Offensive Guards

1) John Simpson | 6'3 | 330 | OG | Clemson

8/29 - Georgia Tech - Simpson had a solid night, showing strength in the run game with the ability to keep his man at bay. On plays ran to his side, he displayed extra effort and was dominant on a few snaps. While he didn't display the quickest of feet, they weren't a liability in his play. In pass pro, he was a wall, not giving up ground as he locked out the defender.

9/7 - Texas A&M - Simpson had a good game. He often drew Justin Madubuike, who's a very good DT. The two had some great battles, Simpson showing off his strength and ability to stay on the defender, hemming him up at times long enough for plays to develop. Simpson looked like he could be an NFL starter based on his play here.

8/29 - North Carolina - Simpson looked the part yet again, doing a good job of washing his man out of lanes in the run game, was a stalwart in pass protection. 

2) Shane Lemieux | 6'4 | 317 | OG | Oregon 

8/31- Auburn - Lemieux had a very solid game. If I had to nitpick, I'd call out the fact that while he always gave a great initial effort, he didn't always stick to his blocks, often didn't play to the whistle. He relied too much on his ability to blow his man away with one push, nothing more. With that said, that initial effort was certainly enough more times than not, allowing him to establish his position and at the least occupy his man. He was a reliable wall in  pass pro and did help set up run lanes for his RBs. I could certainly see him getting a Day 2 call and becoming an NFL starter early on. 

9/21 - Stanford - Lemieux didn't have a great game. His pass protection was solid, but his run blocking offered little push. With Jake Hanson being injured and Throckmorton having to run the pivot, the O-Line play was sub par as a unit. 

10/5 - California - Lemieux had a solid game. Aside from him allowing one pressure in pass protection, he was a reliable wall. In the run game, he often played with good leverage and was able to either turn his man off the ball or at the least hem him up long enough for plays to develop. 

12/6 - Utah - Lemieux really had a nice game. He was able to handle Utah's interior power, countered well with some of his own. He generally played with solid technique, was simply effective overall. He looked like an NFL-caliber starting OG today.

3) Jonah Jackson | 6'4 | 305 | OG | Ohio State

9/28 - Nebraska - Jackson had a very good game, washing his man out of the run lane several times, giving his back huge holes to run through. He was also very reliable and sturdy as a pass blocker.

10/5 - Michigan State - Jackson had a very good game on a big stage. Aside from his one holding penalty, he graded quite high on carrying out his assignments. He was a wall in pass protection and created some great lanes for guys in the run game, often washing his man clean out of the play hole. He's a tough kid that played with a lot of tenacity and strength. 

12/7 - Wisconsin - Jackson had a very good game, did a great job or turning his man off the ball enough for run lanes to be made. While he didn't always over power his man, he didn't need to. He played with sound technique, good hand placement. He was a wall in pass protection and looked very clean as a whole.  

4) Ben Bredeson | 6'4 | 320 | OG | Michigan 

9/7 - Army - Bredeson had a very solid game, held strong in pass pro and when left free helped his LT out nicely. He was strong in the run game, either hemming his man up or turning him off the ball.

9/21 - Wisconsin - Bredeson had a very average game. While he wasn't a liability in his pass protection, he offered up little to no push at the LOS in the run game. Michigan netted only 40 yards rushing, as no holes were to be found. 

11/23 - Indiana - Bredeson had a good game, routinely showed his ability to get into his man and hem him up long enough for run plays to develop. While he didn't always drive his man, he showed good technique and leverage control. He was a wall in pass pro.

5) Netane Muti | 6'3 | 310 | OG | Fresno State

8/31 - USC - Muti had a very solid night. While his technique and hand placement was erratic, he was very effective. He showed plus strength and tenacity, routinely hemming his man up, often pushing him around. 

6) Solomon Kindley | 6'3 | 335 | OG | Georgia

9/21 - Notre Dame - Kindley left the game early with a leg injury, was solid up to that point. He came downhill well in the run game, showing power on his down blocks. He lost balance a few times and was top-heavy getting out in front of his skis, but was controlled more times than not. When in pass protection, he was able to use good functional strength to stand up defenders and provide a good pocket. 

