1) Jeffrey Okudah | 6'0 | 200 | CB | Ohio State 

9/14 - Indiana - Okudah had a good game, showed the ability to play with long speed, stay hip to hip with the WR. When breaking off his assignment to assist as a tackler, he flashed very good speed and range as a whole. 

9/28 - Nebraska - Okudah was sticky all game, came away with 2 INTs. His quickness and play speed were very good. I could certainly see Okudah being CB#1 on many boards.

10/5 - Michigan State - It blows my mind just how fast this kid plays. His click and close abilities are really impressive, as is his ability to read the play, come off of his primary and close in on another WR. In a big game, his talent was more than evident, looked like the nation's best CB to me.

11/30 - Michigan - Okudah played sticky all day, affirming that he should be a top-10 selection.

2) Kristian Fulton | 5'11 | 192 | CB | LSU 

9/7 - Texas - Fulton looked like a top-15 player in this one, showing his ability to run hip to hip with every WR Texas had, was bullied by the much bigger Colin Johnson. While Fulton was a tad grabby at times, he showed elite coverage skills. He technically allowed a TD to Eagles, but this was simply a miss-timing on the ball.  

9/21 - Vanderbilt - Yes, he let Lipscomb slip free of a tackle and score a TD. Despite that, he was very sticky and really stuck his head in as a tackler. This kid continued to look like a top shelf CB.

10/5 - Utah State - Fulton didn't have a bad game as a whole, but he showed some kinks in his armor. He got shaken off of a few routes, allowing the WR to get separation. In as much, WRs were able to stack him of and get an over the top position on him. This was the first week where he didn't look like a top 10 CB to me. 

10/26 - Auburn - Fulton was great, providing sticky coverage all night. 

11/9 - Alabama - Fulton was amazing in this game, showing that he's worthy of top-10 consideration without any question. He covered some great WRs today in strong fashion.

3) Trevon Diggs | 6'1 | 200 | CB | Alabama 

9/14 - South Carolina - Diggs looked the part of a Day 1, early Day 2 CB in this one. He played with sticky coverage, was quick in his click and close skills on WRs, never allowing much separation. 

9/28 - Ole Miss - Diggs had a good game, showed that he can provide tight coverage on underneath routes, while running stride for stride when need be on deeper patterns. 

10/12 - Texas A&M - Diggs allowed a couple receptions but continued to show good ball skills and the tools to be a Round-1 CB. 

11/9 - Diggs got bodied too often in this game and was outright owned by WR Chase on a few balls. 

4) Damon Arnette | 5'11 | 195 | CB | Ohio State 

9/14 - Indiana - Arnette looked like a Day 2 CB throughout this game, provided great pass coverage and showed plus ball instincts. He contested pretty much everything thrown at him, was always tight in coverage. 

9/28 - Nebraska - Arnette was very good in this one, stayed with his man well and showed good coverage skills as a whole. 

10/5 - Michigan State - Arnette is very quickly moving up my draft board, easily looking like a top 60 player. He continues to show great play recognition whilst staying tight in coverage and delivering a pop on contact. 

11/30 - Michigan - Arnette was great today, shutting down pretty much everything that came his way. While overshadowed by Okudah, Arnette looked just as good at times.

5) C.J. Henderson | 6'0 | 191 | CB | Florida 

8/24 - Miami - Henderson had a great game. He was flagged once for getting to the ball a bit early, but he broke up a pass in the end zone to Jeff Thomas and routinely eliminated his man. He displayed great fluidity and flipped his hips very well covering the slant route, staying on his man like glue.

10/12 - LSU - Henderson did give up a TD in the 1st quarter on a quick slant route, but he was excellent on a long ball right before that. He got picked on a few times throughout the game on short passes, but showed good click and close skills.

11/2 - Georgia - Henderson still showed off good speed, feet and coverage skills, but Cager gave him as well as everyone in the Florida secondary fits all night. Henderson's lack of size and strength showed.

11/16 - Missouri - Despite getting beat on a very under thrown deep ball, he was near flawless.

11/30 - Florida State - Struggled early against Terry when playing off, as he couldn't compensate for his lack of size. When in man-press coverage, he was sticky and allowed little separation if any on many downs.

