Defensive Ends

1) Chase Young | 6'5 | 265 | DE | Ohio State 

9/14 - Indiana - Young had a great stat line of 2.5 TFLs, 2 sacks. The guy showed an incredibly get off coupled with great dip, bend and power running the arc in his pass rush. He stacked well at the LOS and was violent with his hands, keeping blockers free of his frame. Top 3 pick player...

9/28 - Nebraska - Young isn't human. His quickness off the snap coupled with his technique and hand usage is just too much for OTs. He ran the arc with ease and stood quite well vs. the run.

11/30 - Michigan - Young played well, was chipped numerous times, allowing for others to get 1:1 blocking and to make plays.

2) A.J. Epenesa | 6'4 | 277 | DE | Iowa 

9/7 - Rutgers - Epenesa had a very good game, played with very good strength throughout. He created a nice pass rush using power then speed, was also stout vs. the run.

9/14 - Iowa State - Epenesa had a relatively quiet game, as the Cyclones accounted for him by sending double team blocks his way and getting rid of the ball quickly on underneath and intermediate routes.

10/5 - Michigan - Epenesa was solid, but not great today. He did show plus power at times, drawing extra attention. He used his hands well at times, showing off some different techniques. However, he was often very vanilla and hemmed up without creating much pressure or showing great against the run. There's simply no way I can say he's a top-15 player after this performance.

10/12 - Penn State - Epenesa was raher meh for long stretches today. One must bear in mind that he often went up a Redshirt Freshman at LT, a kid that more than held his own against Epenesa. Epenesa showed good strength, but he was very average working around the edge, had little to no twitch or bend.

11/16 - Minnesota - We saw the old Epenesa tonight. He was a man-child, played with extreme strength and simply couldn't be blocked at times. He had 2.5 sacks on the day.

3) Yetur Gross-Matos | 6'4 | 259 | DE | Penn State 

9/28 - Maryland - Gross-Matos was impressive in this one. He was very fast out of his stance, compromised the OT across from him multiple times. He was quick shooting inside of self-created gaps, but ran the arc well too. He held contain as an edge defender against the run, using good arm extension and leverage. He had 5 tackles, 2 TFLs. He looked like a Round-1 DE. 

10/12 - Iowa - Gross-Matos had a good game. He showed bend running the arc and was quick with inside countermoves. While he needs more meat on his frame, held up well against the run.

4) Jonathan Greenard | 6'3 | 263 | DE | Florida 

8/24 - Miami - Greenard was a great surprise. He operated out of a 2 and 3-point stance, looking comfortable in both regards. He displayed some good pass rush moves, bending around the edge as needed, as well as bull rushing into a rip move to compromise blockers. He played with an active motor and very good physicality. He was credited with 1.5 sacks, was everywhere in this game.

9/14 - Kentucky - Greenard had a very solid game. He was at his best from a 3-point stance at LDE. He ran the arc well with pretty good bend, not getting too wide. While not a monster vs. the run, he held edge contain pretty well. He was quick to break off of his primary assignment and give backside chase. He also took on pulling OGs well. As a whole, he was an active presence all game, drew a lot of attention.

9/14 - Tennessee - Greenard had a fantastic game. It's not hyperbole to suggest that he might be getting early Round 2 buzz now. He was excellent against the run, held firm at the LOS and even split a double team block where one of the O-Lineman was none other than LG Trey Smith. Greenard was excellent rushing the passer, either beating the OT with a good arc rush, or going wide, making the OT overset and exploiting the inside gap. He tipped a pass and was excellent in off-ball pursuit. He looked just as good out of a 3-point stance as he did with his hand in the dirt. 

10/5 - Auburn - Greenard had a good game, was someone that had to be accounted for throughout the contest. He was quick off the snap and played with some controlled violence. Even when they ran opposite of him, he was good in backside support. 

11/2 - Georgia - Greenard had a slow first half in terms of his pass rush game, but he then ditched his spin technique and started using a bull rush which was tough to block. He led all teammates with 9 tackles, a statement game considering he wasn't 100%, just coming off of an ankle injury. 

