1) Xavier McKinney | 6'0 | 196 | S | Alabama 

9/14 - South Carolina - A Day 1 projection may not be lofty for this kid. He was very good in pass coverage and showed off some real dog in his play, posting up as a tackler. He was confident if not cocky throughout, really asserted himself in all facets of the game.

9/28 - Ole Miss - McKinney had an excellent game. He was tight in pass coverage and flashed amazing open filed speed and range while in pursuit as a tackler. Ole Miss QB Plumlee has wheels and outflanked many defenders on the perimeter, but McKinney wasn't one of them. He looked like a Round-1 Safety today. He led the team with a whopping 13 tackles.

11/9 - LSU - McKinney jumped off the screen more than once, asserted himself well in coverage and as a tackler. He lead the team with 13 stops.

11/30 - Auburn - McKinney had a real good game. While other around him were crumbling, he asserted himself very well in pass coverage and as a tackler.

2) Grant Delpit | 6'2 | 203 | S | LSU 

9/1 - Texas - Delpit had a very good game, showing off his ability to break on the ball and come down hill with amazing range. While he was somewhat quiet with 3 tackles, he did his job.

9/21 - Vanderbilt - Delpit still wowed as an athlete, but he needs to be more disciplined as a tackler, missing one badly that I saw.

10/12 - Florida - Delpit had a good game, was constantly around the ball, paced his team with 8 tackles on the day. 

11/9 - Alabama - Delpit once again showed that he's been a liability this year as a tackler. 

3) Antoine Winfield Jr. | 5'10 | 205 | S | Minnesota

4) Hamsah Nasirildeen | 6'3 | 210 | S | Florida State 

8/31 - Boise State - Nasirildeen had a very good game. He was consistent and reliable in  pass coverage, showed he can cover the slot. He also flashed his ability to quickly come up in run support. He led all players with 12 tackles.

9/14 - Virginia - Had a very good game, was quick to recognize plays and close in on the ball, keeping it in front of him. He was versatile in run support and pass coverage, looked like a plus athlete.

11/30 - Florida - In a game where he was provided little help, this kid stepped up early and often, showing his ability to play the run and pass at a high level. He had 5 first quarter tackles before getting carted off the field early in the 2nd quarter.

5) Brandon Jones | 6'0 | 210 | S | Texas 

9/1 - LSU - Jones had a solid game from an in the box SAF perspective, but his inability to provide great pass coverage was exploited too often, as Burrow had 400+ yards on the night. When he has to cover the slot and stay with him beyond 10 yards, it's a stretch for him.

9/21 - Oklahoma State - Jones had a night. He flew around all over the place, notching 7 tackles, 2 TFLs and 2 PBUs. He set the tone in the secondary and was indeed a difference maker in a big game. 

6) Richie Grant | 6'0 | 194 | S | Central Florida 

9/14 - Stanford - Grant had a very solid game. He was tasked with defending TE Colby Parkinson a number of times, and he eliminated him on several plays. Grant was also quick to come up in tackling support.

9/21 - Pittsburgh - Grant led his team with 9 tackles, showing off amazing speed and burst to the ball. 

7) Ashtyn Davis | 6'1 | 195 | S | California 

9/21 - Ole Miss - Davis had some pluses and minuses in this one. On the plus side, he displayed speed and range overall, covering distance quickly. He read plays well and was seldom out of position to  break on the ball. On the down side, it was evident a few times that he needs to improve as a tackler, certainly needing more size and strength. 

9/27 - Arizona State - Davis had a quiet game, amassing just 3 tackles. That said, he held down his assignments well, eliminated anything over the top. That said, he looks like an athlete over a football player too often to me.

10/5 - Oregon - Davis really flashed in this one, logging 7 tackles on the night. He played with great functional speed, covering a lot of ground vs. the run and pass.

8) Terrell Burgess | 6'0 | 198 | S/CB | Utah

11/16 - UCLA - Burgess had an excellent game. He displayed impressive field vision, wasted no time breaking on the ball with plus speed. He was a sure tackler that delivered a pop. Showed good hips and fluidity in coverage. He had 9 tackles, 1.5 TFLs. 

11/30 - Colorado - Burgess held down his assignments well, came up quickly in run support as needed while holding down the back-half well.

9) J.R. Reed | 6'0 | 194 | S | Georgia 

9/21 - Notre Dame - Reed had a very solid game. He asserted himself as a tackler, amassing 7 on the night. He was also sound in coverage, came away with 3 PBU's. He looked like a complete SAF in this one. 

10) Antoine Brooks Jr. | 5'11 | 210 | S | Maryland 

9/7 - Syracuse - Brooks had a good game, showing his ability to come down hill as a striker, very adept at blitzing. He posted 8 solo tackles in this contest, showing his ability to take on offenders 1:1 and drop them. He played with very good functional speed.

