the second level with little to no plodding to get their.

9/21 - Florida State - Becton had some pluses and minuses, but overall he showed far more good than bad. On the down side, he did play too high at times and didn't stick to some of his blocks long enough. While he executed his block, others did not and the play ended up getting rerouted toward his man that he didn't stick with. This primarily occured in the run game. On the plus side, he was able to execute cut off blocks down the LOS, and was able to release and hit LBs at the second level. His kick slide was smooth and there was simply no getting around him. Once he locked onto his man and didn't unlatch, his opponent was done for. DT Marvin Wilson is a big, powerful guy, but Becton was able to wash him out a few times when assigned to do so.

10/12 - Wake Forest - Becton played too top heavy at times in the run game, whiffing too often on targets. However, in his straight pass sets the guy was a wall, too big to get around, as he again showed fluid feet for a big man. On down blocks in the run game, he overwhelmed defenders.

11/23 - Syracuse - Becton had a very good game. Louisville opted to run the ball often, and when doing so Becton destroyed DE Coleman several times. In pass protection, he mirrored well.

5) Prince Tega Wanogho | 6'6 | 305 | OT | Auburn 

8/31 - Oregon - Wanogho had himself a good game. While he was solid in pass pro and generally kept the blind side clean, more assertion was seen from him as a run blocker, driving his legs through blocks and moving bodies to create run creases. While a little off on his technique at times, he certainly looked deserving of a Day 2 grade based on this contest.

9/21 - Texas A&M - Wanogho had a good game. He slid well in pass protection and was adequate chipping in on the run game. While he often didn't exhibit plus power or technique, he was effective and didn't get beat.

9/28 - Mississippi State - Wasn't real powerful, but he hemmed his man up consistently throughout.

6) Austin Jackson | 6'6 | 290 | OT | USC

8/31 - Fresno State - Jackson impressed in this one. While he's still learning the position and had technical flaws all over the place, he was fluid and effective. He routinely hemmed his man up and showed a lot of promise. He's not NFL ready yet, but with good coaching he could thrive.

9/7 - Stanford - Jackson had a very good game. In the run game, he was a bully that displayed plus strength, was able to turn his man off the ball and drive him backwards. In pass pro, he locked his arms off well, kept the DE off his chest. He mirrored well and showed an active punch. In both regards, he showed consistent tenacity, finished blocks.

9/20 - Utah - Jackson had a rough game at times. He went against DE Bradlee Anae, and it looked like Anae's superior experience and technique was something Jackson hasn't faced before. Anae was able to slip his blocks and cause Jackson to overset at times, leaving the inside gap open. Jackson also lunged a few times, doing his best to counter attack Anae's quickness. While Jackson didn't look bad per se, this was probably the worst I've seen in him do in recent memory.

10/12 - Notre Dame - Jackson had a real good game. Notre Dame boasts some good edge defenders, and Jackson was able to hem each of them up on a routine basis. While he played off balance at times and evidenced that he needs work on his technique, he again showed a great skill set.

10/25 - Colorado - Jackson checked another box in this one, shutting down his side well and playing with sound effectiveness. 

11/2 - Oregon - Jackson looked like a Round 2 OT in this one, shut everything down on his side.

7) Josh Jones | 6'6 | 330 | OT | Houston

10/24 - SMU - Jones had an impressive game. While long, he plays with plus fluidity and strength. He's a nasty dude, always likes to get into it with defenders. While he does let guys get into his frame and bend him backwards at times, he usually holds ground long enough for the ball to get off. He has potential to work with for sure.

8) Ezra Cleveland | 6'5 | 310 | OT | Boise State 

8/3 1- Florida State - Cleveland had a terrific game. He was stellar in pass pro, routinely showing a fluid kick slide and locking his man up. He was also very reliable in the run game, showing plus strength and technique in turning guys off the ball or clearing them clean of the run lane. Many of the Broncos' big runs were of the left side, thanks to Cleveland.

10/12 - Hawaii - Cleveland had a solid game. He mirrored well in his pass protection sets and hemmed his man up well. He was also good in the run blocking game, steering defenders off the ball and sealing up the edge.

11/23 - Utah State - Cleveland had a great game, was a beast in pass pro and in run blocking. He mauled his man several times.

9) Trey Adams | 6'7 | 306 | OT | Washington 

9/21 - BYU - Adams had a real good game. He did well in pass protection, showing off a fluid kick slide and riding defenders wide of the pocket or hemming them up at the LOS. While he was mediocre on a few run plays, he typically controlled his man well and sustained blocks long enough for play to be successful. He looked the part of an NFL starter.

9/28 - USC - Another good outing for Adams, as he was a reliable wall in pass protection and sealed the edge at times for Ahmed to exploit the outside.