11/16 - Missouri - Monster game, 5 TFLs, was unblockable in spurts throughout the contest.

11/30 - Florida State - Had 6 tackles, 3 sacks. He was so dominant that he had to get doubled up on. He looked like a 1st-rounder today.

5) Bradlee Anae | 6'3 | 265 | DE | Utah 

8/31 - BYU - Anae had a quiet night. While he showed a good first step off the line and kept his motor going, he didn't create much pressure. He held his edge assignment vs. the run, but again didn't do anything otherwise.

9/20 - USC - Anae had an impressive game. He went against LT Austin Jackson, a player who'll be playing on Sundays. Anae displayed excellent hand usage, technique and a myriad of moves to get the better of Jackson multiple times. I have yet to see Jackson have more difficulty handling any other defender this year. Anae showed next level strength and quickness as a pass rusher and in playing the run. 

11/16 - UCLA - Anae played with plus burst and was especially tough to block when he shot inside of the RT, using a strong rip move to separate the OT and OG. While strong vs. the run, he had his head down a couple of times, didn't locate the ball, lacking awareness and edge contain discipline.

11/30 - Colorado - Anae had a solid outing, running the arc well and amassing 1.5 sacks. 

6) Marlon Davidson | 6'2 | 278 | DE | Auburn 

8/31 - Oregon - Like his edge teammate Nick Coe, Davidson was a ghost for much of the game. When Herbert did sit back in the pocket looking for his targets, Davidson's pressure was nowhere to be found. He was rather average vs. the run as well.

9/21 - Texas A&M- Davidson didn't have a bad game, but he was simply a role player tonight and outside of a couple snaps he didn't look like much beyond a body out there.

9/28 - Mississippi State - Davidson was meh at DE, but he flashed a number of times when he kicked inside to DT. He was strong vs. the run, not easy to handle.

11/16 - Georgia - Davidson had a very good game, played with great power and kept his motor running throughout this game. He challenged every O-Lineman he faced, even beat Thomas for a sack. He played with heavy hands and wasn't easy to move off the LOS.

11/30 - Alabama - Davidson really looked good today, showing off some requisite quickness to go with his heavy-hand play. His strength was on display, compromised the LOS a number of times. 

7) Curtis Weaver | 6'2 | 266 | DE | Boise State 

10/12 - Hawaii - Weaver had a solid game overall. While he wasn't twitchy and showed little bend running the arc, he showed good leg drive and was able to grind through blocks to create pressure. He did the majority of his work out of a 2-point stance.

11/23 - Utah State - Weaver had a real good game, was simply too quick and strong to keep at bay. He played with a constant motor, good hand usage.

8) Kenny Willekes | 6'3 | 262 | DE | Michigan State 

8/31 - Tulsa - Willekes had a very good game, showed a nice get off and was quick to get into the O-Lineman and challenge him vs. the run and pass. Against the run, he was strong, not easily walled off or pushed around. In the pass rush game, he used his hands well and played with an active motor, relentless in pursuit. He showed decent bend and ran the arc well overall. He posted 7 tackles, 2.5 TFLs, 1.5 sacks.

9/21 - Northwestern - Willekes had a somewhat down game. While he was good running the arc as an edge rusher and showed some grit holding the edge against the run, he did most of this against the RT. When going up against LT Slater, he was shut down almost every snap. 

10/5 - Ohio State - Willekes showed a good motor and kept the opposing O-Line honest, chipping in with 7 tackles. He was a better run defender than a pass rusher in this one.

11/16 - Michigan - Willekes played with an active motor but was far more active than productive. While he did get 1 sack, he was very quiet for long stretches during the game.

9) Alton Robinson | 6'3 | 257 | DE | Syracuse 

9/7 - Maryland - Robinson didn't have a good game. While he did show off a very quick first step with the ability to run the arc with speed, he was too easily ridden wide of the pocket. In the run game, he was hemmed up multiple times, allowing runs both outside of him (no contain), as well as inside of him up the 6-hole. 