6) A.J. Terrell | 6'1 | 190 | CB | Clemson 

8/29 - Georgia Tech - Very quiet game, as Terrell simply wasn't challenged in this one. GT only had 7 passing attempts on the night. He did whiff badly on one play, getting juked by a GT QB on a nifty run. 

9/28 - North Carolina - After giving up a TD early as he bit on a good stutter move, Terrell rebounded well and kept things on lock from that point on.

7) Cameron Dantzler | 6'1 | 185 | CB | Mississippi State 

9/21 - Kentucky - Dantzler had a very good game. He was very tight in pass coverage, avoided most of the night as his man wasn't a viable option. While it was clear he needs to add more strength and size to his frame as he was pushed around a bit, he was a willing tackler.

9/28 - Auburn - He did allow a TD, but was very tight in coverage. 

10/19 - LSU - Dantzler had a  very good game. He was very tight in coverage, forcing Burrow to progress beyond his assignment onto another WR.

11/29 - Ole Miss - Dantzler shined again in this one, providing tight coverage and not allowing much of anything.

8) Paulson Adebo | 6'1 | 190 | CB | Stanford 

8/31 - Northwestern - Adebo had a great game, showing off good speed and hip to hip coverage. He looked like a future quality NFL starter in this one.

9/7 - USC - Adebo had an up and down game. On the plus side, he was very quick on his click and close showing a very good break on the ball. On the down side, he went after the the ball on two separate occasions and missed, playing too risky. Additionally, he was beat outright by Tyler Vaughns, as the WR used great route running to shake Adebo off. While Adebo flashed some good traits, he didn't look like a Round 1 CB in this game.

9/14 - UCF - Adebo had a down game. WR Gabriel Davis beat him three teams in the 1st quarter alone. The WR was able to beat Adebo with speed, double moves and simply good route running. This game made me question his deep speed and ability to play with his back to the ball.

9/21 - Oregon - Adebo looked the part early on and eliminated his man on most snaps. As the game wore on, he allowed a reception outright, missed an assignment on Jake Breeland who ran wild and he missed badly on a tackle when he dove at the ball carriers feet vs. squaring up for the tackle.

10/5 - Washington - Adebo had a very nice bounce back outing. Aside from letting Fuller get atop of him on one perfectly thrown ball along the sideline, he was on point. He was very sticky in coverage, stayed on his man's hip very well. He dominated in short-yardage play.

10/17 - UCLA - Adebo had a very solid outing. He tied his man up consistently throughout this game, showed his ability to stay sticky in coverage. While he wasn't real physical breaking off routes to chip in as a tackler, he was adequate with his 3 tackles.

9) Jeff Gladney | 6'0 | 183 | CB | Texas Christian 

9/14 - Purdue - While flagged for a penalty in the 3rd quarter, he provided tight coverage and was able to stick with his primary throughout the game. He's a big reason why Rondale Moore didn't go off like he usually does.

10/5 - Iowa State - Gladney allowed too much separation on a couple balls, but held his man in check for the most part for the majority of the game. 

11/9 - Baylor - Gladney had a good game, especially in the first half. He eliminated his man, provided very tight coverage. While he did get flagged in the 4th and allowed a TD in OT, his coverage was tight. He did show that he can get beat against long speed.

11/29 - West Virginia - Had a good game and was near flawless till the 4th quarter. He was beaten deep by a good 3 steps which resulted in an incomplete pass, but was then flagged for a P.I. call.

10) Bryce Hall | 6'0 | 200 | CB | Virginia 

8/31 - Pittsburgh - Hall had a very good game, providing great pass coverage and asserting himself as a tackler. He read plays well and took his man out of contention. He looked like a top 45 prospect in this one.

9/14 - Florida State - Hall had a decent outing, but he was certainly tested and taken to the task a few times by WR Tamorrion Terry. Hall gave the long WR a huge cushion, allowed some receptions underneath. He also missed a tackle, allowing Terry to put FSU in the red zone.  

9/28 - Notre Dame - Two things became apparent in this game, or at the least validated what has been seen prior. If Hall is playing off-man coverage, he allows way too much of a cushion and simply doesn't look comfortable given that space. He doesn't transition cleanly on his click and close, gives up the reception and too many yards to boot. On the flip side, he's much better in a press situation where he can dictate terms up front and handle the WR early on. He often looked like a top-40 pick when executing the latter, an early Day 3 when doing the former.