9/28 - Penn  State - Yes, Maryland got whooped in this one. But, that wasn't on Brooks. This kid was a beast blitzing off the edge, was rangy in run support and showed coverage in space skills. He had 6 tackles, 2 TFLs, 2 PBUs. In a lopsided game, it was clear that this kid is a dawg. 

11) Myles Bryant | 5'9 | 185 | S/CB | Washington 

9/28 - USC - Bryant had a good game, hovered around the LOS and made many plays on the ball. Despite being small, he played big, wasn't afraid to strike. He had 7 tackles, 1.5 TFLs. He had a great PBU in the end zone, breaking up a TD attempt.

12) Reggie Floyd | 6'0 | 220 | S | Virginia Tech

10/5 - Miami - There were two pass plays where Floyd bit early thinking it was a run and was out of position, merely over aggressive. However, when he kept the ball in front of him he flashed great skills as a cover man and a tackler. 

13)  Jared Mayden | 6'0 | 205 | S | Alabama

14) Alohi Gilman | 5'11 | 202 | S | Notre Dame 

9/21 - Georgia - Gilman quietly had a real solid game. He had 8 tackles, was quick to recognize plays and come up in support. His main job was to eliminate plays over the top, which he did very well. Outside of Cager's 36-yarder to the outside, not a single pass was completed beyond 20 yards. 

9/28 - Virginia - Gilman had a very average game. He only tallied 3 tackles, but more notably was his lack of recognition for plays right underneath his nose. There were multiple receptions allowed to TEs and WRs on crossing routes right in front of him. Gillman was too slow on his reads and didn't contest these catches. However, he looked very good on his INT in the 4th quarter, has he positioned himself well for the ball and came down with it. All told, he looked better covering deep routes than underneath patterns.

10/12 - USC - Gilman had a solid game. When he kept plays in front of him, he was very sound. When having to flip his hips and run with a man in coverage he was limited. He chipped in with 9 tackles, held down his tackling duties well.

15) K'Von Wallace | 5'11 | 210 | S | Clemson 

8/29 - Georgia Tech - Very quiet game, as Wallace simply wasn't challenged in this one. GT only had 7 passing attempts on the night.

9/7 - Texas A&M - Wallace had a very good game, led all defenders with 9 tackles. He was quick to diagnose plays and close in on the ball. He also covered the deep half well, as A&M really couldn't execute the deep pass at all...longest reception was 20 yards. 

9/28 - North Carolina - Wallace held his post well and chipped in with 6 tackles. He kept plays in front of him and wasted no time closing in on tackles.

16) Julian Blackmon | 6'0 | 195 | S | Utah 

8/29 - BYU - Blackmon had a good game, leading all tacklers with 5 on the night. He also chipped in with an INT on a tipped ball for a TD. He kept plays in front of him and came up quick to tackle, showed well in pass coverage.

9/20 - USC - Blackmon didn't have a good game. He failed to provide good bracket coverage over the top, was beat too often.

11/30 - Colorado - Blackmon had a solid game, was at his best coming down hill in run support.

17) Shyheim Carter | 5'11 | 195 | CB | Alabama 

9/28 - Ole Miss - Carter allowed too much cushion a couple of times, but his ability to click and close on the ball is noteworthy. He flashed the ability to play a CB or FS role at the next level, another 'Bama secondary player that could get mid Day 3 consideration.

18) Jordan Fuller | 6'1 | 205 | S | Ohio State 

92/28 - Nebraska - Fuller benefited from great CB play, but he read plays well too and showed that he can and will come down hill fast and strike as a tackler. While he wasn't tested over the top, his play speed was good. 

10/5 - Michigan State - Fuller led his team in tackles with 7, was very quick to diagnose plays and come up in support.

11/30 - Michigan - Fuller had a  solid outing, showing his ability to do pretty well in pass coverage while providing support as a tackler.

19) Kyle Dugger | 6'2 | 220 | S | Lenoir-Rhyne

20) Jalen Elliott | 6'0 | 210 | S | Notre Dame 

9/21 - Georgia - Elliott had 8 tackles and like his teammate Gilman, shut down deep ball opportunities, kept everything in front of him.

9/28 - Virginia - Elliott had a very quiet game, amassed just 2 tackles. While his assignments often were targeted, he didn't make a splash in any regard.

10/12 - USC - Elliott showed some coverage skills but wasn't top-notch in doing so. He was sound as a tackler, logging 4 stops on the night.