10/10 - NC State - Robinson had a very meh game in my book based on his advanced praise by some. Yes, he was doubled at times and drew attention, but even when in 1:1's he was often hemmed up, too easily contained and/or ridden wide of the pocket. He tallied 2 tackles, 1 TFL.

11/23 - Louisville - Robinson underwhelmed, was washed out of plays several times, was a non-factor most of the game.

10) Khalid Kareem | 6'3 | 262 | DE | Notre Dame 

9/2 - Louisville - Kareem didn't have a great game, getting washed out far too often vs. the run and pass. While he flashed in spurts and showed potential, he didn't stand out.

9/21 - Georgia - Kareem was credited with 3 tackles, .5 TFL. The guy was a ghost for much of the game. While Georgia schemed well to largely take the edges out of the game, Kareem did little to impress on a national stage.

9/28 - Virginia - Kareem had a very solid outing, showing good strength along the edge with the ability to grind through blocks as a pass rusher. he was sturdy vs. the run, didn't get pushed around. He did tally 2.5 sacks, 1 of which was an impressive split of a double team block. He played with a good motor, fought hard.

10/12 - USC - Kareem showed off a good motor and his ability to wear down blockers as he grinded through blocks on the edge. There was more power than twitch to his play, was a formidable edge threat. He had 7 tackles, 1 sack.

11) Nick Coe | 6'4 | 291 | DE | Auburn 

8/31 - Oregon - In a game that was really supposed to help Coe establish himself, he fell flat. Oregon did go with their fast pitch scheme of getting the ball out quickly, but Coe was neutralized regardless. As the game went on, I had to remind myself to look for #91, as he seemingly wasn't around the ball much. While it's just one game, he looked like a Day 3 prospect in this one, failing to show any pass rush or assert himself against the run.

9/21 - Texas A&M- Coe displayed heavy hands and was solid if not stout setting the edge in run contain. While he offered little as a pass rusher, he played his role well tonight.

12) LaBryan Ray | 6'4 | 285 | DE | Alabama 

9/14 - South Carolina - Ray did little to stand out as a pass rusher, but that's not what he is. As a 3-4 base DE, he showed his ability to hold edge contain and force plays either horizontally on back inside to his flowing LBs. He was strong, not pushed around easily.

13) Kendall Coleman | 6'2 | 252 | DE | Syracuse 

9/7 - Maryland - Coleman had a meh game. While he showed good explosion and speed off the snap, he was hemmed up too often and was really a non-factor. Plays did happen very quickly and didn't take long to develop, but Coleman still didn't bring constant pressure. I did like his  motor, however.

10/10 - NC State - Coleman had a solid game. He played with a good motor and worked his tail off throughout the game. He showed off some good functional strength and pass-rush ability.

11/23 - Louisville - Coleman had no answer for LT Becton, as the DE was washed out of most every play.

14) Justin Foster | 6'2 | 265 | DE | Clemson 

9/28 - North Carolina - Foster didn't get many reps by comparison, but he often looked the part when in. He gave heck more fits than any other DE, showed some real strength as a push rusher and against the run.

15) Big Kat Bryant | 6'4 | 247 | DE | Auburn

8/31 - Oregon - Bryant showed some explosion off the edge, came away with half a sack in this one. Frankly, he looked just as good as his higher touted DE teammates. That said, he was neutralized more times than not.

16) Joe Gaziano | 6'3 | 275 | DE | Northwestern 

8/31 - Stanford - Gaziano had a solid outing, grinding through blocks and keeping his opponents honest. While not real nuanced in his pass rushing efforts, he worked hard and created pressure in spurts. He was solid against the run, stood ground well.

11/23 - Minnesota - While not dynamic in any way, he played with good effort and requisite power.