10/12 - Miami - Out for Season, ankle surgery.

11) Jaylon Johnson | 6'0 | 190 | CB | Utah 

8/29 - BYU - Johnson had a very good game. He broke quickly on the ball and was sticky downfield, taking his assignment out of contention on almost every play.   

9/20 - USC - Johnson had some difficulties this game. He went against WR Tyler Vaughns and had trouble sticking to him. Vaughns was able to get atop of Johnson with pure speed, and the recognition of as much was evident in how much cushion Johnson started to give him. 

11/30 - Colorado - Johnson really looked good day, was sticky on Shenault all night, limited him to 4 catches for just 34 yards.

12) DeMarkus Acy | 6'1 | 195 | CB | Missouri 

8/31 - Wyoming - Acy looked the part tonight, showing his ability to turn and run downfield, staying hip to hip with his man. He really wasn't challenged in this contest.

10/12 - Ole Miss - Acy had a great game, as he eliminated his man almost every snap. Ole Miss QBs had to look elsewhere as Acy had his man blanketed.

11/9 - Georgia - Acy had a great game, locked his man up throughout the night, forced Fromm to hit other targets. Aside from getting saved on one false start penalty that would've otherwise been a long score against Acy, he was real good.

11/16 - Florida - Had an excellent game, eliminated his many virtually every snap, forcing the QB to progress to another target.

13) Trajan Bandy | 5'9 | 188 | CB | Miami

8/24 - Florida - Bandy had an excellent game at LCB, providing excellent coverage throughout and flashing toughness against blocks. Van Jefferson is a solid if not good WR, and Bandy ran with him stride for stride and completely took the WR out of the game. Outside of Bandy surrendering a short underneath reception to Tyrie Cleveland, he was damn near perfect.

10/5 - Virginia Tech - Bandy did give up a long ball reception that lead to the go-ahead score. However, he was on point the entire night up to that play. He showed good coverage skills and speed as a whole.

14) Lamar Jackson | 6'2 | 210 | CB | Nebraska 

9/28 - Ohio State - Jackson had a few good reps, but he was also beaten badly on a double move. 

11/16 - Wisconsin - Jackson had a great game, completely shut his man down every snap. 

15) Thomas Graham Jr. | 5'10 | 191 | CB | Oregon 

8/31 - Auburn - Graham really flashed in this game. While he did miss a tackle that allowed a TD, he was otherwise solid and also made a TD saving tackle. He was  very sticky in coverage, consistently blanketing his man. He logged an INT in impressive fashion, showing plus quickness in reading the QB and breaking on the ball. 

9/21 - Stanford - Graham had a great game. Not only did he provide very sticky coverage on his primary, he quickly broke off of coverage as needed and was fast to the ball carrier. His functional speed and quickness was very good. He was very physical as a tackler, led his team with 9 stops on the day. 

10/5 - California - Graham had an impressive game. He locked up his man all night long, allowing little to no separation. He showed good speed and fluidity in his hips and through his feet. He also played with a real competitive edge.

10/19 - Washington - Graham did bite on a run fake which caused him to get beat over the top on one play, but he was otherwise very strong in coverage.

10/26 - Washington State - Graham had a great night, carried out his assignment well and took his man out of contention almost every snap.

11/2 - USC - Graham shines again. While he did allow a couple passes underneath, he was sticky in coverage and really flashed good footwork and quick hips. His teammate Lenoir was the favored option to throw against.

11/23 - ASU - This was the worst game I've seen Graham play. Aiyuk beat him multiple times in a myriad of ways. While Graham was good on short routes, he was suspect beyond 15 yards down field.

16) Lavert Hill | 5'11 | 181 | CB | Michigan 

9/21 - Wisconsin - Yes, they got their asses handed to them, but Hill had a very good game. Aside from a couple early receptions, his man wasn't an available target. Hill was sticky in coverage, executed his assignments well.

10/5 - Iowa - Hill had an up and down game, allowed multiple receptions, allowed the WR to get atop of him too often. On the flip side, he had an INT and had some good pass defense at times as well.