10/12 - South Carolina - Kindley had a good outing, moved bodies well off the ball in the run game, was sturdy in pass protection.

11/23 - Texas A&M - Had a meh game, struggled with quickness at the LOS, showed limited lateral ability too often.

7) Logan Stenberg | 6'5 | 322 | OG | Kentucky 

9/14 - Florida - Stenberg had a terrific game. He was a wall in pass protection, but his play really stood out in the run game. If he wasn't driving his man clean off the LOS, he was at the very least hemming him up enough for plus yardage to obtained. He played through the whistle, played with a degree of tenacity and feisty emotion.

8) Ben Cleveland | 6'5 | 335 | OG | Georgia  

9/21 - Notre Dame - Cleveland was used sparingly as he's still nursing an injury. When in, he did well all things considered. He was a solid technician that showed off some strength in the run game, was sturdy in pass protection.

10/12 - South Carolina - Cleveland had a very good game, showed great anchor strength vs. Kinlaw in pass protection, came downhill very well as a run blocker. 

11/23 - Texas A&M - Cleveland had a few errors, but he was far better than not and landed a ton of great blocks, sealing his man off the ball.

9) Simon Stepaniak | 6'4 | 319 | OG | Indiana

11/16 - Penn State - Stepaniak had a  good game. Penn State has a solid front, yet Stepaniak was able to land quite a few blocks and establish the upper hand on his man. His functional strength and unkind demeanor was on display.

11/23 - Texas A&M - Stepaniak had a very solid game. He was a wall in pass pro and was altogether tough as nails in all respects. He held his ground well and was able to play the bully against even the best of the Michigan defenders. In the run game, he didn't always exhibit great leg drive, but was able to hem his man up and often turn him clean out of the play hole. He looked like a starting NFL OG to me today.

10) Tremayne Anchrum | 6'2 | 310 | OG/OT | Clemson 

8/29 - Georgia Tech - By all accounts, Anchrum had a very good game (RT). He was very good in pass protection, either stalemating his man straight up, or riding him wide of the pocket. His run blocking was most impressive, as so may sizeable runs were right off his backside. He did a fine job of jacking his man back and turning him out of the play hole, rendering the defender with no chance of making a play on the ball. From what I saw here, he'd not only have zero problem converting to OG, but would do a fine job of it.

9/7 - Texas A&M - Anchrum had a very good game (RT). He locked his man up well on the age, showed good base strength and was able to get a push on the edge in the run game. Overall, he was very reliable, effective.

8/29 - North Carolina - Anchrum had a good game, was very clean, controlled and effective as a run and pass blocker. He pulled well and consistently hemmed his man up.

11) Daishawn Dixon | 6'5 | 330 | OG | San Diego State

12) Tommy Kraemer | 6'5 | 319 | OG | Notre Dame  

9/2 - Louisville - Kraemer had an average outing. While he displayed some strength and tenacity, he wasn't quick and in fact looked a step slow too often. He didn't run through his blocks well enough, could've finished far better. While he wasn't bad, I expected more based on his advanced billing.

9/21 - Georgia - Kraemer had a solid game, but didn't flash like I hoped he would. While I did see some solid play from him at times, he nor anyone on the Notre Dame O-Line could get any kind of a push, netting only 46 yards rushing.

9/28 - Notre Dame - Kraemer was very solid in pass protection, standing his man up well and forming a good wall of protection for his QB. As a run blocker, he didn't create too much of a push, but he generally hemmed his man up and was pesky enough for some run lanes to be had.

10/12 - USC - Kraemer had a decent game, didn't flash in any one regard. 