11/23 - Colorado - Adams was decent, but not stellar overall. He lacked power in the run game and while effective in pass pro, didn't shine.

11/30 - Washington State - Adams was rather meh on a few snaps, looked great on others. When he landed a good first step on his kick slide he was impossible to beat in pass protection.

10) Isaiah Wilson | 6'7 | 340 | OT | Georgia

9/21 - Notre Dame - Once Wilson went in at RT, things changed. He was a wall in pass protection and a beast in the run game. He looked like a Day 2 lock in this one, using his size to be a dominant force. While he was raw in his technique at times and needed to play tighter, there was no questioning his ability to execute.

10/12 - South Carolina - Wilson had a couple technical flaws, but he really impressed. He played with plus power in the run game and mirrored well with good latch strength in pass protection.

11/2 - Florida - I like Wilson and he shows so much promise, but he had some struggles in this one. He was beat inside by quickness on one snap (Zuniga), and didn't look clean as a whole on a number of other snaps. 

11/9 - Missouri - Wilson was generally very good in this one, but he still left himself open to inside counter moves a few times and lacked fluidity through his hips. 

11) Lucas Niang | 6'6 | 328 | OT | Texas Christian 

9/14 - Purdue - Niang displayed amazing strength in both the run game and in pass pro, able to hem guys up, stonewall them and/or completely drive them off the ball. So, he was effective. However, his technique was garbage, letting his hands get wide and back pedaling in pass protection vs. executing any type of kick slide. I need to see him again st a legit edge rusher.

10/5 - Iowa State - Niang displayed very good strength, was able to engulf defenders in the run game and really keep them at bay in pass protection. While his technique was a little off on a few snaps, he was very effective overall.

12) Matt Peart | 6'7 | 300 | OT | Connecticut

11/9 - Cincinnati - Peart had a very clean game, showing fluid feet as he mirrored in pass protection, while showing good quickness landing backside blocks in the run game. 

13) Jack Driscoll | 6'5 | 294 | OT | Auburn

8/31 - Oregon - Driscoll had a solid game. While he appeared somewhat stiff at times and his play varied from serviceable to good, he grades out a solid mid Day 3 pick here. He generally locked his man up pretty well in pass pro and in the run game. While he rarely dominated his opponent, when he did it was in the run game, showing what he's capable of. While his play was conservative and didn't wow me, I could see his stock slowly rising as the season progresses. 

9/21 - Texas A&M - Driscoll was solid in this one. He wasn't dynamic in any one regard, but he was reliable. He did let a few blocks slip off and needed better body positioning, but he did his job.

9/28 - Mississippi State - Sturdy, but didn't stand out in any regard. I wanted to see more pop from him.

11/16 - Georgia - Driscoll had a very good game, proving to be very reliable in pass protection while creating some movement at he LOS in the run game. 

14) Samuel Cosmi | 6'7 | 300 | OT | Texas

9/21 - Oklahoma State - Cosmi had himself a nice game. I thought he posted his man up well in pass protection and was able to create a push at times in the run  game. His technique in both regards was typically sound, showing off good hand placement and an understanding of leverage.

10/5 - West Virginia - Cosmi had a nice game. His TD in the 4th was flashy, but he was a wall in pass pro and was adequate to good as a run blocker. He did a good job of quickly getting into his man and controlling him. 

11/23 - Baylor 0 Cosmi wasn't great in this one, showing that he needs to add functional strength to his game. He was bullied too often pushed back and overwhelmed by power.

15) Colton McKivitz | 6'6 | 312 | OT | West Virginia 

9/14 - N.C. State - McKivitz had a solid game. He showed off very good strength in both the run game and in pass protection. He was able to either lock his man up or turn him off the ball, allowing plays to develop. He played with controlled aggression, feisty demeanor. While Murchison did slip his blocks a couple of times, he was otherwise effective.

10/5 - Texas - McKivitz had a nice game. While I would've liked to have seen him hold blocks longer in the run game, he carried out his assignments there and was very good in pass protection.

11/23 - Oklahoma State - McKivitz had a very solid game, as he was a wall in pass pro and showed some decent power as a run blocker.

16) Hakeem Adeniji | 6'4 | 310 | OT | Kansas 

9/13 - Boston College - In terms of overall effectiveness, Adeniji had a solid night. He hemmed up his man when run blocking and provided adequate protection as a pass blocker. However, his technique was quite raw. He let his hands ride wide and would often catch the defender as opposed to meeting him with a well-timed punch. While he displayed very quick feet, he was frenetic in his movement and lots his balance on a few reps. 