21) Chris Miller | 6'0 | 188 | S | Baylor 

9/28 - Iowa State - Miller showed some tenacity and delivered a pop when coming up in tackling support, but I question his read and react skills, as he was late doing so on a few occasions. I'm not sure I'd trust him in a single-high capacity. 

12/7 - Oklahoma - Miller had a great game, posted 13 tackles and was all over the field. When tackling, he really struck hard. I love his intensity.

22) Jeremy Chinn | 6'1 | 211 | S | Southern Illinois 

23) Josh Metellus | 6'0 | 204 | S | Michigan

11/23 - Indiana - Metellus was surprisingly solid in pass coverage, stayed on his man well throughout each route.

24) Damar Hamlin | 6'0 | 195 | S | Pittsburgh 

8/31 - Virginia - Hamlin had some ups and downs in this one. On up side, he was a good tackler, showed good range in getting to the ball carrier. On the down side, he was beat deep and had to draw a flag to prevent a TD. As a whole, he just didn't look great on coverage, couldn't be trusted to cover the Slot.

9/21 - UCF - Hamlin had 4 tackles and flashed some speed and range a few times. 

25) Brian Cole | 6'1 | 210 | S | Mississippi State 

26) David Dowell | 6'0 | 205 | S | Michigan State 

8/31 - Tulsa - This was a quiet game for Dowell, but he held down his back end assignments as Tulsa's long pass was 37 yards. 

9/21 - Northwestern - Dowell pitched in with 4 tackles, but this was a quiet game for him, not tested much.

10/5 - Ohio State - Dowell had 3 tackles on the night, really didn't do much to stand out.

27) Myles Dorn | 6'2 | 210 | S | North Carolina 

8/31 - South Carolina - This was a very up and down game for Dorn. On the plus side, he plays very fast and it's easy to see how blessed he is athletically, breaks on the ball with speed and fluidity. Dorn chipped in with 7 tackles. On the down side, I counted at least 3 plays where Dorn was out of position and chunk yards were gained as a result of it. 

9/7 - Miami - Ouch. This was another game where Dorn was out of position too often, really showed limited coverage skills on three plays in particular. Based on what I've seen so far, he simply can't be looked upon as a true FS to cover the slot.

29) Greg Eisworth | 6'0 | 195 | S | Iowa State

9/14 - Iowa - Eisworth had a productive game, leading al defenders with 15 tackles. He was very quick to recognize plays and close in on the ball. He got pushed around a few times, but his for the most part kept himself clean of the fray.

9/28 - Baylor - Eisworth had a quiet game, quietly amassed 4 tackles. There were bouts where he seemed to disappear, wasn't around the action. 

30) Jaquarius Landrews | 6'0 | 195 | S | Mississippi State

9/21 - Kentucky - Landrews contributed with 7 tackles, was generally good with his read and react vs. the run. He wasn't tested much in coverage, but appeared adequate outside of one missed assignment that I saw.

31) JuJu Hughes | 5'11 | 188 | S | Fresno State 

8/31 - USC - Hughes had a solid game, stepping up in pass coverage and run support. While he lacked physicality and was average in all regards, he was seldom away from the ball. He posted 11 tackles.

9/7 - Minnesota - Hughes had a good game. He was tight in pass coverage, lining up over the slot and showing the ability to keep the WR in front of him, breaking well on the ball. He allowed nothing to get behind him.

32) Jaylinn Hawkins | 6'1 | 205 | S | California 

9/27 - Arizona State - Hawkins didn't flash, but he did play assignment football. No praise, no indictment.

33) Jeremiah Dinson | 5'11 | 191 | S | Auburn 

8/31- Oregon - Dinson had a very productive, solid game. He kept plays in front of him in coverage and really asserted himself as a tackler, leading his team with 13 stops on the night. He also pitched in with 2 TFLs, 1 sack. He proved to be a tough, reliable force.

34) Daniel Thomas | 5'11 | 209 | S | Auburn 

8/31- Oregon - Thomas quietly had 5 tackles on the night. His play didn't stand out, for the good or bad. 

35) Tanner Muse | 6'1 | 230 | S/OLB | Clemson

8/29 - Georgia Tech - While not challenged much in pass coverage, Muse asserted himself as a tackler, showing off good play speed and the ability to lay a lick. While not overly dynamic, there's something about his play that intrigues. Tough kid that I could see transitioning to OLB...

36) Garrett Taylor | 6'0 | 204 | S | Penn State 

9/28 - Maryland - Taylor chipped in with 4 tackles. He was solid overall, really not challenged however. 

37) Romeo Finley | 6'1 | 215 | S | Miami

8/24 - Florida - Made some breaks on the ball in pass coverage to take notice of, but didn't flash as a plus athlete overall, benefited from good CB play.