13) Adrian Magee | 6'4 | 340 | OG | LSU

9/21 - Vanderbilt- Magee had a very solid game, showing his ability to stand guys up and control them, leveraging his size and power. While he looked raw on a number of snaps, his power and mean streak were undeniable

14) Robert Hunt | 6'5 | 322 | OG | Louisiana

15) Ben Bartch | 6'5 | 305 | OG | St. Johns

16) Kevin Dotson | 6'3 | 315 | OG | Louisiana

12/7 - Appalachian State - Dotson manned the RG spot and did so in impressive fashion. While not overly quick nor technical, he demonstrated next-level power several times. He was a mauler in the run game while playing with a heavy base in pass protection, making a wall of himself.   

17) TreVour Wallace-Simms | 6'4 | 330 | OG | Missouri 

8/31 - Wyoming - This OG had a decent game. He showed his ability to pull and get out into space. That said, he didn't give much of a push up front when in-line blocking. He was a wall in pass protection. 

10/12 - Ole Miss - Had a decent, but not great game. While he showed off some good strength in creating a push in the run game, he looked rather limited athletically.

18) Steven Gonzalez | 6'3 | 349 | OG | Penn State 

9/28 - Maryland - Gonzalez had some decent blocks throughout this game, but given his size and the competition he faced, I expected a lot more out of he. When pulling, he didn't deliver a pop on contact, nor was he a mauler on his down blocks. He looked very average to me in this one.

19) Gage Cervenka | 6'2 | 325 | OG/C | Clemson 

8/29 - Georgia Tech - Cervenka was adequate, but didn't stand out. Playing RG to the left of RT Anchrum did him no favors, as Cervenka didn't look as good or fluid as the gifted RT. 

20) Parker Braun | 6'3 | 300 | OG | Texas

9/7 - LSU- Braun drew Rashard Lawrence on many snaps and held his own against a  top 50 player. Braun displayed functional strength when going head up, enough to hem up his man. He was very fluid when pulling, showing good speed and the ability to hit his target. While he wasn't dominant in the run or pass game, he certainly exhibited nice tools. 

9/21 - Oklahoma State - Braun had a decent game. While he let defenders slip his blocks at times, he typically had good technique and did well from a leverage perspective. His technique still needs work, as you can tell he's used to shooting at opponents' legs vs. staying upright and riving through his blocks.

21) Sadarius Hutcherson | 6'3 | 310 | OG | South Carolina

11/20 - Clemson - Hutcherson had a solid game, landed a number of good blocks in the run game, was a wall in pass protection.

22) Jon Runyan | 6'4 | 310 | OG | Michigan 

9/21 - Wisconsin - Runyan manned the LT spot and was very average doing so. While he did show some mirroring capabilities in pass protection, he struggled to cleanly block the edge rush at times against prospects that aren't excellent at the task. He was average at best as a run blocker, failing to hold down the edge to create any perimeter run opportunities.

11/23 - Indiana - Runyan showed limited athleticism, but he held the edge very well and displayed smart play with technique and leverage. He's a tough guy that was reliable throughout this contest.

23) Marcus Keyes | 6'3 | 309 | OG | Oklahoma State 

8/30 - Oregon State - Keyes had a solid if not good game. He pulled with fluidity and effectiveness, seldom missing his target. He was a wall in pass pro, and looked to have heavy hands. While he didn't always exhibit plus leg drive in the run game, he generally did a good job of turning the defender or occupying him enough to stay free from the play.

9/21 - Texas - Keyes had an average game. While he did land some blocks at times, he failed to create a push more times than not. He held his own in pass protection, but didn't have great success holding blocks for too long.

24) Gus Lavaka | 6'3 | 358 | OG | Oregon State 

8/30 - Oklahoma State - Lavaka had a strong outing. He was a rock in pass protection and moved bodies well in the run game. Despite being a heavy man, he moved well, showing his ability to pull and play in space.

25) Michael Onwenu | 6'2 | 350 | OG | Michigan 

9/21 - Wisconsin - 40 yards rushing. The Wolverine got no interior push, and Onwenu did little to help the cause.

11/23 - Indiana - Onwenu showed some drive strength, but didn't wow as a whole.

26) Damien Lewis | 6'2 | 335 | OG | LSU

9/21 - Vanderbilt- Lewis had a decent game, but his play was overshadowed by his fellow O-Linemen. Lewis got a push at times in the run game and wasn't a liability in pass protection, but he wasn't really challenged. 