11/30 - Bayor - Adeniji had a good game. He mirrored well in pass protection and was able to ride his man wide when run blocking. While he didn't always show great strength in head up run bocking, he was adequate. 

17) Calvin Throckmorton | 6'5 | 318 | OT | Oregon 

8/31 - Auburn - Auburn's Wanogho carries the higher grade at this juncture, but you could argue that Throckmorton had the better game. The latter wasn't always real fluid in pass pro, but he was effective and kept his perimeter clean. He was stout in the run game, showing good hand placement on the defender and couple power and technique to turn his man off the ball. If his play continues at this level, he should be an early Day 3 guy, a solid RT option.

9/21 - Stanford - Throckmorton had to play center since Jake Hanson was injured. Let's just say that he's far better off at RT. Running the pivot, he missed on a few assignments and/or blocks, wasn't able to move bodies as a run blocker.

10/5 - California - Throckmorton had a decent game. While he didn't show the quickest of feet in his pass sets, he was adequate. In the run game, he carried out his assignments but didn't hold his blocks long enough at times. 

18) Julian Good-Jones | 6'5 | 314 | OT | Iowa State

11/16 - Texas - Had a very good game, mirrored well in pass pro and moved bodies off the edge in the run game.

21) Charlie Heck | 6'7 | 315 | OT | North Carolina

8/31 - South Carolina - This was a good game for Heck. He was a very good blindside protector, showing his ability to occupy his man in both the run and pass game. He's a long guy that moved quite well given his size. He never seemed frazzled, played with controlled power.

9/7 - Miami - Heck had a very good game. He looked very fluid in pass protection, mirroring his man well and riding him clean of the pocket. Jonathan Garvin is a solid DE, and Heck hemmed him up on every snap I watched. In the run game, Heck posted his man up well and and at the very least occupied him long enough for run lanes to be established. 

9/13 - Wake Forest - Heck had a tough game. He was reportedly nursing an injured right hand, and as much was evidenced by his inability to land his punch, especially against inside counter moves. DE Carlos Basham will certainly be playing on Sundays, and this crafty edge rusher gave Heck fits a few times, beating the OT with quickness both inside and running the arc.

9/28 - Clemson - Heck had a great game. He was incredibly reliable in pass protection, keeping his man at bay all game. He executed his assignments in the run game, held his blocks long enough for lanes to be established and plays yardage obtained.

19) Saahdiq Charles | 6'5 | 305 | OT | LSU 

9/1 - Texas - Charles had a decent game. He showed quick feet in pass pro, was able to mirror and stay in between the QB and the defender. He also pulled off his run blocking assignments. All said, he didn't show next level strength which does have to be addressed. He too often couldn't get a push and allowed DEs to squat at the LOS.

9/21 - Vanderbilt - Charles had a good game. He showed very good feet in pass pro, a fluid kick slide. He was very solid in the run game, able to get into the defender and wash him out of the play several times. 

20) Cole Van Lanen | 6'5 | 311 | OT | Wisconsin 

8/30 - South Florida - This was a very average game for the LT. He landed some good blocks in the run and pass game, but underwhelmed at times. In the run game, he did move his man off the LOS on some snaps, just walled him off on others. In pass pro, he didn't block the arc real cleanly, also over setting at times which left him open to inside counters. 

9/21 - Michigan - This was another average game for the LT. He was serviceable throughout this game, executed his blocks. He wasn't tested too much from a pass rush perspective, was able to seal the edge at times in the run game.

9/28 - Northwestern - Another game, another performance where he didn't wow, didn't disappoint. He carried out his duties and wasn't a liability, just didn't stand out. He needs time to take his game to the next level.

11/30 - Minnesota - Van Lanen had a few hiccups, but he was solid as a whole, kept his edge clean in both the run and pass game. 

21) Terence Steele | 6'6 | 310 | OT | Texas Tech

22) Yasir Durant | 6'6 | 330 | OT/OG | Missouri 

8/31 - Wyoming - Durant was effective in keeping the pocket clean and shielding off his man, but I'm not sure he has the feet nor technique to stay at OT. His kick slide isn't smooth and he doesn't keep his shoulders square when pass blocking.

10/12 - Ole Miss - Durant had a good game, really flashed power a number of times. While I Still question his ability to stay outside, he held down his LT assignments well and when he latched onto his man the defender was done for. 

23) Travis Bruffy | 6'5 | 305 | OT | Texas Tech

9/14 - Arizona - Bruffy had a very good game. While he mirrored well in pass protection, it was his run blocking that really stood out. In the first half alone, I saw at least 3 pancake blocks on three different defenders. While the competition he faced was lacking, this is one strong dude that plays with nastiness and power.