11/23 - Indiana - Hill was flagged twice, one very early and another late in the game. Outside of these incidents, he was hardly challenged as he had his man on lock. Even on the aforementioned plays, his coverage was very tight.

17) Camryn Bynum | 5'11 | 190 | CB | California

9/21 - Ole Miss - Bynum was a little all over the board in this one. On one snap, he provided very tight coverage, stuck with his man almost hip to hip. On another, he was again tight but grabby. On the next, the WR got good separation and was pretty open. Bynum was also hit or miss as a tackler, needing to be more consistent in that department. With all that said, I saw gobs of talent, a player I want to watch more.

9/27 - Arizona State - Bynum had a great game. His man task was defending WR Brandon Aiyuk and he passed the test with flying colors. Aiyuk has torched pretty much everyone he's faced thus far, but Bynum was way to physical in press and sticky in coverage for the WR to get open. Bynum looked like a Day 2 talent against a very productive WR in this one.

10/5 - Oregon - Bynum had a great game. He played with tight coverage throughout this contest. He often eliminated his man as an option, and when Herbert tested him it was without success.

10/26 - Utah - Bynum got beat badly on one ball but rebounded fairly well afterward. 

11/16 - USC - Bynum had a very good game, getting beat just a couple times by Pittman but routinely shutting most everything else down. He looked like a starting NFL CB today.

11/30 - UCLA - Bynum had a great game, shut his man down almost every snap.

18) Noah Igbinoghene | 5'11 | 200 | CB | Auburn

8/31- Oregon - Had a very good game, was one of the reasons Justin Herbert often didn't have many passing options. This CB showed good press coverage abilities, feisty.

9/7 - Tulane - Had a very good game, played with physicality and showed a great break on the ball, gave up little to no cushion.

9/21 - Texas A&M - Had a game of pluses and minuses. On the plus side, he was very sticky when in man coverage, pressing well and staying tight. In off-man, he was quick to read the play and click and close. On the down side, he gave up too many receptions as the game went on, despite being tight he still allowed completions, started to get picked on.

9/28 - Mississippi State - Great game, eliminated his man.

11/30 - Alabama - Had a very solid game, was able to hang with many of his assignments, eliminate them as receiving options.

19) Troy Pride Jr. | 5'11 | 194 | CB | Notre Dame 

9/2 - Louisville - Pride had a very good game. He gave up a reception early on a perfectly placed ball, then was in lockdown mode thereafter. He kept plays in front of him and showed his ability to play sticky in coverage.

9/21 - Georgia - Pride actually had a real solid game. Yes, Cager caught some fire and was able to get some key receptions. However, Pride was always very tight in coverage and eliminated targets most of the game.

9/28 - Virginia - Pride had an average game. He was beat very early on by Joe Reed (an NFL-caliber WR) and was then flagged later on for holding. Outside of these two incidents, he played very tight coverage and Perkins didn't test him, picked on others within the secondary.

10/12 - USC - Pride had an up and down game. On one snap, he was very tight in coverage and a bit grabby, but effective. On the next, he allowed the reception and wasn't sound enough in his play. Overall, he showed that he can stay with his assignments and be a formidable challenge. Vaughns was held to just 4 catches for 47 yards. 

20) Darnay Holmes | 5'10 | 190 | CB | UCLA 

10/17 - Stanford - Holmes had a good game. He was tested early and left the Stanford QB without a completion. Holmes really excelled in press coverage, staying close to his man and working in between the WR and the ball. He didn't shine in off-man, not real tight on his click and close and allowed too much separation. He also wasn't physical as a tackler, couldn't cleanly transition from his coverage skills to tackling. He struggled working through blocks, getting through the fray.

11/30 - California - Got flagged for a P.I., but was otherwise sticky, showed very good long speed running stride for stride.

21) A.J. Green | 6'1 | 190 | CB | Oklahoma State 

8/30 - Oregon State - This wasn't a great game for Green. While he did have some good reps in pass defense, he allowed too much cushion on others and was beat more than a couple times. Once breaking on the ball, he was decent.

9/21 - Texas - Green allowed a couple receptions in this one, but often times he took his man out of contention and Ehlinger was left to hit another target.

11/23 - Wets Virginia - Green had a good game, locked his man up often, allowed very little separation.