27) Landon Dickerson | 6'5 | 308 | OG/C | Alabama

9/28 - Ole Miss - Dickerson failed to impress me. Among a group of O-Linemen that often create a push at the LOS, I saw nothing from him. There were times in fact that his man deflated a run lane and disallowed plays from developing.

28) Donell Stanley | 6'2 | 322 | OG | South Carolina 

29) John Molchon | 6'5 | 317 | OG | Boise State 

8/31- Florida State - Molchon had a decent game. While his technique was spotty at times, he showed nice functional strength and generally hemmed his man up pretty well. Boise ran to the left side with success several times, Molchon assisting in that regard. 

999) Trey Smith | 6'5 | 325 | OG | Tennessee 

9/7 - BYU - This was a very up and down game for Smith. On one snap, he'd show little fire off the ball and certainly little willingness to stay engaged on his blocks and finish. He had limited balance at times, defenders were able to slip off of his blocks too easily. On On the next snap, he was feisty and would bully his defender, showing a good punch and overall strength. The ability is there, I just question his consistency.

9/21 - Florida - Another up and down game for Smith. At times, he showed off good athleticism and the ability to push defenders around. On other snaps, he let defenders slip off his blocks and gave no extra effort in blocking through the duration of the play. 

10/19 - Alabama - Smith had a very good game, finally playing with the power, determination and success we've been waiting for all season. He landed several good blocks, created nice runs. 

10/27 - South Carolina - Smith had a very good game. He played with great strength and tenacity. He had some pancakes and washed out several defenders. He fared very well against Kinlaw.

999) Deonte Brown | 6'3 | 342 | OG | Alabama 

9/28 - Ole Miss - Brown was eased back into action as this was his first eligible game after serving a suspension. There was an immediate difference once he went in, especially so in the run game. He did a good job of working angles on his down blocks, using positioning and strength to wash his man out of the play. He was a wall in pass protection, hemming his man up nicely and not allowing the pocket to be deflated.  

10/12 - Texas A&M - Brown had a very good game. Aside from him missing his target on one of his pulls, he executed his assignments well. He really stood out in the run game, consistently over powered his man and turned him off the ball, creating run lanes. 

999) Kevin Jarvis | 6'3 | 321 | OG | Michigan State 

8/31 - Tulsa - Jarvis had a very good game, really impressed me. While he did lunge at his man a few times, was otherwise very clean. He displayed tight hands, a strong punch and often bullied his man whether it was in pass pro or run blocking. He looked comfortable at LT, but certainly looks like he could transition back inside to play OG.

9/14 - Arizona State - Jarvis was having a solid game, but injured his right knee at the onset of the 3rd quarter. Up to that point he provided good pass pro and was adequate as a run blocker.

999) Luke Campbell | 6'5 | 290 | OG | Michigan State 

9/21 - Northwestern - Campbell had a good game. He executed his assignments, showing some real nastiness and quickness getting to the second level.

10/5 - Ohio State - You have to love Campbell's nasty demeanor and overall play. He landed some good blocks in the run game, showing he can maul at the LOS as well as take out LBers at the second level. 

999) Joshua Fedd-Jackson | 6'3 | 323 | OG | North Carolina State

8/31 - East Carolina - I started watching East Carolina DT Jalen Price, only to see him get his ass handed to himself time and time again by NC State's RG...Fedd-Jackson fired off the ball and was quick to get into the defender, ran his legs through the blocks and open up some real nice run ;anes. He was also very strong in pass protection.

9/14 -West Virginia - On the plus side, he showed off mauling strength in the run game, washed his man out of the play several times on a down block. On the flip side, he allowed a sack early on, showed very little lateral movement. He looks like a prospect that needs to be in a phone booth, van't do well with wide splits.

999) Jack Anderson | 6'4 | 315 | OG | Texas Tech

9/28 - Oklahoma - Played RG and landed some decent blocks at times, wasn't a stand out often though.