9/28 - Oklahoma - Bruffy technically gave up a sack to Murray, but his QB sat way too deep in the pocket for too long. Bruffy was otherwise very good in pass pro and showed run blocking power on his down blocks. 

24) Justin Herron | 6'4 | 290 | OT/OG | Wake Forest 

8/31 - Utah State - Herron had a very good night, providing good pass protection and run blocking throughout this game. he showed good knee bend and the ability to mirror, keeping his hands tight and strong. 

9/13 - North Carolina - Herron had a solid game. He provided good blindside pass protection and displayed some strength at the LOS as Wake incorporated their slow option read game.

25) Darrin Paulo | 6'5 | 315 | OT | Utah

9/21 - USC - Paulo had a solid if not good game. He was a solid blocker in all regards, is showing that he's coming up to speed at his LT position. At the least, looked like he has backup potential at the next level.

26) Stone Forsythe | 6'6 | 330 | OT | Florida

27) Scott Frantz | 6'5 | 303 | OT | Kansas State

9/14 - Mississippi State - Frantz held down the LT spot in this one. While he was adequate on the majority of his snaps, his lack of power stood out.

28) Austin Deculus | 6'6 | 320 | OT | LSU

9/7 - Texas - This was a very meh game for Deculus, not showing great feet or power, too often was just another body out there compared to his fellow O-Linemen. 

9/21 - Vanderbilt - Deculus underwhelmed me again. He missed some assignments and just couldn't dominate defenders like his teammates did. 

29) Alex Taylor | 6'9 | 305 | OT | South Carolina State

10/12 - Florida A&M - Taylor really stood out at his RT spot, certainly looked all of his listed 6'9. While he showed some good movement skills, he needs gobs of work. He plays way too high, doesn't run his feet nor drive his hips through run blocks.

30) Landon Young | 6'6 | 305 | OT | Kentucky 

9/14 - Florida - Young had a solid game, routinely tied his man up and was able able to do enough for plays to develop. While decent, he looks like a guy that needs to get stronger.

31) Matt Womack | 6'6 | 325 | OT | Alabama 

32) Victor Johnson | 6'5 | 296 | OT | Appalachian State 

33) Marcus Norman | 6'6 | 300 | OT | South Florida 

8/30 - Wisconsin - I came away unimpressed with Norman. He lined up at RT and looked soft, lazy, uninspired and rather limited physically. He had no pop to his punch ion pass sets, rarely finished blocks, showed hardly any leg drive and moved with limited mobility. He couldn't block against arc rushes and provided no movement in the run game.

999) Walker Little | 6'6 | 313 | OT | Stanford 

8/31 - Northwestern - Little looked like a franchise LT in this game, showing fluidity in his kick slide while offering up very good pass protection. He was strong as a run blocker, sealing his man off the point and creating run lanes. He looked like a Day 1 pick today.

- Had season-ending surgery

999) Rashawn Slater | 6'3 | 305 | OT/OG | Northwestern 

8/31 - Stanford - Slater had a very good game, manned the LT spot quite well. He was very fluid with his kick slide, mirrored very well in pass pro. As a run blocker, he moved down the LOS well and landed some good backside cut off blocks. 

9/21 - Michigan State - Slater had a very good game, especially as a pass blocker. In pass pro, he shut down Kenny Willekes almost exclusively on every snap. Slater showed a good kick slide, mirroring and the ability to handle strength sitting back in his stance. While his run blocking wasn't as strong, he hemmed his man up there as well and did create a push at times.

11/23 - Slater had a great game, playing with controlled power on run plays and mirroring very well in pass  pro. He handled Coughlin with ease on several snaps.

999) D'Ante Smith | 6'4 | 325 | OT | East Carolina

8/31 - NC State - Smith had a very respectable game, traded punches with future NFL draft pick L. Murchison. While the stout D-Lineman won a couple of snaps, so did this strong LT. Smith exhibited a good kick slide, mirrored well and played with plus functional strength. 

10/19 - UCF - Smith had a real solid game. While he did get beat inside one time on a quick move by the DE, he was otherwise very clean in his pass sets and in the run blocking game. He left the game early with an injury, was good up to that point. His potential was obvious.

999) Abraham Lucas | 6'7 | 313 | OT | Washington State

9/13 - Houston - Lucas had a very solid game, showing off his ability to mirror well in pass protection and to get into his man in the run game. While he often didn't dominate, he kept the pocket clean.

10/19  - Colorado - Lucas had a  nice game. He was fluid in his kick slide, mirrored well in pass protection. In the run game, he posted his man up well, played with good functional strength.

11/30 - Washington - Lucas looked rather meh in this one, not showing much power and had limited fluidity. He looks like he needs more time.