11/30 - Oklahoma - Green had a real good game, locking his man up if not providing tight coverage on almost every pass play. 

22) Kindle Vildor | 5'10 | 180 | CB | Georgia Southern

12/21 - Liberty - Had a very good outing against Antonio Golden-Gandy. He was solid in off-man coverage, even better when in press. 

23) Luq Barcoo | 6'1 | 175 | CB | San Diego State 

12/21 - Central Michigan - Barcoo had a great bowl game, shut everything down seemingly with ease. He read plays well and showed fluidity in and out of breaks.

24) Essang Bassey | 5'10 | 190 | CB | Wake Forest 

8/31 - Utah State - While Bassey did surrender a TD, he was right on the man as his in coverage as was seen in his play throughout the night. This was a good game for him, showing his ability to keep his man tight and click and close with quickness.

10/12 - Louisville - Bassey had a  very good game. Despite his team giving up 62 points, Bassey was true on his assignments and took his man out of contention almost every snap. 

11/16 - Clemson - Bassey's lack of size really hurt him in this was, was bodied too often by Higgins, a great WR.

25) Javarius Davis | 5'10 | 180 | CB | Auburn

8/31- Oregon - Davis had a pretty solid game, showing his ability to stay tight with his man in coverage. While he was a bit grabby at times, his overall ability was noticed. 

9/21 - Texas A&M - Davis had a pretty good game, showing off speed coupled with the ability to stay tight in coverage. As he did allow some receptions, the separation between he and the WR wasn't much.

9/28 - Mississippi State - Good game, eliminated his man.

11/16 - Georgia - Davis had a great game, playing very tight coverage and showing quickness and fluidity breaking on the ball. He had 2 PBUs.

26) Dane Jackson | 6'0 | 185 | CB | Pittsburgh 

8/31 - Virginia - Jackson had some ups and downs in his play. On the upside he was sticky, was able to stay hip to hip with his man on a routine basis. However, he was too grabby, flagged for P.I. early and deserving of one more shortly after. I see his potential, he just has to clean it up.

9/21 - UCF - Jackson had a solid game, showing that he can be a physical, press CB with the ability to stay sticky and strike as a tackler.

11/14 - North Carolina - Jackson had a very good game, shut his assignment down almost every pass play.

27) Parnell Motley | 5'11 | 177 | CB | Oklahoma 

28) Tino Ellis | 6'1 | 195 | CB | Maryland

9/7 - Syracuse - Ellis had an up and down game. On the plus side, he showed off quick feet, fluid hips and very good  speed on his click and close. On the down side, he allowed two big receptions. On the first one, he miss judged the ball on a fade route down the sideline and simply let the WR get behind him. On the second one, he was beat on a corner route, playing the WR as if he was running a fade and as if he had safety support over the top.

9/28 - Penn  State - Maryland gave up a ton of yards and 59 points as well. But, Ellis did his job snap after snap, provided good coverage on his primary responsibility. He showed the speed to stay on his man' hip down the sideline, and was good breaking off his assignments to help others where applicable. Others in the secondary were compromised where he wasn't.

29) Chase Lucas | 6'0 | 175 | CB | Arizona State 

9/14 - Michigan State - Lucas had a very good game, was tight in coverage, forced Lewerke to progress to other receiving options. Lucas flashed fluid hips, speed.

9/27 - California - After getting beat three times early on, Lucas rebounded and was ok after that. While he's fast, he did get beat deep once and then again on a wicked double move. 

11/23 - Oregon - Up and down game for Lucas, was inconsistent and beat a couple times. He's not NFL-ready...yet.

30) Marco Wilson | 6'0 | 190 | CB | Florida

8/24 - Miami - Wilson had a solid game overall. He was reliable in pass coverage, gave up next to nothing, allowing very little WR separation. However, his lack of strength defending perimeter plays was more than evident, as he struggled throughout the game in getting off of blocks, getting handled too easily by WRs. 

11/30 - Florida State - Wilson had a good game, provided tight coverage throughout. 

31) Stanford Samuels III | 6'1 | 184 | CB | Florida State

8/31 - Boise State - Samuels had a solid game. While he did get trucked on one tackle attempt, he was very solid in coverage, stuck well to his zone responsibilities. Most of Boise's success was working the ball through the middle of the field into soft zones.