17) Jonathan Garvin | 6'4 | 250 | DE | Miami (FL) 

8/24 - Florida - Garvin had a solid outing, showing his ability to hold edge contain vs. the run and displayed a nice bull rush into a rip move on one play. While he held contain, he did get too wide on at least one run, allowing too much space for an inside cut for plus yardage. As a pass rusher, he didn't show much bend, worked off of blocks with effort vs. technique. 

18) D.J. Wonnum | 6'3 | 251 | DE | South Carolina 

19) Trevis Gipson | 6'4 | 268 | DE | Tulsa

8/30 - Michigan State - Gipson flashed a few times throughout the game, showing off some good length and ability to threaten the edge. He potentially looks like a project worth investing a late round pick on. 

20) Benning Potoa'e | 6'3 | 270 | DE | Washington 

9/21 - BYU - Showed some good strength and aggression at the LOS. While limited as a DE, proved to be good rotational value as an interior rusher, using a good combination of swim and bull rush techniques to create issues up front.

21) Breiden Fehoko | 6'3 | 291 | DE | LSU 

9/21 - Vanderbilt - Fehoko used his strength to amass 4 tackles, .5 TFLs. While not dynamic or twitchy, he's a load to handle and uses his strength well to compromise the O-Line.

10/12 - Florida - Fehoko showed his rotational worth, setting the edge well as a base DE. He played with good functional strength and tenacity, wasn't pushed around.

22) Christian Rector | 6'3 | 275 | DE | Southern California 

9/21 - Utah - Rector kept the play of the Utah O-Line honest at times, but was certainly outplayed by fellow teammate Drake Jackson. Rector looked like a camp body to me.

9/28 - Washington - Rector had just 1 tackle, was very meh, especially compared to his teammates.

23) James Smith-Williams | 6'3 | 262 | DE | NC State

8/31 - East Carolina - Smith-Williams had a solid outing, show good explosion off the snap and challenging his blocker on each and every snap. He didn't show great bend or strength, but he kept his play honest.

24) Daelin Hayes | 6'3 | 268 | DE | Notre Dame 

9/21 - Georgia - Very quiet game. Georgia's OTs shut down the Irish's edge game.

9/28 - Virginia - Injured, OFY.

25) Mustafa Johnson | 6'2 | 285 | DE | Colorado

8/31 - Colorado State - Johnson had a very meh game, showing some strength to stack at the LOS, but offering next to nothing as a pass rusher. He looked out of position at DE, unless there as a one-dimensional base DE to squat on run plays.

26) Oluwole Betiku | 6'3 | 250 | DE | Illinois 

27) Micheal Clemons | 6'5 | 272 | DE | Texas AM 

9/28 - Arkansas - Clemmons had a solid game, pitching in with 6 tackles. While not dynamic, he worked hard and did enough to be relevant throughout the game.

999) Malik Herring | 6'3 | 280 | DE | Georgia 

999) Carlos Basham | 6'5 | 275 | DE | Wake Forest

9/13 - North Carolina - Basham had an eye-popping game. He displayed a nice stop motor coupled with very good quickness through inside gaps and running the arc. LT Charlie Heck is a good OT, and Basham exploited him more than once. While quick, Basham showed strength against the run and was great chasing down plays. He had 5 tackles, 2.5 sacks.

10/12 - Louisville - Basham just looks the part, showing a good get off from the LOS and decent bend running the arc. He showed good functional strength and was simply a guy to be accounted for. He had 7 tackles, 3 TFLs. 

999) Kwity Paye | 6'4 | 277 | DE | Michigan

10/5 - Iowa - Paye had a great game, played with great strength and a constant motor. He used his hands well and was just too strong to be hemmed up on a consistent basis. He had 4 tackles, 2.5 sacks.

11/16 - Michigan State - Paye just had 2 tackles, but he provided pressure in spurts and was a beast to keep at bay.

11/23 - Indiana - His stat line of 1 tackle, 1 sack is underwhelming...his play wasn't. Paye flashed a very quick get off with very good speed once going. He kept the O-Lineman across from him honest all night.