9/21 - Louisville - Samuels had an up and down game. At times, he was very tight in coverage and eliminated his man. On other snaps, he allowed too much cushion and got a little careless in coverage.

10/19 - Wake Forest - Samuels had a tough night against Surratt. While he was tight in coverage at times, the smooth WR was able to win contested catches as well as shake him off with great route running, and stack him vertically. This game shows just how good Surratt is in my book more than anything else.

11/30 - Florida - Samuels had a down night, as he was too grabby and seemingly needed to be, couldn't hang with speed and quickness. 

32) Tariq Castro-Fields | 6'0 | 185 | CB | Penn State

9/28 - Maryland - Showed off some good ball skills and the ability to stay tight in coverage, albeit in a favorable situation with a vaunted front creating pressure.

10/12 - Iowa - Did allow too many receptions but wasn't half bad.

10/19 - Michigan - Had a great game, was a lock down CB all night.

11/9 - Minnesota - Had a tough night, got beat multiple times, allowed too much cushion.

33) Deommodore Lenoir | 5'11 | 196 | CB | Oregon 

8/31- Auburn - This CB had a decent outing. Nix really didn't have success pushing the ball downfield, and Lenoir was a contributor in as much. He generally kept plays in front of him and stayed with his man well.

11/2 - USC - Lenoir was the favored CB to pick on over Graham, but he showed solid value and when giving up completions he was generally pretty close in coverage.

34) Michael Ojemudia | 6'0 | 199 | CB | Iowa 

35) John Reid | 5'10 | 180 | CB | Penn State 

9/14 -Pittsburgh - On the down side, Reid rightly got flagged twice for P.I. He was often too grabby and didn't trust his legs to stay with his man. That said, he played with speed and fluidity, looking as if he didn't need to grab his man to keep him at bay. Reid flashed the tools to be an adequate option.

9/28 - Maryland - Had a good game, kept his man in check throughout the game.

10/12 - Iowa - Did allow a TD and some receptions to match, but was decent as a whole.

36) Levonta Taylor | 5'10 | 181 | CB | Florida State 

8/31 - Boise State - Taylor had a decent, average game from his SS spot. He was only late giving sideline support on one throw that I saw. He held the top down pretty well, as the majority of Boise's passing yards came from intermediate routes with yards gained thereafter.

11/30 - Florida - Taylor had a down game, didn't track the ball well and was undersized against Jefferson.

37) Jaron Bryant | 6'0 | 183 | CB | Fresno State

8/30 - USC - Bryant had a solid night, posted up against Michael Pittman and limited him to just 28 yards. While Bryant was close in coverage, his lack of size and physicality was exploited for 6 receptions.

9/7 - Minnesota - Bryant had a solid night, despite giving up the TD late in the game that tied things up, allowing UM to then win in OT. On the TD and in all regards, Bryant provided sticky coverage, allowed next to nothing when it came to separation.

38) Nevelle Clarke | 6'1 | 185 | CB | UCF 

9/14 - Stanford - Clarke had a solid game, provided nice coverage, allowing little to no separation between he and the WR.

9/14 - Pittsburgh - Clarke had a good game, often taking his WR out of contention.

39) T.J. Carter | 5'11 | 180 | CB | Memphis 

8/31 - Ole Miss - Carter had a good game, locked his man up throughout the contest. He was aided by some real good play from his front four, Ole Miss not having much time to pass the ball.

40) Keith Taylor | 6'2 | 198 | CB | Washington

9/21 - BYU - Taylor had a rough game, as he was assigned to Matt Bushman who had several receptions against Taylor. 

41) Mike Hampton | 6'0 | 168 | CB | South Florida 

8/30 - Wisconsin - This was not a good game for Hampton. He was beat multiple times downfield, also allowed too many receptions as a whole. WRs were either able to get a step on him over the top, or shake him off with what I consider to be very elementary moves, marginal route-running. He did not look like a future NFL starter in this contest. 

42) Tre Brown | 5'10 | 182 | CB | Oklahoma 

9/28 - Texas Tech - Was solid in coverage, 1 really good PBU.

43) Rashad Robinson | 5'10 | 182 | CB | James Madison 

999) Elijah Molden | 5'10 | 190 | CB | Washington